7 Rules To PROPERLY Match Boots With Your Outfit… & 3 BIG Mistakes To Avoid!

when you think about boots what comes to mind maybe a pair like this or maybe a pair like this mmm you smell good baby don't worry I'm gonna tell my wife about us seriously gents when it comes to boots you've got options that's rule number one gentlemen know

your options know what you've got available to you if you're playing a game and you've only got one move or you're playing on a team and you've only got one type of player you're gonna be hampered you're gonna be stale you're gonna be easy to predict and you're

not gonna win at the game of style when it comes down to boots understand guys tons of options out there so let me show you something first if we've got a classic lace boot in black what you're going to notice about this right here is it's utilitarian this

is gonna work with a wide variety of different outfits I know a lot of guys are gonna default to this and nothing wrong with that this is a great foundation boot especially if black shoes are already in your wardrobe but let's say you're not in the black shoes

you want to bring in something a bit more fun well start looking around there's tons of different options and the first option is to change up the color yes you may already have boots in this particular style but do you have them in a wide variety of colors

if you love the style you understand there's tons of different styles out there but this is your go to then don't be afraid to have some different colors especially made from different materials when I say different materials I'm talking not just about color I'm talking about different types

of leather coming from different types of animals you can even look at different cuts of the leather perhaps suede but let's also look at maybe changing up some of the style details right here notice all the sudden we've got a cap toe a small detail makes the boot

a little bit more casual but actually it grabs a bit of attention I think it's a great small detail to add onto a pair of boots now gents you're gonna see a lot of boots in today's video if you want to grab any of them go over to

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a pair that I owned three years and I yes I cut in half because I wanted to be able to show you guys what's inside these boots how they pay attention to the construction to the things that most people can't see so when you go in here and

you see oh they've got a shape I can see that they've got an inner leather lining and they've paid attention to all the things that matter when it comes to shoe construction and speaking of their practicality let's talk about how Thursday brings it into everything they built so

even their suede they use weatherproof suede yes guys you've got to love it when they bring in great-looking boots like this that are functional they can add a lot of dimension to your wardrobe at the same time you're gonna be able to wear them get a lot of

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out such an amazing company I'm proud to support them now continuing on with options let's talk about it boots a lot of guys look over and that is the chukka the classic desert boot been around for about 70 years or at least made popular in the last 70

years this is a great looking classic boot that you can dress up you can dress down right here I could dress this down with an indigo pair of dark jeans and it would just look amazing with the texture right here in the suede now this pair of checkers

right here notices it's got the classic leather upper right here this dark brown would work great with a number of options but you can't really dress this up why because the contrasting sole right here this is gonna make it casual I know a lot of younger guys absolutely

love this look and I think it's good it's actually a very functional sole it actually has no heel so you're gonna have more surface area touching the ground now you can also bring in a bold color right here we've got a blue suede and let's look at how

there's no contrast with the sole one compared to that last one and let's look at the sole we've got a nice rubber sole so very functional it does have a heel so if you're a bit of a shorter guy this is gonna give you an extra inch and

a half and height next up we've got the classic Chelsea right here in black wear to love about this you can dress it up you can dress it down I can wear this with a suit in inclement weather I could even dress this down with a pair of

jeans but if I was going to wear jeans I would probably go with something more like this gonna provide contrast we've got the Indigo jeans with right here the textured suede that's gonna be a better look Chelsey's are great they're versatile slip them on and off when you're

going through security a great style to know now most of the style options you're gonna see out there for looks but I also like it when you've got a style option that is functional like this pair of boots right here notice we've got the zipper so guess what

you just zip down and you can slip boots off at the same time you've got the function and the overall look of the lacing if you so choose to use it point being is you have options now with this boot start right here do you notice the immediate

difference look at the height right here it's gonna be a bit shorter this is going to be a traditional five eyelet boot very simple and I know a lot of people like this style it's kind of transitions between the shoe and the boot but it's still considered a

