Best Boots & Shoes of 2019!

– The best of the best when it comes to shoes and boots.

Hi ladies, it's Erin and welcome back to my channel.

Today I wanna talk allabout shoes and boots.

The best of the best from 2019, my absolute favorites.

When I look at the entire year as a whole, which pairs of shoes andboots were the most versatile? Which pairs were that perfect combination of both fashion and function.

(whooshing) Okay, so let's get startedon that top ten list for shoes and boots.

Starting out with one of my top favorites and also, coincidentally abest seller among bloggers across the board and it's these Vince Camuto booties.

You may remember I just did a video where I styled theseexact booties five ways with Nordstrom and so if you're looking for styling ideas with a bootie this color you'll definitely wanna goback and watch that video but I just love thesebooties because of the color.

They are skin tone for me, so I can wear them withskirts and dresses.

I also feel like it's a very neutral color so I can pair it withlike this type of tone, grays, cremes, whites, taupe, brown, it just is a really lovelyversatile, neutral color, manageable, chunky heel.

I love the cut-outs on the side.

Gives it a modern fresh detail.

Also frames the ankle andelongates the leg a bit more and it's just a great bootie.

Definitely a heavy hitter this year.

The second pair of booties Iwanted to highlight are these by ECCO, E C C O.

I featured them last year on the blog.

I featured them a coupletimes here on YouTube.

If you're a regular vieweryou'll probably remember these.

I love them because they havethe low, stacked, chunky heel.

I love them also for the side zip.

They're also very comfortable.

They're flexible andthey're black and brown, so you can really wearthem with either color.

They're very light weight as well.

This is a great justwalking shoe, travel shoe, travel bootie and everyday, comfortable, functional but stylish bootie.

The next major heavy hitter for me in the shoe departmentwas these, wedge sneakers.

The Felicia by Linea Paolo and I love these so much, especially for traveling because they give methe height that I want without sacrificing comfort.

They also are easy to get on and easy to get offbecause of the side zip and they do not set offthe alarm at airport so if you're TSA precheck, you don't have to worry about taking them off, but if you do take themoff they're really easy to get on and off which I appreciate.

I also think they are so cute.

They come in a zillion colors.

This is just two of thecombinations I have, but they have basic black, basic brown, basic creme, white beige, you know, you name it, they have it.

I love the way they look.

I love the way they feel and I also love how theygive me that extra three or so inches with jeans.

(whooshing) The next shoes I wannahighlight is actually a pair of knee-high boots.

These are by Vince Camuto.

You guys know I'm a huge Vince Camuto fan.

I pretty much partnerwith them on the blog at least once a month and that's because I love them.

I love the shoes.

They're always comfortable.

They're always like uniform in terms of sizing which I appreciate'cause I don't wanna have to guess on my size every single time I order a pair of shoes and they also are always very fashionable so here's an example of a terrific pair of knee-high boots.

Very versatile, neutral color.

Nice almond toe.

Great stacked heel.

This color you can wearwith just about anything, blacks or browns.

Easy to get on, easy toget off with the side zip, and it's just a great looking boot.

I love 'em and I didfeature these in my video where I talked aboutthose ten essential shoes and boots that every woman should own and if you missed thatvideo, you should go back and watch that.

I kinda dive into a little bit more depth as to why this pair of bootsspecifically is a classic and something that's great to invest in.

That's a great videoto compliment this one after you finish watchingthe top ten list.

(whooshing) Next up, we've got these booties by Alexander Wang.

I had been looking at these booties for well over a yearbefore purchasing them.

I was thinking about it.

I was like do I wanna buy these? Do I not wanna buy these? Do I need these? Do I not need these? You know, that wholemental shopping dilemma that goes on inside your head.

Maybe it doesn't go on inside your head, but it certainly goes on inside mine.

I ended up getting themand I'm so happy I did.

I wear them all the time.

They're comfortable.

They're super versatile.

I love this detail right here.

It's so unusual and distinctiveand cool and edgy and modern and of course you've got theside zip making it very easy to put on and off andthe heel is chunky again.

Easy to walk in.

Comfortable to walk in.

These are rose gold.

You can see this islike a gold accent here, but they do have a pair also with silver, so you can do silver zip andsilver accent in the cut-out.

(whooshing) The next pair of boots I wanted to show you guys are these bad boys.

They are combat boots by C By Chloe.

I got these because some of the bees in the Busbee style hive asked me how I would style combat boots and it occurred to methat I didn't have any and then I was thinking about why and I felt like it wasoutside my comfort zone and I wasn't sure if I could pull 'em off 'cause I'm 45 and am I cool enough? Am I too old? I don't know.

All of this insecurityswirling around in my brain, but I promised my bees thatI would give them a try and I would style the combat boots, which I did a video on stylingcombat boots three ways, which I will put a link to below but I ended up buying this pair after a careful exhaustive search.

These are so cool.

I am so happy I bought thembecause I really love them now and I feel so comfortablewearing them now.

