3 Ways to Wear Sexy Over-the-Knee Boots

– Who needs help styling thoseover the knee boots, do you? Today I'm gonna show you three ways to wear those sexy boots.

(soft upbeat music) Hi ladies, it's Erin, and welcome back to my channel.

Today I wanna share with you three ways to wear over the knee boots.

Over the knee bootsare still going strong.

I feel like it's beenhappening for a decade.

Like I feel like over the knee boots have been on trend for a decade.

I remember buying my first pair back in like 2006 or 2005.

That's well over a decade ago.

And, you know what? They're not showing anysigns of slowing down.

So a lot of you wouldask about styling them and I thought it would beworthwhile to do a video to show you some options this year.

I did do a video last year styling your over theknee boots a few ways.

And I will put a link to that below in the description box.

So if you want even more ideas, there's gonna be morein that video as well.

Before we dive into the looks, I just wanna say over theknee boots are very sexy.

I did just do a video on waysto dress sexy at any age, and I did not mention over the knee boots.

I feel like over the knee boots are definitely a greataddition to that video.

By the way if you missed that video, I'll put a link to it below.

But if you want to dressin a way that's sexy but also age appropriate, I feel like this is agreat way to go about it as long as you style them tastefully and you don't take it too far, because let's face it, they do walk that fine line between classy and trashy.

So I'm gonna show you threeways that you can style them that will definitely keepyou on the classy side.

The first two looks I'm gonna show you are on the casual side, and then the last one is dressier.

They're all pretty dressy just because of the nature of the boots.

They're inherently sexy and dressy.

So it's just something to think about.

It's all basically elevatedcasual or on that level.

(soft music) The first look is a off-white turtleneck, a very lightweight off-white turtleneck that's great for layering, underneath a long gray cashmere cardigan.

And I love the way that the cardigan really downplays thesexiness of the boots.

So you still have your legs peeping out with that over the knee boot that creates that very sexy look, but then the cardigan kindof brings it down a notch and makes it much morewearable for daytime or for whatever function youmay have going on in your life.

And I feel like this againis the most versatile, most wearable, easiest, fail-safe outfit option for those over the knee boots.

I paired them with somedark wash skinny jeans.

Notice they're pretty dark, there's no fading, there's no distressing.

That's gonna keep the line looking longer, and also again justkeeping it the overall look a little bit more polishedand sophisticated.

I feel like when you start doing like a lighter jean or a light blue jean, that creates more contrast in the look and it sort of chopsup the line a bit more.

So I would go with the dark wash jean, not necessarily black, because you still wanna see the boots.

You don't want them to totally blend and that's why I strategicallypicked the dark blue.

(soft upbeat music) Look number two is a bit more sporty, also casual, also very wearable, not quite as versatile as the first one, but it's just a black top.

This is a very sporty top with the racing stripes at the neck and at the sleeve.

This one's by J.


A and it has the zip at the top.

But you can easily swap this top for whatever black top that you have in your closet, whether that's a black crew-neck sweater, whether it's a black turtleneck, whether it's a black boat blouse, whether it's a black sheer blouse.

Whatever you have in your closet already, you can easily pull that out and recreate the same exact look.

It might have a slightly different feel but it's the same over all concept.

So that's sporty black top or that black top or black blouse with the dark wash skinny jeans and the over the knee boots.

These over the knee boots, by the way, are by Stuart Weitzman, and the style is called Elevated.

So they do have like a two-inch heel.

It's not the complete flat like the Lowland boots.

It's got a little bit of a heel, but it still feels like a very wearable manageable functional heel.

It's not a crazy heel at all.

And of course the chunky heel makes them so much easier to walk in.

And the other thing Ilike about this heel style is that if it were moreof a traditional heel like a stiletto or a real high heel, that creates an even sexier look.

When you want to makethese boots more wearable, do opt for a pair that's either a pair of flats or has a chunky heel like the boots that I am showing you here.

The Elevated StuartWeitzman's, they do stay up.

There's a couple oftimes throughout the day where I may have to adjust them, but they do stay up.

And I do find that theseStuart Weitzman stay up much much better than any kind of dupe.

So unfortunately I used tohave a Steve Madden pair.

I got rid of them becausethey were just to me, that was too annoying tohave to yank them up all day.

So it's just something to think about.

It might be worth investing a bit more in this style of boot if you're really drawn to this style in order to have them stay up because otherwise you're gonna deal with the yanking all day.

At least that's what I found with the dupes of the over the knee boots.

There are plenty of over the knee boots that aren't necessarily this high, and you can go that route where they're just like slightly over the knee and they stay up a little bit better.

That could be an option too.

And I'll put a couple suggestions below in the box for you guys.

But the Stuart Weitzman Elevated are incredibly comfortable.

I really love them.

(soft upbeat music) The last look I wanted to show you is something a little bit dressier.

And I wanted to show you these boots with a dress because I felt like that was an important thing to show everybody.

So this is a sweater dress.

It's by Free People.

It has long sleeves.

It has a turtleneck.

It's a very fitted dress but not super fitted, more body-skimming versus body-hugging.

And so I feel like it does have coverage and forgiveness which sort of downplaysthe sexy a little bit, but it is on the shorter side, so then that does createmore of a sexy feel.

If you wanted to downplay that even more or make it even more conservative, you could easily do tights with this and it would create a longer line and it would also maybe makeyou feel more comfortable if you're feeling like this isa little too risque for you.

But another option might be like a floral skirt, a pleated skirt.

I would probably notdo a midi length skirt or a maxi length skirt with these boots because it sort ofdefeats the whole purpose of wearing the boots in the first place.

You wanna show these off because they are so cool and edgy and modern and sexy.

So I would go with something that is a little bit on the shorter side, maybe just past mid-thigh, somewhere between mid-thigh and just past the knee, and in that way you're really getting that look of the boot.

And that's something to think about too.

Like if you're wearing these boots, you really wanna show them off, don't wear something super long, dress or skirt-wise, because then you're just covering them up.

I didn't wanna give youthat one dress option, but again just pull out a dress you have in your closet already, maybe you have a littlebud dress that you have that is on the shorter side that you can wear with these boots, and it's gonna look amazing.

One note about tights, and I'll probably talkabout these more coming up, but with tights this season I really prefer to wear a slightly sheer tight with a pattern.

I like patterned tights so much.

I feel like they're justso cool and so lovely and they add so much pop to your look but without breaking up the line, and then the sheernesswill create contrast.

So if you do have a cool pair of boots on, you can still see the boots which is what you want.

'Cause if you wear that super thick dark black tight or legging, again what's the point of the boots? Like you might as well just wear the legging all the way down and then wear a cute little ankle bootie and call it a day.

Like if you're gonna wear killer boots, make sure you let them shine.

That's the whole point of the over the knee boot.

Let them shine.

The outfit is built around those boots and not the other way around.

So I hope that helps you guys and gives you some ideas for those over the knee boots.

I'll put links toeverything that I featured below in the descriptionbox if you're interested.

But if not, just recreate these same looks with pieces you alreadyhave in your closet.

Easy enough to do withthese basics I feel like.

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Thank you guys so much for watching.

I'll catch you next time, bye.

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