How To Wear Black Chelsea Boots | 5 Mens Black Suede Chelsea Boots Outfits

Of everybody George here from GP lifestyle in today's video guys I'll be showing you five different ways and how to style a black pair of chelsea boots and as always gentlemen There is a video summary with timestamps linked in the description if you'd like to review certain outfits on this list Delay, let's get started number one of those we're going with an all-black aesthetic I am pairing my chelsea boots with a simple black short sleeve pima cotton t-shirt a light distressed pair of black jeans just Distressed at these they are a slim fit and tapered at the bottom and I'm wearing a 22 24 inch Cuban link necklace with a silver medallion and I'm pairing it with an everyday minimal watch from today's video sponsor Ethan Elliot Ethan Elliot makes high quality men's and women's watching a timeless classic design So if you need a watch for dressing up or wearing everyday They have a style out there for you that's going to mesh with every outfit in your wardrobe coming to 38 or 40 millimeter casing for guys and they come all on a Genuine leather band that is easy to replace and trial with new different with new bands that they have on their site with this easy-to-use Latch all their watches come with a Japanese quartz movement in a scratch resistant case you don't have to worry about messing up your watch and they are a fraction of the price of what big brand would charge the Watch that I'm wearing is their rose gold and black Hampton in 38 millimeter guys You'll see the amount of amazing outfits that you can get with this watch in this Video as well as I'll leave a link to this watch it down in the description as well as a coupon code to help you Save 15% off your first purchase and I'll get a little bit of a kickback to help me create better videos Moving on outfit number two on this list We're just building on the first outfit by layering it with a biker jacket and this may seem a little plain basic and simple But the attention to detail here is what makes this outfit stand out we are gonna match the Silver accents such as the buttons and zippers on this biker jacket with our accessories in this case I'm replacing my watch with a silver sake I'm throwing on a silver band as well as keeping that same silver necklace I'm making here is black and silver the matching point on my outfit and I'm making sure that the accent pieces like the buttons like the zippers are matching with my accessories to really bring everything to Now you can throw on basically any black pair of boots here But the Chelsea boots here make it everything a little bit more minimal a little bit more fine and the attention is on the accent pieces and then really adds a little bit more detail and structure into a very basic outfit by Paying attention.

So the smaller details which ultimately make it a little bit more fashionable in my opinion.

Okay number three on this things We're saying goodbye to the all-black aesthetic and we're mixing it up with a pair of gray checkered trousers now These are just a little bit more kattiline traditional suit trousers And I personally think they're gonna go excellent with a pair of chelsea boots and of course We're gonna pair this with a black crewneck sweater the same 24 inch necklace that I am wearing And of course my Ethan Eliot watch just to have it a little bit more of that Versatile everyday style now, I'm not really cuffing them here sort of say because they're already cropped at the bottom I personally think this is an excellent Look at walking super neutral and minimal colors that work great together And it's excellently to make boots stand out and also compliment the trousers nicely because of the black checker It's a nice a subtle touch.

They really like and the necklace here obviously adds a little bit more attention to the upper body So it doesn't look super plain with just the connect sweater outfit number four on this list.

We're getting a little bit more exciting We're adding in a little bit of color blocking now.

We're starting out with again the black suede Chelsea was a pair of dark wash navy blue jeans non distress I'm going to wear them cuff a white pima cotton t-shirt and a brown suede biker jacket and here again I'm going with the same accessories as before that silver seco my silver band and of course the same swill tour 24 inch because I personally think this is an Excellent.

I'll fit if you really want a color-block black and white match beautifully That Brown and that shade of navy blue also complement each other and everything here works harmoniously The silver here is gonna match my skin tone If you're have a lighter skin tone definitely silver and lighter shades of gold is definitely way to go mode for me This is an excellent way if you want a color-block, black this off it would be better with a brown pair of Chelsea boot But I didn't have them in time for this video But next time we'll be sure but black just works as well and it's a little bit more of a mature fit at the fifth And final outfit on this let's bring in and combine elements for almost every single obvious We're starting off with black chelsea boots once again, cuz that's what we're working with this video We're gonna go with the grey checkered trousers were gonna with you white tear and a black bomber jacket I'm going with a black white and gray aesthetic.

This is basically three neutral colors that work excellent with everything and each other so I just wanted to show you guys that this if you want to get a little more color out of it and really make Black Chelsea boots be the focal point.

Yes I know something like this is an excellent option to go with because everything matches your accessories are gonna match Everything is neutral coordinated fitted and not super, you know trendy.

This is very classy very formal and again If you want to add a little bit more to this you can tuck in The teacher in this case where you show off that black belt you weren't because you'd want it to match But you don't have to this is just a great simple basic minimal fit They probably you should try out if you really want a good starting point with pairing black Chelsea boot there You guys have it? Those are five ways on how to style a pair of Chelsea because if you guys enjoys me – be sure to drop a like And consider subscribing to the channel because on this kind of IgG from Best Original iris I'll be teaching you how to dress better how to look better and ultimately how to be better Thank you guys so much for watching and I hope to see you in the next video.


Winter Boots Survival Guide | Stop Salt & Water Boot Damage In Wet Snowy Weather

Ultimate Leather Boot Care Guide[0:00:00] I'm going to start this video off with a sad, sad story.

So, I was in London I found this beautifulpair of Chelsea boots.

I picked them up on sale.

I loved them.

I wore them with everything until I destroyedthem in one Wisconsin winter.

How does that happen? Well, we get a lot of snow, they put salton the ground to melt that snow.

Then, you've got the seasons of spring andfall in which, you know, there's slush and all that other stuff on the ground.

Guys, they fell apart they got cracks in theleather within one winter.

I want to make sure this doesn't happen toyou.

So today's video is dedicated to all thoseboots out there that need love that need care.

Guys, the ultimate guide to taking care ofyour boots.

[Music]So, let's start this video off by talking about the enemy.

What is the enemy of your leather boots? Number one is you neglecting them.

Yes, guys, everything I'm talking about heremeans nothing if you don't actually take action and take care of your boots.

So many guys I see them wearing their bootsthey think, oh, they’re boots I can be rougher with them, I can be, you know, I don't needto do anything to my boots.

That's true if you don't want them to lastif you want them to fall apart.

If you take care of your boots, I can tellyou the upper if made from a true leather can last your lifetime, it looks better overtime.

So number one, take care and take action ontaking care of your boots.

Next up, water.

Number two, water is going to damage boots.

How does water damage boots? Because it can enter the leather and it'swhen it leaves the leather it actually changes the shape it can basically dry out.

It pulls moisture out when it leaves and whenit enters it actually expands the cells.

Yes, leather is skin.

So, think about when you go into the poolwhat happens? Or you're spending a lot of time in the bathtub.

You know that — remember how your fingerskind of look all funny when you were a kid, it still happens and it happens to this leatheras well.

You want to make sure that that's not happeningbecause you are replenishing the oils.

Your skin is going to repair itself, thisleather doesn't have that option.

Finally, salt and other types of, you know, chemicals and stuff out there.

Salt will go in and will dry out the leathereven faster.

There are certain chemicals if they get exposedto the leather they're going to cause it to crack and basically start to fall apart.

Next up, let's talk about the different materialsyou're going to see on the boots and the different styles.

So, if it's an exotic leather, you want tobe very careful with water damage.

That's going to be like ostrich, crocodile, things like that.

When it comes to suede, what you're lookingfor is a weather-safe suede.

Some boot designs like this one right hereuse a weather- safe suede, therefore you can get it wet.

It's just going to be a lot more resistantto damage.

When it comes to taking care of suede thoughwhat you want to have is a suede brush.

And there are going to be special sprays outthere, look for them they are going to say that they are safe on suede.

A lot of the items I'm going to talk abouthere especially the creams things that, you know, the polishes, you do not want to useon a suede.

It's just going to actually change the textureyou're never going to be able to get it back, so find a good brush and you want to use alot of preventive basically care for things like this.

Now, this boot right here some of the otherboots I'm going to show — all the boots I'm actually going to show you in today's videoguys brought to you by Thursday Boots.

I'm going to link to them down in the description.

And let me tell you about Thursday Boots, an awesome company.

They’re the paid sponsor of today’s videoand I'll tell you why because I've been testing and wearing their boots now for almost twoyears.

I took this pair right here this one righthere I wore them through a Ukranian winter, I took care of them and I can tell you theyare – they’re great they're — I mean, they held up snow, sleet, slush.

They did a great job.

And I walked a lot of miles on these things, I still haven't had to re-sew them.

It's a great company.

I think you guys are going to be surprisedwhen you see the price of these boots.

They're an amazing deal.

And with that great price they've actuallygot an amazing selection of different styles different leathers.

Guys, go check out their website.

What do you think of this? Check out that Blarney Stone Commander.

Isn't that a good-looking boot? I really like that.

Now, check out this Black Wingtip.

Isn't it beautiful? What would you wear this Black Wingtip with? Go over check out that midnight blue suedechukka, I just used that as one of the examples.

I had them sent to me, I can tell you I'mloving this boot.

Check out the President in brown.

This was the first boot I showed you.

The first boot they ever sent me and I stillhave them after almost two years.

At the end of the day, gents, these are stylishgreat-looking boots at an amazing price.

I'm linking to them down in the description.

Go check them out.

And let me know in the comments what's yourfavorite style, how you would wear it this winter, how you would take care of it.

And I'm going to be meeting with the foundershere in actually a week in New York City, so I will talk to them maybe I can get a couplepairs sent out, but you've got a comment down below.

You've got to go check out their website.

Let me know in detail how are you going topull this look off.

Sound good? All right, guys, let's get back into the content.

Getting back to talking about the upper, whatyou're going to notice in dress boots and these are going to be Chelsea's, these aregoing to be lace-ups that have a more of a dress boot design.

You can tell that basically they're goingto have a leather sole.

Those you need to be really careful with, oftentimes they're going to use a little bit thinner of a leather because they're goingfor a sleeker more elegant type of look, but that can be really susceptible and can showthe damage much quicker, so those you have to really take care of.

[0:05:04]Now, leathers they are going to be of a lighter color.

This is a Horween Leather out of Chicago.

What we're going to notice right here is thatif we were to bring on dark polish we bring in a conditioner we bring in a type of oil, it could actually darken the leather.

So, make sure anytime you've got a light-coloredleather that you test it any type of product you're going to put on.

Go to the tongue go down in on the tongueand you want to just apply a little.

Let it sit, see how it changes the color.




Don't trust that they say, oh, we're not goingto darken your boots.

Guys, it has happened and these companiesaren't going to buy you a new pair of light- colored boots.

And the final boot offer I’m going to talkabout is that made from a dark heavier weight leather.

Now, what's great about this is it's dark, it's going to more easily cover up stains.

You actually have a wider selection of differentpolishes, creams, and things you can use.

You're not so much worried about it actuallygetting stained.

Where you need to be careful though are saltstains and now let's get into that.

If you live in a winter area and they throwsalt on the road to melt the ice melt the snow, that's great for stopping slipping.

It's horrible for your shoes though becauseonce that salt gets into your boots what it will start to do to the leather is it driesit out quicker, it starts to create cracking even after a few months, so you want to takecare of this.

That's key.

So, you want to keep a rag where you storeyour boots and just simply after every time you wear them wipe them down.

That is going to do wonders.

Also, you want to keep a little brush theresimply go through and you want to clean to remove any type of sediment built up.

If you do that, you are ahead of the game.

But most people won't, they'll forget to doit they'll go a couple weeks until they start to see that white salt stain on the boot.

What do you do then? Okay.

So, you want to take one tablespoon vinegar, one cup water, mix it and then you're going to take that rag and you're going to actuallygo into it a bit you're going to spend a little bit of time working to remove the salt stain.

It may take a couple treatments.

And you're also then going to take a specifictype of cleaner.

There's a number of different leather cleanersI'll talk about here in a second.

Those can help pull out the salt as well, but you've got to give it more treatment.

Understand, if you're seeing that salt stain, that's not a good thing you want to treat that immediately.

So, in that last point you saw me hold a brush.

Now, I've got a wide variety of brushes hereI'd like to talk about, but I think the key is for you to have your own system.

You don't want to be mixing and matching brushesand the reason being if one you use to basically buff the shine after a polish, the other oneyou use to remove sediment and dirt, if you're mixing those you actually when you go in todo a polish you're going to take small pieces of sediment and dirt and you're going to actuallyrub them right in to your nice polish and you don't want to be doing that.

So, this one right here because of its sizeand because of its color I know that this is my cleaning brush.

I don't want to go with something with twohard a bristles, but I want still bristles that are pretty firm they're going to be ableto get in there in the various parts of the shoe and be able to remove things.

Now, these smaller brushes which you've probablyseen before these are applicator brushes.

I'm going to use these.

This one for a dark polish dark-colored brush, this one for a lighter or a neutral polish.

Now, I do keep one different applicator brushfor every type of different polish.

Yes, you're going to have to maybe go buythem in bulk, but I find that for me this works best.

Now, we've got different polishing brushes.

This one obviously for lighter-colored shoes, this one for darker-colored shoes, but understand the brush itself isn't what's going to makeit darker, it's the polish that you use and that is what's key.

A lot of people just simply use a rag likethis an old t-shirt.

A nice cotton old t-shirt will work.

I've got other rags like this which are goingto be in color, so I don't have anyone in my household coming to grab this think it'sa long lost washcloth.

And ones like this that actually use a reallynice — they've got a really nice napped surface.

These can be great for a polish.

Now, where do you keep all of this? Guys, it's key you have a shoeshine box.

You need to have one central place where everythinggoes that way you can find it when you're looking for it.

So, when I look at all the different productsout there, to me they break in just three categories.

First off, you've got cleaners.

Next up, you've got conditioners.

After that, you have polishes.

I'm going to explain how each of them workand why you would want to use each of them.

First off, let's talk about cleaners.

So, in my opinion the best cleaner you canuse is simply a damp washcloth after every wear maybe a wet wipe and a nice brush that'sgoing to remove things.

But, if you want to go beyond that, thereare a few specialty cleaners out there.

One of the most common ones you're going tosee is saddle soap.

So, like the name implies it was initiallyused on saddles.

People found, hey, I can use it on shoes Ican use it on belts.

Now, understand that some saddle soaps theycan remove a little bit of the pigment and the dye, so they can actually discolor someof the leather make it lighter colored.

But, if you've got a lot of mud build up alot of stuff and you don't want to introduce a lot more water and maybe the leather alreadyhas water damaged, well, in that case you can use a saddle soap.

But, a saddle soap is not a conditioner, sothat's the next category and one of the biggest categories I think actually out there.

Leather is skin, over time it starts to crackand fall apart.

It cracks because basically it dries out.

The goal of a conditioner is to reintroducenutrients moisture and do it in a way that water can't.

So, there's a wide variety of different conditionersout there.

I've talked about companies like Leather Honey.

They've got cleaners and conditioners.

You're going to find other ones just out thereare going to say a conditioner and a cleaner.

I like going with a true just conditionerout there.

Leather balms are oftentimes a conditionerand a cleaner.

[0:10:16]You're going to see rejuvenators out there.

Those have specialty types of nutrients andingredients in them and they are made when you want to try to restore an old beat-upleather.

Now, understand if the leathers got cracksin it if it is falling apart, leather just if it's beyond repair, it get camped, butthe rejuvenators are going to be oftentimes much higher priced.

Now, you are going to see some creams outthere and this is where it starts to blur the line between conditioners and actuallypolishes.

Creams are specialty made to actually penetratethe leather a bit at the same time they use a dye or a pigment that is going to actuallyleave a little bit of a shine, but creams in my opinion never leave a shine like a truepolish will.

Next up, gents, let's talk about polish.

A polish is the outer protective layer.

It's not made to enter the leather and conditionit.

A lot of polishes are we're going to use materialswhich are hydrophobic, so they're going to reject they're going to push away water.

That's a great thing.

That is your layer of protection.

And over time you can build up multiple polishlayers on your shoes that will prevent it basically prevents scuffing damage, so that'swhy I love a great polish.

Now, if you're using a polish, that's awesomebecause most people don't and a lot of people are going to ask me, okay, what's there betweena dollar polish and a twenty dollar polish? It's going to be the ingredients sometimesthe quality of the dyes, are they using more natural materials are these guys using maybe petroleum-based products.

That's going to be the main difference.

Some people will argue, oh, I’ll get a bettershine sometimes thinks that's a placebo effect.

But at the end of the day, go with a brandgo with a company that works for you.

Now, dyes.

You're going to see there's black polish andbrown polish, there are neutral polishes.

I love neutral polishes because basicallyit'll give you a shine, but it's not going to give you any color.

But if you have black shoes go for a blackpolish.

You can sometimes in a pinch if you've gotblack shoes darker colored shoes, go for a neutral, but it's not going to do a good jobof basically hiding those scuffs.

