Chukka Boots & Desert Boot Guide

Welcome back! Today's video is all about the Chukka boot.

The Chukka boot is a really versatile bootand I'll talk all about the history, characteristics, and how you can combine it and more.

The term Chukka is derived from the Hindiword ‘chukkar’ meaning ‘circle’ or ‘turn’.

What makes a Chukka boot a Chukka boot? First of all, a chukka boot has ankle height, it's not higher, it's not lower, it's always ankle height.

Then it has three eyelets on each side ortwo.

Never four, never one.

So that's very important.

Moreover, you always want a rounded toe box, not too pointy, not too boxy but nicely rounded.

Another main characteristic of the Chukkaboot is the suede leather.

It'a a brown, suede, calf skin leather thatis really the characteristic part of this boot.

A chukka boot is always made in two parts.

For one, the Vamp and the Quarters which cometogether for open lacing system, just like the Derby shoe.

If you want to learn more about Derbys, checkout this video here.

Another hallmark of a Chukka boot is a leathersole that is thin.

Sometimes, you can also see a crepe sole whichis natural rubber and that is definitely more casual.

If you want a more versatile shoe, go withleather soles as you can combine them with a suit or with chinos or khakis or other pants.

If you wear a chukka boot with a crepe sole, make sure you only wear it with like denim or khakis, not any kind of dress pants, itjust does not go together.

Traditionally, the chukka boots are unlinedbut in this day and age, you often find them lined with a regular leather liining.

Now that you know about the characteristicsof a chukka boot, let's talk about history.

It's safe to say that the chukka boot originatedin India when English players played the polo game and they will wear the shoe to play polo.

Subsequently, this boot found its way to thepublic and to the west and it became particularly popular because of the then Prince of Waleslater, later Duke of Windsor who just wore this boot and was soon picked up by all themedia and press and it was photographed and now every man, wanted to have this boot.

You may have heard of the word 'desert boot'and basically, it's exactly a Chukka boot with a crepe sole.

The most well known manufacturer is Clarksfrom the UK and today they make desert boots in all kinds of leather colors and they arerather fashion forward and they usually retail it between 1650 dollars and you can learnmore about the specific desert boot and how it came to be, in our full pledged guide aboutChukka boots.

Just click here.

Originally, the Chukka boot came from thePolo fields but today, it is much more versatile.

You can wear it with a suit, or just witha casual combination or even just with a shirt and some slacks.

I found them particularly suitable for fallbecause the suede texture just fits in with all the other textures of your jacket, maybeyour vest, your tie and your shirt and it's a great fall mood all around.

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Just like with all shoes, the thinner thesoles, the more elegant it is.

So if you know that you just want to havea shoe for rugged outfits, try to get a chukka boot with a thicker sole otherwise, I wouldargue to go with a rather thin sole so you can wear it with suits and basically any typeof garment.

Desert boots often are just rougher, havea thicker sole, especially the crepe sole, if that is more of your style, that's okaybut then specifically choose desert boot over the traditional chukka boot.

In terms of color, brown or dark brown isreally the best that most traditional , classic color of this shoe.

Sometimes, you can also find it in tan, Ican also see navy or dark green but if you start out and if you want a boot that is veryversatile, stick with dark brown suede.

Sometimes, you'll even find chukka boots withcontrast stitching and while that looks pretty cool, it's quite limiting.

The problem is it's irreversible so you can'treally wear it with a suit, instead what I do is I wear colorful shoelaces from FortBelvedere.

Yellow or in red to mix things up and dressmy chukka boot down and if I want more formal outfit, I go with tone and tone dark laceswith my chukka boots so I can wear it with a navy suit for example.

Overall, the chukka boot is a really versatileboot, can be worn with corduroy, jeans, khakis, dress pants and suits, even dark suits andyou will hardly notice the difference to a regular dark brown shoe.

The suede texture is particularly nice forfall and if you're just starting out with your boot collection, this is definitely oneof the top contenders to look at.

Now you may wonder what chukka boot shouldyou buy and we put together a little guide for different kinds of chukka boots at differentprice ranges and you can see it on our website.

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