How To Buy Chukka Boots | Men's Chukkas Boot Guide | How To Wear & Style Chukka Footwear

How To Buy Chukka Boots Men's Chukkas BootGuide How To Wear & Style Chukka Footwear [0:00:00] Hi! I'm Antonio Centeno.

I'm the founder of Real Men Real Style.

Today, I'm going to be speaking with you aboutthe chukka boot.

I'm going to be talking about the history.

I'm going to talk about the features thathelp you identify a chukka boot when you're out there shopping, and I'm going to talkabout how to wear a chukka boot, how to fit it into your wardrobe.

Now, before I get into this, I want to thankPaul Evans.

Paul Evans sent me a pair of chukkas, whichI've been wearing, and I can tell you that this is a company that really pays attentionto the detail.

On this chukka boot, we've got a beautifulhandcrafted calf leather right here on the upper.

It's been blake stitched.

It's got a leather sole, handmade in Italy, all the classics, very well-made.

I've been wearing these shoes now for a coupleof weeks.

I'm very impressed with the build, so go checkout Paul Evans.

I'm going to talk about them and I'm goingto show images in the support article, but I can tell you the prices that these guysare charging — well, I've talked with the founders about this.

I think that they're undercharging and thatyou guys should go check them out before they decide to raise their prices because really, this stuff right here — and this company has been around for almost two years.

They're still trying to make their way andget the brand known out there.

I can see these guys knocking the price upbecause the quality is second to none, so go check them out, Paul Evans.

We're going to talk about the history.

Chukka, it's not “chooka”.

It's chukka.

It's a rugby term and that helps understand– it's important to understand it because it actually has a British history, a British-NorthAfrican history.

The story is that we had troops deployed duringWorld War II into North Africa.

They show up.

They've got their regular combat boots.

Now, they had come out of England.

Let's just say those boots that they had maybewere for cold weather, mud, maybe for trudging, going through France and that kind of stuff, but they were not made for the North African deserts.

They had sand issues and it was really irritatingtheir feet.

Apparently, some of the guys went over tocobblers right there in Cairo and they said, “This is what we want.

We want something that's going to fit closerto the ankle.

It's not going to allow sand in.

It's going to be lightweight so that we canmove through this environment, ” and that's where the chukka came from.

First thing, let's talk about the height ofthe chukka.

It's not going to be as high.

We're going to see it's going to come up rightand cover the ankle.

It's not going to go higher above that.

In addition, it's made to fit closer aroundthe ankle so sand doesn’t get up in there.

The original material on the upper, we wouldsee leather because leather was pretty common at that time, but we would also see suedeand variations of leather.

Now, the sole, rubber has become a lot morecommon.

And if you think about for a boot in durabilityand being able to bounce around, that's going to be in the more casual chukkas, but leathersoles are common as well especially in dress chukkas.

Now, the front part, very simple.

We're not really going to see any type ofembroidery, any type of cap toes.

You will see that occasionally, but I'm goingto say it's overall a pretty casual look.

You could notice how right here, we've gotthe attachment on the upper slap right on here.

We've got one to two eyelets.

You'll occasionally see three eyelets.

If you start to see five to six eyelets, that'sprobably more of a boot than it is a chukka.

Also, the heel, usually chukkas are goingto have shorter heels.

These weren't really for riding a horse wherewe see a lot of other boots come out of.

These are more for trudging through sand, for going on movements, and that focuses on — it really helps you understand the historyof the chukka.

We've talked about the history.

We've talked about the build and how thatgoes into it.

Now, let's start to talk about how do youwear these.

The ones I just showed you made from leatherwith the leather upper, leather lower, in a dark brown, you're going to see them inblack, maybe oxblood, those are going to look great with a sports jacket, odd trousers, with khakis, with gray flannel trouser, they're really going to look nice, but the great thingabout that is you could still wear these leathers with a dark pair of well-fitted jeans.

What does it tell you about the chukka? Incredibly versatile.

This is not going to be something though thatyou're going to want to wear with a suit.

You could pull it off with a suit.

I think the reason you can do that especiallyif you have a plain lower is that this would be covered — if you're wearing these — let'ssay you have a black pair or you're wearing this with a navy and you're wearing it withthe browns, you could probably pull this off in the United States especially maybe in smallertowns.

However, if you're in a larger city like NewYork or London, I'm going to recommend you don’t do that.

A lot of that plays to the casual nature ofthe chukka.

Now, we've also talked about suede.

You're going to see chukkas in gray suede, tan, and tan was the original color of the boot.

So when you see something like that, that'sgoing to be more casual.

It's going to be harder to wear with dressslacks or anything like that, but it's going to be perfect for jeans especially if youdecide to go with lighter color jeans or jeans that are a little bit distressed.

You could still pull off a pair of chukkaswith them.

[0:05:00] All right, guys, what do you think? Let me know in the comments down below hereon YouTube and go check out Paul Evans.

I've created an entire article — I thinkwell over a thousand words.

I go into a lot more detail about the chukkaboot with tons of images.

Go check it out.

It's going to be over at Real Men Real Style.

I'll see you in the next video.

Take care.


[0:05:31] End of Audio.

Cutting Expensive Dress Boots In Half? (What's INSIDE Thursday Boots)

What's Inside Expensive Boots [0:00:01]They’re too strong for the saw! All right, gentlemen, in today’s video, I'm cutting in half this beautiful pair of expensive high-end boots so that I can teachyou guys what to look for, what's inside a great pair of boots.

Now, to be perfectly transparent, I'm notgonna cut in half this pair right here.


These are brand new.

Nolan, the CEO over at Thursday Boots, justsent them to me.

He agreed to this video and thought it wasa great idea.

I’m like “Sure.

I'll talk a little bit about Thursday andeverything that goes into these.

” But guys, the pair I am cutting in half aremy old pair of Thursday Boots, which I've had for 3 years.

And it's sad.

But yes, these boots, we’re gonna cut ‘emin half.

We’re gonna find out what is inside a pairof high quality Goodyear welted boots.

You’re ready guys? Let’s do it.

All right, gentlemen, it’s okay.

Get emotional.

We're about to do it.

We’re about to cut these beautiful pairof boots in half.


Somewhere someplace angels are crying.

Let's find out what's inside.

They’re too strong for the saw! All right.

So, round 2.

These boots too tough for the saw.

Let’s give it another shot.

Too tough.

Now, this is just getting embarrassing.

I think I got smoke coming out of this saw.

These boots are amazing! It’s smoking! Gentlemen, let’s give some respect to theseboots.

I mean, these things did not go down withouta fight.

They may have destroyed my saw here.

No, I don’t think they did, but that waspretty cool.

All right, gentlemen, so the deed is done.

Now, let’s talk about what’s inside ofa good pair of boots.

All right.

So, let’s go ahead and get into these high-endboots and what we found on the inside.

So, when I look up at the tongue, the tongueon a pair of boots, this is going to be what protects for your foot from the laces.

It’s going to be where the quarter and thevamp— This is the part right over here on the upper.

It’s going to basically move up.

But when I’m looking at the built overallof this tongue, great.

And the leather on these boots, this is reallygood leather.

Very thick.

And I'm very happy to see that they used agood letter.

This is why these boots are gonna hold upso long.

When you take care of a great thick leatherlike this and if you treat the leather, you condition it, you polish it, you take careof it, it’s gonna be able to come back.

So now, as we go down and we get towards wherethe upper meets the outsole, what we’re gonna notice is that there’s a welt.

This makes sense.

This is a Goodyear welted pair of boots.

The cool thing about a Goodyear welt is it'sgonna be the most water resistant of all the built.

Nothing against a Blake stitch, but a Blakestitch is gonna be done on the inside of the shoe and it does open it up to a little bitof water penetration, but a Goodyear welt are going to do a much better job becauseit brings in that extra layer, which is the welt.

And the welt is basically going to be whatconnects that upper to the outsole.

All right.

So, speaking about soles, let’s go aheadand talk about the outsoles here on these boots going down the length of the boot.

I’m gonna notice that the outsole here we’vegot 2 layers of rubber.

They’re stitched together on the outsideusing that Goodyear welt.

On the inside, I can notice they do have alittle bit of an adhesive, which I understand why they would have that there, but the stitchingis really the key that keeps it together.

Now, if we go look at the heel, one thingI want you to notice here and you’re gonna have to look really careful, notice that thattack that goes all the way down.

[0:05:00]Tack, nails.

Basically, you’ve got a piece of metal that, as they were building this together, it was nailed all the way through.

Now, I know that they're gonna use an adhesiveto keep together these layers as well, but this right here is all made out of leather.

So, the heel, we’ve got 1, 2, 3, 4.

4 layers right there of leather and then alarger thick layer of rubber which looks like it's attached with both the tack and an adhesive.

So, that’s really nice.

And you got multiple tacks over on the side.

So, a great job with the construction.

In fact, as I’m pulling on this and pulling, I can’t actually pull this apart at all.

So, great construction there.

Now, as we move up from the heel and we startto go back up through the outer sole, then all of a sudden we look that they’ve gota lining.

These guys use a classic cork lining.

And I can tell you that some of the best shoecompanies out there are using cork linings.

Cork over time is going to conform to yourfoot.

And then I’m gonna go ahead and let's lookat the shank.

So, we do have a shank here.

It goes about halfway down the boot.

Now, moving up above the shank, we’re gonnanotice this white layer right here and it goes all the way down the length.

I'm looking at this.

It actually doesn't have much give.

So, I'm not thinking that this is a cushion.


Actually, I'm thinking that this is weatherprotection from the elements.

So, basically, it's gonna protect your outersole and then it's gonna protect the insole.

And that's the next piece we've got.

So, the insole is gonna be that flat protectivepiece right there that has a little bit of cushion on it.

But most importantly, it’s gets there forsweat absorption.

So, your feet will sweat and this is righthere to absorb that sweat and then basically, you know, over time when you're not wearingthe boots, usually you wanna give them a day of rest.

That’s when that sweat is just going tobasically, you know, kind of find its way out.

Now, let's look at the stitching.

So, the stitching is straight and I see about12 stitches per inch.

That's great.

14 stitches.

You’re gonna see that on really high-endshoes.

So, when we look at the heel right above it—I'm gonna look in the back.

I see they've got a white stiffener.

This isn’t going to go all the way backup.

It goes up it looks like about 2 inches.

And what I noticed about this stiffener, thisone actually is pretty stiff, which is good.

You want that on a pair of boots.

That's gonna ensure and maintain the shapeof the back heel.

So, understand when you're buying a qualitypair, what you're paying for are those extra layers, the fact that you're not gonna havea hollow heel, the fact that you're gonna have all these things put together and basicallyadhering to each other in various ways so that these boots are gonna last you a lifetime.

And that's what you're looking for.

All right, guys, what do you think? Fun video? Did you like this one? Let me know down in the comments.

I wanna hear from you.

And if you like the video, click on that likebutton.

If you're new to Real Men Real Style, makesure to subscribe.

Become part of our community.

Now, guys, if you haven't gone over to realmenrealstyle.

com, that's my website, I want you to go check that out as well.

I’m putting the link to my website downin the description where I’ve got tons of free e-Books.

I've got a free style consultation service.

I’ve even got like this new style dictionarythat has an audio with it so that you can learn all the words that every stylish manneeds to know.

Guys, why do I put these tools here? Because I want to become the man you knowyourself to be.

I’m on a mission to help you leverage thescience of style to become the best dressed you and that's it, guys.

Take care.

I will see you in the next video.

[0:08:52] End of Audio.

How $3,000 Custom Cowboy Boots Are Made | Master Craft

Joe Avella: Lee Milleris a master boot maker.

He makes hundreds ofpairs of boots each year in his Austin shop, Texas Traditions.

Lee Miller: A lot of peoplethink that their running shoes are the most comfortable things they own.

This is more comfortable.

I own running shoes, and my boots feel betterthan my running shoes.

And I buy good running shoes.

Joe: They start at $3, 000.

The wait list is so long it takes four years to get a pair.

These better be the best boots ever.

Lyle Lovett, Harry Connick Jr.

, Willie Nelson, they all got a pair.

I have no opinion on those two other guys, but Willie Nelson is a legend.

So, why so much, and whydo they take so long? Lee takes his time handcrafting each pair, using old boot-makingtechniques and traditions passed on to him by another boot-making legend, Charlie Dunn.

Lee: Handmade boots are quite different than a store-bought boot.

So, everything from the last, which is the shape thatthe boot is made on, to all the differentmethods of construction, we're kinda like the Ferrari.

You know, everything here is done by hand.

Some methods go all the way back to the days of the Roman Empire.

So, unlike factory-made boots, Lee is dedicated to the finest standards.

To get a pair, you have tovisit Lee's shop in Austin.

Lee: Everybody has sat onthis throne.


That's where Miss Bacall sat.

Gary Hart was running for president.

He sat here.

Slim Pickens, Tommy Lee Jones came in.

He sat here.

That was 1989.

Joe: Lee starts bycreating a foot blueprint using a pedograph.

The ink imprint giveshim an accurate picture of the arch shape andpositioning of the toes, which he will use to build a custom last.

A last is a form shapedlike the customer's foot that Lee can use to build the boot around.

Lee: And I would takemeasurements with a tape measurer to give me circumference.

The whole process takes 20 minutes.

Joe: Customers work withLee on the boot design, picking specific elements they want, including leather, color, toe style, and heel.

Texas Traditions has a wide variety of leathers to choose from.

I didn't know there wasvarieties of leather.

Lee: So, we have leatherhere from all over the world.

This is from Italy.

This is kangaroo skins.

It's very, very strong.

Makes a wonderful pair of boots.

So we use a lot of kangaroo.

This is bull hide from Spain.

We use a lot of pigskin, and pigskin is incredibly tough.

Water buffalo.

This is French calf here.

We use, of course, alligator and crocodile.

This is white alligator.

Let's look at some ostrich.

It's a product of South Africa.

Here's some gray ostrich here.

So, I would say that this is the oldest leather in the world.

This is a Russian reindeerfrom St.


It was tanned in 1786, but this was on a ship that sunk off the coast of England in 1786.

And for 200 years it laidat the bottom of the sea, till they found it in 1986.

Had been covered with black mud, preserving the leather.

So this leather, even thoughit was tanned in 1786, it's still very usable.

It's now extremely hard to get.

Joe: Once the last is made, Lee attaches a leather insole.

He nails down the insole temporarily and trims it into shape.

Lee: This is a German pit-tanned leather, specifically made for insoles.

And this is an insole.

Joe: Meanwhile, the teamdesigns the four panels of the top part of the boot by cutting out the detailsand stitching them together.

Lee: We'll cut out allthe different pieces.

The foot portion will be crimped, and little by little we'll just start doing all the fancy stitching and making any details.

Joe: He then stretchesthe top part over the last and temporarily tacks it into place.

Another distinction thatsets his process apart from mass-produced boots is how the team attaches the soles.

Lee: We'll start hand-sewing, and then you'll notice, as we put the soles on, we're using wooden pegs.

And the wooden pegs go allthe way underneath the heel.

That's something that you'llsee in a handmade boot, not in a factory boot, where they'll just nail it.

If you notice the incredibly fat shank, underneath it is a techniquethat the Romans used, which was taking a nailand laying it in there, and that makes it rigid, and it also makes it humpy.