Not only do you have thisreally low chunky heel with a lug sole which isgreat for wintery weather here that we have in Telluride, you also have a side zip so Ilove that feature with laces.

I don't actually have to lace anything up.

I can just unzip the side and slip them on and slip them off.

These are a little bit on the heavy side.

I'm sure there are somethat are a bit lighter but I just love the way they look.

I also love this buckle detailing here.

What did we learn from this? We learn that you should step outside of your comfort zone once ina while and try new things because things may surprise you, so this is an example of me stepping out of my comfort zone.

I wasn't feeling like I could pull it off.

I was feeling a littlebit too old for them, not cool enough for them, and I'm happy I tried thembecause I really do love them, so I wanted to sharethat story with you guys so you remember thatthere may be something that feels outside your comfort zone but you kinda want to try it.

Go ahead and try it.

Just do it.

Like, what's the worstthing that can happen? You end up not liking itand then you return it, or you end up not likingit and then you sell it or give it away or whatever, but you tried it.

Do you know what I mean? It's just good for you to step outside that fashion comfort zone once in a while, or with anything in life.

(whooshing) So next two pairs of shoes I wanted to share with you areby the same designer, the former co-founder of Jimmy Choo and now the founder ofTamara Mellon, Tamara Mellon, so here is the signatureTamara Mellon shoe.

It's called the Frontlineand they make these in varying heel heights, so they have the flats.

They have a mid-heel.

They have the high heel, and then they have nude and I think they have white and black, so there are a variety ofheel heights and colors, but these are so unusual, unique, sexy, and they really make a statement.

I really love this pair of heels.

It is more of like a naked shoe, so if you don't love your feet it might be a little bit of an issue.

These are just a knock-out pair of shoes, like with dresses, jeans, skirts, special occasions, New Year's Eve, like, it's your go-to.

Love 'em so much.

(whooshing) The next pair I wantedto show you is this pair of boots by Tamara Mellon.

I did a blog collaborationwith them earlier this year, like a few months ago, and through that collaboration I was able to pick out two pairs of shoes.

I'm like why can't wework together every month.

I'm up for that.

Sometimes my gig is pretty darn cool.

So this was the second pair I picked out and I absolutely love these.

I love the mesh detailing at the top.

I love how you can scrunch'em or pull 'em straight.

I love the color.

I love the heel.

Just such a sexy, fabulous pair of boots but still feels accessible, not crazy and very wearable althoughthey're quite dressy, so you're gonna wannawear them on date night or you're gonna wanna wearthem to a dinner party or just during the day ifyou've got something going on that you're meetingsomebody for lunch or coffee and you wanna really step up your game, it's a great pair of bootsand comfortable for heels.

(whooshing) I mean, this next pair of boots, are you guys sick of 'em yet? I wear them all the time.

I love them so stinking much.

They are just amazing.

I love, love, love.

These are really comfortable for heels and just really luxe looking with the crack embossed leather Beautiful heel, beautifulpointed toe, very elongating.

I love the rounded top.

I love how their loose fitting so when you wear themover jeans or leggings they just look so sleek.

It's just a great boot.

You will not regret buying these.

You will be so happy you bought them.

(whooshing) And then last, but not least, these Paris Texas booties.

I bought a couple of ParisTexas boots this season and I really love the line.

It's newish and they're doingthe crack embossed shoes and boots a lot too just like the Schutzones I just showed you.

This pair, you know, I wasin Nordstrom in California and a couple people stopped me and were like what are those boots? Where did you get them? For sure they were likeJimmy Choo or Prada or something really expensive, so I mean, it is a higher price point, but I think that these are a show stopper.

They are just so luxe and gorgeous.

You will love them.

These take a little bit of breaking in.

Not much but just alittle bit of breaking in.

I did wear these for an all day travel day which I would not recommend because we have what, a four inch heel.

Like, that's notpractical for travel ever.

Rookie mistake on my part.

I was thinking I didn'thave my kids with me and I could do it, but it was just silly and Iforgot about the Denver airport and how far it is to getfrom one gate to the other.

Anyway, long story short, I was kickin' myself, choon, with my fabulous boots thinking why the hell did I wearthese on my travel day.

Never do that.

Never, never, never.

I think these are comfortable enough for walking around butyou don't wanna be like touring a city in themor traveling in them.

Just a gorgeous, stunning pair of booties and you guys will love these for sure.

(whooshing) Okay, so if you missed the other best ofs, I will put a link to that right up here and also in the description box below as well as links to everythingI featured in the video in case you're interestedin checking them out.

Remember this is a peak sale time.

Take advantage of those sales.

Be strategic about it.

Look at what you need in your closet.

What are those basics you're missing? What are those piecesthat really would put that extra spring in your step.

Invest in one or two of those this season.

Treat yourself.

Do something nice for yourself because you deserve it.

You are all amazing, beautiful women and you deserve to treatyourself now and again.

Thank you guys so much for watching.

Don't forget to subscribeand I'll see you next time.


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