Now, let's talk about some of the specialtywaterproofing and polishing products you're going to see out there.

So, if you see something that’s saying, hey, we're going to protect you from all the snow all the sleet, understand that they'reprobably just using a beeswax.

And if you're doing everything I'm talkingabout here, you may not actually need that product it's not going to do too much.

There are a silicone sprays which I thinkare pretty good.

After you've put on all your layers, yes, you can spray your boots down, but they can get expensive.

I think a polish overall is going to work.

Other things like mink oil, yes, it will workif you're not using everything else I'm talking about and you want to use this instead thisoftentimes does darken the leather.

But understand a lot of these products evolvedor came into the boot industry from other industries.

So people using them on purses on their leatherbags.

And I'm going to say if you're doing everythingI just talked about, you don't have to use all these other products.

Some of them are going to be shortcuts.

This product right here is made specificallyto put on and it leaves an instant polish.

So some of those things I think can work okay.

You want to look at the ingredients you wantsomething that's using I think not really as too many synthetics.

At the end of the day, remember what I said, none of this matters if you aren't actually applying it and taking care of your boots.

Now at this point, how to apply all this knowledgehow to actually put all this onto your shoes? All right, I'm going to link you over to avideo in which I show you how to clean, how to condition, how to polish your leather shoes.

Now, I said shoes, understand the same rulesapply to polishing your boots, to polishing your shoes.

There's really no big difference here, butwith this knowledge with this base guys you can take care and make sure that your leatherboots last.

All right, gentlemen, now it's your turn.

Let me know what you thought of this videodown in the comments.

And don't forget, go check out Thursday Boots.

I'm linking them down in the description.

I want to hear from you guys down in the commentsyour favorite style.

Be specific.

Tell me how are you’re going to wear it, what you're going to match it with, how are you going to pull it off this winter, howare you going to take care of those boots with all this information I just gave you.

And, guys I'm meeting with the founders herein New York, I'll mention I want to, hey, I want to get you guys a few of these pairs, but you have to be specific.

You got to go check out their website.

The link is down in the description.

A good company.

Good quality boots.

Like I said I've got a few pairs I was likethinking which ones should I pull up.

I'm not giving you guys any of these boots.

I love this company I love the boots I wearthem all the time and I hope you go check them out and discover them.

That's it guys.

Take care.

I’ll see you in the next video.

[0:14:31] End of Audio.

100 miles in Ariat Two24 BISON Leather Boots – Highlands

I wore these Ariat boots for 100 miles soI that could do a somewhat informed review of them before we cut them in half youmay be wondering why you're seeing a video on Tuesday instead of Wednesday well oneof the biggest holes in my videos is the fact that I

don't get to wear boots veryoften or for very long so I decided to start cutting some of the videos in halfwhere the first video is going to be 100-mile wear in review and then thenext day or the next video will be the cut in half of you so

that you've gottwo different perspectives on the boot like the wear impression and the what'sinside and it's not a half an hour video it's two shorter videos that are alittle bit easier to consume so the brand of these boots are Ariat this istheir brown bison and their black bison

I wore the brown bison for the hundredmiles and I'm cutting the black bison ones in half in the next videotomorrow the model of boot is the highlands boot they retail for $298 dollars and the upper is made from an American bisonleather and they're made in the United States

as well and as you can seethey've got a leather sole with a little rubber top lift on the heel and theconstruction of these is a Goodyear welt at 360 Goodyear welt you can see thestitching goes all the way around and I would consider these a casual bootthey're not

a work boot they're not a dress boot to kind of a casual dressboot now let's talk about how these look after 100 miles and compare them to thebrand-new pair that we're cutting apart tomorrow also got the common projects intoday and this video should be out I think next

next Wednesday so we got Nick's onSaturday and then I think common projects on next Wednesday starting witha sole you can see kind of the difference between the brand-new soleand the used for the hundred-mile sole quite a bit of wear but not prematurewear or like fast wear it is

actually lasting a lot longer than I expected and thenthe uppers you can see the pair that I wore for a hundred miles is definitely alot more broken in and it's a little tricky because bison leather is sopebbled and so milled that it's hard to really tell what's wearing

and what'sjust the way the natural bison leather looks so overall after ahundred miles I think they looked pretty good obviously they don't look brand newlike these black ones so next question is how do these clean up after 100 milesso I took one boot left it as is for

the comparison between the two and the otherboot I spent maybe 10 minutes put some Chamberlain's leather milk on it andrushed off all the old dirt and stuff that was built in or stuck in the weltand then took a little tokonole and burnished up the sides a little bit

andthis is how it turned out it's a sign of a good boot if you can spend a shortamount of time shine it up and get it looking like anew boot again and now let's talk about how they wore and my impressions of themafter 100 miles so to kind

of frame this review and give you some context of howI wore these they were worn basically exclusively in my shop 95% of the timestanding and walking around on the smooth concrete I didn't really walk toomuch outside in them I definitely didn't go hiking in them so most of

the most ofthe wear on these are from the shop so first let's talk about comfort after 100miles these are still really comfortable I wasactually really impressed at how long they stayed comfortable some of thecheaper boots like the Doc Martens after about a hundred miles you really startto fill

that lack of shank and the poor leather quality and build and theconstruction quality but these have just gotten more and more comfortable the toebox has actually widened out a little bit compared to the brand new ones youknow as we wear these in that leather stretches out and fits

to your footbetter so I don't really feel that tightness in my toes anymore which is nice I wasconcerned that this layer of foam and the insole would maybe wear out andcompress after a few miles but it's actually still pretty squishy and it'sdefinitely not overly compressed it makes me

wonder if it's a poron the higherquality foam so I guess we'll see when we cut it in half and then as I wore these inthe sole became less slippery over time as I started to kind of get some wear onthese and they weren't just perfectly smooth and as

this heel block leveledout they're still definitely slippery and it's gonna be that way with anyleather-soled shoes you know with like RM Williams or anythingthat's gonna be slightly more slippery and now to the durability of these sostarting with the sole again I'm surprised at how long these have lastedthere's

not a whole lot of wear on here for 100 miles and it's on smooth concrete soyou're going to see a lot of wear but I was really surprised at how long thislasted I don't think it's a oak tan leather or anything special but it ispretty durable which is

nice now to the stitching on the upper so this is apretty thin and narrow stitching but it's held up really well you know 100miles isn't enough to really test the stitching on these but I haven't seenany breaks from it yet and no premature wearing or rubbing anywhere and

then tothe leather like I've talked about previously like it looks really goodstill after 100 miles especially after putting a little conditioner on it I haven'thad any issues with the quality of the leather it is a little bit thinner ofa leather so it's not gonna last nearly as long

but it's still fairly durableand it's really breathable that's kind of the benefit of having a thinnerleather compared to a thicker leather a thinner leather is more breathable amore lightweight but it's not gonna last as long a thicker leather it's going toit's not gonna breathe as well it's gonna

be hotter but it's gonna lastsignificantly longer so it's kind of a trade-off either way and these beingmore of a casual dress boot or just a casual boot I think that's a good thingyou know it's I don't think it's a horrible thing to have a thinner leatheras long as

it's a higher quality leather and now to the goodyear stitch on the bottomhere so my friends at Trenton and Heath or my friends Trenton Heath they did areview on these boots a few months ago and one of the complaints they had wasthat this Goodyear stitch or the welt

stitch was not recessed into the leatherso that your first few miles you're just walking on a lot of the thread and whenI got the boots it looks like they're channeled in there so it's cool to seethat Ariat is taking the advice from these reviews and implementing it into

the shoesand making them better because these are definitely recessed into there sooverall what do I think of these boots I've been really impressed with themafter 100 miles they're really comfortable stillthey've worn really well they look really good once you clean them up thesedefinitely aren't a work boot they're

also not a dress boot I think they do areally good job of blending the two you know it's kind of a combination betweena red-winged style boot and a dressier Chelsea boot you know it's it's donereally well there are a few things I would like to see them improve

mostnotably was that heel block and top lift be not being the same height that waskind of annoying at first that's something that's pretty easily fixed andI think I would like this leather to be a little bit thicker if we're getting alittle bit nitpicky but I guess we'll see

when we cut it in half how thick itreally is there's a few questions I still want answered that we'll only be able toanswer by getting them cut in half does it have a steel shank is this afull leather heel block is this toe cap a true toe cap

where you've got two fullthickness layers of leather underneath of there and I think there's cork inhere so I'm interested to see where they fit that in and how much cork is inthere so that brings us to the next video I'm gonna cut these in half and seewhat's inside

if you liked this video and you want to see more of these videoscut in half so I can go more in depth in the wear and then the more in depth inthe cut in half let me know support this video by liking and commenting andsubscribe to the channel

and what else do you guys want me to talk about in these100 mile wear reviews what did I miss here what else do you guys want to know about my impressions of them and we'll keep going from here so thanks for everything see ya

Top 5 Men's Shoes and Boots For Fall 2019

(upbeat music) – Hey you, I'm CelebrityMenswear Stylist Ashley Weston joined by my partner and husband, Dorian.

– Hello, hello everybody.

– This video is broughtto you by Squarespace.

From websites and onlinestores to marketing tools and analytics Squarespaceis the all-in-one platform to build a beautiful onlinepresence and run your business.

♪ Squarespace ♪(Laughing) – So today we are going to go over our top five shoes for fall.

It's time to pick these up! – Wonderful time of year, time to pull out or buy your fall shoes.

Hopefully you've got a couple of these and I wanna make this clearbefore we get into it.

These are the shoes forfall/winter specific.

That doesn't mean it's time to put away your year-round shoes.

So sneakers are gonna be okay, depending on where you live, you know, that type of stuff.

We always get comments in the video that be like, so I can'twear sneakers anymore? And it's like, uh no thoseare called year-round shoes.

These are fall specific shoesyou should definitely pick up and by the way I'm sorrybut I'm wearing my hat 'cause it's the post-season, go Dodgers.

– So first on our list forfall is definitely a pair of black or brown leather boots.

So these ones are by AllanEdmonds, they're dress boots, they're super sleek and sexy, I just love how clean the design is.

– I like the little subtle, subtle red on the back too.

– Yes the subtle tab detail right here, and these pair great withyour denim, your chinos, wool trousers and even your suits as well.

These are, you know, definitely a little bit on the pricier side soI made sure to include my other two favorite dress boots that are a little more budget conscious.

– So Ash I have aquestion for the audience that I know will come up.

– Yes.

– Do they need a dress bootor can you get a casual boot? Can you get a little more of a rugged boot depending on where you live? What is the recommendation specifically? – Well of course you guyscan get a casual boot and I do like casual boots as well but you know putting this list together this could've been waymore than five shoes, this could've been 10 shoes.

– How about this, how about this, why don't we just do a dedicatedboot video down the road? – Yes.

– Okay.

So that's what we'regonna do but right now Ash is recommending somereally nice dress boots but that also work well incasual environments, correct? – Yes.

– Okay, just wanted to establish that 'causeI had that question and I know you guys would too.

– Next up definitely have to pick up a pair of Wolverine hightop brown leather sneakers.

So these are gonna be yourgo to sneakers this fall.

They're just so easy and comfortable to wear with your existing casual clothes, yeah, looks great with jeans and chinos, again they're comfortableand you're not gonna always be wearing dressy clothes so you wanna have a good pair of sleek but still comfortable casual shoes.

– Yeah, these are my personal shoes and they come in avariety of colors as well so definitely check outlinks in the article in the description belowbecause they are awesome.

I found these myself andI'm so glad that I did.

– Okay so next up we're gonnago a little bit more formal because I had to includethese guys on the list.

That is a wing-tip dress shoe, these are by Allen Edmonds, it's their classic, classic wing-tips that are my absolute favorites, they have them year-round, years and years and years, you know they've had them on the website.

Usually they'll switchout their dress shoes but these have always been a standard that they've had for years now and what's great about these is that they have a Dianite Sole so in case you are in— Inclement weather.

– Yes, yeah definitely pick these guys up or you can even just getthe smooth leather as well.

– Not good for inclement weather.

– No just depending on where you live and how harsh the elements are.

– And Ash I'm assuming you have some color preferences as well? – Yes, so definitely blackand then a dark brown pair.

– Thanks again to Squarespacefor sponsoring this video.

We've been personal usersof theirs for many years now and they offer an amazingassortment of features like syncing your productswith Instagram for tagging, an awesome built-in imageeditor, portfolios and galleries, as well as an easy to useassortment of e-commerce tools.

Head to squarespace.

com/awxinc to save 10% off your first purchaseof a website or domain.

Next up on the list is what Ash? – These brown Chukka bootsby Johnson and Murphy.

Okay so I actually havea couple of favorites, I was gonna say famous, favorites, for this category.

So these ones are, youknow, brown leather.

I also, there's a darkbrown suede that I love by another company and thena tan suede that I also love.

I like it more I think than black 'cause I just feel likea lot of the colors you're gonna be wearing for the fall.

Yes they're darker but they'remore dual-toned and brown just kind of, with your casual clothes, they just pair better with everything.

– Agreed, agreed.

– But you know the super sleek design each of my options that I've found for you guys I love because– – Battle tested on clients, husbands.

– Yeah construction forprice, like price ratio, like everything is awesomeabout it and these Chukka boots and the Chukka boots thatI've recommended to you guys are definitely an easy way to instantly kind of just upgrade your outfit and make it a little bit more formal but still feel comfortable and casual.

– Chuck on a pair of dark wash jeans with some brown Chukka bootsand you don't even have, you just like a sweater or something.

Somehow it looks a lot more polished than if you're just wearing, you know, high tops or sneakers or something like that, I agree.

So Ash, we're up to number five.

– Yes.

– But it's actually five and six, youactually kind of get a bit of a bonus on this one.

– It's like five A and five B.

(laughing)- Okay, fair enough.

Fair enough.

So Ash what is your top pick? We'll call it, eventhough this has no meaning as far as like the order inwhich we're revealing them.

What is your last shoe, or shoes, that every man should own this fall? – [Ashley] Some Chelsea boots.

Okay these ones are byKenneth Cole, they're black.

I also have these darkbrown suede by Vince Camuto, but there's a couple ofother recommendations that are budget friendly andalso a little bit more luxury, a little more expensive that I definitely wanted to include— We run the gambit.

– Yeah I wanted to include thoseones as well in the article but I just wanted to show you just for demonstration purposes black versus a dark brown suede.

I am a huge fan of black Chelsea boots.

I think that Chelsea boots bynature are just more formal.

You can certainly wear itwith black skinny jeans but for the most part it's gonna be with either your darker suitingor your darker wool pants and then even with the dark brown, normally I don't even like, I don't like a brown leather personally but a dark brown, yeah, a dark brown suede is you can use it kind of interchangeably with the black Chelsea boots.

I wouldn't necessarily wearthem with chinos, though, still black jeans I would do.

I would not do even dark wash jeans.

I just think that it startsto, just look a little off.

– It looks, yeah, you'reright, it does look off.

– For the most part, I mean, treat these as like a formal boot.

Big, big, big tip thoughwith wearing these guys is make sure your pantsare really tapered down.

You don't want extra fabricflopping around here.

That's the key.

If you are a stockierfella with bigger thighs, maybe a belly, especially short legs, it's just, it's not for you.

Because then you look like a carrot, yeah, like Humpty Dumpty, yeah.

Yeah it's like a carrot.

– Yeah, instead, we talked about this in another video as well.

What do you do instead ifyou can't wear Chelsea boots? – Definitely pick up apair of Chukka boots, or dress boots or some casual boots.

– Casual lace up boots, I think those are great.

All right guys.

That's it for this one.

Hope you enjoyed.

Leave your comments, questions, in the comment section below.

We're always participating.

We'll see you in the next one.

– [Both] Bye.


Chukka Boots & Desert Boot Guide

Welcome back! Today's video is all about the Chukka boot.

The Chukka boot is a really versatile bootand I'll talk all about the history, characteristics, and how you can combine it and more.

The term Chukka is derived from the Hindiword ‘chukkar’ meaning ‘circle’ or ‘turn’.

What makes a Chukka boot a Chukka boot? First of all, a chukka boot has ankle height, it's not higher, it's not lower, it's always ankle height.

Then it has three eyelets on each side ortwo.

Never four, never one.

So that's very important.

Moreover, you always want a rounded toe box, not too pointy, not too boxy but nicely rounded.

Another main characteristic of the Chukkaboot is the suede leather.

It'a a brown, suede, calf skin leather thatis really the characteristic part of this boot.

A chukka boot is always made in two parts.

For one, the Vamp and the Quarters which cometogether for open lacing system, just like the Derby shoe.

If you want to learn more about Derbys, checkout this video here.

Another hallmark of a Chukka boot is a leathersole that is thin.

Sometimes, you can also see a crepe sole whichis natural rubber and that is definitely more casual.