Joe: He hand-sews a small rim of leather known as a welt to the rim of the boot, allowing the sole to be attached.

And now they're ready tobe polished and buffed.

Lee: The standard handmade boot takes about 40 hours to make.

It can take a lot longer, looking at some of the detail that we do.

You know, if it's a fairlysimple boot, 40 hours.

But if it's a very complicated boot, it might take you 60 or 80 hours.

Joe: Lee makes boots for anyone.

That is, anyone with a fewthousand dollars to spare.

Depending on your design, stitching, and leather choices, it can really start to add up.

Lee: Crocodile is themost expensive leather that we offer, and so a boot like this would probably start at $5, 000.

Joe: Before Lee tookover Texas Traditions, it was run by boot-makinglegend Charlie Dunn.

He's known as the”Michelangelo of cowboy boots.

” Lee: I think it was 1973.

Somebody said, “Hey, yougotta hear this song.

Jerry Jeff Walker wrote asong about a boot maker, and his name is Charlie Dunn.

” ♪ Charlie done the bootsthat are on my feet ♪ Joe: In November of 1977, Lee went to work as anapprentice for Charlie.

Lee worked alongside himuntil his retirement in 1986.

Lee and his wife, CarrlynMiller, took over the business.

Today, Lee and his team are keeping Charlie's boot-makingtraditions alive and well.


HOW TO STYLE: BIKE SHORTS! 5 OUTFITS! Boots, crop tops, jackets!

hello you guys! welcome back to mychannel you're new here it's nice to meet you my name is Liz for today'svideo we're styling bike shorts okay the only pants I wear ever I'm pretty surealso I know my roots are really growing in I need to dye my hair I

can't stopstaring at it look I've actually had this request fora while now and then specifically I do you could a you coupe but recently I hada youtube comment from Nessa I've been asked if I could do this videoso I thought you know what hell yeah I can do

this video and literally wearbike shorts all the time they're probably my favorite things to wearespecially right now when it's too hot to put and jeans on and everythingsticky these are just easy and I love them so I'm gonna tell you guys about myfavorite bike shorts how I style

them all of that yeahI hope you enjoy ace you just picked on I love that so yes I hope you guys enjoythis video let's get into the Athens hello you guys so for this first outfitfirst of all my biker shorts are actually forever 21 leggings that I cutinto

biker shorts and I did that because I found like I found like I love when Ican speak English I found that no biker shorts that Itried on that were specifically biker shorts fit the way that I wanted them toaka they never came up high enough and these leggings

from forever – and have athick band around the top which I really loveso I usually pair my biker shorts with some sort of crop top this little blacktop is from fashion Nova from I don't know maybe two years ago now my bootsare from boohoo and then I just

have a thrifted denim jacket on I really lovethis look this is me to a tee this makes me feel my best I probably wear this outI would wear it to you know girls night girl's brunch also me pulling it downthat's I just needed you to know that um

any time I sit down in these shorts I dohave to then pull them back down this is an outfit I wear probably daily I alwaysthrow on my Air Force One some sort of sneakers super easy I'll wear this toanything literally absolutely anything I'm obsessed I love itthe only

thing about these shorts and me having a house key is that I literallylint roll my shorts 24/7 they are lint attractors so if you wantsomething that's not like cotton fabric and something a little nicer I wouldsuggest looking for an actual bike short but if you don't care thatand

here you go do it this way okay this next look is my favorite I love thisthis is super sporty this is something I will wear as the temperature starts todrop but it's 105 so you know I gotta wait till end of September for that butI love this little

crop top this makes it super it's like sporty it get cuteyet you're a little more covered up if you want to be I don't really care aboutstuff like that oh yes and then I just Peter with thebackpack this is I literally feel like I this is what I

look like every singleday it's cute it's comfortable the red matches I'm down with thatyou can go anywhere with this look on its cozy I'm happy I'm dancingapparently I'm sorry you had to see that but you know what's gonna do what agirl's gotta do this next look oh my

gosh you guys this might be my favoriteI thought so hot in this I've never really dressed up bike shorts before butI was like I see girls do this all the time so I wanted to for this video andthis is a vibe this is you could switch up the

color with this you can do like ahot pink one with hot pink boots on some heels anything oh my gosh literally whyhaven't I learned this out before this is me – what 40 I don't know what thatwas but I'm obsessed with this I want to wear this for

the rest of my life Idon't want to take it off I need this in every color if you want to dress up andstill be a little sassy with it go with this look I'm telling you hot girlsummer I keep saying that phrase because I see people say it

and to be honest Idon't really even know what it means now of course pairing it with a graphic teeis super easy we see this one online all the time so I went ahead and tucked itin the front of these shorts paired it with some white booties I want

to saythese are from boohoo as well as the graphic tee and the yellow bag I love itand then I pick up some sunglasses you know got to get a vibe going here heythis is honestly so comfortable and so cute you're basically in pajamas butcute pajamas who doesn't want

to wear that it's like the sweat pant trendthat's still happening I mean sweatpants and boots easy I loveit I'm living for this cozy lifestyle did you guys enjoy this video I hope youdid thank you so much for watching let me know how you styled buying shorts doyou wear

them what I know some people absolutely don't likethem I'm on some people are like me and that's all you want to wear every daythey're so comfortable it's like wearing its basically short leggings I love thatwhen I was a little girl all I ever wore were leggings but I

called them stickypants so these are just make sure it's sticky pants and I still love them somethings never change like wearing your sticky pants forever I'll be 80 in mysticky pants hopefully that's so cute anyways you guys I hope you enjoyed thisvideo if you would like to see

any other style videos my hair is its owncharacter today my goodness but yes if you would like to see any of I can'tanyway you guys if you would like to see any other style videos make sure to letme know in the comments below because I really like to

film these videos and youguys seem to really like themselves also if you want to see more bye short stylesI can do that too because there's a thousand ways that I want to do it but Ijust wanted to see well you guys like to put it out there see

what you think soif you want to part to let me know I love you guys so much and I will see thenext video I'm not bye guys

How To Style Skirts With Boots| Modest Fashion

hey it's me Marida with another video soI wanted to come by because you know when you go to youtube you put searchesin there are certain searches that you can find where people are looking forcertain things so there's one certain search that was saying like how to styleboots with

skirts and so I'm like oh you need to know how to stuff some bootswith some skirts because that's all I wear a skirt so I can easily you knowaccommodate you with that information so I have a house of style boots withskirts video here and so I just want

to jump in I don't want to take this likemake this a super long chatty video because I like I'll watch the videos Imight be like okay can we get to the outfit please it's gonna go okay solet's go but first a lot before we go there I want

to say if you're notsubscribed for my channel please take this time to subscribe hit that Bellbutton so that you're notified every time I upload a new video and enjoy thevideo girl okay so the first outfit I am wearing a pencil skirt that I think Igot from Dee Dee's

or somewhere like thatJudy's discount a pencil skirt and I am styling it with that mustard shirt Idon't have to start with me but I'm just showing this skirt and I'm styling itwith these faux leather they're kind of like a platform thing here just like aplatform I actually bought

these boots at the third store for like five dollarsso the small things that imperfections that they have which like the zipper andnotic um stuff is like minor compared to how she's there because 6 bucks youcan't you can't really um pass these cute boots up for that so this

skirt andthese boots are what I'm styling in this clip so these babies these babiesI received around the time of my birth day back in April and I was I think Igot them from a shoe carnival for almost like maybe ten dollars they were supercheap but they're like a

faux faux soft leatheryeah they are yeah they are fault um but I just thought that was so cute and Iwas like I don't own anything you know I'm 40 so I just feel like I have to youknow just has to be you know in my life you know

so I really like these I likethe hill I like everything about it because they're so comfortablethe hill is perfect nice and chunky and I styled these boots with this but Iknow if this is houndstooth I don't know what the name of this material thisdesign is but it's a

navy and white or Navy and whatever probably you willthat's the cream or light I think screamer white I don't know but um yeahso I just pair this together and this is how that looks I also pair these boots with this dirtand I just thought oh this looks so

cute it's like a really neutral look you knowif you want to just have a very kind of muted look this was really cute togetherso I'm gonna show you how that looks together now my sister these are like me okay soyou like how do you see I'm a discard

cuz you know most nipple is people wearwith like little bitty skirts or you know skinny jeans and stuff like thatbut you can still wear your super tall boots you know if you really like howthey look and that's another thing for warmth like you want to wear it was

amodest skirt you don't have to wear tights or whatever you just have theseon be nice and warm so these can still go with the longer skirt they don't haveto be it doesn't have to be a miniskirt so these are my cute little knee bootsand I paired these with

this skirt so I paired these together and thereason why i pair that these with this card is because this dirt has like thatlittle faux suede on the designs and it's kind of the same kind of feel ofthis the booth it's like a faux suede so that's kind of

why I pair those theykind of to me they kind of meshed and material so matchy-matchy cute cute cowboy country girl look and this latestor other play this card is from the third store and this one is – I lovepleated skirts but I paired it with this with a

Jing shirt and that was supercute and that's how this looks this to me this car is just likeeverything to me it has like so many different fabrics all mixed together andI just by putting it with this poof it's just I don't know it just it just allcomes together

with all the different materials and fabrics with this fauxleather or a real leather wouldn't be that nice with this it just gives it amore sleek look but I just love this skirt with this lot you know even thoughit's a long skirt long skirts can go in Boots as

well and sometimes you knowwith a long skirt you may want to do an ankle boot or whatever but it's holy cango to tall boot and still look super cute and this is not a super super longskirt I still show some of the boots but it's like I'm kind

of a miniskirt on mefirst on people it probably would be extra long I don't know if this is apetite or not yeah it's a petite so I mean it's a little MIDI but I'm somebodyit'll be kind of a shorter person to be kind of long but I want

they hear theseboots of that so that's how this I was going to do some dresses but yeahI opted out because Troy was woke and I need this to get it done so I did it sixskirts with boots and I hope that you enjoyed it if you did please

give me athumbs up and just just in case just in case in case there is a person that saysyou know I came to this channel because I thought it was a natural hair channelbut I'm noticing it's a lot of fashion and midis facts on this channel what'sgoing on

so if you look in my About section on my channel it does say thatI'm all about natural hair mommy life fashion lifestyle now life style to meis a part of my dressing I dress I'm a modest dressing person and that is apart of my lifestyle that's what I

do on a regular basis I wear skirts everydayand so that's my lifestyle and if you look on if you get on YouTube and younotice like all your videos and you try to see okay what gets the most views Inoticed that my fashion videos or my – fashion videos

get kind of a lot ofviews so I just want to accommodate my viewers for people that want to seethose kind of things I want to put that out there and right now my hair is in aprotective stuff so I'm I'm not doing a lot of natural hair videos

right now sothat's that but not saying that I'm not you know this that's what this channelis all about I'm always going to do natural hair stuff I'm like it's gonnado reviews once I start you know getting more products or whatever but yeah so Ihope you enjoyed the video

if you haven't liked it make sure you like itmake sure you subscribe if you're not already and I will see youin another video thanks for watching bye

Step-Up Casual Style With Leather Dress Boots | ONE Men's Shoe Upgrade To More Fashionable Wardrobe

Gentlemen, Antonio here.

Today, we�re going to talk about one simpleway to level up your casual style and, no, I�m not going to cover the leather jacket.

And I know many of you guys are wondering, �Antonio, why are you wearing that leather jacket?� I�llget to that at the end of the video, stick around I promise it will be worth your while.

Today, we�re going to talk about steppingup your style with boots.

Boots are one of the easiest very simple to take your existing casual styletake it up to another level by introducing the right pair of boots.

And, what I mean right, guys, I�m goingto give you six points to look at when you�re going out there to purchase a pairof boots so you can get the right boots for you.

in addition, I�m going to give you a few outfitscenarios so that you can, you know, think of, okay, I�m already wearing this.

It would be very easy to incorporate one ofthe sample boots I�ve got here.

Now, everything here is from JL Rocha andI want you to go check them out right over here.

Guys, this is a one hundred-year old companydown in Leon, Mexico.

I�ve known them for years.

I�ve been wearing their gear, wearing theirboots and I love them and Jose Luis, a good friend, good company.

Go check them out.

So, let�s start off with how simple of anupgrade this is going to be.

Men reach out to me all the time, they�re like, �Antonio, I don�treally, you know, I�m a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy.

I�m already or I�ve already got my style downand I like to wear casual suits.

How can I take it to the next level?� Boots are such an easy upgrade because youtake your existing footwear and you just simply replace it with a stylish pair of boots becausethey�re going to work with a casual suit.

They�re going to work with jeans and a t-shirt.

So, now, I�m going to get into the six points, the six key things that you need to be looking for whenyou�re going out there and you�re finding the right pair for you.

And that�s the key, guys, is you need to find the right pair for you.

You do that by understanding what do you need for your lifestyle, what do you need for your needs.

You want to find the right pair that�s going to suityou and that�s going to make you feel like a million bucks.

So, let�s start off with the western boot.

The western boot, I�ve covered I�ve got an entire infographics on this.

I�m going to linkto it down in the details, but this is something that�s very regional.

It�s very noticeable, very stylish, but something that you need to know how to wear and, guys, go check out I�ve got an entireinfographic on this.

I�m not going to spend much time on that one or the chukka.

Now, I love thechukka, it�s a great boot, but I�ve got an entire video an entire article on this.

I�ll link toit down in the � the description down below, but it�s a great style so if you don�t have this, considerit.

Now, I�m going to dive into the Chelsea.

This is one I�ve never covered before, but is actually one of my personal favorite and there�sa couple of reasons why.

When I travel I love how it slips on and off.

You�ll notice that thisparticular design, it�s go a bit of elastic right here, nothing really that you�ve got to lace up or down, so when I�m going to security, I love it.

But, it actually has � it goes back about fifty or seventyyears.

It was made popular by the Beatles.

They love this design.

And, really, I just find it�svery elegant.

I can wear it with a suit.

I�ve also worn this with a button up and jeans.

You can dressit up dress it down.

A very I would say versatile design that I personally love.

Now, let�s talk about the high lace-up boot.

Now, this is something there�s two different places where it�s came from and it has a militaryhistory coming out of the combat boot.

We also have seen other designs where they�ve come outof the dress shoe in particular the chukka, but how the chukka you notice it�s an ankle bootand it doesn�t go very high.

This boot right here is going to go up much higher.

What this means is it�sgoing to give you more support, it also means you�re going to have to lace it up a bitmore so it�s going to be harder to get off harder to get, you know, to take off or put on.

But, whenit comes down to it, I think it will be one of the most stylist boots out there, I just find thatthis is one that works great in my casual wardrobe.

So, we talked about style, now let�s talkabout silhouettes.

Silhouette is going to be the outline of the shoe.

Sounds pretty simple, but itmakes a big difference.

Understand and let me just show you really quick.

So, let�s look atthese two shoes right here.

You see that? Both of these are ankle boots, both of these are chukkas.

However, one of them is � has a much clunkier, therefore much more casual actual design.

While this one right here, much more delicate and much more cleaner and therefore, is goingto be dressier.

So, the silhouette makes a big differenceof what you can wear.

