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5 Reasons Why Boots Make You More Attractive! [0:00:00]So, there’s this Hollywood story of actor Russell Crowe hanging out with producer JerryBruckheimer at a party.

They’re doing pretty well.

Russell has got women all over him until hetakes off his boots, loses three inches of height and immediately Jerry’s like, “Getyour boots back on.

Man, you’re messing up your image.

” Is the story true? I don’t know.

But, what I will attest to is the power ofboots.

In today’s video, gents, why boots makeyou more attractive and why every man needs a pair in his wardrobe.

[Music]Reason number one that every man needs a pair of boots in his wardrobe, women absolutelylove boots.

I’m supporting this with a 2016 study ata GQ Magazine.

They actually did in-depth interviews withover two hundred women asking them what they look for in a man, specific details when itcomes to style and grooming.

76% of women said they wanted to see a manwear casual boots on a first date.

What does that tell you? Guys, don’t – don’t you shoot yourselfthe foot.

Wear the casual boots, women absolutely lovethem.

So, we’ve established that women like boots, but why do they like boots? Guys, it comes down to association and status.

Let’s look at history.

Five hundred years back, military officers.

Two hundred years back, if you were a footsoldier you couldn’t afford boots.

You can barely afford shoes.

Boots were always reserve for officers, menof status men of power.

Even now modern days, we see a guy he’sgoing to be an explorer, we see a guy that’s joining the military, what are they wearing? Boots.

And now, let’s think about rock stars.

If you can imagine a rock star, he’s upon stage, he is breaking rules, he is commanding respect.

What is he wearing? He’s probably – he’s not going to bewearing dress shoes.

I like dress shoes, but he is going to bewearing a pair of boots.

Guys, it’s all about setting yourself apart, it’s all about status.

Now, gentlemen, all the boots you’re seeingin today’s video, brought to you by Thursday Boots, the paid sponsor of today’s video.

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They are going to develop unique patinas that’sgoing to reflect your daily adventures.

When you look at the insole right here, theyuse a cork lining.

What this means it’s kind of like a memoryfoam mattress.

It starts to conform to your foot that’swhy these are so comfortable.

Go check out all the different options theygot for men from the different styles from chukka to actually the dress boots, the morethe exploration boots.

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Amazing company, guys.

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Great boots at an amazing price.

Go check them out.

The next reason why every man needs a pairof boots in this wardrobe, gentlemen, it’s all about the heel.

It’s all about adding height.

This pair of boots right here easily goingto add two inches to your height.

Women, again, like in general taller men.

Even other men look to taller men.

They’ve done these studies of like the topCEOs of companies and taller men seem to dominate.

Now, if you’re shorter, it is a lost cause.

Of course not, there are many tricks and tipsout there.

I’ve got entire videos on that.

But, starting it off with a pair of boots, guys, that’s going to help especially find a pair of boots maybe with three inches, twoinches is definitely going to help go from 5’5” to 5’7”.

Boom! There you go.

Next up, let’s talk about size.

Big shoes mean a big heart, right? Isn’t that how it goes? But, here’s – look at this right here.


So, which one is bigger? Of course this shoe right here is bigger, but what you’re doing is you’re looking to make your extremities a bit larger in generalespecially during the fall, the winter, and the spring we’re starting to layer, bringon other pieces and that can throw off their proportions especially if you’re oftentimeswearing casual clothing which is most men out there.

So, you wear boots like this, all of a suddenthey add just a bit also in the length, in the overall size.

It’s not clunky if you get the right style.

And you get the right style a really nicerugged look right in there and all of a sudden it builds up your feet, it makes you lookmore masculine.

So, the next reason why every man needs apair of leather boots in his wardrobe, gentlemen, is because leather evokes a feeling of masculinity.

Basically, when you wear leather you comeoff as stronger.

Now, what’s this based off? A 2001 study out of the school of art andthat was over at Liverpool John Moores University, what they found is that certain fabrics certainmaterials evoke feelings.

Tweed made you relax.

Whenever they put denim in front of people, it made them feel like they were more energetic.

And, leather, when it comes down to leather, it’s all about strength and masculinity.

And bonus reason why every man needs a goodpair of boots because boots are functional.

You get that rubber sole right here, you getsomething that covers up your ankles with a good strong leather.

You’ve got something that you can walk tothe snow the sleet the rain, not worry about damaging the boots as long as you take careof the boots, but they’re going to keep water off of your feet and they’re goingto give you a good grip.

Guys, boots are functional, one of my favoritepieces of menswear that a man can own.

[0:05:05]Now, you’re probably wondering, Antonio, how do I find a great pair of boots? What exactly do I look for in the constructionof boots? Guys, I’ve got you covered.

Check out this video right here.

I’m going to link to it down in the descriptionof this video.

But, in this video right here, I go into thedetails of the build, what you need to identify, what you need to look for, whatever brandyou may buy.

But, I do recommend checking out ThursdayBoots.

Again, I’m linking to Thursday down in thedescription.

I absolutely love this company.

Like I said everything about the constructionis awesome.

I know the founders.

I’ve spent time with them in New York.

Absolutely love what this company is doing, so check them out, guys.

I’m linking to Thursday down in the description.

[Bleeping sound]So, quick fact about the chukka boot.

During World War II, British soldiers actuallycommissioned these to be made up in Northern Africa whenever they were fighting [Rommel]because they wanted a boot that would be more functional in the desert.

They worked with Egyptian cobblers who apparentlymade quite a few of these boots, they absolutely love them and then they started to make theirway into men’s wardrobe.

So, you should know this, a little bit ofmilitary history with the chukka boot.

That’s it.

Take care.

I’ll see you in the next video.

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