10 Ways to Wear a Crochet Scarf

hey crafters so as you saw from thetitle of this video today I'm going to be showing you ten different ways towear a crochet scarf so obviously this one is especially for my crochet peepswell I thought this would be a fun one to do because let's be honest when

youlearn to crochet the first thing you always learn to make like anybodyanywhere you make a scarf and it's like a scarf or just a nice long rectangularshape so it's a great way to practice learning your stitches however what thatoften mean is you end up with oodles of crochet

scarves probably way more thanyou will ever actually need or wear and the other thing is while crochet scarvesdefinitely have their advantages they're a lot different than silk you're thinnerwhiter more fabric scarves and so wearing them can sometimes be achallenge because you might feel that either the scarf itself

is too chunkyand there's just too much fabric there or you might be afraid of lookingoutdated now one of my favorite things to do is to prove to everybody thatcrochet is not by any means outdated so I'm gonna show you ten different ways towear a crochet scarf and hopefully

this will give you some pointers for what todo with your big stash of crochet scars might give you some ideas for newpatterns to try and I might also let you know which ones you should probably letgo of so for look number one I have the most basic simple

crochet scarf everthis one's not very long also I'm kind of proud of this month this is my veryfirst person a scarf so you can see the end here is a little weird and wider butby the time I got to the end it wasn't looking so bad so anyways

I'm gonna showyou that yes you can wear those first scarves that you Mane now the trick withthis one is this scarf isn't super wide it's about average width and it's notvery long so that's why this works so great for this look so I'm calling thisone the French choker

scarf so you just simply go around leave a nice tail downon this side and then wrap it around one more time and kind of keep it tight upnear your neck doesn't have to be super tight but just kind of like that it hasa nice little fun look almost

like a neckkeeps your neck nice and warm but it still looks cute also what's nice iseven if your ends aren't completely even it just adds a little extra Flair at theends of this look look at number two is probably about as simple of a look asyou can get

this is just a simple basic wrap around the first way I ever knew towear a scarf what I like about this one is it's I'm using a scarf that hasfringes on the end this is a fun little way to take your crochet scars and nowjust a little extra

touch to them and it doesn't take much time you just cut outlong strips of yarn and just kind of pull them through tie him to the end tocreate this really cute fridge so for this look or it's gonna be very similarto the one we just did but we're

not going to pull it tight we're just goingto leave it loose and this is also a lot of fun with these ones that aren't quiteas thick because sometimes it's hard to get them to not look like you're justwearing a really stringy scarf because I definitely run into that

problem if youmake your Starke too thin but this look is nice because you can easily kind offluff the front part here fluff the size and it doesn't have a stringy look andit looks like a nice cozy warm scarf and you also have the fun little tassels onthe end

just to keep the look super cute and playful this next look I've got afairly long scarf here as you can see and it's also kind of wide the fabricisn't super thick because I did a lacy sort of pattern in the middle so what'ssuper fun to do with scarves

like these is this simple fold it in half and pullthrough so just start with your yarn folded in half and come around your neckand then just take both ends and go right through the loop right there nowwhat's fun about this look is you can leave it as loose

and far down as youwant or you can snug it up a lot and have really long tassels on your startbut I really like this look expression with scarves that have differentpatterns and textures in them because it's a great way to keep the fabric andthe textures of the scarf

revealed but it also keeps you warm and it looks verystylish this fourth look is a twist on thepullthru and this is going to be the pretzel pull through so for this one Ihave this fun silver scarf just neutral colors with little flecks of colorthroughout there this one's fairly

thin not super low so this one works reallywell because it's a great little scarf that I compare with lots of things add alittle bit of warmth without having the super intense bulk of a crochet scarf sowe're gonna start in much the same way we do with the pull

through so just keepit folded in half and come with this end around your neck and instead of pullingboth through we're gonna start by pulling just one and through just likewe did before now the second end is where it gets funwe're going to come under the top one right

here and then over the bottom oneand then just cinch it up like that and you have this nice little pretzel kindof weave Coulter here this one's fun especially with this scarf that's reallythin because again if your scarf is too thin it ends up looking kind of stringyit doesn't

look that cozy but what this does is it allows for a little bit morethickness and a little more texture in a very simple scarf because like I saidthe scarf is very neutral goes great with a lot of items so it works reallywell for this cute little pretzel poke

through keeping with the neutral trendour fifth look has to do with variegated yarn variegated yarn is a great way tospice up any crochet project and with scarves is also an awesome way to take asimple top and add a little pop of color just that nice contrast so for

this lookwe can wear it just about any of the ways that I've shown so far do you knowhe doesn't have to take anything special but because the scarf itself has so muchcharacter in color by pairing it with just a neutral top it adds a littleextra Flair and it

can really add some color to an otherwise simple outfit sohere I'm just showing it with the pull through look now let's move on to somethicker crochet scarf so the ones I've shown so far aren't particularly thickfairly thin however I have this big monster of a scarf here that

is superwide super thick so this scarf I crocheted from some Lion Brand wool-easethick & quick turn which love by the way because it works up sofast however when you make it into a scarf it ends up really chunky sosometimes it's a little overwhelming trying to pair this well

with an outfitnow as you can see it's pretty long here so I'm going to simply just take itabout in half keeping my ends even and just come around my neck like this andleave it low so this look I call the graduation cords look with a scarf soit's almost

like wearing a graduation stole nice and long and it's a great wayto wear this scarf because it both keeps you nice and warm on your neck and alsoacross your chest but it does sell it out overbearing you because fix carslike these can be pretty heavy very very warm