When it�s a more streamlined and simple and delicate silhouette, it�sgoing to be dressier and worn dressed up, but if it�s going to have those clunkier lines like avery thick heel very blunt toe, then that�s going to be something it�s going to be much more casual.

So, now, the color of your boot.

The colorof the boot is going to make a big difference.

Something like this it�s a beautiful elegantdesign, but the � and assume that it wasn�t suede, let�s assume that this was just a regularleather right here very smooth, because of the color, it�s always going to be casual.

While thisone right here, it�s actually the same exact design pretty much the same boot just in a darkercolor.

This one right here is going to be dressier, so usually the darker, anything that�s goingto be the solid black made from leather can actually in many cases be worn with a suit.

The darkerthe boot usually the dressier it�s going to be.

[0:04:59] 3 Next, let�s talk about the upper material.

So, by default you could just fall to a great beautiful leather like this.

I think you can�t gowrong with this.

And if it�s your first pair of boots, why not go with something dark, go with somethingthat is a very simple cut something that you can dress up something that you can dress downis going to be versatile.

But, if this is maybe your second pair of boots or you really want tostep up your style, you want to look at suede.

Suede, a lot of guys stay away from, they�re justscared of the maintenance, but understand, gentlemen when you bring something like thisin your wardrobe, you�re going to take care of it, you�re going to feel great when you wearit you�re going to get compliments and that�s what we�re shooting for here, for you to getcompliments and for you to feel like a million bucks.

Next, let�s talk about the sole material.

So, you�re going to see leather and you�re going to see rubber.

The reason leather is so popular isleather soles are great indicator of quality.

If a manufacturer spent the time and spent themoney with the materials to have a leather sole, you pretty much know that he spent money elsewhere.

So, that�s one of the reasons it�s so highly priced.

The problem with a leathersole is it doesn�t have much traction especially at the beginning.

So, if you�re looking for a boot, make � and you want to make sure it has traction, you had issues slipping or you know you livein a part of the country where you�re going to get weather where it�s going to be slick, youwant to find a rubber sole or if you get a leather sole, you want to get a rubber sole attached onit.

It�s usually not that expensive.

There are even some kits, I�ll link you down in the descriptionin the video, I�ll put a link to a kit that you can actually get.

But, I personally love these pair of bootsbecause and, here are the ones I�ve been wearing.

I�ve been wearing this for about six months.

Ilove them.

I little bit different style, but as you can tell I�ve already started wearing into this.

But, I wore this through Wisconsin winter, they worked out very well, gave me great traction.

And, that is what you want to pay attention to when it comes to the sole.

The final point that you want to pay attentionto when you�re looking for that perfect pair of boots is the styling details.

And what doI mean by that? Guys, I�m talking about straps, I�m talking about buckles.

Those little thingsthat add a bit more � a bit more style to the boot.

They are small things because I mean look at thispair right here.

This looks great, I can probably very simple, got a little bit of contrast stitchingon it.

But then, this pair right here, not only does it have the contrast stitching, but it�s goingto have the wingtip right here, it�s going to have a bit of broguing in it.

This pair right here, lookat that we�ve got, again, the wingtip, we�ve got the broguing.

A broguing is going to be the cuttinginto the leather and the design.

The contrast stitching actually doesn�t stand out toomuch.

So, you can see that there are many different ways to get to the same place.

All right.

So, I promise an outfit ideas andI�m going to deliver on that.

Now, I know many of you guys like to wear khaki trousers with a bluebutton-up shirt.

The problem there is that almost every guy loves that outfit at least in youroffice.

So, you�re looking around and it�s like everyone is wearing about the same thing, how do you up that style? Well, I always recommend you take your clothing and get itadjusted, fitted by a tailor, but you could also 4 bring in these pair of boots right here.

Bringin a pair of suede, the contrast stitching, the wingtip.

I think this would really up thatlook.

You could also bring in, you know, these gray ones right here.

Gray, a very underused color.

A little about gray is it�s not black, it�s still a non- color, so that you can wear it with a widevariety of other pieces.

So you could wear it with pretty much any sports jacket you have inyour wardrobe.

You can wear it with blue jeans, you can wear it with black slacks, you can wearit with brown slacks.

It will work with pretty much any pair of trousers.

Outfit idea number two.

Dark jeans, lightblue button-up shirt, sports jacket, and instead of pair of dress shoes, you bring in right here theselace-up dress boots with a rubber sole.

And, the great thing about this is at night you�retaking your wife out, starts to rain, you have a bit more traction when you�re walking around.

Youstill look great, but you give off a much more I would say, you know, this right here, it�s a casualmasculine feel and a lot better than those dress shoes that you would have been sliding allover the place.

Outfit upgrade number three.

You�ve gotyour favorite casual blue suit.

You usually wear this with your double monk straps.

It�s a greatlook, but you want to change it up especially since you�ve had people, you know, complimentingyou on this, they know that suit, it�s one of your favorites.

Well, guys, look to get complimentsnow on your beautiful clean designed Chelsea boots or even take that up a notch, bringin suede.

All of a sudden, people are no longer complimenting you on the suit which stilllooks great, but they�re starting to notice your shoes and say great things about them.

All right, gentlemen, that�s it.

Hopefullyyou enjoy this video.

I enjoyed putting it together.

Now, the mystery of the leather jacket.

Whyam I wearing this? Guys, it�s tied to these boots, tied to these boots, tied to this beautifulpiece of luggage, tied to this beautiful piece of luggage.

What else do I have here? Some beautifulbackpacks.

The point is all of this was made in Leon, Mexico.

My friend, Jose Luis, he�smaking some amazing stuff there, JL Rocha.

I want you to go check them out.

[0:10:03] And, let me know in the comments down belowwhich of the items, it can be boots, it can be jackets, it can be leather bags that you loveand why.

Be specific, tell me exactly the item why you like it, how it�s going to look greatin your wardrobe.

Gentlemen, and I�m going to be sending somebodyhere in the next couple of weeks, somebody is going to winning maybe more than one person.

Guys, I�ve got tons of gear, I�ve been giving a lot of it away in my free Facebook group, but I wanted to thank you guys at YouTube.

And, I wanted you to go check out JL Rocha becausebasically they�re looking to break into the US market in the description of this video.

Checkout, I�ve got a really discount code.

This is going to be a huge on, this is only good for a limitedamount of time, guys, so take advantage of it while it�s there.

It�s a great company.

I�ve been wearing their boots for six months.

Love them.

5 That�s it, guys.

Let me know what you thinkof the comments.

I�ll see you in the next video.


Chelsea Boots Guide | The Classic Men's Boot Explained

Welcome back to the Gentleman's Gazette.

Today's video is all about Chelsea boots.

I'll discuss what you should look for whenyou buy a pair, how you combine them plus the hallmarks and characteristics.

Basically, everything you need to know aboutthis wonderful boot.

First, let's start with the history of theChelsea boot.

It was originally invented by J Sparkes hallwho's boot maker to Queen Victoria.

He came up with the idea to use vulcanizedrubber to have something flexible at the ankle and it would make them easy to put the bootson and take them off.

Chelsea boots were popular with men and women.

In the 1950s, the so called Chelsea set inWest London which was a conglomerate of artists and directors became known to wear this kindof boot and soon thereafter it became synonymous with kind of an upbeat, trendy, young, andfresh boot.

It was eventually renamed to Chelsea boot.

If you want to learn more about the historyof Chelsea boots and the intricacies, I urge you to check out our in depth guide aboutChelsea boots by clicking here.

What makes a Chelsea boot a Chelsea boot? Well, let's start with the Ankle length.

The Chelsea boot has ankle length and it'snot below, it's not above, it's right at ankle height.

Then, it has rounded toes like you can seehere and low heels and basically, those are characteristics shared with the Chukka bootswhich we discussed earlier here.

What's special about the Chelsea boot is thatyou have the vamp sewn up here, no lacing and then the back quarters are sewn on hereand here.

It's simply a boot that you pull on usingthese loops up here, it helps you to get in because without the laces, it's importantthat you have a rather tight fit right here in the foot and as well as the heel.

You want it to be quite tight and so you haveto fit in, it has to fit snugly and tightly.

Because leather would be too stiff and notflexible enough, this is the flexible rubber part which was invented by J.

Sparkes Halland to this day, you will find this rubber part, it always has this kind of U shape, it never goes all the way to the bottom, there's always some leather underneath, sometimesyou'll find it to be a bit shorter but generally, it comes in a contrasting color.

With brown shoes sometimes, it's a slightlydarker brown and lately you have seen people wearing green rubber or red rubber or likein this case blue rubber simply to kind of add a little flare and individualism to yourboots.

Chelsea boots today are extremely popularbecause they're so easy to put on and easy to take off and people like the elegant lookof it.

So, if you want to buy a pair of Chelsea boots, what should you pay attention to? It's the most important that you get the fitright hence, if you order online, make sure you can return the boots simply so you cantry them on and see if they're actually comfortable since there are no shoelaces, chances arethat you slip out with your heel and you always want to prevent that, it should fit reallysnugly so it's easy to walk around and the shoe doesn't come off on you because overtime the elastic will expand and so will the leather and if you slip out in the beginning, it'll be worse over the course of maybe three months.

So that also means, never just rely on standardsizing.

Moreover, sometimes you will find boots advertisedas Chelsea boots with zippers and that is not a Chelsea boot and you should not getit, you should always look for the rubber inserts.

The upper should always be made of box calfleather, sometimes it's popular with men to actually have it in a suede which is usuallyalso calf suede leather.

If you live in a rainy environment, it's notgood to have suede, go with regular leather and make sure that it's a darker color becausethe Chelsea boot works well with suits.

So I would either get in a black or in a darkbrown if it's your first pair of boots and subsequently you can venture into like tan, maybe blue or navy but to start, I think darker colors are better.

If you enjoy this boot video, please signup to our YouTube channel.

Also don;t forget about our free eBook, 15style mistakes and how you can avoid them and I'll tell you more about different kindsof boots such as the Chukka boot or Jodhpur boot and show you the right way to a bootthat works for your budget and your style.

Traditional Chelsea boots have leather solesand are Goodyear welted and that's really just fine.

, it's like a high quality shoehowever, if you live in a rainy area, you definitely want boots with a rubber sole.

Usually, I suggest to have a leather soleand then with an applied rubber sole like in this example, simply because you stillget that elegant thin sole look with the practicality of rubber soles.

Especially good in winter, if you live inan area where there's ice or there's a lot of rain, you may want to add a rubber sole, it's always easy to take it off if you don't like it anymore.

So in my opinion, that's really the way togo.

One thing that's really important in a Chelseaboot is the rubber insert.

Unfortunately, you can't really test the qualityupfront but I would suggest you read reviews online just to make sure you have a productthat stands up years of wearing them otherwise, it's no good to have a boot with a loose rubberpiece after just 6 months.

Chelsea boots are a wonderful all around boot, it's great to start with them because they can be worn with formal outfits and more casualoutfits.

Just clean, simple lines, if you get it withoutany broguing it works really well with most of your outfits and people will always thinkyou're well dressed.

So if you have a pair of black Chelsea boots, goes particularly well with charcoal suits, grey suits and mid grey suits and any typeof business wear.

Some people also wear it chinos or like ablazer combination.

Personally, I think a really dark brown maybe better.

As you can see here in this picture, thisis actually a very dark brown, though most people wouldn't be able to distinguish itfrom black.

It has the advantage that you can wear itwith a dark suit such as grey but also with like a tan chino or stone colored trousersthat is just not as harsh as black.

So if you want to go more casual with yourChelsea boots, I suggest you get a pair in tan or grey or blue and you can really mixit up with denim, with chinos, with other kinds of corduroy pants and just combine itin any way you like basically.

Adding a color to your insert will certainlyhelp to make it even more stand out and unique.

If you like broguing, you can have them withbroguings but if it's your first pair if Chelsea boots, I suggest you stir clear of broguings.

Just get a plain Chelsea boot with rubberinserts.

If you want a wing tip, you can sometimessee that.

Personally, I think it looks better with Derbysor Oxfords but if you really want it, you can still have it.

Lately, one trend I've seen is to have a shortercut Chelsea boot, so it's not really ankle length anymore but it's more like a shoe thatis slightly higher.

They can look very elegant although I personallyprefer the classic version.

It's simply up to you what you like and Isuggest you take a look at what's available out there.

Sometimes you find Chelsea boots that arerather bulky and especially the toe box is very big and round, it makes it more looklike a work boot or an extremely casual boot like a substitute for a cowboy boot or somethinglike that but if you want a classic style, I suggest you go with a rounded toe box thatis flat which makes it more elegant and timeless and refined.

If you now want to know whereyou can buy high quality Chelsea boots, please check out our guide because I list differentkinds of Chelsea boots that I've tested, good manufacturers, they are really worth yourmoney and they will work for you.


3 Ways to Wear Sexy Over-the-Knee Boots

– Who needs help styling thoseover the knee boots, do you? Today I'm gonna show you three ways to wear those sexy boots.

(soft upbeat music) Hi ladies, it's Erin, and welcome back to my channel.

Today I wanna share with you three ways to wear over the knee boots.

Over the knee bootsare still going strong.

I feel like it's beenhappening for a decade.

Like I feel like over the knee boots have been on trend for a decade.

I remember buying my first pair back in like 2006 or 2005.

That's well over a decade ago.

And, you know what? They're not showing anysigns of slowing down.

So a lot of you wouldask about styling them and I thought it would beworthwhile to do a video to show you some options this year.

I did do a video last year styling your over theknee boots a few ways.

And I will put a link to that below in the description box.

So if you want even more ideas, there's gonna be morein that video as well.

Before we dive into the looks, I just wanna say over theknee boots are very sexy.

I did just do a video on waysto dress sexy at any age, and I did not mention over the knee boots.

I feel like over the knee boots are definitely a greataddition to that video.

By the way if you missed that video, I'll put a link to it below.

But if you want to dressin a way that's sexy but also age appropriate, I feel like this is agreat way to go about it as long as you style them tastefully and you don't take it too far, because let's face it, they do walk that fine line between classy and trashy.

So I'm gonna show you threeways that you can style them that will definitely keepyou on the classy side.

The first two looks I'm gonna show you are on the casual side, and then the last one is dressier.

They're all pretty dressy just because of the nature of the boots.

They're inherently sexy and dressy.

So it's just something to think about.

It's all basically elevatedcasual or on that level.

(soft music) The first look is a off-white turtleneck, a very lightweight off-white turtleneck that's great for layering, underneath a long gray cashmere cardigan.

And I love the way that the cardigan really downplays thesexiness of the boots.

So you still have your legs peeping out with that over the knee boot that creates that very sexy look, but then the cardigan kindof brings it down a notch and makes it much morewearable for daytime or for whatever function youmay have going on in your life.

And I feel like this againis the most versatile, most wearable, easiest, fail-safe outfit option for those over the knee boots.

I paired them with somedark wash skinny jeans.

Notice they're pretty dark, there's no fading, there's no distressing.

That's gonna keep the line looking longer, and also again justkeeping it the overall look a little bit more polishedand sophisticated.

I feel like when you start doing like a lighter jean or a light blue jean, that creates more contrast in the look and it sort of chopsup the line a bit more.

So I would go with the dark wash jean, not necessarily black, because you still wanna see the boots.