If you want a more versatile shoe, go withleather soles as you can combine them with a suit or with chinos or khakis or other pants.

If you wear a chukka boot with a crepe sole, make sure you only wear it with like denim or khakis, not any kind of dress pants, itjust does not go together.

Traditionally, the chukka boots are unlinedbut in this day and age, you often find them lined with a regular leather liining.

Now that you know about the characteristicsof a chukka boot, let's talk about history.

It's safe to say that the chukka boot originatedin India when English players played the polo game and they will wear the shoe to play polo.

Subsequently, this boot found its way to thepublic and to the west and it became particularly popular because of the then Prince of Waleslater, later Duke of Windsor who just wore this boot and was soon picked up by all themedia and press and it was photographed and now every man, wanted to have this boot.

You may have heard of the word 'desert boot'and basically, it's exactly a Chukka boot with a crepe sole.

The most well known manufacturer is Clarksfrom the UK and today they make desert boots in all kinds of leather colors and they arerather fashion forward and they usually retail it between 1650 dollars and you can learnmore about the specific desert boot and how it came to be, in our full pledged guide aboutChukka boots.

Just click here.

Originally, the Chukka boot came from thePolo fields but today, it is much more versatile.

You can wear it with a suit, or just witha casual combination or even just with a shirt and some slacks.

I found them particularly suitable for fallbecause the suede texture just fits in with all the other textures of your jacket, maybeyour vest, your tie and your shirt and it's a great fall mood all around.

If you want to learn more about differentboots and different clothing items and rules of style, please sign up to our email newsletter.

That way, you will never miss anything andyou will get the latest video right to your inbox.

Just like with all shoes, the thinner thesoles, the more elegant it is.

So if you know that you just want to havea shoe for rugged outfits, try to get a chukka boot with a thicker sole otherwise, I wouldargue to go with a rather thin sole so you can wear it with suits and basically any typeof garment.

Desert boots often are just rougher, havea thicker sole, especially the crepe sole, if that is more of your style, that's okaybut then specifically choose desert boot over the traditional chukka boot.

In terms of color, brown or dark brown isreally the best that most traditional , classic color of this shoe.

Sometimes, you can also find it in tan, Ican also see navy or dark green but if you start out and if you want a boot that is veryversatile, stick with dark brown suede.

Sometimes, you'll even find chukka boots withcontrast stitching and while that looks pretty cool, it's quite limiting.

The problem is it's irreversible so you can'treally wear it with a suit, instead what I do is I wear colorful shoelaces from FortBelvedere.

Yellow or in red to mix things up and dressmy chukka boot down and if I want more formal outfit, I go with tone and tone dark laceswith my chukka boots so I can wear it with a navy suit for example.

Overall, the chukka boot is a really versatileboot, can be worn with corduroy, jeans, khakis, dress pants and suits, even dark suits andyou will hardly notice the difference to a regular dark brown shoe.

The suede texture is particularly nice forfall and if you're just starting out with your boot collection, this is definitely oneof the top contenders to look at.

Now you may wonder what chukka boot shouldyou buy and we put together a little guide for different kinds of chukka boots at differentprice ranges and you can see it on our website.

Just click here and learn more.


Guessing Cheap vs Expensive BOOTS! (Cheap vs Steep)

they fart when I walk I must look the other foot he wouldn't do that what's up you guys and welcome back to clever style we are so excited because this week we are bringing you guys another episode of cheap verse deep how cute is that last time we did this we ranked sweaters from what we thought was least expensive to most expensive yeah but we failed miserably it was really bad we suck really hard yeah this week we are doing boots and we are gonna be ranking three different brands ASOS Steve Madden and Stuart Weitzman and we are going to be trying them on and pairing them to what we think is the least expensive to the most expensive who is door wisemen you may be rich pissed driver 21 sell them no okay the prices of these boots range from forty six to seven hundred and ninety five dollars what I just to wear that on your feet I'm ready can I just look at it do you really want me to put my foot in it like what if I get sweat all over them you didn't bring socks yes I did she didn't bring socks don't put her in the sewer way Bridget but you guys don't worry we're not gonna change just like last time they covered up all the labels so we won't know which shoe is which and they're also gonna like kind of blindfold us and do like a little Cinderella Tryon situation see it going on you know confidence I feel like we can do it we're gonna be better this time I want us to get it right this time well then we definitely should I say we're so excited though because this time we have a special little shoe camp so you guys can play at home so comment below what you guys think if you guys think we're so wrong when we think they're expensive and if we're right when they're cheap we don't know let us know who's gonna cut to this you cam because I'm definitely shooing away over here these are Amazon I think they look fancier than that anyway I cut my toes alright guys should we go try on the first pair of shoes let's do it let's do a little snap magic ready okay one two three shoes on okay you guys is our first round we're doing your standard two black booty they're trying to feel how it feels I almost need to like dance a little but I don't know what I would compare that to you know I only wear things are under $100 well here's the thing so it might feel a little stiff I can't tell if that's a sign of expensive or cheap I mean if I'm just going off looks yours look cheap they're too shiny I don't know also I feel like it's hard to look can I sit down okay so eight okay I just need to inspect to me yours look the cutest like I just feel like mine feel what a so see I'm trying to look at the stitching because that's also a dead giveaway that's expensive or no oh yeah you know it's real leather if it has stitching because there's only so many parts of a cow they can stitch together i preschool for sure there's something about like leather couches have like a lot of seams rust back me up right here no I'm wrong okay great fine feel a little stiff on this part right here wait feel a little stiff right here it's like harder to move around if it were cheap leather it would be super flexible there were fake leather cheese other colors and you know you start to convince me other ways and I'm just gonna go with my gut here can I smell your foot yes I don't know mine smell more I think yours are expensive mine yeah it's just so stressful every time I always think one thing and then you guys make me feel what were you what do you think about yours I just feel like a USO's I don't know but I also feel like the furniture torque us no no no I'm like Mel mine give me a shoe smell mine okay nice and soft mr.

Musker wait now I'm confused right because it smells like money these could be expensive now Oh see I'm on the opposite it smells like an expensive shoeless door smells like Nordstrom we need to try this because last time we did everything Drew and I thought and we were wrong I could see this one weirdly being expensive though this one's Trevor – it's coming that's forever 21 I can just I think let's give Madeline this round Natalie put us in order okay oh dear I really don't think I'm sir wise but I'm just gonna I just don't like me I want to be wrong again I love you as Stuart Weitzman but what if I'm wrong I think you're Steve Madden okay again and you're a really intense game for us but we think I think we think maybe I am ASOS I'm apparently Steve Madden maybe they're not committing I have no idea but I guess we're gonna go with Stuart Wiseman I still don't know who he is yeah all three wrong Madeleine you are ASOS and those were $46 drew you are Stuart Weitzman those are three hundred and thirty dollars and Lauren you are Steve Madden and those were $90 these aren't even to be fair like that would have been hard cuz they both had this suede kind of vibe so roll the clip where I was like leather has a lot of stitching no it's real leather if it has stitching Drew's shoes has the most Inge ditching 46 of these they're not comfy they look like 46 on shoes dude they're so shiny really annoyed all right listen stakes are high we're off to a bad start we have to get one round right let's do this for Dumars I'll get three two one hey all right wow those Nate so cute okay so this round we're doing snakeskin which is really on trend faux snakeskin oh those are so cute that has to be the expensive pair haha feel me I do feel like mine feel the most expensive look the most expensive the most expensive have you worn ours how can you say that oh these are the wooden heel does add like a nice flare a lot of itching a lot of stealing like oh my god let me put the other foot I don't know how I'm confused look at this what this doesn't look that expensive oh shoot I'm Sam this has like six different types of snake this is definitely my favorite pair hopefully no snakes died for this show okay because only shed their skin fine feel amazing really yeah like they feel secure I feel structured in your last pair really go good too what a heel the heel look so cheap but I like the shape of it but the heel does look cheap you're right and then what about the seams also it's obviously fake yellow how do yours feel terrible really oh these are the worst they're like socks and a boot was there any zipper on them at all no sorry this is what concerns me the sock thing feels like what rich people do in the bottom line fiag ins aren't those just big old sock like so okay I think mine are the cheapest think yours are a so Sears they're probably Steve Madden those need to be Stuart Weitzman yeah but I don't know those feel like Steve Madden I mean they look like they look like Steve Madden they look like something that like he would do to try to be trendy I just have a weird feeling I think those are ASOS I think those are Steve Madden and I think these are Stuart Weitzman do you want to decide I'm praying for us I feel like I'm not in the right place I thought I was supposed to be over here and now you want to put me there not a picture god I don't know I hate those the most so I would say put those there the zipper does feel hella cheap I think we're okay okay let's just leave it alone I'm ASOS I am probably wrong Steve Madden I think I'm Stuart Weitzman you are a so okay Lauren you are you are Steve Madden at 136 dollars nothing and this is the whitest girl shoe I know I love girls 575 a firt when I want it also the hail chief and they're ugly AF high-five and y'all I was right we could have had a round least we got this right but I'm thinking of the sweaters I don't even think we got one right we didn't get a round right we got a sweater correct I want to get a right all right all right next round right okay snap away boring here we go three two one okay I have no clue what we're gonna do okay you guys this is our combat boot round which I hope to bujji's this we get right because I love me some combat boots I don't think I've ever worn combat boots so I'm gonna have to go with what you guys think here I just don't know I'm just I feel like I have the weight on my shoulders of the world I'm like I want to be optimistic but I'm just like so this is really hard on us right look none of these look expensive to me or cheap I disagree mine feel like a Denali which look expensive just say son look right now based on look I think my nerd offensive mind feel a little yeah you're still stiff Madeline might feel a little stiff here's what I'm gonna say the only thing I can tell by look is that these look like something Steve Madden would make I agree sure I know those maybe are a little weird which feels kind of a so see those do look nice and they have a zipper on the side as well as the laces mine just have the laces you like drew you're the combat Queen it don't call me the combat Queen I don't think I am I just really like combat worn a lot of combat boots I feel like you've got the upper hand here are they comfortable they're really comfortable and they're really well made I feel like I'm not gonna look at the bottom it's gonna to inspect the top what do we think about these laces versus like you and I both have the shoelace kind of laces those are the most expensive laces are the things these look these are like plastic yeah you're so oh so maybe yours are ASOS I think yours too I do too I think yours are Stewart but what am i I don't think Steve Madden would make a shoe like that this is the thing I just don't think they would call me crazy I think yours are Stewart because those are fugly and they look like something Stewart what makes no offense oh no but these are really freaking to you and they're well made I think these are Steve Madden and I think those are ASOS I don't think Stuart Weitzman's clientele would buy these shoes you do I feel like I feel like only but look at these lazy these laces are kind of like your dad's gym shoe vibe is that rich or not rich you know I feel like it's I've never I don't really buy shoes without are skinny so I feel like they're expensive all right listen we've gone with what drew on it we've gone with what Madeline wanted your turn what do you want Lauren here's what I think yes you think I'm okay you think I'm Steve Steve wouldn't do that that's what I think you might be right we're gonna go according to if anything maybe Steve Madden is are definitely not Steve Madden I just don't think he would make a design like that okay I think only ASOS would do something that weird Steve would never uh M ASOS I am Steve Madden and I am Stewart Weisman [Music] Madeline you are Stuart Weitzman at $695 just disgust me you disgust me do it ugly Lauren you are ASOS at $600 and through your Steve Madden at $140 guys can we just talk about fact that this shoes on my feet are 695 dollars they were stiff to get into and the laces are slow whatever and they hurt your eyes I look like I'm about to walk on the moon maybe that's why they're rich people shoes these are cheap but I was just like I didn't think Steve Madden would do those okay we have one more round to get this right three two one okay guys we are back with our final round we are going for something I feel good we're gonna do some of thigh high boots because we all feel pretty confident that like we wear these along yeah can we talk about mine mine are some very confusing look here's the thing we couldn't get them past my like heel there is such an expensive brand thing to do this does feel like a Stuart Weitzman like rich shoe it's a weird design I've never seen it doesn't even fit you you put on your head and get really flattered these 100% look like some Steve Madden boots these are 1, 000% Steve Madden it took three people to get them on you're there come here than any of the other shoes I've worn so duos these are ASOS either I mean I love them like their Jeep does not mean head broke the zipper does look a little cheap they're super huge and they're not like tight you know guys is this the first round we might I think we're done let's do you from out in the games okay better view if we're wrong there is a new rate yeah I like shaza we're not wrong you're wrong there are ways wrong I am pesos I'm Steve modern and I'm mad about it and I am Schwartzman [Music] you re so at $87 Wow orange you are Steve Madden at $300 Madeleine's went Beverly Weitzman at seven hundred and ninety five dollars I can't even get this on look half wearing $800 shoes that's wild this is literally my rent right as I was coming everywhere it's more India first expensive one that I thought was cute though shoe shoe cam these are the most expensive shoes ever guards they really work on zipped I don't know hop shop geofencing in them oh okay guys we actually did it kind of once at a boy take one out of four any day I mean unfortunately like we're probably gonna do this again and get like a couple rounds round know what I think sweaters because we got one right so what else should we do that could get more right with like purses maybe purses jeans jeans would be hard really hard cuz I have no clue what store should we do what like cuz I feel like we knew Steve Madden when we saw it so that was super helpful if you guys liked any of these shoes we're gonna put all the links for them in the description so go check those out and if you have eight hundred dollars to spend on these shoes then we should be friends get them plot-twists don't do it but you can't have Lauren's leg cuz I'm taking that one home can somebody saw me out of these guys if you liked this video like subscribe hit the bell please and we're gonna take these home bro bye bye taking all of worn home sorry Sean I'll take the left leg guys that was fun so fine so much fun if you wanted to eat more videos like that click over here next to Madeline and subscribe down here by our sparkly fear feet Laura still has her loom on not for long.

Bottines (Boots) style UGG crochet 2/2 / Boots Ugg style crochet (english subtitles)




2nd part.



) For the row n° 4 you have to make1 ch, 13 Sc, then you have to repeat 3 times this sequence, (1 decrease, 1 Sc), then you have to repeat 3 times this sequence, (1 Sc, 1 decrease), and you finish the row by making 13 Sc.

At the end of the row you'll get 38 stitches.

For the row n° 5 you have to make1 ch, 13 Sc, then you have to repeat 6 times this sequence:1 Dc without finishing, 1 Yo, 1 Dc without finishing, and you close the 2 Dc at the same time.

(so you repeat this 6 times in total) and you finish the row by making 13 Sc.

For the row n° 6 you have to make1 ch, 12 Sc, 4 decreases, (2 Dc without finishing, that you close at the same time) and 12 Sc.

At the end of the row you'll get 28 stitches.

For the row n° 7 you have to make1 ch and 28 Sc.

(I filled it with some silicon foam, so youcan see the result) Now we're going to make this edge.

(you see, if you use a smaller hook than the yarn, you get a boot that doesn't deforme) Here, where we have pricked in the back loop, we've obtained some small loops.

You attach the yarn, at the back of the boot, you make 1 ch, and in the same place you make 1 Sc, (I will hide this yarn in the same time) then in each stitch, you make 1 Sc, until the end of the row.

You can use the same hook (2, 5 mm)or bigger (3, 5 mm).

Look, here I used a 2, 5 mm hook, here I used, for the edge, a 3, 5 mm hook.

You will obtain a bigger edge, it's up to you, to choose the best solution, that please you.

At the end of the row you attach with 1 Slip stitch.

You cut the thread, you make 1 ch, and you pull.

This yarn, you hide it in the Scthat we just made.

You see, we get a more beautiful bootwith this edge.

For the upper side, you have to makea chain of 18 stitches, (6 stitches on each edge (12 in total)and 6 stitches for the center braid) then you make 2 extra ch, (you'll have 20 in total) and in the 4th from the hookyou begin making Hdc, you make 18 Hdc in total.

For the row n° 2 you have to make2 ch, (that's equivalent to the 1st Hdc) and you make another 5 hdc, (6 in total) and now we start making Dc.

(we'll make the 1st cross of the braid) The 4th Hdc you wrapp it from the front, and you make 1 Dc, (that's a front post Dc) you make another front post Dc, and another front post Dc, and now you'll get back to the 3 Hdc that you've skipped, and you make 3 front post Dc.

And you finish the row by making 6 Hdc.

For the row n° 3 you have to make2 ch, 5 Hdc, (6 in total, with the 2 ch) then you have to make 6 back post Dc.

(you watch and you do the same thing as I do, 6 back post Dc) and you finish the row by making 6 Hdc.

For the row n° 4 you have to make2 ch, 5 Hdc, and you make 6 front post Dc.

and 6 Hdc.

For the row n° 5 you have to make2 ch, 5 Hdc, 6 back post Dc, and 6 Hdc.

