adidas ultraBOOST X Running Shoe Review

Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel! It's Noelle and I'm here with another shoe review.

I received the adidas ultraBOOST X I think towards the end of February, so I've had it for about a month now and yeah this is the standard colorway thatthe women's version arrives in.

And I will be showing you a bit more in-depth footage coming up, so let me just read to you what adidas has told me about thisproduct.

BOOST has been around for quite some time and of course competing brandshave released their own responses to this technology but adidas still touts itself as the first and the best when it comes to really good cushioning and energy return.

Right so the purpose of this review is to tell you whether ornot the new ultraBOOST X is an improvement over previous versions ofthe ultraBOOST.

The ventilation holes of the original ultraBOOST returned to the upper across the foot's key sweat zones the cage and forefoot.

And then the new PrimeKnit construction is supposed to have reduced stretch to provide runners witha prime fit and additional support so you will see that in the heel counter — normally most heel counters just go straight across this part of the heel, but this time the heel counter is split down like this so this allows theAchilles tendon which actually extends to the bottom of your heel to move a bitmore freely.

Obviously you know I'm not a very technical person and I don't reallykeep up with all of the technical breakthroughs and technology innovationsthat shoe brands come up with per iteration of their footwear.

What really matters to me is how comfortable the shoe is and how it helps me run at my best.

and so I used the ultra boost X for a month starting from when I used the shoe in an adidas Runners Manila session which wasactually a speed session going up a hill at the Bonifacio Greenway and you knowthat was really like first impressions of the shoe and I share them with you inthis video.

COACH NYLAH: Good evening everyone and welcome to the speed session.

We normally have our BOOST run and then we have our speed session every Wednesdays.

For the first timershere please raise your hand.

And Kikay Runner, thank you for trying out the newest ultraBOOST X, I've heard many good reviews.

This is my first run session outdoors in a long while.

Hi! This is Josh, one of my avid readers — YUCK! (giggles) Tonight I'm trying out the new ultraBOOST X So for the first few hundred meters it feels a lot like the old ultraBOOST X All Terrain that I've been wearing but I'll see how it performs as we gothrough tonight's speed session.

When was the last speed session I ever did? Oh, maybe last year? The softness of the BOOST cushioning is –it's like Goldilocks, it's just right.

The shoe itself is still very responsiveand it's really quite light so you can notice it during speed sessions likethis one where you want to put on a burst of speed and the shoe actually letsyou do it.

Last one, last one! How many? How many are you doing? -Six.

YEEEES! -Hi, Kikay! Probably the only con that I can think of is that right now the shoe is just a little bit tightaround the arch and forefoot area but with my previous experience from thiskind of shoe, it usually loosens by a few runs in so I'm not too worried about thecomfort level.

-Hi! I'm gonna go for my cooldown, I thinkthey've already started.

I'll check back in after a few weeks of using these shoes.

Obviously the ultraBOOST and the ultraBOOST X are different in that the ultraBOOST X has a floating — well I like to call it floating but it's called an adaptive arch by adidas.

Between the first introduction of this adaptive arch and this current iteration of theultraBOOST X they've actually made some changes.

It feels like the arch is a bitlower to the shoe and it doesn't move as much these days versus let's say whenthey introduced this adaptive arch in the pureBOOST X it really felt like thearch was a bit more freely moving and it felt like your foot would slide off theshoe sideways.

In this iteration yeah your foot is secure here you'll see that the foot base, the shoe base is actually wide enough so that even if your footslides sideways it won't come off the shoe completely.

Also, this PrimeKnit holds your foot in place even if it looks deceptively pliable, like it's just fabric but it's actually not.

This is actually the first time I'm running in an ultraBOOST X with the cut as low as this one.

I already have the ultraBOOST X All Terrain which had a higher cut like this I did notice with the previous ultraBOOST X All Terrain that the PrimeKnit kind of started feeling a lot more comfortable towards the end of my testing period.

I don't know if it was because the PrimeKnit had given a little and had molded to my foot a little.

I think that's really how it'ssupposed to work and so with the PrimeKnit of the ultraBOOST X that I received I was kind of waiting for it also to have a little more givetowards the end of the testing period and it did that but it never lostthe quality of being somewhat a fully wraparound shoe.

It really felt many times like I was wearing two pairs of socks rather than a pair of socks and then shoes over it.

That's how snug it felt.

It was very comforting to know that your shoe isn't gonna come off your foot, but at the same time for those of us who like to wear their shoes a little bit more loosely, that upper across the arches was a little unforgiving.

You can see that there isn't really a tongue section here it's really one-piece construction andthe laces seemed to be there a little bit more for decoration rather than forreal structural functions.

There's a bit more build up across these three stripes, there's a bit more.



I would say that it cups it a little bit more and then the top of the shoe stays on there.

It doesn't really stretch that much or ifit does stretch, you do feel that resistance.

So for me I like a little bitof play going up and down like this in my shoe.

It didn't really provide forthat.

Overall though this PrimeKnit is super breathable.

I never felt like myfoot was getting hot or uncomfortable inside.

It really helped like if there was any moisture buildup it was never contained inside the shoe because of this PrimeKnit.