You don't want them to totally blend and that's why I strategicallypicked the dark blue.

(soft upbeat music) Look number two is a bit more sporty, also casual, also very wearable, not quite as versatile as the first one, but it's just a black top.

This is a very sporty top with the racing stripes at the neck and at the sleeve.

This one's by J.


A and it has the zip at the top.

But you can easily swap this top for whatever black top that you have in your closet, whether that's a black crew-neck sweater, whether it's a black turtleneck, whether it's a black boat blouse, whether it's a black sheer blouse.

Whatever you have in your closet already, you can easily pull that out and recreate the same exact look.

It might have a slightly different feel but it's the same over all concept.

So that's sporty black top or that black top or black blouse with the dark wash skinny jeans and the over the knee boots.

These over the knee boots, by the way, are by Stuart Weitzman, and the style is called Elevated.

So they do have like a two-inch heel.

It's not the complete flat like the Lowland boots.

It's got a little bit of a heel, but it still feels like a very wearable manageable functional heel.

It's not a crazy heel at all.

And of course the chunky heel makes them so much easier to walk in.

And the other thing Ilike about this heel style is that if it were moreof a traditional heel like a stiletto or a real high heel, that creates an even sexier look.

When you want to makethese boots more wearable, do opt for a pair that's either a pair of flats or has a chunky heel like the boots that I am showing you here.

The Elevated StuartWeitzman's, they do stay up.

There's a couple oftimes throughout the day where I may have to adjust them, but they do stay up.

And I do find that theseStuart Weitzman stay up much much better than any kind of dupe.

So unfortunately I used tohave a Steve Madden pair.

I got rid of them becausethey were just to me, that was too annoying tohave to yank them up all day.

So it's just something to think about.

It might be worth investing a bit more in this style of boot if you're really drawn to this style in order to have them stay up because otherwise you're gonna deal with the yanking all day.

At least that's what I found with the dupes of the over the knee boots.

There are plenty of over the knee boots that aren't necessarily this high, and you can go that route where they're just like slightly over the knee and they stay up a little bit better.

That could be an option too.

And I'll put a couple suggestions below in the box for you guys.

But the Stuart Weitzman Elevated are incredibly comfortable.

I really love them.

(soft upbeat music) The last look I wanted to show you is something a little bit dressier.

And I wanted to show you these boots with a dress because I felt like that was an important thing to show everybody.

So this is a sweater dress.

It's by Free People.

It has long sleeves.

It has a turtleneck.

It's a very fitted dress but not super fitted, more body-skimming versus body-hugging.

And so I feel like it does have coverage and forgiveness which sort of downplaysthe sexy a little bit, but it is on the shorter side, so then that does createmore of a sexy feel.

If you wanted to downplay that even more or make it even more conservative, you could easily do tights with this and it would create a longer line and it would also maybe makeyou feel more comfortable if you're feeling like this isa little too risque for you.

But another option might be like a floral skirt, a pleated skirt.

I would probably notdo a midi length skirt or a maxi length skirt with these boots because it sort ofdefeats the whole purpose of wearing the boots in the first place.

You wanna show these off because they are so cool and edgy and modern and sexy.

So I would go with something that is a little bit on the shorter side, maybe just past mid-thigh, somewhere between mid-thigh and just past the knee, and in that way you're really getting that look of the boot.

And that's something to think about too.

Like if you're wearing these boots, you really wanna show them off, don't wear something super long, dress or skirt-wise, because then you're just covering them up.

I didn't wanna give youthat one dress option, but again just pull out a dress you have in your closet already, maybe you have a littlebud dress that you have that is on the shorter side that you can wear with these boots, and it's gonna look amazing.

One note about tights, and I'll probably talkabout these more coming up, but with tights this season I really prefer to wear a slightly sheer tight with a pattern.

I like patterned tights so much.

I feel like they're justso cool and so lovely and they add so much pop to your look but without breaking up the line, and then the sheernesswill create contrast.

So if you do have a cool pair of boots on, you can still see the boots which is what you want.

'Cause if you wear that super thick dark black tight or legging, again what's the point of the boots? Like you might as well just wear the legging all the way down and then wear a cute little ankle bootie and call it a day.

Like if you're gonna wear killer boots, make sure you let them shine.

That's the whole point of the over the knee boot.

Let them shine.

The outfit is built around those boots and not the other way around.

So I hope that helps you guys and gives you some ideas for those over the knee boots.

I'll put links toeverything that I featured below in the descriptionbox if you're interested.

But if not, just recreate these same looks with pieces you alreadyhave in your closet.

Easy enough to do withthese basics I feel like.

And if you don't alreadyhave your wardrobe basics or maybe you're not sure ifyou have those wardrobe basics, I do give out freewardrobe basics checklist with my email newsletter subscription.

So be sure to click onthat link below in the box so that you can subscribeto the newsletter and then you get thosefreebies sent to your inbox.

Do not forget to subscribe if you haven't subscribedto my channel already.

Of course as always let me know if you have any questions, just comment below.

Thank you guys so much for watching.

I'll catch you next time, bye.

(soft music).

Acne Studios Jensen Boots vs. Everlane Chelsea Boots Review

Hi everyone! I'm Sophie.

Welcome to my channel.

Today I'm gonna be doing a review of my favorite chelsea boots: Acne Studios Jensen boots and Everlane The Chelsea Boot.

If you watched my review of best lace-up flats under $250, You would know that I'm very picky for shoes.

My shoes have to be pretty, comfortable and made of good leather.

These boots have met all my criteria.

Now let's jump right in.

My top favorite are the Acne Studios Jensen boots.

The shaft is slightly higher than my ankle bone.

The heel height is 1.


The pair is designed in a point-toe silhouette.

There is a v-shape gunmetal trim at the front.

The insole is lined with real leather, making it breathable to wear.

The outsole is made of rubber.

The simple design has the magic power to make legs look longer and straighter.

It may be because of the point-toe silhouette and the v-shape gunmetal trim.

On the sides, there are v-shape elasticated inserts.

These inserts make the legs look longer and straighter too.

Although the pair has a point-toe silhouette, it is very comfortable! It's not narrow.

I have slightly wider feet, and my toes have more of a square shape.

So If I wear European or US brand point-toe shoes, my little toes are always squeezed uncomfortably.

But I don't have issues with this pair.

My toes feel very comfortable! Even if I wear thick socks, I still feel comfortable.

Let's talk about leather.

The Jensen boots are so gorgeous that I've purchased two pairs! One pair has burgundy smooth leather.

The other pair has wheat grained leather.

The burgundy pair feels very smooth.

It looks shiny.

The leather is stiff.

I wore this pair for the last winter, and it hasn't got many wrinkles.

So it looks quite new.

The wheat pair feels grained.

It feels softer than the burgundy pair.

It looks shiny too.

This pair doesn't get wrinkles easily, so it looks quite new too.

Let's talk about the price.

The price for this pair is quite expensive.

Retails for $560.

I got my two pairs at sale prices.

About 30% to 40% off when I purchased them.

Quite a deal! My second favorite is Everlane The Chelsea Boot.

The design of this pair is even simpler.

From the front, it looks like normal chelsea boot.

The only highlight is the heel.

The back of the heel is white.

The shaft of this pair is similar to that of Jensen Boots.

Let's compare.

The heel height is 1'', shorter than that of Jensen Boots.

This pair has a almond-toe silhouette.

So it doesn't make legs look as long as the Jensen Boots do.

The elastic inserts on the sides have rectangular shape.

So it doesn't make legs look long and straight as Jensen Boots do.

The insole is lined with real leather.

The outsole is made of textured rubber, which is more anti-skid.

In terms of comfort, the Everlane boots are narrower than the Jensen Boots.

But because of its almond-toe silhouette, my wider feet don't feel uncomfortable wearing this pair.

The pair has black smooth leather.

But the leather is not as smooth and shiny as that of the Jensen Boots.

The leather feels stiff too.

But the biggest con is that the pair gets wrinkles very easily.

I bought the Everlane boots almost at the same time when I bought my Jensen boots.

And I wore both boots almost equally frequently.

The wrinkles of the Everlane boots are apparently more than those of the Jensen boots.

So the Everlane boots look more worn-out.

Let's compare.

The Jensen Boots look like 80% to 90% new, while the Everlane boots look like 50% to 60% new.

The Everlane boots retail for $235, almost half the price of the Jensen Boots.

For the Everlane boots, the value for the money is great.

For size reference, I normally wear boots in US size 7.

I chose size 7 for the three pairs.

If I had to choose only one pair, I would go for a pair of Acne Studios Jensen Boots.

The reasons are: first, it makes legs look longer and straighter.

Second, it is very comfortable to wear.

Third, it doesn't get wrinkles easily.

Very easy to take care of.

Even if you've worn it for a long time, it still looks quite new.

I simply can't find another pair with pretty design, great comfort, and gorgeous leather.

It is pricy.

So I highly suggest purchasing it at sale price.

For about $300 sale price, it's really a great deal! The Everlane pair is less pricy.

If you are on budget and like simpler design, you may consider the Everlane pair.

Well, this is my review of my favorite chelsea boots.

If you like my video, don't forget to thumb up and subscribe! See you next time.


How To Wear Cowboy Boots | Ultimate Guide To The Western Boot | Roper Stockman Buckaroo Boot Video

How To Wear Cowboy Boots Ultimate Guide ToThe Western Boot Roper Stockman Buckaroo Boot Video [0:00:00] Hi! I'm Antonio Centeno.

I'm the founder of Real Men Real Style.

Today, I'm going to be talking about the Westernboot.

Yes, the cowboy boot.

I know many of you guys out there, you don’tride horses.

You've probably never even worn a pair ofWestern boots or even know anyone that does, but perhaps it's something you've wanted tobring into your wardrobe.

Today, I'm going to be presenting this videofor the guy that's just starting out who doesn’t maybe know a whole lot.

Some of you guys though, maybe you're alreadywearing Western boots.

You've got specific questions.

I go into a lot more in the article.

I'm going to link to it over at The Art ofManliness.

In addition, I have an infographic.

If you'd rather just look at the infographicand pick up all of this info in a matter of seconds, go over to the link that goes toReal Men Real Style and I've got the infographic right there, talk about the different types, different types of leathers, and all the different parts.

Now, in today's video, this is geared towardsthe guy just starting off, so we're going to focus in on three things.

Those three things are why you should considerwearing Western boots.

The second are the different parts of theWestern boot.

Finally, I'm going to talk about the mostcommon styles that you're going to see out there.

Now, guys, before I get into this video, I'mgoing to ask you to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

That way, these videos come right to you.

In addition, if you like this, if you findit useful, like it.

Go down and comment.

Let me know what you found useful in thisvideo.

Guys, you know I love going into the commentshere on YouTube, and answering questions, see what you guys have to say how I can makethese videos better.


Let's go ahead and let's talk about the threereasons why you should start to wear Western boots, but let me just start with a story.

My buddy, Ryan Masters — you guys have heardme talk about him — we're at a conference and he saw me wearing a pair of Lou Casey1883s.

Actually, I've got them right here and I'mgoing to use these to show about the different parts.

Ryan looked at the boots and he's like, “Youknow, those look pretty good.

I should at some point get a pair of boots.

” I'm like, “Ryan, you just moved to Colorado.

Of course you should.

You're going to find ways to use them andyou're really going to get miles out of them.

” So he went out and bought a really nice pairof gator boots.

These things drew attention.

They were a little bit lighter colored.

I don’t know exactly if they were gatoror caiman or crocodile, but in any case, they grabbed attention.

Ryan had to number one have confidence, sothat's one of the best things about starting to wear Western boots especially if you didn’tgrow up wearing Western boots, is that you have to have the confidence and build theconfidence to realize when you're wearing those boots, whether you're just wearing themwith a jeans and a t-shirt — and I've seen Ryan do that — still people are drawn.

They look at his feet and they're like, “Wow! Those things really stand out.

They grab attention.

So number one, when you start to wear Westernboots, you've got to build up the confidence.

You've got to be sure of yourself becauseyou are going to get compliments.

You are going to get comments.

You are going to have people ask you aboutthem.

The next part is instant style.

I talked about he's wearing just a t-shirt, jeans.

These boots, because of the design, becauseof the flair, they instantly grab attention.

Now, he started wearing them — I know hedoes a lot of dancing.

They're in Denver and he goes out to countryWestern bars now, and these things still grab attention because they are very stylish.

Boots are one of those things that it is perfectlyfine to make this almost the centerpiece of your outfit.

I'm going to get into the — I've got a bookhere and it's called “Cowboy Boots”, and I'm going to talk a little bit about a company.

In fact, I'd recommend you go check out theirwebsite.

I'll link to it, Rocketbuster.

They are a great example of a company thathas taken the art of the boot and they just ran with it.

It's an amazing company.

I think they're still in El Paso, Texas, butthese guys have had people like Arnold Schwarzenegger and other famous movie stars come in and spendabout as much money as they would on a car on these pair of boots which are handcrafted, designed, just beautiful pieces of art.

Instantly, you can add a piece of style toyour wardrobe.

The last part is the history that goes intoWestern boots.

Now, the cool part about Western boots isthat they serve a function and purpose.

I'm going to talk about this here in a secondwith the parts, but even the style of the heel, why do you think the heel is there? The heel is there because when you're ridinga horse, it actually would fit right here.

It would go right into the stirrup, hold itright there.

Why do you think they don’t have laces onthem? So if you fell off of your horse, the bootwould come off and you wouldn't get dragged and killed by your horse.

All of the boot has to do with history andfunction.

And so, let's go ahead and get into the secondpart of this video.

Let's talk about the parts.

We're going to start with the upper.

Right here, we've got pull straps.

Sometimes, you don’t see pull straps.

You'll see actually holes in the boot.

In any case, you're usually pulling the booton.

There are no laces on Western boots.

The second part is the stitching.

You'll see a lot of this stitching up now.

This actually served their purpose especiallywith the early boots.

They didn’t want them to sag or to fallover, so the stitching was there to help provide support in the boot.

Now, this is called the shaft and this isthe upper part of the boot.

Now, let's go down into the bottom part ofthe boot.

What we've got here are two boxes.

We've got one.

We've got the heel and we've got the toe box.

[0:05:05] Right here, it's called the heel counter specificallyand these are both formed to give the boot the shape.

Now, here we've got the vamp and the vampis one of the most durable, toughest parts of the boot because this is where it's goingto have a constant bending.

The vamp, oftentimes you've got stitchingand design to also strengthen this.

Again, this is probably one of the most durableparts.

If you're going to be conditioning, takingcare of your boots, which you should be, this is where you want to make sure you give specialattention because it's constantly bending.

If you don’t take care of it, this is wherethe leather will start to crack especially right here on the sides if you're not conditioningit.

Now, let's talk about the outer sole and theheel.

I talked about the heel.

Heels come in all shapes and sizes.

It depends on what you need the boot for andthe function of it.

Most Western boots though, we're going tosee anywhere from about one inch to about one and a half to almost two inches on theheel.

Two inches is a bit extreme.

Less than an inch, you're going to start toget into specific types of boots, which are geared more towards work.

Now, the outer sole right here, this is whatbasically hits the ground.

These are made to be replaced.

So if you start to wear a hole in it, you'dwant to take it to a cobbler, preferably one that specializes in boots so we can get thatreplaced.

