Acne Studios Jensen Boots vs. Everlane Chelsea Boots Review

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Today I'm gonna be doing a review of my favorite chelsea boots: Acne Studios Jensen boots and Everlane The Chelsea Boot.

If you watched my review of best lace-up flats under $250, You would know that I'm very picky for shoes.

My shoes have to be pretty, comfortable and made of good leather.

These boots have met all my criteria.

Now let's jump right in.

My top favorite are the Acne Studios Jensen boots.

The shaft is slightly higher than my ankle bone.

The heel height is 1.


The pair is designed in a point-toe silhouette.

There is a v-shape gunmetal trim at the front.

The insole is lined with real leather, making it breathable to wear.

The outsole is made of rubber.

The simple design has the magic power to make legs look longer and straighter.

It may be because of the point-toe silhouette and the v-shape gunmetal trim.

On the sides, there are v-shape elasticated inserts.

These inserts make the legs look longer and straighter too.

Although the pair has a point-toe silhouette, it is very comfortable! It's not narrow.

I have slightly wider feet, and my toes have more of a square shape.

So If I wear European or US brand point-toe shoes, my little toes are always squeezed uncomfortably.

But I don't have issues with this pair.

My toes feel very comfortable! Even if I wear thick socks, I still feel comfortable.

Let's talk about leather.

The Jensen boots are so gorgeous that I've purchased two pairs! One pair has burgundy smooth leather.

The other pair has wheat grained leather.

The burgundy pair feels very smooth.

It looks shiny.

The leather is stiff.

I wore this pair for the last winter, and it hasn't got many wrinkles.

So it looks quite new.

The wheat pair feels grained.

It feels softer than the burgundy pair.

It looks shiny too.

This pair doesn't get wrinkles easily, so it looks quite new too.

Let's talk about the price.

The price for this pair is quite expensive.

Retails for $560.

I got my two pairs at sale prices.

About 30% to 40% off when I purchased them.

Quite a deal! My second favorite is Everlane The Chelsea Boot.

The design of this pair is even simpler.

From the front, it looks like normal chelsea boot.

The only highlight is the heel.

The back of the heel is white.

The shaft of this pair is similar to that of Jensen Boots.

Let's compare.

The heel height is 1'', shorter than that of Jensen Boots.

This pair has a almond-toe silhouette.

So it doesn't make legs look as long as the Jensen Boots do.

The elastic inserts on the sides have rectangular shape.

So it doesn't make legs look long and straight as Jensen Boots do.

The insole is lined with real leather.

The outsole is made of textured rubber, which is more anti-skid.

In terms of comfort, the Everlane boots are narrower than the Jensen Boots.

But because of its almond-toe silhouette, my wider feet don't feel uncomfortable wearing this pair.

The pair has black smooth leather.

But the leather is not as smooth and shiny as that of the Jensen Boots.

The leather feels stiff too.

But the biggest con is that the pair gets wrinkles very easily.

I bought the Everlane boots almost at the same time when I bought my Jensen boots.

And I wore both boots almost equally frequently.

The wrinkles of the Everlane boots are apparently more than those of the Jensen boots.

So the Everlane boots look more worn-out.

Let's compare.

The Jensen Boots look like 80% to 90% new, while the Everlane boots look like 50% to 60% new.

The Everlane boots retail for $235, almost half the price of the Jensen Boots.

For the Everlane boots, the value for the money is great.

For size reference, I normally wear boots in US size 7.

I chose size 7 for the three pairs.

If I had to choose only one pair, I would go for a pair of Acne Studios Jensen Boots.

The reasons are: first, it makes legs look longer and straighter.

Second, it is very comfortable to wear.

Third, it doesn't get wrinkles easily.

Very easy to take care of.

Even if you've worn it for a long time, it still looks quite new.

I simply can't find another pair with pretty design, great comfort, and gorgeous leather.

It is pricy.

So I highly suggest purchasing it at sale price.

For about $300 sale price, it's really a great deal! The Everlane pair is less pricy.

If you are on budget and like simpler design, you may consider the Everlane pair.

Well, this is my review of my favorite chelsea boots.

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