boot and right here just a great overall look now another style option is going to be broken and that's whenever they cut small holes into the leather it's got a long history I've talked about it in other videos but understand that it looks amazing it oftentimes does increase

the price of the boot and it does make the boot a bit more casual but guys just look at the results of just beautiful pair of boots right here another functional design is the moccasin boot now why is a moccasin boot functional because it really comes down to

comfort when you look at the size and the shape of the toe box on a moccasin boot it's going to be more forgiving than a lot of other boots so if you've got boots you've got issues with your feet not fitting in the boots you may want to

try a moccasin design in addition because right here we don't have a heel we've got more surface area that's gonna touch basically the ground so if you're gonna be in my area we get you know sleet and rain in ice this is a great pair of boots for

being able to traverse that kind of condition now what if you want to look like a rock star then find a pair of boots that scream for attention or a little bit more subtle and their style sets them apart so this pair of jodhpurs right here notice right

here we just got an overall just unique look you've got that buckle right here you got a strap going around just a beautiful pair of boots I own and wear these personally I can tell you guys I have gotten compliments on these multiple times strangely enough all been

asking where do they get these boots because they want to grab them and check out this pair right here guys I've got them in brown chocolate we've got that silver ring with small bits of detail right there the hardware in the zipper functional so you can zip it

up and slip them on and off I love boots like this that really just they think a little bit more courage to wear they're a little bit more fashion-forward but when you wear boots like this you are gonna grab attention and get compliments the next boot rule you've

got to know understand is proportion so a pair of boots like this these are large proportioned boots you're not going to want to wear them with other pieces of clothing which is going to fit you really close the body so if you're gonna be wearing thin or skinny

jeans and you wear boots like this guys that is not a good combination so understand if you're gonna wear delicate boots then you can wear it more delicate clothing if you wear heavy Hardy boots understand that yes and there are delicate boots there are oftentimes boots with a

very sleek design that are still a basic boot maybe in the Chelsea a little bit more of dress boots but when you wear something that's gonna be clunky you want to wear larger pieces with it the next rule gentlemen is to understand all boots by definition are casual

so treat them as such if you want to get dressed up and wear a tux or you're to be wearing a suit understand that's the domain of shoes of Oxford's but if you really want to wear a pair of boots maybe the weather calls for it then yes

you can't pull off maybe a pair of black Chelsey's with a suit I'm not gonna say that you can't do it but in general this is gonna be something you want to be careful with even boots like this which I absolutely love the look of this is casual

now I can wear this with jeans I could wear it with jeans and a sports jacket but I wouldn't really wear this with a suit unless the weather was really bad and yeah I didn't care what anyone thought the next rule for wearing boots make sure they've got

a good supporting cast pay attention to the jeans you want to make sure that the taper the cut the style of the trousers that you're wearing whether they be jeans or odd trousers work with the boots that you buy so jeans that work with these boots right here

aren't necessarily going to work with these boots right here why it's just simply a height issue it's also going to be hey will the jeans go around again if you're wearing a slimmer cut jeans you may find they're just not gonna work with this now there are workarounds

a lot of guys they roll their jeans how do you do that guys I've got you covered with this video right here I will link to that down in the description but in that video I do talk about how to roll your jeans properly to match them with

the boots now this next point I've alluded to but understand the color of the boots the material that they're made from will have an effect on the formality now in general remember all boots are casual but these boots right here are going to be dressier than these boots

right here why simply because black is a dressier color darker colors in general will be more formal now this next rule is critical and so few guys actually do this now is take care of your investment when you buy boots we buy some polish by a brute brush

all at the same time after you wear the boots you want to wipe them down you want to brush and get rid of the dirt why you don't want that salt going in there and drying out the leather you want to remove and you want to apply it

the Polish why a layer of polish this is wax this is gonna be water-resistant it's gonna ensure that your boots last longer don't know what color to get then find a neutral polish and there are tons of other options out there if you want to get in and