A lot of companies like Lou Casey, I believeyou can actually send it back to the company and they will actually rebuild that for you.

Okay, so we've talked about why, we've talkedabout the parts.

Gentlemen, let's dive in to the differentstyles.

The classic Western boot, that's what I wasjust showing you right here.

We've got about — what is that — 12 inchesin the shaft.

We've got a pretty, non-descript, just simple– this is an all-around, simple boot.

Then we've got the shorty.

The shorty shaft is usually going to be quitea bit shorter, sometimes as short as six inches.

What we're going to see, the next one, let'stalk about the Western work boot.

The Western work boot, the big differenceis the heel at the bottom of the boot.

Ariat is a great company to look at theirWestern work boots because what you see is they've designed them for comfort.

These are men that are up on their feet 12to 14 to 16 hours a day and they demand comfort.

They're not necessarily getting into a horse, but they want something that's durable that still has the historic flavor of the Westernboot.

Next, let's talk about the roper.

Roper is an earlier version of the Westernwork boot and something that you'll see a lot of guys, especially if they're workingrodeos down in Pegasus, Texas or something, you're going to see ropers.

They're more practical when it comes to workand at the same time, you can jump and you can ride with them, so you'll see a lot ofguys especially that work around animals using ropers.

Now, the buckaroo, this is one that's morefor show.

It goes much higher, so the shaft on the buckaroois going to be much higher than a regular Western boot.

Finally, the stockman.

The stockman is kind of a hybrid.

Again, it's going to be for a guy that's notnecessarily getting into the saddle as much.

It's very similar to the work boot, but it'sstill going to have a lot of the style of the classic Western boot.

Okay, guys, I've got a lot more information.

Go over to Real Men Real Style, check outthe infographic.

Go to the detailed article at The Art of Manlinessand let me know in the comments if you've got questions, how you've been able to — maybewhat your favorite company is, how you've enjoyed wearing Western boots and maybe thecompliments you've gotten.

Again, guys, go check out the article, a lotmore detail.

I'll see you in the next video.


[0:08:30] End of Audio.

5 Reasons Boots Make You More Attractive! | RMRS Style Videos

5 Reasons Why Boots Make You More Attractive! [0:00:00]So, there’s this Hollywood story of actor Russell Crowe hanging out with producer JerryBruckheimer at a party.

They’re doing pretty well.

Russell has got women all over him until hetakes off his boots, loses three inches of height and immediately Jerry’s like, “Getyour boots back on.

Man, you’re messing up your image.

” Is the story true? I don’t know.

But, what I will attest to is the power ofboots.

In today’s video, gents, why boots makeyou more attractive and why every man needs a pair in his wardrobe.

[Music]Reason number one that every man needs a pair of boots in his wardrobe, women absolutelylove boots.

I’m supporting this with a 2016 study ata GQ Magazine.

They actually did in-depth interviews withover two hundred women asking them what they look for in a man, specific details when itcomes to style and grooming.

76% of women said they wanted to see a manwear casual boots on a first date.

What does that tell you? Guys, don’t – don’t you shoot yourselfthe foot.

Wear the casual boots, women absolutely lovethem.

So, we’ve established that women like boots, but why do they like boots? Guys, it comes down to association and status.

Let’s look at history.

Five hundred years back, military officers.

Two hundred years back, if you were a footsoldier you couldn’t afford boots.

You can barely afford shoes.

Boots were always reserve for officers, menof status men of power.

Even now modern days, we see a guy he’sgoing to be an explorer, we see a guy that’s joining the military, what are they wearing? Boots.

And now, let’s think about rock stars.

If you can imagine a rock star, he’s upon stage, he is breaking rules, he is commanding respect.

What is he wearing? He’s probably – he’s not going to bewearing dress shoes.

I like dress shoes, but he is going to bewearing a pair of boots.

Guys, it’s all about setting yourself apart, it’s all about status.

Now, gentlemen, all the boots you’re seeingin today’s video, brought to you by Thursday Boots, the paid sponsor of today’s video.

And, for over two years, I’ve been wearingand loving their boots.

Guys, these are quality boots at an affordableprice.

These are using a Goodyear welt.

The advantage of a Goodyear Welt is it’sthe most water-resistant type of build that you can get and you want them for boots.

So, not only is it a quality built, but itprotects me from the elements.

100% of the leather used by Thursday Bootsis sourced from Tier 1 USA cattle.

What this means is that you’re getting anamazing upper that is going to get better over time.

They are going to develop unique patinas that’sgoing to reflect your daily adventures.

When you look at the insole right here, theyuse a cork lining.

What this means it’s kind of like a memoryfoam mattress.

It starts to conform to your foot that’swhy these are so comfortable.

Go check out all the different options theygot for men from the different styles from chukka to actually the dress boots, the morethe exploration boots.

If you’re looking at the different uppersthat they’ve got for you from suede to regular dark brown to a lighter brown like this madewith a Horween Leather out of Chicago.

Amazing company, guys.

I’m linking to Thursday Boots down in thedescription.

Great boots at an amazing price.

Go check them out.

The next reason why every man needs a pairof boots in this wardrobe, gentlemen, it’s all about the heel.

It’s all about adding height.

This pair of boots right here easily goingto add two inches to your height.

Women, again, like in general taller men.

Even other men look to taller men.

They’ve done these studies of like the topCEOs of companies and taller men seem to dominate.

Now, if you’re shorter, it is a lost cause.

Of course not, there are many tricks and tipsout there.

I’ve got entire videos on that.

But, starting it off with a pair of boots, guys, that’s going to help especially find a pair of boots maybe with three inches, twoinches is definitely going to help go from 5’5” to 5’7”.

Boom! There you go.

Next up, let’s talk about size.

Big shoes mean a big heart, right? Isn’t that how it goes? But, here’s – look at this right here.


So, which one is bigger? Of course this shoe right here is bigger, but what you’re doing is you’re looking to make your extremities a bit larger in generalespecially during the fall, the winter, and the spring we’re starting to layer, bringon other pieces and that can throw off their proportions especially if you’re oftentimeswearing casual clothing which is most men out there.

So, you wear boots like this, all of a suddenthey add just a bit also in the length, in the overall size.

It’s not clunky if you get the right style.

And you get the right style a really nicerugged look right in there and all of a sudden it builds up your feet, it makes you lookmore masculine.

So, the next reason why every man needs apair of leather boots in his wardrobe, gentlemen, is because leather evokes a feeling of masculinity.

Basically, when you wear leather you comeoff as stronger.

Now, what’s this based off? A 2001 study out of the school of art andthat was over at Liverpool John Moores University, what they found is that certain fabrics certainmaterials evoke feelings.

Tweed made you relax.

Whenever they put denim in front of people, it made them feel like they were more energetic.

And, leather, when it comes down to leather, it’s all about strength and masculinity.

And bonus reason why every man needs a goodpair of boots because boots are functional.

You get that rubber sole right here, you getsomething that covers up your ankles with a good strong leather.

You’ve got something that you can walk tothe snow the sleet the rain, not worry about damaging the boots as long as you take careof the boots, but they’re going to keep water off of your feet and they’re goingto give you a good grip.

Guys, boots are functional, one of my favoritepieces of menswear that a man can own.

[0:05:05]Now, you’re probably wondering, Antonio, how do I find a great pair of boots? What exactly do I look for in the constructionof boots? Guys, I’ve got you covered.

Check out this video right here.

I’m going to link to it down in the descriptionof this video.

But, in this video right here, I go into thedetails of the build, what you need to identify, what you need to look for, whatever brandyou may buy.

But, I do recommend checking out ThursdayBoots.

Again, I’m linking to Thursday down in thedescription.

I absolutely love this company.

Like I said everything about the constructionis awesome.

I know the founders.

I’ve spent time with them in New York.

Absolutely love what this company is doing, so check them out, guys.

I’m linking to Thursday down in the description.

[Bleeping sound]So, quick fact about the chukka boot.

During World War II, British soldiers actuallycommissioned these to be made up in Northern Africa whenever they were fighting [Rommel]because they wanted a boot that would be more functional in the desert.

They worked with Egyptian cobblers who apparentlymade quite a few of these boots, they absolutely love them and then they started to make theirway into men’s wardrobe.

So, you should know this, a little bit ofmilitary history with the chukka boot.

That’s it.

Take care.

I’ll see you in the next video.

[0:06:06] End of Audio.

Men's Fall & Winter Leather Boots | How To Wear Men's Boots – Dress, Casual, Work, Chukka, Lace-Up

hi I'm Ashley Weston I'm a celebrity menswear stylist this video is part of my men's fall and winter essential series to see the other articles and videos in this series check out the link in the video description so today I want to talk to you about boots there

are three types of boots that I love during the fall winter season a nice dress boot casual boot and chukka boot now the reason why I love boots during this part of the year is because not only does it look great with jeans wool trousers and a nice

fall winter suit but it also keeps your feet nice and warm and protected from the elements while still looking classy and refined now if you live in an area where you get a bit of rain and snow then you should probably get a specialty food for those crazier

days but that's outside of the scope of this video so let's quickly go over the differences between a dress boot and casual boot so dress boots are formal so they go well with suits and wool trousers they also have a sleeker profile and the soles are usually made

out of either leather or rubber also the leather itself is a shinier calf leather as opposed to a thicker cowhide now just think of a dress boot like a dress shoe but with a shaft on it so for casual boots they're usually a little less formal and sophisticated

which is why they work so well with jeans but they also can still be worn with wool trousers just not suits there's a little bit more room in the toe box and the leather is usually made out of a thicker cowhide although not always these boots here actually

made out of a calf skin so the quickest way to tell between a casual boot and a dress food is by the soles so if it has a lunge sole like I have here then it's 100% a casual boot let's go over the points that you should look

for in a good boot so first off you want to make sure your boot has a nice slim profile and what I mean by that is the height of the toe area you want it to be nice and slim hey Tim Berlin is the exact opposite of what

you're looking for usually timberlands have a really high toe area it's just super chunky and that's not what you want so make sure you have a nice slim sleek profile with a slim soul when I say a slim soul usually with casual boots you're going to have a

little bit thicker of a sole because usually it has a lugged bottom that's perfectly fine you just want to make sure it's not like double this thickness that's when it's just too chunky next your boot should be either a plain toe like I've got here or a cap

toe like this boot and then it can also have some broken as well which is this decorative detail that you see here the next point you want to look for in a boot is that it has a rubber bottom usually it's going to be loved or denied this

one's died and I here now you want the rubber bottom because you need that added traction otherwise if you have leather soles you will slip and slide like crazy and any kind of wet weather the next thing you want to look for in a boot is a nice

chocolatey Brown and or black like I've got here I would definitely recommend going with a nice brown color first because it goes really great with all of your fall colors and you can wear them with your formal and casual outfits a lot easier than a black boot once

you've got brown then get a black boot I would just be careful with getting more specific colors like an ox flood cuz it's a lot more difficult to wear just doesn't complement as many colors in your wardrobe only get that color after you've gotten the brown and black

boots and lastly your boots should not be swayed like I've got here unless you live in Southern California where it only rains maybe three or four times a year but if you live in an area where it does rain and snow do not get swayed instead get a

nice leather boot because I don't care how much you Scotchgard the crap out here suede it's still gonna get completely messed up Steve suede for the spring so in regard to wearing boots with a suit you certainly can do so but just make sure it's a dress boot

and if you are going to wear boots with a suit there's two things you got to be aware of first you want to make sure your suit is made out of a heavier wool material because your boots are a visually heavy item so you need a heavier suit

to help complement it boots look very odd when it's paired with a lighter weight suit the second point you want to be aware of is when you are wearing your boots with a suit you have to make sure that the suit pants are hemmed with no brake so

no brake means it's going to hit about here if you wear your suit pants that you got tailored for dress shoes it's actually going to create a lot of bunching on the boot itself so it's going to look really sloppy unfortunately what that means is your suit can

only now be worn with your boot unless you have your tailor lengthen the hem when the seasons change and when you want to wear that suit pant now with a pair of dress shoes ok so now let's get into my favorite boots you should own and how to

wear them but just a quick note if you don't know how to properly tie your boots then check out my video linked in the description so first I've got this Allen Edmonds First Avenue dress food I really love this move because again it has the nice slim profile

like all of their dress shoes the leather is such high quality it's so great and it also has a nice rubber sole as well so I found these dress boots in a black suede bomber jacket with a charcoal turtleneck and throw on some dark wash jeans but check

out the website for more details the next boot that I really like is this casual boot by party I know you've seen this in quite a few of my videos but I really love the slim profile and this chocolaty Brown finish I paired these casual boots with a

green utility jacket and an oxford button-down and threw on some dark wash Jean the next boot that I really like is this choco boot by Johnson and Murphy this is a very well designed boot to add a great price point Johnson Murphy and Aldo are actually my to

go to brands when I'm a little bit more budget conscious they just make great shoes at a great price point so I styled these black chukkas in a trucker jacket to oxford button-down and some wool trousers so those are some of my favorite boots that you should own

there's a couple of other ones that I really love as well some suede chuckle options that I've included in my article so definitely check that out via the link in the video description this video is part of my men's fall and winter essential series check out my website

for an in-depth article that includes all the outfit details and product links subscribe to my channel for more videos like this and if you like this video remember give it a thumbs up alright thanks so much for watching I'll see you in the next one

How To Wear Boots 102 – Beyond The Basic Boot Styles

Welcome back to the Gentleman's Gazette! In today's video, we discuss how to wear boots102 or boot styles beyond the basics.

If you are new to boots, please check outour other video about the 5 basic boot styles first.

Once you have your basic boots covered, it'stime for some advanced styles.

First, let's talk about Button boots.

It's this beautiful boot with two-tone andbuttons.

So who are they for? They're for men who like elegant formal outfits;dark suits like charcoal, maybe a stroller suit, or a morning coat.

They're definitely a statement piece becausethey're contrasting like a spectator and so they stand out from the crowd.

It's also a great option for you if you simplydon't want a boot that anybody else has because there's a very small number of people whoactually have them.

It's also great for people who love vintageclothing because it can give you that vintage look.

To learn how to button these boots, pleasecheck out our in-depth guide here.

So what colors should you get them in for? Well, traditionally, you have a black boxcalf leather at the bottom upper and then a contrasting white or off-white suede top.

Today, you can also find them with fabricinserts such as tweed.

Maybe in some contrasting leather, you havebrown, or you can have red with black.

Basically, the sky is the limit.

So who is this boot not for? Obviously for people who are just startingout with boots but that goes without saying.

It's also not a boot for you if you're notinto formal clothing unless of course, you go with tweed and something in brown but that'svery unusual and only available made to order.

It's also not a terribly modern look so ifyou want to be cutting edge, this is not the boot for you.

The next boot style is the opposite, it'sthe so-called work boot.

As you can see, it's dirty, it has scuffs, because it's used to work outside and so there are signs of wear.

Work boots are perfect if you are in the constructionbusiness, if you work outside a lot, if you're very physical, or if you love your yard andyour garden and you just need something that withstands the elements.

They're also good for electricians and sometimesthey come with steel toe caps so your feet are protected.

In recent years, these boots have become verypopular with hipsters who wear high-end expensive denim jeans and flannel shirts.