Now you have to repeat the rows n° 2, 3, 4 and 5.

(the row n° 1 it's just a preparation row) You have to make 5 crosses in total.

(so you have to make another 4) Look, we have begun with a cross, so, at the end, you have to finishwithout a cross.

In this way, when you make the sew, the pattern will match.

So you have to make 5 crosses.

(the bleu piece it's not finished) I finished the 5 crosses.

Now, before you sew this piece on the shoe, I don't know if you have already seen the knitted tutorialof these boots, with a yarn needle, you fold this side, and you sew it.

(you do it like I do it) You have to be careful, and sew it well, if not at the end, the piece will be shifted.

Then you have to sew the other side, in the same way.

I finished.

So, this piece measures 17 cm.

Now we're going to sew the 2 pieces together.

You do it like me, we're going to sew it where we madethe first seam.

And you continue like that.

Now, you have to sew this part.

Be careful that the braid matches.

At the end you'll make a knot, you hide and you cut the yarn.

You still have to sew this little side.

And there you have the Ugg boots finished.

I remind you that all my tutorials will besubtitled in English.

I invite you to subscribe to my YouTube channeland follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+ You can also visit my web-sitelidiacrochettricot.

org See you soon!.

Stuart Weitzman 5050 Boots vs. Lowland Boots Review | English Subs | SW靴子对比评测

Hi everyone! I'm Sophie.

Today, I'm gonna be doing a review of over-the-knee boots: Stuart Weitzman 5050 boots vs.

Lowland boots.

Over-the-knee boots are the essentials for fall and winter.

I'm 5'4''.

Both 5050 boots and Lowland boots are over-the-knee boots for me.

Let's start with 5050 boots.

The reason why they are called 5050 is that half of the boots, the front panel, is made of smooth leather, suede, patent leather or fabric, and the other half, the back panel, is made of strechy fabric.

They have a round-toe silhouette.

1'' heel.

The lining is real leather.

The insole is real leather too.

Very breathable to wear.

The outsole is anti-skid textured rubber.

There is no zipper.

A special method is required to get them on and off.

You have to pull the boot shaft inside out, and then put you feet in there like wearing long socks.

I have thin calves.

So I just wear them like pull over boots.

I've worn the boots for the last winter.

And I wore them pretty frequently.

The strechy fabric is almost like new.

I guess that I can wear them for at least 3 or 4 years.

They are over-the-knee boots for my 5'4'' frame.

The front panel is slightly above my knee bone.

They are so comfortable to wear.

The back panel is below my back of the knee.

So they are comfortable to walk in.

I feel like that I'm wearing socks.

They are like my second skin.

Extremely comfortable.

The size for these boots is a bit large.

I normally wear US 7 for boots.

But I chose size 6.

5 for these boots.

Let's talk about color and leather.

I have two pairs of 5050 boots.

This pair is my favorite.

The front panel is made of navy snake-like patent leather.

I was concerned that the patent leather wound't pair well.

But they turn out to be very pretty in person.

Make the legs look straighter.

And they are very easy to take care of.

I've worn them in rainy or even snowy days without any problem.

You just have to wipe them clean with a dry clean tower afterwards.

After being worn for the last winter, they look pretty new except some creases on the front.

I tried a pair of smooth leather 5050 boots.

I only tried once or twice, and there were so many creases on the front panel.

So I guess that smooth leather 5050 boots will wear out very fast.

My second pair is made of gold glitter-looking fabric.

The fabric is very unique.

These boots definitely stand out if you wear all black or go to a party.

Let's talk about Lowland boots.

Lowland boots are over-the-knee boots.

I'm 5'4''.

The shaft almost hits my middle thigh.

Very high shaft.

No zipper.

Pull over style.

There is a black leather lace on top to secure the boot opening.

The front toe area is more pointed than that of the 5050 boots.

An almond-toe silhouette.

1'' heel.

Let's compare.

More pointed-toe for Lowland.

Almost the same heel height.

Lowland's shaft is 3'' higher than that of 5050.

About the material.

Many choices.

Smooth leather, suede, and the trendy velvet.

Mine is made of black suede.

Very basic.

The comfort is not as great as that of 5050 boots.

The front part is narrower.

The more pointed silhouette makes my pinky toes a little bit squeezed.

I chose 6.

5 for 5050 boots.

I had to choose 7 for Lowland boots.

Lengthwise, they are definitely longer than my feet.

But widthwise, 7 is more comfortable than 6.


If you have wider feet like me, you may choose half size larger than the 5050 boots.

You may wear the Lowland exactly like wearing 5050 boots.

I feel that the shaft is slightly more forgiving than that of the 5050 boots.

But as they are made of non strechy material, so if you have wider calves or thighs, you may not feel comfortable wearing these boots.

So I highly suggest that you try them on before purchasing.

The leather is quite soft.

The lining is satin fabric.

So they feel soft and comfortable to wear.

Let's talk about pros and cons, and comparison.

Pros for the 5050 boots.

First, very comfortable.

The wide round-toe silhouette is perfect for slightly wider feet.

Strechy fabric makes it extremely comfortable to wear.

Second, they pair with almost anything.

Dress, jeans, or leggings, you name it.

Third, very easy to take care of if you choose patent leather.

I can't think of a con.

Someone with wider calves may find them too tight and uncomfortable.

I highly suggest that you try them on before purchasing.

Let's talk about Lowland.


First, very high boot shaft.

If you are looking for super long boots, they are perfect.

Second, the more pointed-toe silhouette makes the legs look longer.


First, they are a bit narrow and not super comfortable for wide feet.

Second, you have to tie the lace constantly.

Third, no strechy fabric.

Someone with wide calves may find them uncomfortable.

Fourth, there are limitations in terms of matching the outfits.

I think that they go perfectly with skirts or shorts.

They are not so great in pairing with jeans or leggings.

It will look chunky! Overall, if you are looking for more comfortable boots for all the occasions, I highly recommend 5050 boots.

If you are looking for high shaft boots with a bit more feminine touch, I recommend Lowland boots.

Lowland boots are $150 more expensive than 5050 boots.

So if I had to choose only one pair of boots, I would definitely choose 5050 boots.

Let's talk about price.

The retail prices for those boots are pricy! Lowland boots for almost $800.

5050 boots for about $650.

I bought mine on sale.

Especially for 5050.

I bought my 5050 boots during the sample sale of Lane Crawford in Hong Kong.

About $300 a pair.

Great deal! I bought my Lowland boots on sale in US.

About $600 a pair.

I highly recommend those boots.

Especially great to get them on sale.

Well, that's my review for 5050 and Lowland boots.

I hope that you enjoyed it.

If you like my video, please thumbs up, and subscribe! See you next time.



Leather Honey Leather Conditioner – Video Product Review – Conditioning Leather Shoes & Boots

Leather Honey Leather Conditioner – VideoProduct Review – Conditioning Leather Shoes & Boots Hi, I'm Antonio Sentinel, the founder of RealMen Real Style, and today I'm going to be doing a product review of leather honey leatherconditioner.

And I'm going to share with you my story ofwhy I think it’s the best leather conditioner out there in the market.

Okay if you have it already please subscribeto YouTube channel by doing that these videos will come right to you.

In addition if you want to read more aboutleather honey, want to learn more about what I'm talking about here we go, hit me clickdown below.

I'm going to have an article which I'm goingto link you to and finally if you like this video, if you find it useful.

I would appreciate it if you would like it.

Okay so let me tell you a little story abouta boot and this was my favorite pair of Chelsea boots, I picked up in London back in 2007when I first started my company at tailored suit.

And they served me well for a couple of yearsuntil I decided to wear them a lot here in Wisconsin and Wisconsin has horrible weatherin the winter.

I mean it has snow but it also has sleet andrain and all that other stuff that you can’t control and this – it just tore up my bootsbecause I did not condition them and so that’s what you’re probably asking, why do I needto condition my leather shoes? Well leather – and it’s not just shoesby the way but any type of leather is skin and its skin that’s no longer replenishingitself and if you think about it, I mean the skin on your body has the oils and stuff thatyour body naturally secretes.

Now the leather that you use on briefcases, on your belts, on your shoes, that if – when I was down in Austin, Texas I didn’t haveto worry about it too much because the weather wasn’t too bad.

And leather shoes won’t last probably adecade and you don’t even have to really treat them too much.

Once you start getting exposing them or youexpose them to harsh weather though.

Let’s say you take a trip over to New York, you expose those things to water which I did to my shoes.

All of a sudden they’re going to lose thatmoisture very quickly when you dry them out and they’re going to start to crack unlessyou start to condition them.

So the one thing and why I think this is agreat investment, I spent – I got four years out of those boots and I paid probably $300for them and sadly it wasn’t – that’s just a bad, I could have gotten probably 30years out of those boots and I want to make sure that you understand this and that you’reusing a product like leather honey because you’ve probably got a lot of leather thatyou’ve spent a lot of money on.

Leather is a luxury clothing item; it’snot cheap especially real leather we’re talking about, not the cheap stuff that thefake stuff.

And you want to make sure and you can getdecades and decades of life out of leather if you treat it correctly.

So what is leather honey and where did itcome from? It was actually developed I think it comesout of the 1968, you had a family business and I think they were in West Virginia andit was Dan Magawen, his father I believe actually was started it.

And now while Sean Magawen is the grandsonof the gentleman that put this together and it started off as harness honey and it nowhas evolved into leather honey they wanted to brand out because what they discoveredis that wow, this really – it’s a step above and I got some other leather conditionersI’ve used in the past such as Cadillac and Matonian, these are fine leather conditionersbut they’re all water based.

And being water based, you have to put a lotof it on and you have to put it on frequently, usually at least once a week.

What I love about leather honey is its oilbased and therefore I only have to do it, probably on the four – maybe four timesa winter season so maybe once a month, maybe once every two weeks versus on having to applythe other ones four times as much.

So it makes it much easier and that was thefirst thing that drew me to leather honey.

There thing again is this, this small familyowned business on the East Coast and these guys are really making it happen.

You can go check them out on Amazon and goto their website and contact them and you’ll probably had Ariel, she’s one of the familymembers as well, Sean’s sister, and she will get in touch with you most likely andhelp you understand what this product is about.

So the purpose of the putting, right, okay, “Antonio what are you using leather honey on?” I’ve been using it on my $350 pair of Luccheseboots and I can tell you that they feel great and they’ve been okay in this Wisconsinwinter so far.

I’ve used them on my pair of Chainey boots– I'm sorry, Chainey dress shoes, these are a very nice pair of Chainey dress shoes, they put up at the same time.

I’ve picked up those other Chelsea bootsover in London.

I’ve used them on my saddleback leatherbriefcase, they’ll boom right here.

I’ve used them on my belts.

And everything I’ve shown you is brown leatherbut you can use them on black leather.

You can use them on any colored leather; theonly thing you don’t want to use it on is suede.

And so what would I say is the negative aboutthis when you need to be careful because it will darken, any type – they’re re-introducing… …moisture to the leather.

So this once living piece of tissue they’reactually re-moisturizing.

So it is going to darken and be prepared forthat, so test on a little bit.

The other thing is it’s a little bit pricierthan the other ones I mention but I feel this is not an issue.

We were talking a few dollars for an itemthat you may have paid $500 it or $700 for it.

And what’s the – if you’re sweatingover a few dollars for something like that, I really think you’re saving pennies andyou’re losing the dollars there.

So finally what can I say more about leatherhoney, things are great part of it.

For you, two thumbs up.

I highly recommend, you can get a small batchof it and test it and you got a hundred percent money back guarantee.

So what do you got to lose? Okay this is been Antonio Sentinel with RealMen Real Style, I’ll see you in the next video.



The #AskAW Show Episode 02 – Suede Chukka Boots, Wingtips, Watches, Warm Weather Clothes

hi I'm Ashley Weston of a celebrity months for stylists this video is part of my ask aww series which is where I answer all of your guys's questions on style grooming etiquette dating honestly whatever you have questions on I will answer so let's get started first up is

a question from Henry and he asked I want some fancy suede boots like the ones in this picture I've found lots of options but the problem is I have big feet really big feet size 15 to be exact can you help me find a boot that will fit

my feet well actually you are in luck so allen edmonds makes a boot called the dundee suede boot that looks pretty damn identical to the one that you have in the picture the one that we just saw in the picture however they do not offer a tan color

instead they offer a medium and dark brown option which is actually a better than tan than at your light tan because it looks and will stay cleaner longer with a light tan color dirt scoffs like every little dirty mark will show up it's like a white car you

can never keep it clean so instead go with medium to darker Brown it's actually easier to wear as well with your outfits and in terms of matching and and they have it in a size 15 allen edmonds the biggest size they make is a size 15 so you

are in luck my friend the quality is incredible so look no further this is your brand next up is a question from Adam and he asked I recently got a pair of blue suede wingtips on clearance from Jane rooo I already love them but I am having trouble

coming up with ways to wear them especially without the outfit looking loud blue suede wingtips you want to wear them with either a tan or navy chino or a dark wash jean with it cuffed at the bottom and the reason being is one the nice the cuff at

the bottom actually that's just a nice touch to the entire outfit as well as it puts the spotlight on your blue suede shoes it frames it nicely and I when I think of blue suede wingtips I think of more of a spring summer outfit so it's just you're

showing a little bit of ankle you're letting the shoe also make a nice little statement so that's how I would wear your blue suede wingtips so next up we've got Mohamed and he asked how would one go about dressing nicely in really warm weather since layering is not

going to work well actually it's very simple so you want to stick with items that allow you to breathe obviously so the way to still look sharp but not have all these layers and jackets on is first you can start off with a polo shirt a nice pima

cotton polo shirt it could be a silk blend but you want it to be you know just a nice material not the pique cotton that looks like golf shirts they never look good but stick with navy or black or heather gray those are great colors and indoor then

you also want to go with a linen button-up shirt either in white navy light blue those all look really great with a nice Chino pant which is made out of cotton so it's breathable so you could go with either navy or tan in that as well and throw

on a dress shoe or a nice loafer or a suede shoe and really it'll always look sharp just if you're gonna wear a linen button-up shirt I would definitely roll up the sleeves you can tuck it in there on a nice belt as well and you'll look very

sharp but still appropriately dressed for your warm clients climates my clients climates when is nice and javagold warm I don't know why I was thinking of clients next up Connor asks I'm a tall guy but with skinny wrists it's hard for me to find a good watch that

doesn't seem to have too big of a face I have one from Armani Exchange with a gray band and the face is square not much wider than the band width I'd like to find a brown band watch with a more casual wear to it any recommendations well Connor

here's what I would recommend definitely I love Daniel Wellington watches as well as Timex weekender watches they have a nice slim profile the face of the watch isn't too big either and for the price range that you're looking for since you did have an Armani Exchange watch I

would definitely recommend these two brands to look into they make great simple classic clean designs that I absolutely love and especially with the brown like wanting a watch with a brown band I would go with them and the last question is from Roberts he says hi Ashley I

wonder what you think about the proportions I'm working with here I love the coat and boots and I wear them a bit too often funny enough I was actually just texting with a client regarding a similar outfit that he wanted to wear to an event and I was

just interviewed by fashion beens regarding this so with your coat it is a looser fit the way you wear a looser fitting coat is that you want to make sure the rest of your outfit has a nice tailored fit it should be a nice trim fit otherwise you're

gonna look so frumpy and you can't just look like you're homeless so in order to pull off a looser coat like what you have is keep the rest outfit nice and tailored trim whether it be you know a nice polo shirt or a button-up shirt or a dark

t-shirt with you know nice trim jeans dark wash jeans and with your boots as well it will look so great and so sharp I love your boots I absolutely love your boots so continue wearing them it's fine but if you're gonna wear this coat make sure the rest

of your outfit is nice and tailored thanks guys for all the great questions and thank you for watching my video hit up this link right here for all my product recommendations that I've discussed throughout this video and if you have a question leave it in the comment box

below or click here and send me a note and I will answer your questions in a future video as always remember to subscribe to my channel if you like my videos and want more like this and hit the thumbs up button if you love this come on I

want to know I want to know if you like this alright guys thanks again for watching and I'll see you in the next one

Styling Ankle Boots 5 Ways (Over 40, Over 50, With Dresses, Lookbook)

– Styling these superpopular booties today.

Hi ladies, it's Erin andwelcome back to my channel.

If you're new here, welcome in I do upload twonew videos very single week so be sure to hit that subscribe button and also the notification bell so you know when I upload a new video.

There's been somethingthat's been on my mind and in my heart lately andI wanted to address it.

My goal is never to encourage you to spend more than you have, to covet more than you have.

My objective is and always has been to help you be the bestversion of yourself and also to enhance the beautiful woman that you already are.

The one that's already there with all of the things that you have right now.