condition your boots understand this is not a polish a conditioner is gonna actually enter the leather and it's gonna keep it soft and supple you only need to do that maybe once a month if you wear the boots every day or once every few months or even once

a season if you wear them onion or not really regular you can go through and you can use edge dressing on the side and the boots that's gonna keep the nice color and if you're really worried about hey I'm gonna be walking to a lot of slush through

snow then look at a snow seal look at something it's actually going to protect the boots again that layer right there of water resistant material is going to keep the water from penetrating the boots when water goes into the boots what it does is it doesn't damage it

when it enters but when it leaves and it pulls moisture out that's when it damages the boots so whether you're using mink oil and if you use something like this again remember when you're applying a material test a small portion of it on maybe the back of the

boot on the inside tongue to make sure it doesn't darken the boots because things like this will darken light color leathers and if you're worried about darkening light color leathers then look for certain silicone sprays or something in there options out there which will not penetrate the leather

but will still put a layer of protective coat on it to keep the elements at bay now this next rule is not a hard and fast one but I know a lot of guys just starting off they love these simple rules that make it easy to match everything

and that is match your leathers with your leathers so your belt your watch strap your boot if you're going to go with black then go with black all around makes it really easy to pair things to put them together but what about with boots that actually don't match

up or you maybe you go with the suede you go with a pair of bold boots don't worry as long as you get something that's closer or you feel confident with the combination now notice the combination here I didn't even think about it I've got silver and silver

oftentimes we gravitate towards blacks Browns silver because of our skin tone maybe you're a gold kind of guy so just make sure that you kind of that in the family when you're just starting off but if you're more advanced you can throw that stuff out the window and

you can put together whatever you want all right so let's talk about mistakes mistake number one is overpaying for crappy boots in fact buying crappy boots how do you identify bad quality boots because most of the time they're glued together now there are some boots out there that

are glued that it makes sense because of the construction and the way that they're going for the design of the shoe but the vast majority of high quality shoes are going to be stitched together they're going to use a Goodyear welt they're gonna use either a blake stitch

there is a difference in that construction but if you see either of these type of shoes know that you're getting in general a highly constructed high quality shoe why because it costs a lot more money and it gives the shoe the ability to be resold the next deadly

mistake buying a pair of boots that are made from an inferior material when it comes the upper if it's not leather if it's a synthetic material you want to be very careful they're not going to be as breathable and they're not going to be able to stand up

to a lot of the wear and tear that leather is capable of in addition you want to make sure you're getting tier 1 leather there is a difference between tier 1 tier 2 tier 3 and tier 4 tier 3 & 4 if you ever find boots that say

they're made from that avoid them at all cost because it comes down to being able to absorb water and be resistant to water tier 3 tier 4 and even tier 2 actually don't do a great job of repelling water naturally that's why you want to go with tier

1 boots when it comes to the leather the next deadly mistake when it comes to buying boots not paying attention to the sole so right here we've got a rubber sole a lot of people are gonna say oh you need a leather sole for high quality boots not

exactly depends on the function of the boot this is a pair of combat boots I want a rubber sole it's gonna have traction this is gonna be able to do its job which is to provide support when I'm going through the mud or out hiking now if I've

got a pair of dress boots or a pair of cross functional boots I want something that has traction but also has the leather sole this is going to be in general a sign of quality but I like that this manufacturer paid attention to you know these little details

right here so it's gonna give me a bit more traction but if I want a really dressy boot and I don't really care so much about traction then I want to go for this straight leather sole right here leather soles are oftentimes a great sign of quality why

because they're more expensive and they take a little bit more time in the construction and the build and what's the biggest mistake you can make when it comes to boots gentlemen that one's easy not wearing them guys if you need proof as to why you should wear boots

check out this video right here five ways wearing boots makes you more attractive in this video I go in your research it is a great video so go check it out guys and find out why you need to wear boots