100 miles in Ariat Two24 BISON Leather Boots – Highlands

I wore these Ariat boots for 100 miles soI that could do a somewhat informed review of them before we cut them in half youmay be wondering why you're seeing a video on Tuesday instead of Wednesday well oneof the biggest holes in my videos is the fact that I

don't get to wear boots veryoften or for very long so I decided to start cutting some of the videos in halfwhere the first video is going to be 100-mile wear in review and then thenext day or the next video will be the cut in half of you so

that you've gottwo different perspectives on the boot like the wear impression and the what'sinside and it's not a half an hour video it's two shorter videos that are alittle bit easier to consume so the brand of these boots are Ariat this istheir brown bison and their black bison

I wore the brown bison for the hundredmiles and I'm cutting the black bison ones in half in the next videotomorrow the model of boot is the highlands boot they retail for $298 dollars and the upper is made from an American bisonleather and they're made in the United States

as well and as you can seethey've got a leather sole with a little rubber top lift on the heel and theconstruction of these is a Goodyear welt at 360 Goodyear welt you can see thestitching goes all the way around and I would consider these a casual bootthey're not

a work boot they're not a dress boot to kind of a casual dressboot now let's talk about how these look after 100 miles and compare them to thebrand-new pair that we're cutting apart tomorrow also got the common projects intoday and this video should be out I think next

next Wednesday so we got Nick's onSaturday and then I think common projects on next Wednesday starting witha sole you can see kind of the difference between the brand-new soleand the used for the hundred-mile sole quite a bit of wear but not prematurewear or like fast wear it is

actually lasting a lot longer than I expected and thenthe uppers you can see the pair that I wore for a hundred miles is definitely alot more broken in and it's a little tricky because bison leather is sopebbled and so milled that it's hard to really tell what's wearing

and what'sjust the way the natural bison leather looks so overall after ahundred miles I think they looked pretty good obviously they don't look brand newlike these black ones so next question is how do these clean up after 100 milesso I took one boot left it as is for

the comparison between the two and the otherboot I spent maybe 10 minutes put some Chamberlain's leather milk on it andrushed off all the old dirt and stuff that was built in or stuck in the weltand then took a little tokonole and burnished up the sides a little bit

andthis is how it turned out it's a sign of a good boot if you can spend a shortamount of time shine it up and get it looking like anew boot again and now let's talk about how they wore and my impressions of themafter 100 miles so to kind

of frame this review and give you some context of howI wore these they were worn basically exclusively in my shop 95% of the timestanding and walking around on the smooth concrete I didn't really walk toomuch outside in them I definitely didn't go hiking in them so most of

the most ofthe wear on these are from the shop so first let's talk about comfort after 100miles these are still really comfortable I wasactually really impressed at how long they stayed comfortable some of thecheaper boots like the Doc Martens after about a hundred miles you really startto fill

that lack of shank and the poor leather quality and build and theconstruction quality but these have just gotten more and more comfortable the toebox has actually widened out a little bit compared to the brand new ones youknow as we wear these in that leather stretches out and fits

to your footbetter so I don't really feel that tightness in my toes anymore which is nice I wasconcerned that this layer of foam and the insole would maybe wear out andcompress after a few miles but it's actually still pretty squishy and it'sdefinitely not overly compressed it makes me

wonder if it's a poron the higherquality foam so I guess we'll see when we cut it in half and then as I wore these inthe sole became less slippery over time as I started to kind of get some wear onthese and they weren't just perfectly smooth and as

this heel block leveledout they're still definitely slippery and it's gonna be that way with anyleather-soled shoes you know with like RM Williams or anythingthat's gonna be slightly more slippery and now to the durability of these sostarting with the sole again I'm surprised at how long these have lastedthere's

not a whole lot of wear on here for 100 miles and it's on smooth concrete soyou're going to see a lot of wear but I was really surprised at how long thislasted I don't think it's a oak tan leather or anything special but it ispretty durable which is

nice now to the stitching on the upper so this is apretty thin and narrow stitching but it's held up really well you know 100miles isn't enough to really test the stitching on these but I haven't seenany breaks from it yet and no premature wearing or rubbing anywhere and

then tothe leather like I've talked about previously like it looks really goodstill after 100 miles especially after putting a little conditioner on it I haven'thad any issues with the quality of the leather it is a little bit thinner ofa leather so it's not gonna last nearly as long

but it's still fairly durableand it's really breathable that's kind of the benefit of having a thinnerleather compared to a thicker leather a thinner leather is more breathable amore lightweight but it's not gonna last as long a thicker leather it's going toit's not gonna breathe as well it's gonna

be hotter but it's gonna lastsignificantly longer so it's kind of a trade-off either way and these beingmore of a casual dress boot or just a casual boot I think that's a good thingyou know it's I don't think it's a horrible thing to have a thinner leatheras long as

it's a higher quality leather and now to the goodyear stitch on the bottomhere so my friends at Trenton and Heath or my friends Trenton Heath they did areview on these boots a few months ago and one of the complaints they had wasthat this Goodyear stitch or the welt

stitch was not recessed into the leatherso that your first few miles you're just walking on a lot of the thread and whenI got the boots it looks like they're channeled in there so it's cool to seethat Ariat is taking the advice from these reviews and implementing it into

the shoesand making them better because these are definitely recessed into there sooverall what do I think of these boots I've been really impressed with themafter 100 miles they're really comfortable stillthey've worn really well they look really good once you clean them up thesedefinitely aren't a work boot they're

also not a dress boot I think they do areally good job of blending the two you know it's kind of a combination betweena red-winged style boot and a dressier Chelsea boot you know it's it's donereally well there are a few things I would like to see them improve

mostnotably was that heel block and top lift be not being the same height that waskind of annoying at first that's something that's pretty easily fixed andI think I would like this leather to be a little bit thicker if we're getting alittle bit nitpicky but I guess we'll see

when we cut it in half how thick itreally is there's a few questions I still want answered that we'll only be able toanswer by getting them cut in half does it have a steel shank is this afull leather heel block is this toe cap a true toe cap

where you've got two fullthickness layers of leather underneath of there and I think there's cork inhere so I'm interested to see where they fit that in and how much cork is inthere so that brings us to the next video I'm gonna cut these in half and seewhat's inside

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and what else do you guys want me to talk about in these100 mile wear reviews what did I miss here what else do you guys want to know about my impressions of them and we'll keep going from here so thanks for everything see ya