So when I offer suggestions or outfit ideas, look in your closet, see what you have already, write down the concept, takea picture of the outfit, take a screenshot of the outfit, and recreate that concept.

You can go to a thrift store, you can go to a consignment store, you can find similar pieces or again pieces you have in your own closet to recreate the same concept.

So I know this is the time of year when we tend to spend a lot of money.

It's often a time of yearwhen we feel pressure to go into debt or spendmore than we actually should.

I just want to remind you that that's not why I'm here, that's never been my mission, I'm not here to sell you I'm here to provide guidance, I'm here to provide ideas, I'm here to empower youand to encourage you to be your most beautiful, most stylish self.

So I just wanted to say that.

But in this lookbook I wanted to show you a bunch of ways to stylethese exact booties.

They're by Vince Camuto, they're actually a very popular bootie.

A lot of fashion bloggershave featured them and they're really popularbecause they're really chic and cool but they'realso very accessible and neutral and versatile.

Sometimes this color bootiecan be tricky to wear because it is a lighter color, we tend to kinda gravitatetoward darker colored booties os I thought it would be interesting to share a lookbook wherewe only feature this bootie and then all the outfitsare built around the bootie.

These booties, just likeall Vince Camuto shoes, run true to size so order your normal size if you do order this exact pair.

And then what do you wearwith them in terms of socks? You can wear a Ped sock or a no-show sock, that will work beautifully.

Before I dive into the lookbook, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this video.

Now let's get started.

The first look is ideal for those of you who have short waists and I've talked about how todress if you have a short waist in a separate video and youshould definitely check that out I'll put a link to it below.

It also works well fora variety of body types and it's this really cool sweater.

I love this sweater by Lee.

It has a turtleneck at thetop that is very fitted and it doesn't gape or drapewhich I love with a turtleneck there's nothing that drives me more crazy than a turtleneck that'sflapping around in the breeze.

Also, I love how it'sroomy in the bust area, it has that dolman sleeve but then it's very fitted at the bottom.

And you can play with thehemline of this sweater you can cheat it up, you can cheat it down.

So this would work reallywell with leggings also so those of you are lookingfor tops for leggings, this could be a great option.

It's very soft and I alsoabsolutely love the color.

This would be a great layering top, it's very lightweight and thin and then it would also look fabulous with like a scarf over it.

And then I just wore a simple Baublebar pre-layered necklace with it.

The pre-layered necklaces are really great when you're in a hurry but you want that layered look and you don't have time to deal with creating the layers yourself.

And this one is very simpleand feels very classic, it doesn't feel like too crazy.

On my lower body, one ofmy favorite pairs of jeans.

These are by FRAME and they are le high and a cropped length.

So on me they fit like a regular length but if you are on the tall side they will fit like a cropped jean.

I just love the wash of these jeans, it's a dark wash, there's not fading, no whiskering and it's avery slimming color and wash.

And then of course the booties, I've got on my little Ped socks.

You know I could cuff these jeans one time but I felt like they stayedin the booties well enough I didn't need to cuff them.

If you're having adilemma about, you know, jeans and booties andhow to style your jeans with your ankle booties, I did just shoot a video about that and you can watch that video and I'll put a link to it below.

I wanted to turn up the glamourwith the second outfit idea.

And revolve the lookaround a gorgeous faux fur.

So the great thing about faux fur is that number one it's faux.

Number two faux fur usually is in an accessible price point so you don't have to spend a ton of money to get a faux fur thatlooks really luxurious and really expensive and really beautiful.

So here's a perfect example.

This one is by Topshopand what I love about this particular one by Topshop is that it is longer, you know, but not so long and then it also is this gorgeous brown tone.

So I love mixing brown tones.

You guys know I've been building up my wardrobe basics withbrown tones this season so here's another piece I can add in.

It's just a beautifulglamorous faux fur coat.

And then under the coat I'm just wearing a white turtleneck that's ribbed and it's very lightweight, it's by Veronica Beard.

This one's a few years old but there's a newerversion, same material, but the newer version is actually better because it doesn't have theruffles on the shoulders and while I love the ruffle details on this particular one, it's a little bit challenging when you want to layer it under things.

So I would recommend gettingthe newer version for sure.

But you could do anythingunder here that you want, like any kind of white blouse, any kind of white turtleneck, you just have to makesure that it's thin enough that it will layer underneathyour coats and jackets but then also presentableenough or cute enough to stand on its own for when you take the faux fur jacket off.

And then the bag with thislook is the Chloe Tess bag, it's in the medium sizewhich is the bigger of the two sizes, and it'sin a color called sepia but they have a range of colors now and they even have somebeautiful croc-embossed ones so for those of you that maybe considering a Tess bag, I would get thecroc-embossed in the small.

The third looks is the same, obviously the same booties, same jeans, and then I pair that with a beautiful angora sweater by FRAME.

It's a Fair Isle sweater.

I love Fair Isle sweaters for Colorado, I feel like during ski seasonand winter and holiday time it's just like the perfectquintessential ski town sweater.

So when I saw this one withthe beautiful brown tones and then felt the fabricand how soft it is, and snugly it is, I knew thatit was definitely a keeper and it is an investment pieces but I think it's one ofthose sweaters I'll have for years to come and really enjoy wearing and really have thatfeeling like it's really snugly and soft and feels good on my skin.

With the sweater, abeautiful hat by Rag & Bone and this is the in medium, size medium, so it does come in different sizes and that's a little bit trickywhen you're ordering online but I just kind ofguessed and thought medium and it was right on.

I have it in a slightlydifferent color combination but I love it so muchthat I wanted to get it in the lighter beige as well.

It's just a really beautiful hat and again it feels like so Colorado to me.

I love this hat by Rag & Bone if you, you know, live inkind of a cooler climate you may enjoy this.

The next outfit I wanted to share with you is the same booties with a dress.

And one of the beautifulthings about these booties is that they are, for me, they are really skin color.

Look you can see they reallydo match my skin tone.

And then this V on the side really does frame an ankle bone so it really looks like even though it's a chunky kind of everyday bootie that's not super dressyit really does look quite elegant andsophisticated with dresses.

And that's one of the reasons why I think this is so popular 'cause it can kind of pull double duty there.

I paired it with this dress by Sam Edelman in a rust floral print.

Do you guys remember this dress from the Nordstrom sale this summer? You know I haven't hada ton of opportunities to wear it but I still love it and I think it's just sucha fresh, lovely dress.

And I'm not usually into floral print but this floral print really, to me, looks very sophisticated and elevated I think because of the color story and also the scale of the print.

Sometimes when you go full on floral and they're big ol' flowersit just doesn't look as lux and elegant as maybe some of the smaller scale prints.

So just be really carefulwith floral print.

This floral print, Ithink, is really elegant.

And what I also love about this dress is that you've got a littlebuildup on the shoulder and then you got that waist definition to really create moreof an hourglass shape which is almost essential when you have this all over print.

And then the handkerchiefhem, really cool, and the dress is linedwhich is really nice so you don't have to worryabout a slip or anything for underneath this dress.

You could always throw a cardigan over this dress too ifyou wanted an extra layer or if you just wanted to make it look and feel more casual likemaybe you're wearing it on a Saturday or a Sunday and you want it to feellike daytime appropriate like you're not pushing itor dressing up too much, that cardigan will make itdefinitely feel less dressy and so will the bootiesbecause the booties definitely make it feelmore casual as well.

Next, I wanted to show you another dress that I absolutely love and you guys will remember this from my neutral colors lookbook.

If you missed that one, I'll put a link to it below.

I featured this dress in that lookbook and I wanted to show it to you again paired with different shoes.

So in this case I'm pairingit with these same booties.

And again, you've got ehleg lengthening color, you've got the cutouts on the sides to frame the ankle bone and the leg so it looks quite elegant, it looks quitesophisticated and beautiful.

This dress is really warm, it's really comfortable.

I don't have anyshapewear on underneath it in this video but if I were wearing it out on the town I forsure would do shapewear just to make sure thatthe tummy was smoothed out because it is quitefitted in the tummy area.

And you could try a belt, you could not wear a belt, you could wear a scarf with it, you could do a moto jacket over it, you could wear a cardigan over it.

You have options here with this dress, it is one of those thatwill layer beautifully so that's just something to think about.

I love the length of the dress, I love the fact that it has sleeves.

It's like the perfect40 plus sweater dress as long as you have theshapewear to kind of keep the tummy smoothedout then it's perfect.

Okay, so let's take one last look at those five outfit ideas for these very neutral Vince Camuto booties, these heavy hitters, very popular, bestselling bootiesamong fashion bloggers.

I think you'll really enjoy these booties.

They come in a zillion colors by the way so if you don't like this color there may be anothercolor that you do like.

There is no side zip but theydo have a zip in the back to make them easy to get on and off and then of course the chunky heel also makes them easier to walk in.

I just want you all to know that I am incredibly grateful for your support and for you watching my channel.

It really means a lot to me.

So thank you.

And thank you again toNordstrom for sponsoring this and I will see you guys next time.


(upbeat music).

HOW TO STYLE OVER THE KNEE BOOTS // Fall Fashion Edit // Lauren Dumonceau

Hello everyone and welcome back today's video is all about how to style over the knee boots for the fall season honestly over the knee boots are an essential and they are definitely one of my favorite fall inspired items that I have in my wardrobe I find myself reaching for them all the time And there's so many different fun ways that you can style them up now before we get started make sure you hit that red subscribe button below and Let's just get straight into the video not only do over the knee boots very in a color but they also vary in style and of course in their price so you can find over the knee boots as inexpensive probably around at the $20 price point all the way up to about $800 so it's really about personal preference what quality you're looking for and how much honestly you are willing to spend or invest I have three different pairs of over the knee boots in my collection that I'll be styling five different ways in this video the first pair in my collection I have to share with you guys are These black faux suede over the knee boots These ones are from the brand Steve Madden and I picked them up from Nordstrom during their anniversary sale These ones are under a hundred and thirty US dollars and they also come in a taupe color I will link them below for you.


These ones are slightly unique to the other two I have to share with you because they have a pointed toe my other two are more of an almond or round toe Which is typically what you see on a pair of over the knee boots They also have quite a low block heel But it does give you enough of a boost and I find them very comfortable to wear.

I really like that They've brought the faux suede all the way down on it to the heel These ones just have a black is zip closure inside and they come up just a couple of inches Over top of my knee and they are very elasticated the next pair in my collection Are these gorgeous kind of rusty caramel color over the knee boots These ones are from Zara and they are from a few seasons ago However, this color is very much in style and on trend for the fall 2018 season So I'll link a few similar pairs down below these ones differ from my black ones in that They are more of an almond or rounded shaped toe and they have a very contrasted heel it's kind of like a wooden effect heel which just adds a little bit of Interest to the boot these ones also have a gold zip closure.

I'll be honest with you.

It's not my favorite I do think it kind of takes away from the overall attention to the boot I really want people to more notice the heel and the color opposed to the gold zipper and the third pair of faux suede over the knee boots that I've added to my collection are these dark chocolate brown ones from the brand River Island I actually ordered these ones off of ASOS and they are available on the ASOS and the river island website These ones are more of a thigh high boot on me So they do come up quite a bit higher about mid thigh on me Opposed to the other two that are just a few inches above the knee these ones have a little bit higher of a block heel Than the Steve Madden and the Zara ones I actually really like that just because I am so petite and they are quite substantial and again I really love the brown faux suede They also have a bow tie detail at the back and then at the top they have a tie Detail so you can tie it in a bow and you can adjust it according to the width of your thigh They also have more of a rounded or almond shaped toe, which I do admit I think that is my personal preference and these ones retail for 119 US dollars on the ASOS website.

So for this first look I really wanted to keep things casual This is very much an outfit that all of us have in our wardrobe So I started things off with a pair of dark denim High-waisted jeans, so these ones are from Zara They have a nice contrast stitch and they are very form-fitting and just really help to elongate the body I paired it with this gorgeous beige long sleeve top It has a really nice kind of soft fluffy feel to it And this one is also from Zara and for this otherwise basic Look, I wanted to dress it up with my black faux suede Steve Madden over the knee boots And I added a statement belt to tie the whole look together.

So what is otherwise quite a casual laid-back Look now looks a lot more chic.

You can take this look from day to night Look number two is centered around faux leather leggings Faux leather leggings are a very big style trying to for the fall season And they're honestly a staple to have in your fall wardrobe I paired it with this oversized beige turtleneck style sweater.

This is a lightweight sweater from H&M I really like the oversize fit of it It covers your bum, which I think is actually really important when you're wearing faux leather leggings And I really like the turtleneck for an added touch of warmth And for this look I paired it with my caramelly rust color Zara boots with the contrast heel I think they really work very well with this outfit and to finish the look off I added my leopard print black leather Rebecca Minkoff handbag and what I really like about it Is that it has gold hardware on it, which actually pairs really nicely with the zipper So if people are gonna have their eye on the zipper, the whole look just really ties in and works quite well together look number three is centered around a neutral color palette and this is my Personal preference and I just really love how all of these colors and shades tie in together So I started the look off with my white denim skirt from Zara.

I picked this one up late spring early summer White is definitely a color that you can wear all year round and it looks especially nice with camel color tones So the top I've chosen for this look is from Zara and it is a camel colored oversized sweatshirt style top I have cuffed the sleeves just to give it more of a laid-back look and I paired it with my brown faux suede thigh high boots Since I do have a little bit of leg exposed for this look I think the thigh high boots work really well They just give you a little bit more coverage on the leg to keep you that much of warmer And I really love the color palette that this look has created from the camel and the white and the dark brown It just complements each other really nicely.

Look number four is honestly the easiest outfit to style for the fall season It is centered around the sweater dress, which is definitely a staple and an essential that you need to have in your fall wardrobe Just because it is so easy and so comfortable and stylish to wear.

So this sweater dress is from ASOS It's more of a beige heavy kind of wool knit material.

It's quite flowy and Oversized and I just really love the fit and feel to it I paired it with again the rust color faux suede over the knee boots from Zara I just think that this colour palette looks nice together and I like the contrast heel But to add a pop of color and to bring a little bit more fall into the look I paired it with this plaid scarf.

This one is from a retailer called Jane.

com it's the brand funky monkey It's a boutique that they carry on their website, but I'll link a lot of similar options below I really like the orange tones in it and it just really gives a nice kind of fun fall look Perfect for going to the pumpkin patch or doing any fun fall activities Look number 5 is the perfect outfit for a night out So whether it's date night or any festive evenings that you have planned over the upcoming months so this look is really centered around a Classic little black dress and the one I've chosen is this velvet long sleeve style wrap dress This one is from Zara that I actually picked up on a sale kind of towards the end of the winter season But I love black velvet it is so luxurious And this look honestly looks just so sexy and stylish with the faux suede black over the new boots from Steve Madden To make this look a little bit more festive I paired it with my small love crossbody bag from Rebecca Minkoff in this gorgeous silver metallic color with a Gunmetal Hardware detail and this look is really composed of just three different pieces So it's a really easy look to put together But you're still gonna look so stylish and elegant and it's gonna look like you put so much Effort and thought into the outfit.

So those are my five ways to style over-the-knee boots for the fall season I really hope that you guys have enjoyed this video and you have some better ideas on how you can style your over-the-knee boots for the fall and winter season If you liked the video, make sure you give it a thumbs up that means so much to me and don't forget to subscribe to my Channel, so you don't miss out on any future content because I'd really love to have you guys here with me Thank you so much for watching.

You guys, it honestly means the world to me I can't wait to see you all again here in my next video.


