Boots style Uggs tricot bébé 2/2 / Uggs baby boots knit (english subtitles)

I finished my 10 rows of garter stitch.

Very important, in the front side, we have 8 central stitches, and on the side we start with 21 stitches.

This 8 central stitches, don't touch them.

The decreases are made on the two sides.

Here the decreases are purled.

(P) You see, here we are on the back side of the work, we have to knit (K) the decreases.

So when you turn it (on the front side), the decreases look purled (P).

And when we knit on the front side, the decrease will be purled (P).

Like this you'll have your decreasespurled on the good side.

(P) (assorted to the boots) So we'll have 21 sts on one side, 8 central sts and 21 sts on the other side.

We start with the selvedge stitch, then you have to knit 21 sts(we count the selvedge stitch), we knit another 8 stitches (K8), we have another 21 sts.

Now you have to makethe decrease.

On this side (back side) you have toknit the decrease.

We turn the work, and we put the thread thatit's on the left needle on the right needle.

I put the thred in the good placeand I knit the 8 central stitches.

I purl the next 2 stitches, I turn the work, and I put this loopon the right needle.

I continue to knit the 8 central sts.

Again, I have to do the decrease, , I'm on the back side, so I knit it (K).

I take this 2 stitches and I knitthem together.

We return the work and I passe this stitchon the right needle.

I put the thread at his place and I startto knit the 8 centrat sts.

I'm in the front side, so I willpurl the next 2 stitches.

Again, I turn the work, and I putthe left stitch on the right needle.

You continue like this 8 sts.

I'm on the back side, so Iknit the next 2 stitches.

You have to work like this, until you have 11 sts on your left needle.

Now I have another 19 stitches on the left needle.

You got to have 11 sts left, without the 8 central sts.

So I go on.





I just finished my last decrease, so I have 11 sts left on the left needle.

You continue to knit the 11 left sts, you don't turn your piece.

You turn your piece and you haveto knit all sts.

(K) Look, here when you have 12 sts left youhave to do 1 decrease.

In order to have 11 sts like on the other side.

Arriving there, as we are in the front side, we're going to purl the decrease (P).

And you continue to knit until the end of the row.

(K) There you have the front of the bootsthat is ready.

Now you have to knit5 rows of garter stitch.

(knit all, 32 sts) So 5 rows of garter stitch, and in the 6th row we're gonna cast off the sts.

(close) We got the bottom of the boots.

I finished the 5 rows of garter stitch, now I'm gonna cast off the sts.

Be flexible in your work, the renderingwill be much prettier.

At the end cut the thread (leave a long piece).

The bottom part is finished.

Now we have to make the upper part, with the twist.

You have to cast on 38 sts.

The distribution of the 38 stitches:12 stitches at left in garter stitch.

2 purl stitches before the twist, 12 stitches stockinette stitch (for the twist), 2 purl stitches (after the twist), 8 stitches in garter stitch, and the 2 selvedge stitches on each side.

You knit the 1st stitch.

Then you have to knit 12 sts (K12), purl 2 sts (P2), knit 12 sts (K12), purl 2 sts (P2), knit 8 sts (K8), and you knit the selvedge stitch.

You see the result, with the 2 purl stson each side.

For the row n° 2 you have to knit12 sts (K12), knite 8 sts, (K8) and then you do the stitches as theypresent themselves.

So, selvedge stitch, knit 8 sts (K8), knite 2 sts (K2), (so they look purled on the other side) purle 12 sts (P2), (so they look knited on the other side) knite 2 sts (K2), (so they look purled on the other side) knite 12 sts (K12), (garter stitch) and the selvedge stitch.

You work like this until the 6th row.

I finished the 6 rows.

At the 7th row, we're going to do the twist.

So I take the selvedge stitch, knite 12 sts ( K12), purle 2 sts (P2), you take the first 6 sts with yourcable needle.

You put them in front.

You knite the next 6 sts.

The 6 sts that are on the cable needlewe are going to place them on the left needle.

And we're going to knit them.

(because we are working an uneven row) purl 2 sts (P2), and I finish by kniting 8 sts (K8)and the selvedge stitch.

At the sight it looks like it's ugly, Do not worry.

Once you make 3, 4 rowseverything will look fine.

The next row it's the same as the second row.

In fact all the even ranks are like the n ° 2and all te uneven ones as n ° 1.

I'll show you a list for the twist.

We already did the twist at row n° 7.

The next twist is at row n° 17.

Between each twist, we have 9 rows.

So the next twists are at the row n°:27, 37, 47, 57, 67, and at the row n° 71 you have to cast of the sts (close).

In this way, once seewn, the twist will follow the movement.

Then we'll assemble them.

For sewing.

First of all we will sew this smallpart here.

You see, we have 2 stockinette stitches.

You have to sew at the 1st one.

You prick on this side, and you continue to sew, by grabbing the small knots of the selvedge stitches.

You look that the two parts are matching.

Do not sew too tight, or too loose.

Sew these two pieces together.

(purl with purl).

From time to time you have to skip a loopin the upper part.

You have to grab every timea stitch from here (in the stockinette stitch), with 1 loop from here.

I skip 1 stitch in the bottom partand I prick in the upper part.

You have to skip one time to time.

(the upper part is slightly larger) In this way the 2 pieces sewnwill match at the end.

You continue in this way.

(you jump a stitch from time to time in the upper part) At the end you have to make a knotand cut the thread.

Then we must sew the upper part.

You have to sew in the loopthat comes towards you.

At the end you have to make a knothide and cut the thread.

Now we're going to sew the sole.

The fold of the stockinette stitch will be sewed after.

It has to coincide.

At the end of the sewing, you have to do the knot inside the boots.

You hide and cut the thread.

Now you have to sew the stockinette stitch part.

A little knot, and we hide the thread.

Now you will sew the restof the boots.

Once there you continue to sew the twist.

The twist must coincide.

Now you have to sew the smallremaining parts.

This part must remain hollow inside, so you have to sew all around.

You must sew in the same wayhere, preserving the hole in it.

Here are the finished boots.

You can put on the boots the samecord with the pearls, the same as for the beanie.

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