Chelsea Boots Guide | The Classic Men's Boot Explained

Welcome back to the Gentleman's Gazette.

Today's video is all about Chelsea boots.

I'll discuss what you should look for whenyou buy a pair, how you combine them plus the hallmarks and characteristics.

Basically, everything you need to know aboutthis wonderful boot.

First, let's start with the history of theChelsea boot.

It was originally invented by J Sparkes hallwho's boot maker to Queen Victoria.

He came up with the idea to use vulcanizedrubber to have something flexible at the ankle and it would make them easy to put the bootson and take them off.

Chelsea boots were popular with men and women.

In the 1950s, the so called Chelsea set inWest London which was a conglomerate of artists and directors became known to wear this kindof boot and soon thereafter it became synonymous with kind of an upbeat, trendy, young, andfresh boot.

It was eventually renamed to Chelsea boot.

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What makes a Chelsea boot a Chelsea boot? Well, let's start with the Ankle length.

The Chelsea boot has ankle length and it'snot below, it's not above, it's right at ankle height.

Then, it has rounded toes like you can seehere and low heels and basically, those are characteristics shared with the Chukka bootswhich we discussed earlier here.

What's special about the Chelsea boot is thatyou have the vamp sewn up here, no lacing and then the back quarters are sewn on hereand here.

It's simply a boot that you pull on usingthese loops up here, it helps you to get in because without the laces, it's importantthat you have a rather tight fit right here in the foot and as well as the heel.

You want it to be quite tight and so you haveto fit in, it has to fit snugly and tightly.

Because leather would be too stiff and notflexible enough, this is the flexible rubber part which was invented by J.

Sparkes Halland to this day, you will find this rubber part, it always has this kind of U shape, it never goes all the way to the bottom, there's always some leather underneath, sometimesyou'll find it to be a bit shorter but generally, it comes in a contrasting color.

With brown shoes sometimes, it's a slightlydarker brown and lately you have seen people wearing green rubber or red rubber or likein this case blue rubber simply to kind of add a little flare and individualism to yourboots.

Chelsea boots today are extremely popularbecause they're so easy to put on and easy to take off and people like the elegant lookof it.

So, if you want to buy a pair of Chelsea boots, what should you pay attention to? It's the most important that you get the fitright hence, if you order online, make sure you can return the boots simply so you cantry them on and see if they're actually comfortable since there are no shoelaces, chances arethat you slip out with your heel and you always want to prevent that, it should fit reallysnugly so it's easy to walk around and the shoe doesn't come off on you because overtime the elastic will expand and so will the leather and if you slip out in the beginning, it'll be worse over the course of maybe three months.

So that also means, never just rely on standardsizing.

Moreover, sometimes you will find boots advertisedas Chelsea boots with zippers and that is not a Chelsea boot and you should not getit, you should always look for the rubber inserts.

The upper should always be made of box calfleather, sometimes it's popular with men to actually have it in a suede which is usuallyalso calf suede leather.

If you live in a rainy environment, it's notgood to have suede, go with regular leather and make sure that it's a darker color becausethe Chelsea boot works well with suits.

So I would either get in a black or in a darkbrown if it's your first pair of boots and subsequently you can venture into like tan, maybe blue or navy but to start, I think darker colors are better.

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Traditional Chelsea boots have leather solesand are Goodyear welted and that's really just fine.

, it's like a high quality shoehowever, if you live in a rainy area, you definitely want boots with a rubber sole.

Usually, I suggest to have a leather soleand then with an applied rubber sole like in this example, simply because you stillget that elegant thin sole look with the practicality of rubber soles.

Especially good in winter, if you live inan area where there's ice or there's a lot of rain, you may want to add a rubber sole, it's always easy to take it off if you don't like it anymore.

So in my opinion, that's really the way togo.

One thing that's really important in a Chelseaboot is the rubber insert.

Unfortunately, you can't really test the qualityupfront but I would suggest you read reviews online just to make sure you have a productthat stands up years of wearing them otherwise, it's no good to have a boot with a loose rubberpiece after just 6 months.

Chelsea boots are a wonderful all around boot, it's great to start with them because they can be worn with formal outfits and more casualoutfits.

Just clean, simple lines, if you get it withoutany broguing it works really well with most of your outfits and people will always thinkyou're well dressed.

So if you have a pair of black Chelsea boots, goes particularly well with charcoal suits, grey suits and mid grey suits and any typeof business wear.

Some people also wear it chinos or like ablazer combination.

Personally, I think a really dark brown maybe better.

As you can see here in this picture, thisis actually a very dark brown, though most people wouldn't be able to distinguish itfrom black.

It has the advantage that you can wear itwith a dark suit such as grey but also with like a tan chino or stone colored trousersthat is just not as harsh as black.

So if you want to go more casual with yourChelsea boots, I suggest you get a pair in tan or grey or blue and you can really mixit up with denim, with chinos, with other kinds of corduroy pants and just combine itin any way you like basically.

Adding a color to your insert will certainlyhelp to make it even more stand out and unique.

If you like broguing, you can have them withbroguings but if it's your first pair if Chelsea boots, I suggest you stir clear of broguings.

Just get a plain Chelsea boot with rubberinserts.

If you want a wing tip, you can sometimessee that.

Personally, I think it looks better with Derbysor Oxfords but if you really want it, you can still have it.

Lately, one trend I've seen is to have a shortercut Chelsea boot, so it's not really ankle length anymore but it's more like a shoe thatis slightly higher.

They can look very elegant although I personallyprefer the classic version.

It's simply up to you what you like and Isuggest you take a look at what's available out there.

Sometimes you find Chelsea boots that arerather bulky and especially the toe box is very big and round, it makes it more looklike a work boot or an extremely casual boot like a substitute for a cowboy boot or somethinglike that but if you want a classic style, I suggest you go with a rounded toe box thatis flat which makes it more elegant and timeless and refined.

If you now want to know whereyou can buy high quality Chelsea boots, please check out our guide because I list differentkinds of Chelsea boots that I've tested, good manufacturers, they are really worth yourmoney and they will work for you.