Styling Winter Pieces 2020 ( Petite Guide feat. Everlane Glove Boots)

[Music] hello everyone welcome back to my channel so for today's video I'd like to share with you guys how I'd style some key winter pieces now this includes the Blazer the coats the sweater and all that jazz so hope you guys enjoy and if you did please don't

forget to subscribe to my channel and hit that bell so you can get notified of more videos like this now let's get on with the video so first up is the Blazer in here I am wearing my ever lean terracotta houndstooth blazer which is one of my favorite

at the moment now I got this blazer because I find the color is unique and not one that you can see often in a houndstooth design which you know is usually black and white this is also oversized hence the boxy fit so just make sure to get the

right size for you especially if you're petite like me I paired this blazer over a light-colored outfit to emphasize the neutral colors and of course from ever link love boots which I will be wearing all throughout the styling the top is also from Everly which is a pink

ballerina cashmere worn over my Portman jeans winter is something without accessories so I decided to add this cute neutral beret and this purple checkered meat scarf just to accentuate things further I'll put all the descriptions of my outfits down below so make sure to check out the description

box for reference so next winter piece item is the coat my first example for it is this gorgeous burgundy coat from forever new I was inspired by its rich jewel tone here that I decided to pair it with a bold green color top which reminds me of three

things actually the emerald ruby gemstones and believe it or not an eggplant but you know eggplant or not I am loving the color combinations of all these three that goes to show that style inspirations can be taken from literally anywhere even those you can see in your kitchen

anyhow kidding aside I used a black pants to tone things down a bit giving up my top coat and shoes are bright and bold colors as it is but also I decided to use a black leather pants just add texture to the entire outfit for accessories I decided

to keep it fairly simple with gold jewelry for my earrings and my necklace another example of the coat is the classic trench I love wearing a trench coat especially if you would expect some rain in a very cold weather this coat right here is something that I have

drifted a few years back and is now a very much staple in my winter wardrobe I paired this with another everything ballerina cashmere top over a black leggings another thrifted item which by the way I'm amazed how these leggings has kept up with me for like six years

now yeah the quality is really amazing this brand of leggings is called V gorilla and it is an Australian brand I will link their site into the description box down below again for accessories I decided to use a beanie on this outfit coupled with this purple knit scarf

which I think adds an extra oomph to this entire look next winter piece item is the puffer jacket this is a definite must-have for the season because it gives the best warmth out of all outerwear however it's something I find tricky to wear for us petits especially due

to the bulkiness of it which can overpower our already short frame so my tip for wearing puffer jackets is to wear layers underneath if you have a good quality cashmere or wool sometimes a single layer would be enough but of course this would be dependent on where you

live and what type of winter you have in your location so just keep this in mind I on the other and usually wear skinny jeans or leggings with puffer jackets because I find that it streamlines the entire look and it complements the volume and the bulk that the

puffer jacket brings this dark green puffer here is a sample sale I got from a Giordano outlet store and I like how it has a hoodie on it as well again I paired it with these V karela leggings and my Evelyn glove boots which adds a cute pop

of color to an otherwise monochromatic style for my scarf I chose this white neat scarf just as an added element of warm for this winter look [Music] another puffer jacket I wanted to show you guys is this ever Lane purple puffer which is absolutely light and is not

as bulky as a lot of puffers out there this caught my eye because of its lovely lilac color which is easy to style with and I was curious as well on however Lane buffers would compare with other brands such as Uniqlo and Kathmandu I must say I'm not

disappointed like I said it's light provides good warmth on winter days and more importantly it's easy to pack because it's not bulky I used my every Lane mock neck cashmere as my top again over with my vigor Ella leggings and these ever lean glove boots which complements the

sweater that I am wearing to keep the outfit more interesting though I thought to add this bright red beret which gives a subtle pop of color to this muted neutral outfit and this white knit scarf from a previous example just to tie everything into one stylized look [Music]

last winter piece item is the sweater depending on how cold it is a good old big sweater is something I prefer because it's easier to wear layers underneath and it makes me feel cozy especially if it's a chunkier material like this texture cotton sweater from every Lane which

by the way is currently on half-price at the time of posting this video so check it out I will link the site on the description box below so again this sweater you guys is really comfortable it's a chunky knit combination of cotton and nylon perfect with something like

a cashmere or a wool underneath I have worn this over another eberlein favorite which is the straight leg crop hats I got this on an ankle length which suits really well for my short height for this outfit I also used my trusty brown leather belt which i think

is crucial in elevating this style over my Evelyn glove boots because of its brown color and also if you know me I've been banging on how important it is to tuck your tops sweaters included if you can to make your height look visually taller which is something I

have shared on my previous video if you haven't watched it yet I will link that video on the description box as well last but not the least I chose this pink and gray snoot which I got as a gift from my friend and I absolutely adore it the

design and color is cozy from the get-go and it adds such beautiful detail on a simple outfit now this post wouldn't be complete without the star of this style guide the ever lane glove boots Renate in the color toffee this is as gorgeous as you see it in

person and the color loving the color very much that you can see how easy it is to style it with all the outfit looks on this video plus just the design of it alone is so elegant with that squared pointed toe and texturize material it's one of those

unique boots that I haven't seen elsewhere at the moment also these boots are made out of recycled plastic bottles yes 9 plastic bottles for every pair to the exact according to their website and you wouldn't believe how such beautiful quality Footwear can come out of plastic bottles you

can just wear these straight out of the box because it is that comfortable too and that's it you guys thank you so much for watching this video and hope that each style guide was helpful one way or the other in your day to day outfit inspiration if you

enjoyed this video please don't forget to subscribe and hit that notification bell so you get updated on more petite styling and fashion how to's again this is Vanessa from all more things and hope to see you back on the next upload bye

How To Wear Chelsea Boots | 3 Key Styles

Chelsea boots should be a wardrobe staple for every guy but how do you wear them hi guys how are you I'm Robin welcome back to my youtube channel and welcome to this new video now for me Chelsea boots are a wardrobe staple they're literally my go-to for smart

fits more casual outfit like now they're versatile there's various styles colors and across all different budgets so this video is going to show you three different pairs in three different styles and how you can work them into your own personal style now as always the boots are linked

below these are all budget boots but if you're looking for different styles or different prices then I've done a full blog article so you can check that out but my first pair or I would say the best pair for anyone looking to buy their first pair of Chelsea

boots now these are from ASOS they've got a real brown leather upper hue pool tab an elasticated inserts really they are thus have archetypal style of chelsea boots super comfortable as you can see here you know this is a really sort of casual outfit with jeans a board

jacket shirt auto roll neck I am layering up and you can even wear these into something slightly smart it but the peer here are 40 pounds so not expensive at all but you head to that blog article then you will see most of designer pairs for more into

the hundred 200 even 300 pound mark so it really comes down to what you can afford and if you are looking for your first pair then really you can't go wrong with brown leather like these now my second pit or actually the cheapest ones I've got here they're

41 pounds from Pier 1 so they're really at the bottom of the budget but I wanted to show you how you can stow them in a certain smarter way now these are 50% suede on the upper and they've again got that elasticated insert for this I've styled with

a really thick and heavy wool suit this is actually a three piece but I want to take away the waist coat just go with the Blazer and the trousers with a black roll neck which again you can't go wrong with and a black belt and this arvo fit

is perfect for work wear or if you are going on a sort of NATO or a dinner really depends on your individual style but you can see guys you know you could take those black boots and wear them with black skinnies always sort of lighter denim like I

did in the first one my third look are the most expensive pair but again no expensive these are 55 pounds and 99 from bershka and these are probably the most sort of fashion style that I've got I've actually got up here and I had to send back actually

today Brooke from acne studios and they were really similar to this but they were a lot more expensive so when I saw these I thought I got to have them now they've got slim tall and a buckle fastening also you'll notice that these are slightly lower so they

kind of just stop at the ankle these are perfect for wearing with black skinny jeans to keep that silhouette really tapered and then guys as I've done here I've just gone with a really sort of simple knit but they would actually work with a black roll neck and

then my favorite at the moment this new look for shilling jacket which I love and again that was fairly cheap and looks a lot more expensive than it is but you can see guys you know across these three different looks these three different styles of chelsea boots there

is something that suits everyone the easiest to wear are definitely those brain ones at the start then the black ones and then if you want to feel a bit more P cocky and a bit more sort of stand out in terms of fashion then the third pair but

thank you very much for watching I really hope you've enjoyed this one do you check out that blog article it's got a full shopping gallery there so you can go wild saw out your own budget and sort out your own style but if you're new to my channel

and you've not yet subscribed then please do press subscribe right now the button is just there there's also more video suggestions down there I'll link to that shopping article chatty boots they're my Instagram my podcast are up there but I'll see you in my next new video bye

bye [Music] you

Boots style Uggs tricot bébé 2/2 / Uggs baby boots knit (english subtitles)

I finished my 10 rows of garter stitch.

Very important, in the front side, we have 8 central stitches, and on the side we start with 21 stitches.

This 8 central stitches, don't touch them.

The decreases are made on the two sides.

Here the decreases are purled.

(P) You see, here we are on the back side of the work, we have to knit (K) the decreases.

So when you turn it (on the front side), the decreases look purled (P).

And when we knit on the front side, the decrease will be purled (P).

Like this you'll have your decreasespurled on the good side.

(P) (assorted to the boots) So we'll have 21 sts on one side, 8 central sts and 21 sts on the other side.

We start with the selvedge stitch, then you have to knit 21 sts(we count the selvedge stitch), we knit another 8 stitches (K8), we have another 21 sts.

Now you have to makethe decrease.

On this side (back side) you have toknit the decrease.

We turn the work, and we put the thread thatit's on the left needle on the right needle.

I put the thred in the good placeand I knit the 8 central stitches.

I purl the next 2 stitches, I turn the work, and I put this loopon the right needle.

I continue to knit the 8 central sts.

Again, I have to do the decrease, , I'm on the back side, so I knit it (K).

I take this 2 stitches and I knitthem together.

We return the work and I passe this stitchon the right needle.

I put the thread at his place and I startto knit the 8 centrat sts.

I'm in the front side, so I willpurl the next 2 stitches.

Again, I turn the work, and I putthe left stitch on the right needle.

You continue like this 8 sts.

I'm on the back side, so Iknit the next 2 stitches.

You have to work like this, until you have 11 sts on your left needle.

Now I have another 19 stitches on the left needle.

You got to have 11 sts left, without the 8 central sts.

So I go on.





I just finished my last decrease, so I have 11 sts left on the left needle.

You continue to knit the 11 left sts, you don't turn your piece.

You turn your piece and you haveto knit all sts.

(K) Look, here when you have 12 sts left youhave to do 1 decrease.

In order to have 11 sts like on the other side.

Arriving there, as we are in the front side, we're going to purl the decrease (P).

And you continue to knit until the end of the row.

(K) There you have the front of the bootsthat is ready.

Now you have to knit5 rows of garter stitch.

(knit all, 32 sts) So 5 rows of garter stitch, and in the 6th row we're gonna cast off the sts.

(close) We got the bottom of the boots.

I finished the 5 rows of garter stitch, now I'm gonna cast off the sts.

Be flexible in your work, the renderingwill be much prettier.

At the end cut the thread (leave a long piece).

The bottom part is finished.

Now we have to make the upper part, with the twist.

You have to cast on 38 sts.

The distribution of the 38 stitches:12 stitches at left in garter stitch.

2 purl stitches before the twist, 12 stitches stockinette stitch (for the twist), 2 purl stitches (after the twist), 8 stitches in garter stitch, and the 2 selvedge stitches on each side.

You knit the 1st stitch.

Then you have to knit 12 sts (K12), purl 2 sts (P2), knit 12 sts (K12), purl 2 sts (P2), knit 8 sts (K8), and you knit the selvedge stitch.

You see the result, with the 2 purl stson each side.

For the row n° 2 you have to knit12 sts (K12), knite 8 sts, (K8) and then you do the stitches as theypresent themselves.

So, selvedge stitch, knit 8 sts (K8), knite 2 sts (K2), (so they look purled on the other side) purle 12 sts (P2), (so they look knited on the other side) knite 2 sts (K2), (so they look purled on the other side) knite 12 sts (K12), (garter stitch) and the selvedge stitch.

You work like this until the 6th row.

I finished the 6 rows.

At the 7th row, we're going to do the twist.

So I take the selvedge stitch, knite 12 sts ( K12), purle 2 sts (P2), you take the first 6 sts with yourcable needle.

You put them in front.

You knite the next 6 sts.

The 6 sts that are on the cable needlewe are going to place them on the left needle.

And we're going to knit them.

(because we are working an uneven row) purl 2 sts (P2), and I finish by kniting 8 sts (K8)and the selvedge stitch.

At the sight it looks like it's ugly, Do not worry.

Once you make 3, 4 rowseverything will look fine.

The next row it's the same as the second row.

In fact all the even ranks are like the n ° 2and all te uneven ones as n ° 1.

I'll show you a list for the twist.

We already did the twist at row n° 7.

The next twist is at row n° 17.

Between each twist, we have 9 rows.

So the next twists are at the row n°:27, 37, 47, 57, 67, and at the row n° 71 you have to cast of the sts (close).

In this way, once seewn, the twist will follow the movement.

Then we'll assemble them.

For sewing.

First of all we will sew this smallpart here.

You see, we have 2 stockinette stitches.

You have to sew at the 1st one.

You prick on this side, and you continue to sew, by grabbing the small knots of the selvedge stitches.

You look that the two parts are matching.

Do not sew too tight, or too loose.

Sew these two pieces together.

(purl with purl).

From time to time you have to skip a loopin the upper part.

You have to grab every timea stitch from here (in the stockinette stitch), with 1 loop from here.

I skip 1 stitch in the bottom partand I prick in the upper part.

You have to skip one time to time.

(the upper part is slightly larger) In this way the 2 pieces sewnwill match at the end.

You continue in this way.

(you jump a stitch from time to time in the upper part) At the end you have to make a knotand cut the thread.

Then we must sew the upper part.

You have to sew in the loopthat comes towards you.

At the end you have to make a knothide and cut the thread.

Now we're going to sew the sole.

The fold of the stockinette stitch will be sewed after.

It has to coincide.

At the end of the sewing, you have to do the knot inside the boots.

You hide and cut the thread.

Now you have to sew the stockinette stitch part.

A little knot, and we hide the thread.

Now you will sew the restof the boots.

Once there you continue to sew the twist.

The twist must coincide.

Now you have to sew the smallremaining parts.

This part must remain hollow inside, so you have to sew all around.

You must sew in the same wayhere, preserving the hole in it.

Here are the finished boots.

You can put on the boots the samecord with the pearls, the same as for the beanie.

I remind you that all my tutorials will besubtitled in French and English.

I invite you to subscribe to my YouTube channeland follow me on Facebook, Tweeter, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+ You can also visit my web-site www.


comSee you soon!.

Best Boots & Shoes of 2019!

– The best of the best when it comes to shoes and boots.

Hi ladies, it's Erin and welcome back to my channel.

Today I wanna talk allabout shoes and boots.

The best of the best from 2019, my absolute favorites.

When I look at the entire year as a whole, which pairs of shoes andboots were the most versatile? Which pairs were that perfect combination of both fashion and function.

(whooshing) Okay, so let's get startedon that top ten list for shoes and boots.

Starting out with one of my top favorites and also, coincidentally abest seller among bloggers across the board and it's these Vince Camuto booties.

You may remember I just did a video where I styled theseexact booties five ways with Nordstrom and so if you're looking for styling ideas with a bootie this color you'll definitely wanna goback and watch that video but I just love thesebooties because of the color.

They are skin tone for me, so I can wear them withskirts and dresses.

I also feel like it's a very neutral color so I can pair it withlike this type of tone, grays, cremes, whites, taupe, brown, it just is a really lovelyversatile, neutral color, manageable, chunky heel.

I love the cut-outs on the side.

Gives it a modern fresh detail.

Also frames the ankle andelongates the leg a bit more and it's just a great bootie.

Definitely a heavy hitter this year.

The second pair of booties Iwanted to highlight are these by ECCO, E C C O.

I featured them last year on the blog.

I featured them a coupletimes here on YouTube.

If you're a regular vieweryou'll probably remember these.

I love them because they havethe low, stacked, chunky heel.

I love them also for the side zip.

They're also very comfortable.

They're flexible andthey're black and brown, so you can really wearthem with either color.

They're very light weight as well.

This is a great justwalking shoe, travel shoe, travel bootie and everyday, comfortable, functional but stylish bootie.

The next major heavy hitter for me in the shoe departmentwas these, wedge sneakers.

The Felicia by Linea Paolo and I love these so much, especially for traveling because they give methe height that I want without sacrificing comfort.

They also are easy to get on and easy to get offbecause of the side zip and they do not set offthe alarm at airport so if you're TSA precheck, you don't have to worry about taking them off, but if you do take themoff they're really easy to get on and off which I appreciate.

I also think they are so cute.

They come in a zillion colors.

This is just two of thecombinations I have, but they have basic black, basic brown, basic creme, white beige, you know, you name it, they have it.

I love the way they look.

I love the way they feel and I also love how theygive me that extra three or so inches with jeans.

(whooshing) The next shoes I wannahighlight is actually a pair of knee-high boots.

These are by Vince Camuto.

You guys know I'm a huge Vince Camuto fan.

I pretty much partnerwith them on the blog at least once a month and that's because I love them.

I love the shoes.

They're always comfortable.

They're always like uniform in terms of sizing which I appreciate'cause I don't wanna have to guess on my size every single time I order a pair of shoes and they also are always very fashionable so here's an example of a terrific pair of knee-high boots.

Very versatile, neutral color.

Nice almond toe.

Great stacked heel.

This color you can wearwith just about anything, blacks or browns.

Easy to get on, easy toget off with the side zip, and it's just a great looking boot.

I love 'em and I didfeature these in my video where I talked aboutthose ten essential shoes and boots that every woman should own and if you missed thatvideo, you should go back and watch that.

I kinda dive into a little bit more depth as to why this pair of bootsspecifically is a classic and something that's great to invest in.

That's a great videoto compliment this one after you finish watchingthe top ten list.