If they have a tattoo, a beard, and a disconnectedundercut.

The most well known popular brand is definitelyRed Wing who recognized this trend and so besides the regular work line, it createda heritage line.

Even though it emphasizes the craftsmanshipof the boots, it's clearly a more fashion-driven brand.

Outside the US, these kinds of work boot stylesfor city men are popular in Japan & Germany, and many other countries.

They also come with a surprise, these bootshere are from Thorogood.

It's another US made brand and it's very good.

I've been using those for years and I canvouch for the quality.

As you can imagine, I only wear them when I actually work outside.

Other brands you can look into include Eastland, Wolverine, and Danner.

For work purposes, a vibram sole is greatbecause it's rubber, it gives you extra grip but you can also find them with differentkinds of leather soles or rubber soles.

What color should you go for? Traditionally, this is a kind of mid brown.

If you want something different, you can gowith dark brown, something in burgundy or even sand.

Since it has that outdoor work heritage, blackcan simply be too formal.

So who's this boot not for? If you wear a lot of suits and you like formaloutfits, this is not the boot for you.

Ideally, this pairs well with denim, not evenwell with khakis, so if you're not into denim, don't buy this boot.

Another variation to the classic work bootis the so-called moc toe boot.

It's inspired by the moccasin and althoughthe construction is not a true moccasin, it has a similar look.

So who's it for? It's for men who like the traditional lookof the work boot but they don't need the performance aspect, it's simply for the looks.

The moc toe will usually have a white rubbersole and they're perfectly fine to wear for a start-up office or a casual office environment.

So what colors should you get moc toes in? I personally think mid brown or even better, burgundy because it goes well with colors, not just blue but other shades.

One of my personal favorite boot styles isthe brogue boots or the wingtip boots.

This style comes in lots of different versionsand I just like it because it goes so well with fall/winter outfits and it has a typicalfull brogue look and as a boot, it's just slightly warmer and I even prefer it to aregular shoe.

Obviously, we have a very thick sole likethis one or you can go with something thinner.

This is more elegant.

So who are these boots for? Men who love flannel suits, or tweed, or anyother kind of winter fabric.

They pair supremely well and always looksstylish.

They also look great with denim, corduroy, chinos, or any other kind of casual pant.

Honestly, I can't think of a man who can'twear this boot.

Obviously, if you're into brogues, this isthe boot for you.

if you get them with a thick leather sole, they can even do double duty as a hiking boot.

So what colors should you get them in? Personally, I like tan a lot because it'scontrasting so if you have a black, dark brown, brown, or navy blue pair of corduroys, jeans, or chinos, it really stands out.

Maximum versatility though, I think you shouldgo with a cordovan oxblood color.

This here is a cordovan boot and it goes witha lot of outfits, it's not as flashy but I used some shoelaces to get a different look.

Obviously, I did the same thing with thisboot.

The great thing about having different bootlaces is that you can achieve a different look simply by exchanging a very inexpensivepair of boot laces.

For a selection of more than 15 colors ofboot laces, please click here.

So who's this boot not for? Honestly, almost any man can wear it but it'snot for you if you like clean, simplistic lines and a minimalist design.

Then, you should rather go with Chelsea bootsor the Jodhpur boots.

The final advanced boot style really dependson what kind of climate you live in.

if you live in a dry climate, I suggest youget a suede boot.

Simply because it has a wonderful texture, it's very different from regular box calf or cordovan boots and it is casual and itoftentimes come in different colors, they're not super classic but still very, very goodto combine in a classic inspired men's wardrobe.

if you live in a colder rainy climate, youshould probably invest in a pair of dak boots.

In the early 20th century, Leon Leonwood Beancame back from a hunting trip and had wet feet so he decided to do something about that.

He went to a local cobbler and had a regularboot combined with a rubber boot.

It turned out, it was a fantastic idea andin the 1912, he acquired a mailing list.

The ad read “You cannot expect success huntingdeer or moose if your feet are not properly dressed.

The Maine hunting shoe is designed by a hunterwho has tramped the Maine woods for the last 18 years.

We guarantee them to give the perfect satisfactionin every way.

” Now obviously, this kind of marketing wouldn'tquite fly today but back then it really worked and people bought the boot, loved it, andthat's why L.

L Bean is still around today.

So why are they called Dak boots? Well, hunters in the marshy waters of Maine, Massachusetts hunted for ducks and so this hunting boot eventually became the Dak boot.

Today, it's worn by people who hunt anythingnot just ducks.

It's also for people who just want warm feetwhen it's cold outside or when it's raining.

It certainly has a very unique aesthetic andpersonally, I'm not a huge fan of it but they're very functional and definitely a classic.

Who are the boots for? They're good for men in wet or cold conditions.

There are lots of companies producing thesekinds of boots, one of them that has a pretty high-quality comes from Bozeman, Montana andthey're called Schnee's.

Ironically, Schnee's the word for snow inGerman.

They promise to make boots that go even to-4 degrees Fahrenheit.

So what color should you get? Primarily, the color doesn't matter but mostof them come in a shade of brown.

So who's this boot not for? Basically, for all people who don't need afunctionality because hands down, it's an ugly boot.

Side zippers on boots may seem like a goodidea because they're convenient but I would stay clear of them because usually, they wearout prematurely and exchanging zippers on a high-quality boot is a difficult thing andit never looks good.

Stick to regular, traditional boots that arelace up.

It may take you a few seconds longer to getin but you can keep those for years to come.

Of course, there are a lot more differentboot styles, but these are my personal five favorite advanced boot styles and I don'twear cowboy boots, otherwise, I would have mentioned them but honestly, that should warrantan entire video on its own.

If you enjoyed this video, please check outour other ones and sign up to our channel so they come right to your inbox.


DIY Boho Boots! 5 Stiefel Styles für den Herbst!

Hey guys, today we're going to make Boho Boots I think they're really nice and now that the days are going to be cooler and autumn is coming Boho Boots are perfect for an outfit combined with a short dress As you can see, this is the look we want to have for our boots Now we put off these buckles and start with the first style: I found an old belt at home, which I bought years ago and found very cool but didn't wear it anytime So now we're going to wrap it all around the shoe Make sure you design the outer side of the boot nicer than the inner side cause nobody will actually see, whats on the inner side.

Now the belt is fixed and I want to add a smaller braided belt, which does match fine with the colors of the big one.

Now we finished the first style and our first Boho Boots.

Please make sure, to always buy two types of a belt if you don't have belts at home, cause you have two pair of shoes If you have a belt at home which is long or wide enough, just cut it in two pieces.

Lets start with style number two where I will be using this white decoration material I find very cool.

So wrap it around again and always make sure, you pay attention to the outer side of the boot.

You can fix it with some fixing pins or you can glue the cloth to your boot.

I prefer the fixing pins, because I like to have the option to put off the whole thing.

Again I decided to use a smaller belt which is a leather substitute, of course.

It so happened, that all the decoration has the same brown color, what is actually perfect Now we're also going to wrap this tiny belt around the boot Almost ready, but we're not done yet the next thing I'm going to do, is fixing this glowy necklaces all around the shoe I found these at home, there are some pears in it colored in white and beige Everything you want to hide, like knots or tiny closures, you don't want people to see, you have to put on the inner side.

Last but not least the black necklace Just wrap it around knot on the inner side Now we're ready with our second style which you can perfectly combine with skinny jeans or maybe a white dress For the next stye I chose some black western bootee with a small heel and bought some black cloth with a nice flower print from which I cut off some parts and braided them Now I will cut off a stripe of cloth Cutted and braided, but first we're going to take those silver necklaces and wrap them around the bootee.

I like that look pretty much, and probably you've already seen kind of these in shopping malls Now put your romantic flowered stripe onto your rocky boot Looks pretty nice, I think If your stripe is too short, maybe you have to stich it with your shoe so it doesn't fall off.

Now we're going to take our braided cloth and tie it with the necklace.

So here's boot number three which I like most, cause it's rocky, it's punky and the outfit I would chose, would be a leather skirt or a destroyed jeans Lets start with style number four, this is a boot with a longer leg and you have to put over the upper part of your shoe Here you can see result now we're going to make something like a glam-rock-style so all we're going to do is wrap this belt with those tiny studs all around the shoe As you can see, the closure is on the inner side but it won't be bad, if you put it on the outer side Still not ready! Grab your golden necklace this one is from New Yorker and was only one euro (I already used them in the DIY where I was doing a cover of the Chanel bagpack) Boot number four is ready and I really like the golden color combined with the black boots What would I wear with them.



a black leather leggins! Last but not least I grabbed my brown bootee again and now we're going to do something very fast and easy We just put this brown belt with this giant brooch all around our boot Here it's actually really important to have two identical belts for your shoes Small effort, big effect I just pulled the belt around the boot and closed the brooch and now we're gonna add this tiny blue necklace After all, boot number five, little bit more massive than the other ones but very chic on your feet Skinny Jeans in blue or white should fit very well but you should always choose a color that is matchy with your brooch Well guys, this was my DIY for today I hope you liked it and got inspired to style up your old boots Thumbs up if you liked the video and please let me know in the comments below, which boot you liked the most If you want to, you can follow me on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook or subscribe to my channel, if you like, that would make me very happy See you next time, byebye!.

Brown Boots vs. Black Boots | Which Color Is Better For YOU?

What's up guys my name is Brock you'rewatching The Modest Man and today we're talking about the differences betweenbrown boots and black boots.

Ok so you've decided to buy a new pair of boots maybeit's your first pair or maybe you're just expanding your shoe collection.

First of all congratulations I think you're making an excellent decision andI want to help you make the best purchase for you.

Of course the firstthing is you need to pick the right type of boots and there are so many types ofboots from Chelsea to chukkas and I actually made a video about the topthree best types of boots.

The most versatile boots for men.

So definitely gocheck that out but once you pick which type of boots you want you have to picka color and there are many different colors in both leather and suede but Ithink the two most common colors by far are brown and black.

Now both colors areexcellent choices they're both very versatile there's no wrong choice.

Youreally can't go wrong with brown leather boots or black leather bootsin fact a lot of guys probably have both in their collection.

But if you don'twant to choose one which is the best choice for you.

Now in my opinion there's no universal best choice that really depends on yourpersonal preferences and your situation but I do have some suggestions and someadvice based on where you are in your personal style journey.

So think aboutyour current wardrobe is it complete? You know do you feel pretty good about it? Does it really represent your personal style and you feel like you can puttogether an outfit with relative ease or are you a total beginner? You know or areyou still working on it? You're still trying to find your personal style.

So ifyou already have a pretty solid wardrobe which you are pretty happy with, look at thecolor palette.

If your closet is full of blues and greens and earth tones likecream and brown and tan then brown boots are probably going to be the best choicefor you because they're gonna work well with the clothes that you already own.

Now on the other hand, if your wardrobe is full of black, white, navy, grey thenblack boots are probably going to be a better choice for you because they'regoing to be more versatile.

Of course if you're a total beginner you know youfeel like your wardrobe is not complete or maybe it doesn'treally represent your personal style or maybe you don't even know what yourpersonal style is yet that's okay there's still some ways that you canfigure out if you should buy brown boots or black boots.

So what you want to dois you want to think about your eventual style aesthetic.

Your eventual stylepreferences.

Think about like two, three years from now what kind of guy are yougonna be, what kind of clothes are you gonna want to wear and what do yougravitate toward right now.

For example if you identify with the ruggedAmericana kind of blue-collar, work wear aesthetic I'm talking about likesalvaged denim, brown leather accessories, you know navy or brown chinos, olive chinos, plaid flannel shirts, you know, leather belts, chunky sweater stuff like thatthen brown boots are probably gonna be a better choice for you right now becausethey're gonna play into that aesthetic that you already kind of like.

Now in thesame way if you identify with the really preppy aesthetic like Oxford cottonbutton-down shirts and woven belts and pastels and boat shoes and chinos shortsthen brown boots are probably gonna be the best color for you because they workwell with that preppy aesthetic.

Now on the other hand, you know if you'rebrowsing your Instagram feed and you realize that all the people that youfollow are into really minimal street wear kind of rakish looks then you mightwant to go with black boots instead.

I'm talking about like slim black jeans, plain white t-shirts, minimal accessories, you know, monochromatic color schemesyou're probably gonna be better off buying black boots.

It's not that youcan't wear brown boots with black jeans.

You can.

You can mix brown and black butyou're probably not gonna get as much used in versatility out of brown bootsif you really like the kind of street wear, minimal, edgy, you know, monochromaticlook.

Personally I've always preferred brown boots because my wardrobe ismostly been a mix between like rugged and preppy and brown boot just kind ofgo with the clothes that I already have but lately I have been finding myselfkind of gravitating and thinking more about like the minimal monochromaticeven street wear kind of look so I'm actually pretty excited to add theseblack chelsea boots from Thursday Boot Company to my shoe collection and it'sgonna be really fun and interesting to you know see how I can incorporate thesemy existing wardrobe and maybe even tweak my wardrobe a little bit, you know, to, to better suit this kind of look.

At the end of the day you know it's justclothes so don't be afraid to experiment with both colors and don't be afraid toevolve and that's the thing you know the truth is your preferences will probablychange, you know, as you get older and your situation and life changes you maybe change jobs or you move to a new city or you have a family and you become aparent – whatever.

It's okay to to let your style evolved with you to betterrepresent your current life situation and personality.

You know that's whatmakes this fun is that you get to change because if you just wear the same thingevery day for your whole life it's gonna get pretty boring.

Alright guys I hopethis video helps you choose between a black boots and brown boots especiallyif you're buying your first pair.

If you have any questions of course feel freeto ask down in the comments.

Thanks again to Thursday Boot Company for continuingto support my work here at The Modest Man and until next time.

Stay stylish!.

Ultimate Guide To Buying Men's Dress Boots | Different Boot Styles | Chelsea | Chukka | Lace-Up

So, I have over thirty pairs of shoes in mywardrobe, yet over the last six months I've noticed that I've worn one pair probably 50%of the time.

So, what is this style that's getting a disproportionatenumber of wears and basically has been my favorite go-to shoe for the last few months? Guys, I can tell you it's not a shoe, it'sthe dress boot.

And in today's video, gents, the ultimateguide for buying the right dress boot for you.

All right, gents, I'm going to break thisvideo up into three parts.

First off, I'm going to talk about the why.

Why do you want to incorporate dress bootsinto your wardrobe? Next, I'm going to talk about the what.

What exactly are dress boots? Finally, I'm going to talk about the how.

How to incorporate dress boots into your wardrobe? Ready, guys? Let's get into it.

Point number one.


Why all the love for dress boots? I can tell you guys over the last six months50% of the time when I leave my house I'm wearing dress boots and I wear them becausethey're comfortable.

I wear them because they're versatile.

I wear them because they have traction andI live in part of the country where we get rain, we get sleet.

We're already starting to get, you know, alittle bit of frost in the morning and it's really nice.

When I go to watch my son's football game, I'm going up and down in the bleachers and I'm not worried about falling down.

They look great.

I can dress them up, I can dress them down.

And it really — it's the same boot, I getcompliments on them.

All of these that's what I love about thedress boot, it is so versatile, so comfortable, and can give you so much traction.

Now, a company I want to bring to your attention, guys, that I've been field testing for over six months, Thursday Boots.