So everything just *pffffff* evaporated awayquite quickly.

I used it yes I used it on a beach.

I did get the shoe wet when Istepped into a puddle but that didn't really translate to the inside of the shoe.

I didn't feel any dampness inside when I stepped in the puddle.

And of course you know after a few kilometers of running, the shoe was againdry.

Yeah, when I took the shoes off it didn't really have any dampness in theinside of it except for this heel cup because the heel cup is a bit morecushioned, it's got this cushioning here.

It did feela little bit more damp than the rest of the shoe so I had to air it out for abit before putting it back in storage.

I did mention that I like to wear the shoevery, some of my shoes very loosely and the ultraBOOST X didn't allow meto do that with this shoe because of the overall wraparound knit construction.

I eventually did adapt to that feeling and it was very good to run in, but sometimes itcould get a bit tight especially if my foot started to expand towards the end of a long run and then in particular my right foot got crampy.

And this happened maybe two out of — how many sessions did I run in this shoe? 15 sessions.

Two out of 15 sessions this happened to me and it was probably because I was clawing myfoot a little bit.

It was probably subconscious and it's not something thatI normally do with my shoes.

Differences between the adidas ultraBOOST X and theultraBOOST X All Terrain.

There aren't really a lot of differences but I will show youthe two shoes side-by-side.

So these are the two pairs of shoes the adidas ultraBOOST X and ultraBOOST X All Terrain.

The ultraBOOST X All Terrain has a bit of a higher cut and it's meant to keep things out of the shoe versus the ultraBOOST X which has a lower cut and a more stylish cut if I do say so.

This one is the one that I feel would best translate fromperformance to lifestyle like if you're coming from the gym and you're gonna go straight to a girl's brunch you can still wear this.

You'll notice that ultraBOOST X All Terrain is a bit beefier with the sole and this is a Continental outsole.

It's a bit different because this Continental outsole looks like it's got like little crosses on it versus the Continental outsole of the ultraBOOST Xwhich has a bit more of a rounded nub.

You will see that the sole of theultraBOOST X All Terrain is just a bit thicker.

And the ultraBOOST X All Terrain has this cage right? The ultraBOOST X doesn't have that cage.

So this All Terrain really expects thatyou're gonna take it on uneven terrain just a bit but this one expects that you're running in a more urban environment.

Both of them still do havethat that heel counter which allows room for the Achilles to move.

The tech between these two shoes, they're the same, so yeah if you already have this you might beless inclined to get this and if you get this I'm not sure if you're actuallysomeone who runs in all terrain conditions anyway.

Maybe one thing to note is that the PrimeKnit for the ultraBOOST X is just a little bit different from the PrimeKnit of the ultraBOOST X All Terrain.

I do feel like my All Terrain is just a bit softer across the top of the foot versus thethe ultraBOOST X which just feels a little bit more built up across here.

So you might feel that difference at some point.

It's really quite snug.

It's a sock that molds to your foot and some people really likethat and some people don't.

So it's really up to you what kind of runner you are.

To sum up, I really loved running in theadidas ultraBOOST X.

And I ran in these ultraBOOST X's to fulfill the Takbo.

PH Women's Stride Virtual Run requirements.

So I had signed up for a 50-kilometervirtual run which means that from March 1 to 31 I had to complete a total mileage of 50 kilometers and these were the shoes that I ran in for all of thosekilometres and I have to say that it was one of the best months of running thatI've had because every time I put these shoes on I just felt on top of the world.

Just another note that I didn't run further than 10k in any one of those run sessions so sometimes your foot feels great in shoesfor short distances but then it changes as the distances get longer.

I did feel towards the end of the 10k that my foot was kind of swelling andthis usually happens the longer you run and the PrimeKnit was getting a littlesnug.

I'm not sure if the PrimeKnit will give to let you run longer sessions — like maybe if you run long sessions then this will adjust to your foot as welland will expand to give you more room to run those long sessions in.

I know that the ultraBOOST X All Terrain was a really good shoe to run 21 K in, like it was supercomfortable and I didn't feel any joint aches at the end because you know theBOOST really gave me that much cushioning.

And like I said this soft knit allowed my foot to expand in the shoe so maybe that's gonna happen in this ultraBOOST X.

I probably won't know unless Irun longer than 10k in these shoes.

I will let you know what happens then.

Very responsive shoe when it comes to change-up in speed like I never felt that myfoot got stuck on the ground really long.

If I had to pick up the speed, I just told my legs to go and they went.

Sometimes with a very very cushioned shoe you're gonna feel like um it's a bit more leaden when you try to peel yourfoot up off the ground faster.

This one had no issues.

Actually the only barrier between me and running faster was me, myself.

I didn't really feel motivatedto run any faster and if I did, I didn't feel too great which is afunction more of fitness rather than the shoe.

This shoe is a bit pricey, yeah? It's almost ten thousand pesos so it isan investment shoe.

Would I buy it? Yes, but it would be the only shoe Iwould buy for that entire year.

I would probably have an older shoe that I wouldrotate with it.

Okay so that does it for my review of the adidas ultraBOOST X.

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