(whooshing) Next up, we've got these booties by Alexander Wang.

I had been looking at these booties for well over a yearbefore purchasing them.

I was thinking about it.

I was like do I wanna buy these? Do I not wanna buy these? Do I need these? Do I not need these? You know, that wholemental shopping dilemma that goes on inside your head.

Maybe it doesn't go on inside your head, but it certainly goes on inside mine.

I ended up getting themand I'm so happy I did.

I wear them all the time.

They're comfortable.

They're super versatile.

I love this detail right here.

It's so unusual and distinctiveand cool and edgy and modern and of course you've got theside zip making it very easy to put on and off andthe heel is chunky again.

Easy to walk in.

Comfortable to walk in.

These are rose gold.

You can see this islike a gold accent here, but they do have a pair also with silver, so you can do silver zip andsilver accent in the cut-out.

(whooshing) The next pair of boots I wanted to show you guys are these bad boys.

They are combat boots by C By Chloe.

I got these because some of the bees in the Busbee style hive asked me how I would style combat boots and it occurred to methat I didn't have any and then I was thinking about why and I felt like it wasoutside my comfort zone and I wasn't sure if I could pull 'em off 'cause I'm 45 and am I cool enough? Am I too old? I don't know.

All of this insecurityswirling around in my brain, but I promised my bees thatI would give them a try and I would style the combat boots, which I did a video on stylingcombat boots three ways, which I will put a link to below but I ended up buying this pair after a careful exhaustive search.

These are so cool.

I am so happy I bought thembecause I really love them now and I feel so comfortablewearing them now.

Not only do you have thisreally low chunky heel with a lug sole which isgreat for wintery weather here that we have in Telluride, you also have a side zip so Ilove that feature with laces.

I don't actually have to lace anything up.

I can just unzip the side and slip them on and slip them off.

These are a little bit on the heavy side.

I'm sure there are somethat are a bit lighter but I just love the way they look.

I also love this buckle detailing here.

What did we learn from this? We learn that you should step outside of your comfort zone once ina while and try new things because things may surprise you, so this is an example of me stepping out of my comfort zone.

I wasn't feeling like I could pull it off.

I was feeling a littlebit too old for them, not cool enough for them, and I'm happy I tried thembecause I really do love them, so I wanted to sharethat story with you guys so you remember thatthere may be something that feels outside your comfort zone but you kinda want to try it.

Go ahead and try it.

Just do it.

Like, what's the worstthing that can happen? You end up not liking itand then you return it, or you end up not likingit and then you sell it or give it away or whatever, but you tried it.

Do you know what I mean? It's just good for you to step outside that fashion comfort zone once in a while, or with anything in life.

(whooshing) So next two pairs of shoes I wanted to share with you areby the same designer, the former co-founder of Jimmy Choo and now the founder ofTamara Mellon, Tamara Mellon, so here is the signatureTamara Mellon shoe.

It's called the Frontlineand they make these in varying heel heights, so they have the flats.

They have a mid-heel.

They have the high heel, and then they have nude and I think they have white and black, so there are a variety ofheel heights and colors, but these are so unusual, unique, sexy, and they really make a statement.

I really love this pair of heels.

It is more of like a naked shoe, so if you don't love your feet it might be a little bit of an issue.

These are just a knock-out pair of shoes, like with dresses, jeans, skirts, special occasions, New Year's Eve, like, it's your go-to.

Love 'em so much.

(whooshing) The next pair I wantedto show you is this pair of boots by Tamara Mellon.

I did a blog collaborationwith them earlier this year, like a few months ago, and through that collaboration I was able to pick out two pairs of shoes.

I'm like why can't wework together every month.

I'm up for that.

Sometimes my gig is pretty darn cool.

So this was the second pair I picked out and I absolutely love these.

I love the mesh detailing at the top.

I love how you can scrunch'em or pull 'em straight.

I love the color.

I love the heel.

Just such a sexy, fabulous pair of boots but still feels accessible, not crazy and very wearable althoughthey're quite dressy, so you're gonna wannawear them on date night or you're gonna wanna wearthem to a dinner party or just during the day ifyou've got something going on that you're meetingsomebody for lunch or coffee and you wanna really step up your game, it's a great pair of bootsand comfortable for heels.

(whooshing) I mean, this next pair of boots, are you guys sick of 'em yet? I wear them all the time.

I love them so stinking much.

They are just amazing.

I love, love, love.

These are really comfortable for heels and just really luxe looking with the crack embossed leather Beautiful heel, beautifulpointed toe, very elongating.

I love the rounded top.

I love how their loose fitting so when you wear themover jeans or leggings they just look so sleek.

It's just a great boot.

You will not regret buying these.

You will be so happy you bought them.

(whooshing) And then last, but not least, these Paris Texas booties.

I bought a couple of ParisTexas boots this season and I really love the line.

It's newish and they're doingthe crack embossed shoes and boots a lot too just like the Schutzones I just showed you.

This pair, you know, I wasin Nordstrom in California and a couple people stopped me and were like what are those boots? Where did you get them? For sure they were likeJimmy Choo or Prada or something really expensive, so I mean, it is a higher price point, but I think that these are a show stopper.

They are just so luxe and gorgeous.

You will love them.

These take a little bit of breaking in.

Not much but just alittle bit of breaking in.

I did wear these for an all day travel day which I would not recommend because we have what, a four inch heel.

Like, that's notpractical for travel ever.

Rookie mistake on my part.

I was thinking I didn'thave my kids with me and I could do it, but it was just silly and Iforgot about the Denver airport and how far it is to getfrom one gate to the other.

Anyway, long story short, I was kickin' myself, choon, with my fabulous boots thinking why the hell did I wearthese on my travel day.

Never do that.

Never, never, never.

I think these are comfortable enough for walking around butyou don't wanna be like touring a city in themor traveling in them.

Just a gorgeous, stunning pair of booties and you guys will love these for sure.

(whooshing) Okay, so if you missed the other best ofs, I will put a link to that right up here and also in the description box below as well as links to everythingI featured in the video in case you're interestedin checking them out.

Remember this is a peak sale time.

Take advantage of those sales.

Be strategic about it.

Look at what you need in your closet.

What are those basics you're missing? What are those piecesthat really would put that extra spring in your step.

Invest in one or two of those this season.

Treat yourself.

Do something nice for yourself because you deserve it.

You are all amazing, beautiful women and you deserve to treatyourself now and again.

Thank you guys so much for watching.

Don't forget to subscribeand I'll see you next time.


(upbeat music).

7 Rules To PROPERLY Match Boots With Your Outfit… & 3 BIG Mistakes To Avoid!

when you think about boots what comes to mind maybe a pair like this or maybe a pair like this mmm you smell good baby don't worry I'm gonna tell my wife about us seriously gents when it comes to boots you've got options that's rule number one gentlemen know

your options know what you've got available to you if you're playing a game and you've only got one move or you're playing on a team and you've only got one type of player you're gonna be hampered you're gonna be stale you're gonna be easy to predict and you're

not gonna win at the game of style when it comes down to boots understand guys tons of options out there so let me show you something first if we've got a classic lace boot in black what you're going to notice about this right here is it's utilitarian this

is gonna work with a wide variety of different outfits I know a lot of guys are gonna default to this and nothing wrong with that this is a great foundation boot especially if black shoes are already in your wardrobe but let's say you're not in the black shoes

you want to bring in something a bit more fun well start looking around there's tons of different options and the first option is to change up the color yes you may already have boots in this particular style but do you have them in a wide variety of colors

if you love the style you understand there's tons of different styles out there but this is your go to then don't be afraid to have some different colors especially made from different materials when I say different materials I'm talking not just about color I'm talking about different types

of leather coming from different types of animals you can even look at different cuts of the leather perhaps suede but let's also look at maybe changing up some of the style details right here notice all the sudden we've got a cap toe a small detail makes the boot

a little bit more casual but actually it grabs a bit of attention I think it's a great small detail to add onto a pair of boots now gents you're gonna see a lot of boots in today's video if you want to grab any of them go over to

Thursday boots I'm putting a link down in the description they are the sponsor of today's video and I've talked about this company for years because I believe in what they're doing they are creating amazing boots at a fair price that you can buy directly from them and guys

check out their website look at all the options because all the different styles I'm showing you high quality boots are at an affordable price over at their website yes starting at 149 bucks gents now when it comes to Thursday first up let's talk quality build so this is

a pair that I owned three years and I yes I cut in half because I wanted to be able to show you guys what's inside these boots how they pay attention to the construction to the things that most people can't see so when you go in here and

you see oh they've got a shape I can see that they've got an inner leather lining and they've paid attention to all the things that matter when it comes to shoe construction and speaking of their practicality let's talk about how Thursday brings it into everything they built so

even their suede they use weatherproof suede yes guys you've got to love it when they bring in great-looking boots like this that are functional they can add a lot of dimension to your wardrobe at the same time you're gonna be able to wear them get a lot of

miles and not worry about damaging them so guys go check them out this is easily one of the best deals you're gonna find out there when it comes to shoes check out Thursday boots I'm linking to them down in the description use that link guys go check them

out such an amazing company I'm proud to support them now continuing on with options let's talk about it boots a lot of guys look over and that is the chukka the classic desert boot been around for about 70 years or at least made popular in the last 70

years this is a great looking classic boot that you can dress up you can dress down right here I could dress this down with an indigo pair of dark jeans and it would just look amazing with the texture right here in the suede now this pair of checkers

right here notices it's got the classic leather upper right here this dark brown would work great with a number of options but you can't really dress this up why because the contrasting sole right here this is gonna make it casual I know a lot of younger guys absolutely

love this look and I think it's good it's actually a very functional sole it actually has no heel so you're gonna have more surface area touching the ground now you can also bring in a bold color right here we've got a blue suede and let's look at how

there's no contrast with the sole one compared to that last one and let's look at the sole we've got a nice rubber sole so very functional it does have a heel so if you're a bit of a shorter guy this is gonna give you an extra inch and

a half and height next up we've got the classic Chelsea right here in black wear to love about this you can dress it up you can dress it down I can wear this with a suit in inclement weather I could even dress this down with a pair of

jeans but if I was going to wear jeans I would probably go with something more like this gonna provide contrast we've got the Indigo jeans with right here the textured suede that's gonna be a better look Chelsey's are great they're versatile slip them on and off when you're

going through security a great style to know now most of the style options you're gonna see out there for looks but I also like it when you've got a style option that is functional like this pair of boots right here notice we've got the zipper so guess what

you just zip down and you can slip boots off at the same time you've got the function and the overall look of the lacing if you so choose to use it point being is you have options now with this boot start right here do you notice the immediate

difference look at the height right here it's gonna be a bit shorter this is going to be a traditional five eyelet boot very simple and I know a lot of people like this style it's kind of transitions between the shoe and the boot but it's still considered a

boot and right here just a great overall look now another style option is going to be broken and that's whenever they cut small holes into the leather it's got a long history I've talked about it in other videos but understand that it looks amazing it oftentimes does increase

the price of the boot and it does make the boot a bit more casual but guys just look at the results of just beautiful pair of boots right here another functional design is the moccasin boot now why is a moccasin boot functional because it really comes down to

comfort when you look at the size and the shape of the toe box on a moccasin boot it's going to be more forgiving than a lot of other boots so if you've got boots you've got issues with your feet not fitting in the boots you may want to

try a moccasin design in addition because right here we don't have a heel we've got more surface area that's gonna touch basically the ground so if you're gonna be in my area we get you know sleet and rain in ice this is a great pair of boots for

being able to traverse that kind of condition now what if you want to look like a rock star then find a pair of boots that scream for attention or a little bit more subtle and their style sets them apart so this pair of jodhpurs right here notice right

here we just got an overall just unique look you've got that buckle right here you got a strap going around just a beautiful pair of boots I own and wear these personally I can tell you guys I have gotten compliments on these multiple times strangely enough all been

asking where do they get these boots because they want to grab them and check out this pair right here guys I've got them in brown chocolate we've got that silver ring with small bits of detail right there the hardware in the zipper functional so you can zip it

up and slip them on and off I love boots like this that really just they think a little bit more courage to wear they're a little bit more fashion-forward but when you wear boots like this you are gonna grab attention and get compliments the next boot rule you've

got to know understand is proportion so a pair of boots like this these are large proportioned boots you're not going to want to wear them with other pieces of clothing which is going to fit you really close the body so if you're gonna be wearing thin or skinny

jeans and you wear boots like this guys that is not a good combination so understand if you're gonna wear delicate boots then you can wear it more delicate clothing if you wear heavy Hardy boots understand that yes and there are delicate boots there are oftentimes boots with a

very sleek design that are still a basic boot maybe in the Chelsea a little bit more of dress boots but when you wear something that's gonna be clunky you want to wear larger pieces with it the next rule gentlemen is to understand all boots by definition are casual

so treat them as such if you want to get dressed up and wear a tux or you're to be wearing a suit understand that's the domain of shoes of Oxford's but if you really want to wear a pair of boots maybe the weather calls for it then yes

you can't pull off maybe a pair of black Chelsey's with a suit I'm not gonna say that you can't do it but in general this is gonna be something you want to be careful with even boots like this which I absolutely love the look of this is casual

now I can wear this with jeans I could wear it with jeans and a sports jacket but I wouldn't really wear this with a suit unless the weather was really bad and yeah I didn't care what anyone thought the next rule for wearing boots make sure they've got

a good supporting cast pay attention to the jeans you want to make sure that the taper the cut the style of the trousers that you're wearing whether they be jeans or odd trousers work with the boots that you buy so jeans that work with these boots right here

aren't necessarily going to work with these boots right here why it's just simply a height issue it's also going to be hey will the jeans go around again if you're wearing a slimmer cut jeans you may find they're just not gonna work with this now there are workarounds

a lot of guys they roll their jeans how do you do that guys I've got you covered with this video right here I will link to that down in the description but in that video I do talk about how to roll your jeans properly to match them with

the boots now this next point I've alluded to but understand the color of the boots the material that they're made from will have an effect on the formality now in general remember all boots are casual but these boots right here are going to be dressier than these boots

right here why simply because black is a dressier color darker colors in general will be more formal now this next rule is critical and so few guys actually do this now is take care of your investment when you buy boots we buy some polish by a brute brush

all at the same time after you wear the boots you want to wipe them down you want to brush and get rid of the dirt why you don't want that salt going in there and drying out the leather you want to remove and you want to apply it

the Polish why a layer of polish this is wax this is gonna be water-resistant it's gonna ensure that your boots last longer don't know what color to get then find a neutral polish and there are tons of other options out there if you want to get in and

condition your boots understand this is not a polish a conditioner is gonna actually enter the leather and it's gonna keep it soft and supple you only need to do that maybe once a month if you wear the boots every day or once every few months or even once

a season if you wear them onion or not really regular you can go through and you can use edge dressing on the side and the boots that's gonna keep the nice color and if you're really worried about hey I'm gonna be walking to a lot of slush through

snow then look at a snow seal look at something it's actually going to protect the boots again that layer right there of water resistant material is going to keep the water from penetrating the boots when water goes into the boots what it does is it doesn't damage it

when it enters but when it leaves and it pulls moisture out that's when it damages the boots so whether you're using mink oil and if you use something like this again remember when you're applying a material test a small portion of it on maybe the back of the

boot on the inside tongue to make sure it doesn't darken the boots because things like this will darken light color leathers and if you're worried about darkening light color leathers then look for certain silicone sprays or something in there options out there which will not penetrate the leather

but will still put a layer of protective coat on it to keep the elements at bay now this next rule is not a hard and fast one but I know a lot of guys just starting off they love these simple rules that make it easy to match everything

and that is match your leathers with your leathers so your belt your watch strap your boot if you're going to go with black then go with black all around makes it really easy to pair things to put them together but what about with boots that actually don't match

up or you maybe you go with the suede you go with a pair of bold boots don't worry as long as you get something that's closer or you feel confident with the combination now notice the combination here I didn't even think about it I've got silver and silver

oftentimes we gravitate towards blacks Browns silver because of our skin tone maybe you're a gold kind of guy so just make sure that you kind of that in the family when you're just starting off but if you're more advanced you can throw that stuff out the window and

you can put together whatever you want all right so let's talk about mistakes mistake number one is overpaying for crappy boots in fact buying crappy boots how do you identify bad quality boots because most of the time they're glued together now there are some boots out there that

are glued that it makes sense because of the construction and the way that they're going for the design of the shoe but the vast majority of high quality shoes are going to be stitched together they're going to use a Goodyear welt they're gonna use either a blake stitch

there is a difference in that construction but if you see either of these type of shoes know that you're getting in general a highly constructed high quality shoe why because it costs a lot more money and it gives the shoe the ability to be resold the next deadly

mistake buying a pair of boots that are made from an inferior material when it comes the upper if it's not leather if it's a synthetic material you want to be very careful they're not going to be as breathable and they're not going to be able to stand up

to a lot of the wear and tear that leather is capable of in addition you want to make sure you're getting tier 1 leather there is a difference between tier 1 tier 2 tier 3 and tier 4 tier 3 & 4 if you ever find boots that say

they're made from that avoid them at all cost because it comes down to being able to absorb water and be resistant to water tier 3 tier 4 and even tier 2 actually don't do a great job of repelling water naturally that's why you want to go with tier