I've got a couple of different pairs righthere, so definitely check them out.

Guys, I'm going to link to them down in thedescription.

Now, a couple of things I want to bring toyour attention about Thursday Boots.

Number one, the leather they use is from theHorween tannery in Chicago, Illinois.

They use a buttery soft inner glove liningwhich I noticed this when I first got these boots and I was asking Nolan which I spokewith one of the founders and he was telling me about why they chose this lining how itmakes the boot more comfortable.

In my experience in hot and cool weather thisis actually true.

They've got an EVA comfort strip and they'vegot a cork bed midsole that molds the foot.

What this means guys is that you'll be ableto wear this for fourteen, sixteen hours and they're going to feel great.

Finally, guys, I need to really point out, the price point is amazing.

So, if you haven't heard of this company, guys, in my Facebook group I've been talking it.

You definitely want to go check them out.

Point number two.

What exactly is a dress boot? And what should you be looking for when you'regoing out there and buying your first pair? So, guys, you're going to see three commonstyles of dress boots.

You're going to see the Chelsea, you're goingto see the Chukka, you're going to see the laced dress boot.

I'm not going to tell you which one is rightfor you, it depends on your needs, but let me help you understand how each of them aredifferent.

So, the Chelsea is going to be lace less andthat's the key characteristic with this dress boot.

It's usually going to have elastic on thesides.

Most modern Chelseas aren't going to go morethan two inches higher than a pair of dress shoes and they're just going to barely coverthe ankle.

Now, the interesting thing about the Chelseais of all the dress boots I've mentioned it's usually going to be the most formal becausethe base design of it is from a dress shoe.

So, you're going to see a leather sole, you'regoing to see a more delicate design, and basically the bottom of it right here isn't you're notgoing to see much traction on most Chelseas out there.

Now, some Chelseas you will see are actuallymade for winter and are going to actually have a rubber sole put over the leather andthey also may have a zipper on the inside.

Those, you don't really see them too muchin the United States, but if you're going to look for something for cold weather, thatmay be an option.

The second style I want to talk about is theChukka design.

This comes from the desert boot.

It's going to be both informal and casualstyles.

Oftentimes it's the materials and slight differencesin the details of the boot which are going to be either make it casual or dressier.

This pair right here is going to be dressierI can tell by the leather sole, the thickness of the sole the upper and smoothness of theleather and the design.

The lace itself that's used here usually you'regoing to see anywhere from two to four eyelets, but right here as you can tell it doesn'tgo up very high.

A more casual one, we would see a rubber sole, we probably see maybe three or four eyelets, we may be see more casual material up hereuse on the upper, but that is the Chukka.

Now, the laced boot.

This one right here oftentimes we're goingto see as more casual.

This is not going to be something you wouldnormally wear with a suit.

You will see most of them are going to havederby type of open lacing systems.

A close lacing system like you would see withan Oxford is very rare on a laced booting system like this because the laces themselvesmake this therefore a more informal shoe.

Now, what I really like about this designright here is that this one right here is made from a combat boot or a work boot heritage.

So, it's going to be very, very comfortableyet it's going to be have traction down here at the bottom.

You're going to notice it does not have it'sgoing to have some leather right in here, but overall it's going to have a rubber sole.

This one made by Thursday Boots is going tohave, you know, that cork insert that I talked about here.

Also, the upper itself is going to have thatthat glove lining on the inside.

But, overall we see that this one has, youknow, just double stitching right over and around here.

So, it's got leather laid over leather.

What that does is, again, it adds a bit tothe design, but it also makes the boot more casual.

But, let's start to look now at the toe.

Notice this one right here has a plain toe.

This one right here has what's known as acapped toe.

This pair of boots right here, notice allof the design, this here has a winged tip.

So, that will be the final thing that you'llstart to notice in all the boots.

You'll notice that also in chukkas and Chelseasas well, so that's not exclusive to the laced boot design, but anytime we start to bringin ornamentation we start to bring in all of these design we start to bring contraststitching, all of this is going to make the boot more casual.

Now, I know I could have gone into a lot moredetail about all the pieces of the boot.

Definitely go check out the infographic guys.

I put together an awesome infographic, we'regoing to break out all the detail I talked about plus more and so, you definitely wantto go check that out.

Point number three, gents.

How to pull off dress boots in your wardrobe.

So, I've talked about Chelseas, you can actuallya black dark brown wear those with a suit.

But, boots like this are going to more casualin nature, therefore you're going to want to match them with jeans.

Really the rubber sole, the lacing systemas I talked about this is something that's naturally going to work with jeans.

So, you can wear this with pretty much allthe jeans whether they'd be a bit more, you know, casual lighter color or darker coloreddenim which I recommend.

You can also wear this with chinos, a widevariety of trousers made from different materials.

I've got a pair of olive green moleskin thatI pull off with this.

You can also pull off a pair of gray flannels.

The great thing about this is anything nota suit not dress up to that level, you can pull off with this.

So, when it comes to the trousers you've gotthat covered.

Now, let's go into shirts.

So, all of a sudden you want to look at anytype of button down, maybe polos.

You can pull off a great well-fitted t-shirtwith any of the trousers I just talked about with these boots, instantly it's going tolook up.

You're going to have that one item that peopleare instantly drawn to because boots shoes in general are an end point and thereforegrab people's attention.

But, don't just stop with the shirts.

Maybe you wanted to wear that polo or thatt-shirt of that button down, maybe thrown in a sports jacket if you want to go morecasual throw a leather jacket over that t-shirt.

Maybe look to throw a jean jacket.

Very see see all the things that you can dowith this and that's, again, gents, why I love the dress boot.

You can dress it up, dress it down, it's goingto give you traction it's going to get you compliments.

Overall, guys, a great piece to add to yourwardrobe.

And if you're looking for a company to support, check out Thursday Boots.

Like I said for six months I've been wearingthis for the last month I've been wearing this and I can tell you, these things aremade well, they're at a great price point.

Even the name Thursday comes from the factthat when they founded the company they wanted the idea of a boot the works hard for youlike you do on a Thursday, but the weekend is in sight that literally you can wear theseto work then you can wear them out to play in the evening night out with the buds.

So, guys, great company, definitely go checkthem out.

Let me know what you think down in the comments.

I'll see you in the next video.


8 MUST HAVE Winter Boots | **Survival Guide!**

hi guys welcome back to my channel today we're doing a video that's been a tradition so far which is my winter shoe essentials that I feel like every woman should have in her closet to battle this season if you're new to the channel welcomewelcome if you've been here

for a while thank you thank you and now let's get to the essential shoes for winter first boot is the combat boot these are probably my most favorite purchase in the past couple of months these are from common projects and I decided to splurge this season before that

I had a version of these but drifted I got them for $25 and honestly they served me so so well I personally love the cool aspect they bring to an outfit also their wait for winter obviously durable you can put a thick sock with it and I wear

it with skirts with jeans with pants I feel like this shoe can serve everybody no matter what style you have and also I feel like I can bring like a dressier aspect to your outfit so this is the reason why I decided to go for this one it

has a little shine to it and these are like my fancy girl boots the next shoe is the over the knee flat boot this one I've owned for probably seven years now and honestly it just gets better and better with the years these are Jimmy Choos and they

are pricey by the fact that I've been enjoying them for seven years just shows you how good is it to make an investment with things that spend the test of time so this boot is a leather it goes over the knee it really dresses up an outfit even

during the day or if I want to make something a little more chic so I really really love this last year I made actually an essential video as well where I featured this pair which is also over the knee but with the heel and its way these are

the classic Stuart Weitzman that you probably see a lot during fall and winter time I still love these they're definitely not as practical especially if you live in a country where you have like 10 centimeters of snow but these are kind of my party shoes next shoot that

I actually just recently purchased because now I feel like I know how to wear them there you go I specifically wanted the white ones to bring something that has a little more kind of funky feel to it I have to say because I wear a lot of black

like most of us were a lot of neutral darker colors in the winter this is really a fun color to work with also it really works with a lot of other colors if you have a lot of different overcoats or faux fur ok the next shoe is I

wanna say the most fashion faux are one but it is very much needed when there is a lot of wetness and dirt and gross things outside rain boots I actually did it on rain boots until a few months ago and I don't know what I've been doing until

now like why didn't I cave in and buy rain boots I don't know anyways I have to say these have been life-saving accessory to own when it's really gross it's lumpy outside the next shoe that I feel like have been really good for me are my moon boots

I have to say that they've been really really comfortable and very easy to put on on days where I could drop off the kids or go to the gym and it's just a snowstorm outside so I've been rocking those I got my moon boots they're our Montclair I

got them on sale for like a hundred dollars so that was a big win-win situation and those babies literally can just survive through anything any type of weather you're in it you might feel and look like a Yeti but honestly it serves its purpose and that's what we're

here for but there were a few incidents where I tripped over them especially when I take the kids to school and we're running so I decided to invest in a little warm understated winter boot and I ordered them online they're not here yet but these these are them

and honestly as long as they're durable water-resistant and comfortable that's all that matters to me so that's definitely a pair that you should own in the winter and now that have been serving me very well in the winter is these babies these are Nike Air Force Ones and

although they kind of look like summer and warm weather shoe I started wearing them with just like tall white socks and if you roll up your pants and you see the socks you can wear funky shops and it actually looks really cool I am a big lover of

white sneakers so I can't wear my comments projects in the winter although I still do and obviously ruin them that way but this has a thicker sole so this is actually a much more weather resistant and easier to wear in the winters so this is my white sneaker

pick for the cold months the next pair of shoes are these well use sock booties and these are honestly so easy to incorporate with any pants I wear a lot of Colette's so this is kind of the shoe that I wear during the day or in the evenings

you go out for dinner or during the day when I'm going to a meeting and I want a heel but I want something that will be comfortable they look great with cropped pants just because they are kind of complementing and alone gating you this pair I bought from

Topshop probably four or five years ago and as long as they're leather and you know that they're gonna go through the weather you're good to go thank you guys for watching my winter to essentials let me know which are yours also if you want a little help with

a gift guide you can check my video here

HOW TO STYLE: COMBAT BOOTS! 5 Outfits! | Dr. Martens Looks!

hello you guys! sorry I was just eatingcarrots with Ellie but wait I miss said you down somehow I'll do it like this ohmy gosh were chillin hi guys so I wasn't even planning on filming today and offpants on whoa Lexi yes I wasn't even planning on filming today

today was likea get my groceries get everything figured out kind of day but then I waslike doing my laundry going through some clothes and I decided to film a fewoutfits as you guys know if you follow me on instagram if you don't make sureto follow me atlas ryan

i had asked you guys a few weeks ago if there is likethis pair of boots that I should keep I couldn't decide if I like them or not Ikept them and I loved them so now I'm like learning how to style them I guessso I was trying on

different outfits and I came up with some cute ones that Iliked so I thought why not film them so I think I have four outfits five outfitsfor you today just a super quick video I hope you guys enjoy but let's get intoit oh hello you guys this first

outfit was so much fun I had so much fun inthis look I was living my best life so is Ellie she wouldn't leave me alone soI went with these just overall shorts these are from Express I didn't a playwith them before but this one I like this one

better because I have thisbodysuit on underneath that's actually like shorts at the bottom this is fromboo who's Halloween collection last year obsessedlove it it's so cute can use it for a costume where you can use it like thisOh Ellie hold on a second she came to play now

in real life as well and thenwe paired it with some boots from boohoo I love it with the chain I'm obsessed soI kept the boots you guys helped me vote on the boots and whether or not I shouldkeep them and the answer was yes so I kept them

I'm obsessed like I said lovethis look Ellie would not leave me alone this is called mom life husky roam lifedo any of you have big dogs I just want to play 24/7 although at least not bigshe's really small for a husky she looks the bigger on camera than

she does inperson I will say that that's that's for sure Ellie oh my gosh can you guys hearher breathing right now what's up girl I'm trying to do a voiceover you knowjust hold on a second it's a new outfit because I put a hat on I had it

the Hatdid this look because I felt like it was cute like and give it a little spice Iknow that I personally probably wouldn't wear this a whole outfit like thistogether I probably worth out the Hat honestly just because I can't have a haton too long but I love

too anyways this look ooh this is so my vibe right now Ilove this I had this little like this is actually like a little nightieit's from Yandy and then I paired it with just a jean jacket and those bootsagain obviously because I'm styling these boots in this video

baby what whatso you know I don't like connect did that listen what like huh anywayI love this it's like girly with an edge that's kind of my vibe right nowI like the girly stuff with like a little like ooh what is that this nextlook I love Ellie with

CP no whole time well not too old time after she harassedme in the first outfit but I love this because I just have this bodycon dressunderneath and then I paired it with a sweater over top and knotted it in themiddle and I figured this would be easy for

people who are at school and thenafter so we could take your sweater off in a hello world or you know when it'sit's a weird time of fall right now where it's cold in the morning but thenhot in the afternoon that kind of thing this next outfit this last

one is me toa tee my good American jeans a good oversized sweatshirt didn't do my hairletting it flop around and then those boots again this is so my vibeI would wear this outfit every single day it was comfortable I felt confidentmy booty look good in this I'm cozy

like I said my feet are cozy too those bootsare like a hug I'm living my best life in this outfitand I never want to take it off chut send me links to good big t-shirts okaylove you hope you enjoyed these outfits see you soon did you like this

video Ihope you did if you want more videos on the fly like that let me know oh my goshthis camera I swear on my life is so heavy do you like this shot I hope youguys enjoyed this video if you want more style videos let me know they're

myfavorite ones to film and like I said I wasn't planning on filming this today soif you enjoyed it let me know I don't even do my hair today that's how youknow look at that dude see I don't even have pants on oh wownow this is too close oh

my gosh should I see if I can holdthis with my feet I'm literally holding at my legs whoa oh my gosh it's so shakymy legs are you guys I love you so much I hope you enjoyed this video like Isaid if you would like to see other videos

like this let me know in thecomments below and I will happily do them for you because they're my favoriteso anyway what an angle I love you guys let me know how you would wear the bootsbecause I'm genuinely wanting to learn more outfits I usually wear like heeledboots not

flat ones so I'm still learning anyway I love you I'm gonnawait for my groceries to get here and I'm so hungry I need to make myself avegan chicken sandwich I love you I'll talk to you soonyep bye guys

8 Ways To Wear Khaki Pants | Chinos With Boots, Loafers & Sneakers

What's up, guys? I'm Brian Sacawa, you'rewatching He Spoke Style, and today I'm showing you eight ways to wear khakipants.

First up is a look that I showcased onthe website six years ago.

Kind of hard to believe.

And that I can still weartoday is a testament to the fact that great basics never go out of style.

Havethe khaki pants that I'll be featuring throughout this video and they are frombonobos.

I would call this the Goldilocks fit.

Not too slim.

Not too baggy.

But justright.

Up top, two more staple items.

A heather gray athletic sweatshirt byLevi's worn over a classic OCBD.


Simple and elegant watch onthe wrist.

Sunglasses are by Oliver Peoples.

These are the Banks.

And thenfinished off with a pair of white Common Projects sneakers.

Next, we have basicallythe same look although I have upgraded it a little bit to give it more of abusiness casual feel as opposed to the more casual vibe of the previous outfit.

