3 Ways to Wear Moto Boots

who wants to know how to wear moto boots [Music] hi ladies it's Aaron and welcome back to my channel today I'm sharing three ways to wear your moto boots moto boots are great because number one they're functional the heel is almost always low they're usually cut a little

bit wider so they're very comfortable and functional it's a shoe it's a boot that you could walk in second they're the pair that I'm showing you today is affordable and that's always a bonus and number three they sort of edged up any look that you put on so

if you put on just a jeans and a tee or something really basic the moto boots give that overall look a little bit of edge a little cool factor you sort of check a lot of boxes the functionality affordability and the style component [Music] okay so let's talk

about look number one look number one are the motor boats the black moto boots with a pair of dark wash skinny jeans these are a pair that I've talked about over and over and over again because they're so versatile and they're so slimming and elongating thereby rag-and-bone they're

one of my favorites for sure just the go to dark wash skinny jean that I always talk about as being a wardrobe basic and then I paired that with a couple of new pieces that I got from Marc New York and they are now diving into that world

of athleisure it definitely picks up on that cool girl vibe you know it's not this is definitely not a basic so what you have is just a long-sleeve tee but it's it's a thicker tee it's almost like a sweatshirt but not quite and then it has a Python

print on it and some side slits over the long sleeve tee to stay warm is this mark New York puffer vest and it's a really cool puffer vest because it's not just black with a hood it has this really neat silver metallic lining on the inside so I

feel like that definitely gives it a little bit more of an edge as well now that we live in Colorado I wear puffers all the time and specifically puffer vests and I use puffer vest a lot for layering so I will layer a sweater with a puffer vest

over it with a puffer over that and a lot of times I'll do a coat even on top of that by the way if you've missed my layering 101 video that might be a good one to pick up and watch I'll put a link to that below all

of us I'll also put it the playlist over here so you can click on that and watch but that is where I go through like basically just the essentials of just the layering basics which is really key especially if you live in a cool [Music] so the second

look is definitely dressier I would call this elevated casual it still has a very casual feel to it but in this look you could definitely be out and about running to a meeting meeting girls for lunch or meeting your friends for lunch you could be going out to

dinner in this it definitely is dressier but because you are wearing moto boots it definitely brings what would be otherwise even dressier down a notch I paired the moto boots with another pair of dark wash skinny jeans these are slightly distressed I know a lot of you don't

like the distressed jeans so if I'm showing you distressed jeans that doesn't mean that you have to wear distressed jeans just wear your your jeans that are very similar but not distressed with with no holes this is a new top this one is by frame and it's velvet

and it's a high neck and it has a keyhole and it's just beautiful I love this blouse I just think it's such a pretty not so basic basic blouse like I'll probably wear this a ton but you see how I just love to mix that you know feminine

blouse with the like edgy boots you know and when you're wearing a masculine boot it's said that it's really nice to offset that masculinity sometimes with a more feminine option that's kind of my signature combination I love doing edgy with feminine I'll wear this all the time for

sure the last like I want to show you is the dressiest of the three looks and I think it might be my favorite because I think it's the most unexpected and the most fun and the most sort of fashion-forward it feels like you're taking a fashion risk this

is something I featured way back when I was doing editorials I mean it is a it was a long time ago when I when I was doing some editorials in San Antonio I paired moto boots with a really dressy dress on top this is definitely something you could

totally rock this fall it doesn't have to be this exact dress this is a duster dress by BB Dakota and I love this dress and you can wear over dreams like I am or you can wear it alone it could be like a floral maxi or a floral

skirt with a turtleneck or a floral skirt with a blouse and a moto jacket over that like you can play around with that combination but the idea is the same of the long maxi skirt maxi dress with those moto boots again that mix of masculine and feminine it's

just such a great look you want to be dressy you want to be pulled together polished sophisticated but also functional it's there just is no better like the boots are gonna be totally comfortable you're gonna be happy as can be you know no foot pain no hood no

problem walking around so it's just a great option to have when you know you are gonna be on your feet all day or you know you are gonna be doing a lot of walking maybe you're going to the shopping mall maybe you're meeting a bunch of people and

you're running here there and everywhere maybe you're going to New York City and you're gonna be walking for blocks and blocks and blocks so it's just a nice option pulled together really chic but then also just really functional so those are the three looks I wanted to show

you with the Moto boots I won't put links as per usual in the description box below so if you are interested in these pieces you can look them up in the description box just click on show more under the box and then you'll see the links you know

as always you don't have to buy anything new just use the concept and pull pieces out of your closet that you already have or if you can't afford a specific piece and even the option for less is out of your budget look for the same concept at a

thrift store or a consignment store or TJ Maxx Marshalls you know wherever you have access to shop budget doesn't have to be a constraint when it comes to dressing in a modern trendy sophisticated way thank you guys so much for watching do let me know if you have

any questions don't forget to subscribe to my channel I will put the wear it three ways playlist right here so if you want to watch more of these wear it three ways videos you can just click on that I and watch a bunch more thank you guys again

and I will see you next time bye [Applause]