1 boots when it comes to the leather the next deadly mistake when it comes to buying boots not paying attention to the sole so right here we've got a rubber sole a lot of people are gonna say oh you need a leather sole for high quality boots not

exactly depends on the function of the boot this is a pair of combat boots I want a rubber sole it's gonna have traction this is gonna be able to do its job which is to provide support when I'm going through the mud or out hiking now if I've

got a pair of dress boots or a pair of cross functional boots I want something that has traction but also has the leather sole this is going to be in general a sign of quality but I like that this manufacturer paid attention to you know these little details

right here so it's gonna give me a bit more traction but if I want a really dressy boot and I don't really care so much about traction then I want to go for this straight leather sole right here leather soles are oftentimes a great sign of quality why

because they're more expensive and they take a little bit more time in the construction and the build and what's the biggest mistake you can make when it comes to boots gentlemen that one's easy not wearing them guys if you need proof as to why you should wear boots

check out this video right here five ways wearing boots makes you more attractive in this video I go in your research it is a great video so go check it out guys and find out why you need to wear boots

3 Ways to Wear Moto Boots

who wants to know how to wear moto boots [Music] hi ladies it's Aaron and welcome back to my channel today I'm sharing three ways to wear your moto boots moto boots are great because number one they're functional the heel is almost always low they're usually cut a little

bit wider so they're very comfortable and functional it's a shoe it's a boot that you could walk in second they're the pair that I'm showing you today is affordable and that's always a bonus and number three they sort of edged up any look that you put on so

if you put on just a jeans and a tee or something really basic the moto boots give that overall look a little bit of edge a little cool factor you sort of check a lot of boxes the functionality affordability and the style component [Music] okay so let's talk

about look number one look number one are the motor boats the black moto boots with a pair of dark wash skinny jeans these are a pair that I've talked about over and over and over again because they're so versatile and they're so slimming and elongating thereby rag-and-bone they're

one of my favorites for sure just the go to dark wash skinny jean that I always talk about as being a wardrobe basic and then I paired that with a couple of new pieces that I got from Marc New York and they are now diving into that world

of athleisure it definitely picks up on that cool girl vibe you know it's not this is definitely not a basic so what you have is just a long-sleeve tee but it's it's a thicker tee it's almost like a sweatshirt but not quite and then it has a Python

print on it and some side slits over the long sleeve tee to stay warm is this mark New York puffer vest and it's a really cool puffer vest because it's not just black with a hood it has this really neat silver metallic lining on the inside so I

feel like that definitely gives it a little bit more of an edge as well now that we live in Colorado I wear puffers all the time and specifically puffer vests and I use puffer vest a lot for layering so I will layer a sweater with a puffer vest

over it with a puffer over that and a lot of times I'll do a coat even on top of that by the way if you've missed my layering 101 video that might be a good one to pick up and watch I'll put a link to that below all

of us I'll also put it the playlist over here so you can click on that and watch but that is where I go through like basically just the essentials of just the layering basics which is really key especially if you live in a cool [Music] so the second

look is definitely dressier I would call this elevated casual it still has a very casual feel to it but in this look you could definitely be out and about running to a meeting meeting girls for lunch or meeting your friends for lunch you could be going out to

dinner in this it definitely is dressier but because you are wearing moto boots it definitely brings what would be otherwise even dressier down a notch I paired the moto boots with another pair of dark wash skinny jeans these are slightly distressed I know a lot of you don't

like the distressed jeans so if I'm showing you distressed jeans that doesn't mean that you have to wear distressed jeans just wear your your jeans that are very similar but not distressed with with no holes this is a new top this one is by frame and it's velvet

and it's a high neck and it has a keyhole and it's just beautiful I love this blouse I just think it's such a pretty not so basic basic blouse like I'll probably wear this a ton but you see how I just love to mix that you know feminine

blouse with the like edgy boots you know and when you're wearing a masculine boot it's said that it's really nice to offset that masculinity sometimes with a more feminine option that's kind of my signature combination I love doing edgy with feminine I'll wear this all the time for

sure the last like I want to show you is the dressiest of the three looks and I think it might be my favorite because I think it's the most unexpected and the most fun and the most sort of fashion-forward it feels like you're taking a fashion risk this

is something I featured way back when I was doing editorials I mean it is a it was a long time ago when I when I was doing some editorials in San Antonio I paired moto boots with a really dressy dress on top this is definitely something you could

totally rock this fall it doesn't have to be this exact dress this is a duster dress by BB Dakota and I love this dress and you can wear over dreams like I am or you can wear it alone it could be like a floral maxi or a floral

skirt with a turtleneck or a floral skirt with a blouse and a moto jacket over that like you can play around with that combination but the idea is the same of the long maxi skirt maxi dress with those moto boots again that mix of masculine and feminine it's

just such a great look you want to be dressy you want to be pulled together polished sophisticated but also functional it's there just is no better like the boots are gonna be totally comfortable you're gonna be happy as can be you know no foot pain no hood no

problem walking around so it's just a great option to have when you know you are gonna be on your feet all day or you know you are gonna be doing a lot of walking maybe you're going to the shopping mall maybe you're meeting a bunch of people and

you're running here there and everywhere maybe you're going to New York City and you're gonna be walking for blocks and blocks and blocks so it's just a nice option pulled together really chic but then also just really functional so those are the three looks I wanted to show

you with the Moto boots I won't put links as per usual in the description box below so if you are interested in these pieces you can look them up in the description box just click on show more under the box and then you'll see the links you know

as always you don't have to buy anything new just use the concept and pull pieces out of your closet that you already have or if you can't afford a specific piece and even the option for less is out of your budget look for the same concept at a

thrift store or a consignment store or TJ Maxx Marshalls you know wherever you have access to shop budget doesn't have to be a constraint when it comes to dressing in a modern trendy sophisticated way thank you guys so much for watching do let me know if you have

any questions don't forget to subscribe to my channel I will put the wear it three ways playlist right here so if you want to watch more of these wear it three ways videos you can just click on that I and watch a bunch more thank you guys again

and I will see you next time bye [Applause]

Shine YOUR Leather Boots Like A Pro | Clean Condition & Shine Dress Boot Video

Shine YOUR Leather Boots Like A Pro CleanCondition & Shine Dress Boot Video [0:00:00]A good pair of leather boots is something every man should have in his wardrobe – rugged, functional, and stylish.

Boots are the perfect choice when the weatheroutside isn't the best, but you still want to look your best.

However, when exposed to snow, slush, andrain, even a well-made pair of boots can break down over time if not properly cared for.

In today's video, we're going to give youthe ultimate guide to caring for your boots covering how to clean, condition, and polishthem.

To start, remove the laces.

This will make it easier to clean and conditionthe boots.

Now, if the laces are dirty, just simply washthem in soapy water or you may want to upgrade and get some new ones.

Now, it's time to clean your boots.

Use a horsehair brush for this step givingthe leather a liberal buffing to remove loose dirt and salt.

Salt can damage leather and you want to makesure you give your boots a quick pass with the brush every time they've been exposedto it.

In general, it's a good idea to give yourboots a quick once-over with the cleaning brush once every week or two depending onwear.

Now that the loose dirt and salts been removedit's time to hit the boots with some saddle soap to remove any stubborn dirt or stains.

Run a damp rag over the soap until you producea light lather.

Rub the lather over the boot paying attentionto any areas that need extra scrubbing.

Now note, you don't need to do this step everytime.

This is only if you've got dirt and stainsthat won't come out with the normal buffing.

Let the boots air dry for about 10 minutesbefore moving to the next step.

Now, it's time to condition the leather.

You know the biggest danger to your bootswith water damage is that it can when the water leaves dry out and crack the leather.

Once leather has cracked, there's little tonothing you can do to save it.

Prevention is key here, gentlemen.

It's vital to provide your boots with themoisture to keep the leather supple and healthy.

The best way to give your boots moisture isto use a leather conditioner or a balm.


When applying a conditioner, a balm, a creamor any other product on your boots always test on a small spot to make sure it doesn'taffect the color of the leather.

Now, understand that it may initially darkenthe leather, but you want to see how it looks after it dries.

The tongue of the boot is always a good spotto test because it's not visible when laced up.

Use a clean rag to apply the conditioner tothe boots making sure to get in all the crevices and creases.

Wipe off any excess conditioner and allowthe boots to dry for at least 20 minutes.

You will want to condition your boots aboutonce every three months depending on wear.

If you wear these boots every single day, then you probably want to be going through this about once a month.

Also, if you live in a dry hot climate, youmay need to do this more often.

Now, if you've got a more rugged style boot, you may decide that, hey, I don't want to put a polish on it and I'm going to stop atthis step.

But, if you've got an elegant dress boot, you're going to want to make sure to give it some polish.

Now, the first option for polishing your bootis going to be a shoe cream.

These won't produce as much of a shine asa wax, but they do have the benefit of giving additional moisture and nourishment to theleather.

This could also be a good option to bringback some of the color if your boots are starting to fade.

So first off, you want to make sure that you'reusing a shoe cream that closely matches the color of your boots.

Use a small applicator brush and work thecream evenly over the entire boot.

A little goes a long way with most creams, so start off with a small amount and you can add more if needed.

After applying the cream, give the boots aquick buffing with a different horse hair brush.

Do not use the same one that you clean theboots with and let it dry for about 15 minutes.

Now, your other option for polishing yourboots is to use a wax-based polish.

A wax-based polish has the benefits of beingable to create a much nicer shine than any type of cream.

However, it's not going to go in and moisturizethe leather, but you use the conditioners.

And another added benefit of wax-based polishis it creates a thin barrier that can help protect against salt and water.

Make sure the wax polish is the final layer.

You don't want to put any cream over the wax.

Wrap a soft rag around two fingers and useit to apply the wax onto the leather using small circular motions.

Continue working until you have coated theentire boot, then let it sit while you add wax to the other boots.

With both boots complete, now you're goingto take that shining horsehair brush again not the cleaning horsehair brush and you'regoing to give the boots a good buffing to reveal the shine.

You may need to repeat this step once or eventwo more times to get a really nice-looking shine.

Now, there's no strict schedule for how oftenyou need to polish your boots.

For me, it depends on wear.

If I’m wearing them every day, I like togive a really quick polish once a day, but once a week I like to break everything downand give them a detailed polish like we talked about here.

[0:04:54]Now, you may be wondering what about waterproof sprays.

When it comes down to it the leather usedin most high-quality boots is water-resistant.

If you go through the steps I talked abouthere your shoes are going to be good to go.

If you're concerned about waterproofing, usea wax polish is I think it's one of the best options out there and you can apply it tothe boot with greater control.

However, having said all this, if you stillwant to use a water-resistant spray, go for it just make sure it's the last thing youapply.


So, what to do if your boots get soaked? We're talking they get really wet.

First, you want to give them time to air dry, but make sure not to put them next to a fire or another type of heat source.

Heat can cause the wet leather to dry tooquickly and can lead to cracking.

It's important to let the boots dry at roomtemperature.

There you go, gentlemen.

Everything you need to keep your boots lookingtheir best on whatever adventure you’d go on.

For a detailed guide on how to clean, condition, and polish your leather boots make sure to go check out RealMenRealStyle.


[Music][0:06:17] End of Audio.

How $3,000 Custom Cowboy Boots Are Made | Master Craft

Joe Avella: Lee Milleris a master boot maker.

He makes hundreds ofpairs of boots each year in his Austin shop, Texas Traditions.

Lee Miller: A lot of peoplethink that their running shoes are the most comfortable things they own.

This is more comfortable.

I own running shoes, and my boots feel betterthan my running shoes.

And I buy good running shoes.

Joe: They start at $3, 000.

The wait list is so long it takes four years to get a pair.

These better be the best boots ever.

Lyle Lovett, Harry Connick Jr.

, Willie Nelson, they all got a pair.

I have no opinion on those two other guys, but Willie Nelson is a legend.

So, why so much, and whydo they take so long? Lee takes his time handcrafting each pair, using old boot-makingtechniques and traditions passed on to him by another boot-making legend, Charlie Dunn.

Lee: Handmade boots are quite different than a store-bought boot.

So, everything from the last, which is the shape thatthe boot is made on, to all the differentmethods of construction, we're kinda like the Ferrari.

You know, everything here is done by hand.

Some methods go all the way back to the days of the Roman Empire.

So, unlike factory-made boots, Lee is dedicated to the finest standards.

To get a pair, you have tovisit Lee's shop in Austin.

Lee: Everybody has sat onthis throne.


That's where Miss Bacall sat.

Gary Hart was running for president.

He sat here.

Slim Pickens, Tommy Lee Jones came in.

He sat here.

That was 1989.

Joe: Lee starts bycreating a foot blueprint using a pedograph.

The ink imprint giveshim an accurate picture of the arch shape andpositioning of the toes, which he will use to build a custom last.

A last is a form shapedlike the customer's foot that Lee can use to build the boot around.

Lee: And I would takemeasurements with a tape measurer to give me circumference.

The whole process takes 20 minutes.

Joe: Customers work withLee on the boot design, picking specific elements they want, including leather, color, toe style, and heel.

Texas Traditions has a wide variety of leathers to choose from.

I didn't know there wasvarieties of leather.

Lee: So, we have leatherhere from all over the world.

This is from Italy.

This is kangaroo skins.

It's very, very strong.

Makes a wonderful pair of boots.

So we use a lot of kangaroo.

This is bull hide from Spain.

We use a lot of pigskin, and pigskin is incredibly tough.

Water buffalo.

This is French calf here.

We use, of course, alligator and crocodile.

This is white alligator.

Let's look at some ostrich.

It's a product of South Africa.

Here's some gray ostrich here.

So, I would say that this is the oldest leather in the world.

This is a Russian reindeerfrom St.


It was tanned in 1786, but this was on a ship that sunk off the coast of England in 1786.

And for 200 years it laidat the bottom of the sea, till they found it in 1986.

Had been covered with black mud, preserving the leather.

So this leather, even thoughit was tanned in 1786, it's still very usable.

It's now extremely hard to get.

Joe: Once the last is made, Lee attaches a leather insole.

He nails down the insole temporarily and trims it into shape.

Lee: This is a German pit-tanned leather, specifically made for insoles.

And this is an insole.

Joe: Meanwhile, the teamdesigns the four panels of the top part of the boot by cutting out the detailsand stitching them together.

Lee: We'll cut out allthe different pieces.

The foot portion will be crimped, and little by little we'll just start doing all the fancy stitching and making any details.

Joe: He then stretchesthe top part over the last and temporarily tacks it into place.

Another distinction thatsets his process apart from mass-produced boots is how the team attaches the soles.

Lee: We'll start hand-sewing, and then you'll notice, as we put the soles on, we're using wooden pegs.

And the wooden pegs go allthe way underneath the heel.

That's something that you'llsee in a handmade boot, not in a factory boot, where they'll just nail it.

If you notice the incredibly fat shank, underneath it is a techniquethat the Romans used, which was taking a nailand laying it in there, and that makes it rigid, and it also makes it humpy.

Joe: He hand-sews a small rim of leather known as a welt to the rim of the boot, allowing the sole to be attached.

And now they're ready tobe polished and buffed.

Lee: The standard handmade boot takes about 40 hours to make.

It can take a lot longer, looking at some of the detail that we do.

You know, if it's a fairlysimple boot, 40 hours.

But if it's a very complicated boot, it might take you 60 or 80 hours.

Joe: Lee makes boots for anyone.

That is, anyone with a fewthousand dollars to spare.

Depending on your design, stitching, and leather choices, it can really start to add up.

Lee: Crocodile is themost expensive leather that we offer, and so a boot like this would probably start at $5, 000.

Joe: Before Lee tookover Texas Traditions, it was run by boot-makinglegend Charlie Dunn.

He's known as the”Michelangelo of cowboy boots.

” Lee: I think it was 1973.

Somebody said, “Hey, yougotta hear this song.

Jerry Jeff Walker wrote asong about a boot maker, and his name is Charlie Dunn.

” ♪ Charlie done the bootsthat are on my feet ♪ Joe: In November of 1977, Lee went to work as anapprentice for Charlie.

Lee worked alongside himuntil his retirement in 1986.

Lee and his wife, CarrlynMiller, took over the business.

Today, Lee and his team are keeping Charlie's boot-makingtraditions alive and well.