so I really like this sixth lookwith this thick scarf just because it's a great way to take something reallythick and chunky and just kind of spruce up an outfit but not keep it too boy soanother option is to slide a little bit of slack to the one end

and just simplydo the throw over the shorter one which is also super cute with a fake startlike this because it's heavy enough that it will stay and because it's a thickenough scarf you can also kind of leave it city open almost get that cowl kindof like and it's

super cute and will also provide one without being reallyoverbearing of a look so those were looks six and seventhis one isn't quite one of the crochet scarf looks I'm going for so what justcalled a seven and a half this scarf is great if it's like really cold weactually

have snow it's like today I was just out there so you can always use ascarf like this for very practical measures and just kind of wrap yourselfup tuck yourself in and stay very very warm on a cold day so I wouldn'tnecessarily say that this is a crocheted scarf

look you want to wear but this isa very practical solution for snow days like it is for me today so keeping in athick chunky scarf trying to of these next few looks for look number eight Ihave another scarf that is made from Lion Brand thick & quick wool-ease

yarnnow a couple things on this one first it does clash a little bit with this top Iapologize but we're gonna pretend it's a perfect match second of all you'llnotice that while this one is very long and I still use um at least a full skeinI probably used about

1 and a half skeins of this youit is a lot narrower so that's a great tip if you're making this scarf and youwant to use a chunky thick yarn like this but you don't want it to be sooverpowering like the last look was is to simply make it

thinner and so with ascarf like this we can again go with any of the looks we've done so far I likethe pretzel pull through so I'm gonna do that one again anyways I just did thepretzel pullover with this one and as I said it ends up not being

sooverpowering but it still provides more great thick soft chunky yarn but it'snot so overpowering simply because the scarf itself is narrower look numbernine is one of my absolute favorite looks of all times I've got this funscarf here that I use some again Lion Brand yarn I've done noticing

a trendwith all these scarves but anyways Lion Brand homespun yarn this might have beena thick & quick homespun one so nice thick chunky yarn and I did this widealmost a lacy crochet pattern to it I'll get a pattern up on my blog sodefinitely go check that out if

you want to make a scarf like this but anywaysyou can see some really pretty variations and hey infinity scarfyes crochets and these drugs are a thing and they're super awesome all thedifferent looks you can do with them so I like to call this one the double twistso I'm

just gonna start by looping it around my neck and you can normally doan infinity scarf or you just kind of loop it once and go back over and thatlooks cute but for the double twist we're going to instead twisting it onceokay one if you can figure out yeah

we're gonna twist it twice so do onetwist and then a second twist and what this does is once you loop it over itcreates this really cool interlocking kind of look I also really like the wayit works with this particular scarf just because of where the color variationsfall it

kind of creates this like every other look I think it's really fun nicecozy way to wear this scarf so look number 10 our final look thisone's gonna kind of be a two-part one just for fun so again I have anotherinfinity scarf this is actually the same design that

I used to crochet this brownscarf where it kind of has a lacy or bit of texture in the middle but what's funabout this one is it's another infinity scarf I love infinity scarf and I thinkit's super pretty in these colors so this one's kind of a two-pole book

sothe first look we're going to do with this scarf is we're gonna come aroundand then take one end and loop it over again so it's gonna have kind of a neckchoker look kind of like the white one I call it the French neck choker butinstead of having two

talents it's gonna have this nice long look so hopefullyyou can see this on the camera here by just talk has a longer look and it hasthe infinity scarf which makes extra fun now this last little but I'm gonna showhere is a great idea with any scarf make a

matching hat so this is kind of lookten and a half I suppose if you're having one of those days where it'seither just a bad hair day or you want to stay nice and warm and cozy or evenwith all these two looks you can't get your start to look

right or okay let'sbe honest here it's winter it's cold sometimes it's too cold to shower rightso you might have like not so great looking hair anyways whatever yourreason ad hat is always a great way to accessorize with the scarf because itmakes a more complicated looking outfit without being

overbearing so with thishat I like to fold the brim over I've got a nice little cute flower on hereplay around I've got the little flower here you know pull my hair out in thefront can always you know leave your hair down you know pull it in front likethat

curl it back here keep my hair down in the front kind of bangs out on mouthso I don't look like I'm bald but it's a really cute way to just add a little bitof extra flare to your outfit pair it with a scarf of course you know it'sreally

easy to match because hen you just use the same yarn this hat againnothing fancy this is like the most basic hat you canI've got a patent for that up in my blog so definitely go check that out but it'sa really simple way to create a very cute look

with your crocheted I don't sothere you have it there are 10 ways to wear a crochet scarf I hope you enjoythese looks let me know in the comments belowwhich look you're going to try out this week and of course sometimes despitethese 10 looks there sometimes comes the point

where you look at a scarf and yougo there's no way I can pull this off without it looking at or tacky or itwon't match with anything so if you do have extra crocheted scarves that you'vemade who may be from your beginning days with all you knew how to

make with ascarf why not consider donating it look for a local organization that providesthings for the homeless because a scarf can really make a difference in keepingsomeone warm so that's just a free little idea you've got extra scarves andmight as well do something good with them right so

that's what I've got fortoday I hope you enjoy these 10 looks to make sure you give this video a like ifyou're gonna try out one of these looks don't forget to subscribe I appreciateall my crafters but until next time happy crafting well so you know I getdone filming

and my sisters we're in here blob is filming and I was you knowbeing goofy like I like since you don't know it was just like you looked like aflapper and I don't know whether I should feel complimented or offended butI could kind of see the look you know

the short hair the little hat you knowthe scarf and a little like French style you know I'm very trendy you know so Iguess I'm a flapper now