So, two changes here.

First, swapping the athletic sweatshirt for a merino woolv-neck sweater.

This is by J.


And, again, worn over the same light blue OCBD.

Other change is the shoes.

I traded the white sneakers for these penny loafersby Allen Edmonds.

With only two simple changes, I was able to transform a moresporty outfit into one that I would say fits pretty well into that kind of hardto define business or smart casual category.

Here we have a look that if itwas 2012 or 2013 would totally break the internet.

This is, of course, a menswearuniform of sorts.

It's so classic.

It's so easy to put together.

And it really has you covered in many, many different types of situations.

Breaking it down.

First, the navy jacket from Michael Andrews Bespoke.

Hopsackfabric and patch pockets give it a more casual, laid-back feel.

Underneath, onceagain, is the light blue OCBD.

And then anchored by a pair of Allen Edmondslace-ups.

I'll be honest and say that it's been a while since I've worn thisparticular look.

But styling it for this video reminded me how powerful a simpleand classic look like this can be.

If you haven't noticed, we've sort of beenramping up the formality with just some minor changes to the basic look westarted with.

And here is the last in that series before we change things up alittle bit.

This is a really classic, conservative, and for lack of a betterterm, what I would call a very “American” kindof look.

It's got this kind of college-prep thing going on.

And I reallydressed it up, of course, with the tie.

Classic Brooks Brothers BB #4rip tie.

And then instead of a button-down collar, we have a spreadcollar shirt.

Now, because I was thinking along the more preppy lines here, Idecided to finish the look off with a pair of tassel loafers.

These are byJohnston and Murphy.

Moving on now to a look that I would put in sort of thegrown-up casual category but really is a look that would look great on anyonepretty much any day of the week.

Khaki pants, because they are such a classicand staple pair of pants, I love pairing them with other classic items and a veryclassic menswear color palette.

Here, I'm doing that by keeping it a little sportyup top with this navy rugby shirt.

It's from the Nordstrom 1901 line.

Andthen the piece that I would say makes it a little more grown-up, this brown suedejacket, which I picked up at Billy Reed a number of years ago at a very deepdiscount.

And then keeping the sporty theme going by finishing off with a pairof white Common Projects.

Here's a look that is both simple and casually cool.

It's always good to remember, especially as you get deeper and deeper intomenswear and developing your wardrobe, that, as I said before, there is power insimplicity.

The more you learn, you know, it's kind of easy to get bored with that.

But when you actually get back to basics, you really understand, frankly, why itworks so well.

Here, I'm just keeping it very simple with a white OCBD.

And thenfor some contrast and a little bit of casual edge, I threw on this black Levi'sdenim trucker jacket.

Shoes, or actually boots, I should say, are my leatherchelseas by Jack Erwin.

Super comfortable, which is why I like to callchelsea boots the loafers of the boot world.

Up next is a look that's all about playing around with different shades ofbrown.

I would say this is monochromatic- ish only because the lighter khaki colorkind of makes the monochromatic thing a little less obvious.

Dressing tonallylike this, it's always great to add in some texture, which is what I did withthe suede trucker jacket.

Really killer piece from the HSS Michael Andrewscollection.

Link to sign up for the launch announcement is rightup there.

Underneath, keeping it casually elegant with the brown turtleneck.

It'sby Ted Baker.

And then a great accessory that really makes the outfit, in myopinion, a patterned scarf by Drake's.

And then, once again, finished off with theleather chelsea boots.

Finally, an outfit that I'm calling the urban explorer.

WhatI want you to think about here is to actually imagine what this outfit wouldlook like without the waistcoat.

I think it would still look fine, but thewaistcoat definitely takes it up to a different level, which is always the casewhen you're adding a tailored element into an otherwise mostly casual outfit.

Speaking of the casual side of this, let's talk about the shirt.

This is aWestern denim shirt.

It's by Polo Ralph Lauren.

Notice the snaps instead of buttons.

Up top, an olive green felt hat.

It's by Worth and Worth.

And then, anchored by this great chocolate wingtip leather dress boot.

This, of course, theDalton by Allen Edmonds.

So there you have it.

Just eight of the many ways tostyle khaki pants.

As always, complete outfit details are down below in thedescription.

Leave a comment.

Let me know which look you liked best.

Thumbs up.

Don'tforget to subscribe.

And until next time, thanks for watching and stay tailored.


10 Ways to Wear a Crochet Scarf

hey crafters so as you saw from thetitle of this video today I'm going to be showing you ten different ways towear a crochet scarf so obviously this one is especially for my crochet peepswell I thought this would be a fun one to do because let's be honest when

youlearn to crochet the first thing you always learn to make like anybodyanywhere you make a scarf and it's like a scarf or just a nice long rectangularshape so it's a great way to practice learning your stitches however what thatoften mean is you end up with oodles of crochet

scarves probably way more thanyou will ever actually need or wear and the other thing is while crochet scarvesdefinitely have their advantages they're a lot different than silk you're thinnerwhiter more fabric scarves and so wearing them can sometimes be achallenge because you might feel that either the scarf itself

is too chunkyand there's just too much fabric there or you might be afraid of lookingoutdated now one of my favorite things to do is to prove to everybody thatcrochet is not by any means outdated so I'm gonna show you ten different ways towear a crochet scarf and hopefully

this will give you some pointers for what todo with your big stash of crochet scars might give you some ideas for newpatterns to try and I might also let you know which ones you should probably letgo of so for look number one I have the most basic simple

crochet scarf everthis one's not very long also I'm kind of proud of this month this is my veryfirst person a scarf so you can see the end here is a little weird and wider butby the time I got to the end it wasn't looking so bad so anyways

I'm gonna showyou that yes you can wear those first scarves that you Mane now the trick withthis one is this scarf isn't super wide it's about average width and it's notvery long so that's why this works so great for this look so I'm calling thisone the French choker

scarf so you just simply go around leave a nice tail downon this side and then wrap it around one more time and kind of keep it tight upnear your neck doesn't have to be super tight but just kind of like that it hasa nice little fun look almost

like a neckkeeps your neck nice and warm but it still looks cute also what's nice iseven if your ends aren't completely even it just adds a little extra Flair at theends of this look look at number two is probably about as simple of a look asyou can get

this is just a simple basic wrap around the first way I ever knew towear a scarf what I like about this one is it's I'm using a scarf that hasfringes on the end this is a fun little way to take your crochet scars and nowjust a little extra

touch to them and it doesn't take much time you just cut outlong strips of yarn and just kind of pull them through tie him to the end tocreate this really cute fridge so for this look or it's gonna be very similarto the one we just did but we're

not going to pull it tight we're just goingto leave it loose and this is also a lot of fun with these ones that aren't quiteas thick because sometimes it's hard to get them to not look like you're justwearing a really stringy scarf because I definitely run into that

problem if youmake your Starke too thin but this look is nice because you can easily kind offluff the front part here fluff the size and it doesn't have a stringy look andit looks like a nice cozy warm scarf and you also have the fun little tassels onthe end

just to keep the look super cute and playful this next look I've got afairly long scarf here as you can see and it's also kind of wide the fabricisn't super thick because I did a lacy sort of pattern in the middle so what'ssuper fun to do with scarves

like these is this simple fold it in half and pullthrough so just start with your yarn folded in half and come around your neckand then just take both ends and go right through the loop right there nowwhat's fun about this look is you can leave it as loose

and far down as youwant or you can snug it up a lot and have really long tassels on your startbut I really like this look expression with scarves that have differentpatterns and textures in them because it's a great way to keep the fabric andthe textures of the scarf

revealed but it also keeps you warm and it looks verystylish this fourth look is a twist on thepullthru and this is going to be the pretzel pull through so for this one Ihave this fun silver scarf just neutral colors with little flecks of colorthroughout there this one's fairly

thin not super low so this one works reallywell because it's a great little scarf that I compare with lots of things add alittle bit of warmth without having the super intense bulk of a crochet scarf sowe're gonna start in much the same way we do with the pull

through so just keepit folded in half and come with this end around your neck and instead of pullingboth through we're gonna start by pulling just one and through just likewe did before now the second end is where it gets funwe're going to come under the top one right

here and then over the bottom oneand then just cinch it up like that and you have this nice little pretzel kindof weave Coulter here this one's fun especially with this scarf that's reallythin because again if your scarf is too thin it ends up looking kind of stringyit doesn't

look that cozy but what this does is it allows for a little bit morethickness and a little more texture in a very simple scarf because like I saidthe scarf is very neutral goes great with a lot of items so it works reallywell for this cute little pretzel poke

through keeping with the neutral trendour fifth look has to do with variegated yarn variegated yarn is a great way tospice up any crochet project and with scarves is also an awesome way to take asimple top and add a little pop of color just that nice contrast so for

this lookwe can wear it just about any of the ways that I've shown so far do you knowhe doesn't have to take anything special but because the scarf itself has so muchcharacter in color by pairing it with just a neutral top it adds a littleextra Flair and it

can really add some color to an otherwise simple outfit sohere I'm just showing it with the pull through look now let's move on to somethicker crochet scarf so the ones I've shown so far aren't particularly thickfairly thin however I have this big monster of a scarf here that

is superwide super thick so this scarf I crocheted from some Lion Brand wool-easethick & quick turn which love by the way because it works up sofast however when you make it into a scarf it ends up really chunky sosometimes it's a little overwhelming trying to pair this well

with an outfitnow as you can see it's pretty long here so I'm going to simply just take itabout in half keeping my ends even and just come around my neck like this andleave it low so this look I call the graduation cords look with a scarf soit's almost

like wearing a graduation stole nice and long and it's a great wayto wear this scarf because it both keeps you nice and warm on your neck and alsoacross your chest but it does sell it out overbearing you because fix carslike these can be pretty heavy very very warm

so I really like this sixth lookwith this thick scarf just because it's a great way to take something reallythick and chunky and just kind of spruce up an outfit but not keep it too boy soanother option is to slide a little bit of slack to the one end

and just simplydo the throw over the shorter one which is also super cute with a fake startlike this because it's heavy enough that it will stay and because it's a thickenough scarf you can also kind of leave it city open almost get that cowl kindof like and it's

super cute and will also provide one without being reallyoverbearing of a look so those were looks six and seventhis one isn't quite one of the crochet scarf looks I'm going for so what justcalled a seven and a half this scarf is great if it's like really cold weactually

have snow it's like today I was just out there so you can always use ascarf like this for very practical measures and just kind of wrap yourselfup tuck yourself in and stay very very warm on a cold day so I wouldn'tnecessarily say that this is a crocheted scarf

look you want to wear but this isa very practical solution for snow days like it is for me today so keeping in athick chunky scarf trying to of these next few looks for look number eight Ihave another scarf that is made from Lion Brand thick & quick wool-ease

yarnnow a couple things on this one first it does clash a little bit with this top Iapologize but we're gonna pretend it's a perfect match second of all you'llnotice that while this one is very long and I still use um at least a full skeinI probably used about

1 and a half skeins of this youit is a lot narrower so that's a great tip if you're making this scarf and youwant to use a chunky thick yarn like this but you don't want it to be sooverpowering like the last look was is to simply make it

thinner and so with ascarf like this we can again go with any of the looks we've done so far I likethe pretzel pull through so I'm gonna do that one again anyways I just did thepretzel pullover with this one and as I said it ends up not being

sooverpowering but it still provides more great thick soft chunky yarn but it'snot so overpowering simply because the scarf itself is narrower look numbernine is one of my absolute favorite looks of all times I've got this funscarf here that I use some again Lion Brand yarn I've done noticing

a trendwith all these scarves but anyways Lion Brand homespun yarn this might have beena thick & quick homespun one so nice thick chunky yarn and I did this widealmost a lacy crochet pattern to it I'll get a pattern up on my blog sodefinitely go check that out if

you want to make a scarf like this but anywaysyou can see some really pretty variations and hey infinity scarfyes crochets and these drugs are a thing and they're super awesome all thedifferent looks you can do with them so I like to call this one the double twistso I'm

just gonna start by looping it around my neck and you can normally doan infinity scarf or you just kind of loop it once and go back over and thatlooks cute but for the double twist we're going to instead twisting it onceokay one if you can figure out yeah

we're gonna twist it twice so do onetwist and then a second twist and what this does is once you loop it over itcreates this really cool interlocking kind of look I also really like the wayit works with this particular scarf just because of where the color variationsfall it

kind of creates this like every other look I think it's really fun nicecozy way to wear this scarf so look number 10 our final look thisone's gonna kind of be a two-part one just for fun so again I have anotherinfinity scarf this is actually the same design that

I used to crochet this brownscarf where it kind of has a lacy or bit of texture in the middle but what's funabout this one is it's another infinity scarf I love infinity scarf and I thinkit's super pretty in these colors so this one's kind of a two-pole book

sothe first look we're going to do with this scarf is we're gonna come aroundand then take one end and loop it over again so it's gonna have kind of a neckchoker look kind of like the white one I call it the French neck choker butinstead of having two

talents it's gonna have this nice long look so hopefullyyou can see this on the camera here by just talk has a longer look and it hasthe infinity scarf which makes extra fun now this last little but I'm gonna showhere is a great idea with any scarf make a

matching hat so this is kind of lookten and a half I suppose if you're having one of those days where it'seither just a bad hair day or you want to stay nice and warm and cozy or evenwith all these two looks you can't get your start to look

right or okay let'sbe honest here it's winter it's cold sometimes it's too cold to shower rightso you might have like not so great looking hair anyways whatever yourreason ad hat is always a great way to accessorize with the scarf because itmakes a more complicated looking outfit without being

overbearing so with thishat I like to fold the brim over I've got a nice little cute flower on hereplay around I've got the little flower here you know pull my hair out in thefront can always you know leave your hair down you know pull it in front likethat

curl it back here keep my hair down in the front kind of bangs out on mouthso I don't look like I'm bald but it's a really cute way to just add a little bitof extra flare to your outfit pair it with a scarf of course you know it'sreally

easy to match because hen you just use the same yarn this hat againnothing fancy this is like the most basic hat you canI've got a patent for that up in my blog so definitely go check that out but it'sa really simple way to create a very cute look

with your crocheted I don't sothere you have it there are 10 ways to wear a crochet scarf I hope you enjoythese looks let me know in the comments belowwhich look you're going to try out this week and of course sometimes despitethese 10 looks there sometimes comes the point

where you look at a scarf and yougo there's no way I can pull this off without it looking at or tacky or itwon't match with anything so if you do have extra crocheted scarves that you'vemade who may be from your beginning days with all you knew how to

make with ascarf why not consider donating it look for a local organization that providesthings for the homeless because a scarf can really make a difference in keepingsomeone warm so that's just a free little idea you've got extra scarves andmight as well do something good with them right so

that's what I've got fortoday I hope you enjoy these 10 looks to make sure you give this video a like ifyou're gonna try out one of these looks don't forget to subscribe I appreciateall my crafters but until next time happy crafting well so you know I getdone filming

and my sisters we're in here blob is filming and I was you knowbeing goofy like I like since you don't know it was just like you looked like aflapper and I don't know whether I should feel complimented or offended butI could kind of see the look you know

the short hair the little hat you knowthe scarf and a little like French style you know I'm very trendy you know so Iguess I'm a flapper now