Game Of Thrones Adidas Unboxing 2019 (Night's Watch)

[Music] [Applause] winter is coming we're gonna talk about that and the nab show today on our for TV [Music] okay you're asking yourself what in the world is Dave getting into now sure he's got a little game of Thrones music box and that was kind of a fun

cool opening well at least I thought so but what is this all about well the NAB show is coming up it's the National Association of Broadcasters show it's in Las Vegas every year it's where all the camera companies all the lighting companies all the sound audio companies all

kinds of people go there for this massive convention if you haven't been to nab show in the wild you don't know what you've been missing [Music] and I go there every year but the last couple of years I've been doing from some great workshops with Apple and we're

gonna continue that this year in what's called the be EA show which is the educational side of nab needless to say there's tons of walking involved so every year I get a new pair of tennis shoes breaking them in a little bit before and then destroy them so

what did I do now well I'm usually on Zappos I'm usually getting you know 50 to $60 shoes because I go through tennis shoes like crazy from the gym from walking whatever but I am the biggest sucker as you can tell for anything Game of Thrones it is

my lifeblood I love it being a Dungeons & Dragons guy growing up and then seeing this type of a show I mean it's just consumed me so I bought this so a diva's came out with a line and by the way I don't wear adidas ever I'm a

Nike guy like my whole life and adidas had this limited edition run Game of Thrones themed tennis shoes sad rhesus boosts Darice goes down Nick a diner is still much more entered aerial entrance in Valyria Waco Hanukkah Rex and Valley real moon Ewing was new easy son Tama

Katie she wasn't a cement it wasn't us Kalani pillows laboratorios in a bath in Indian cricketer oh please [Music] dracarys so I was I just happened to flicking through a YouTube the YouTube channels one night I saw this guy talking about sneakers and he's talking about these thousand

dollars sneakers and how they're collectible and like what is going on with sneakers I did not know sneakers were so gigantic I just wear them because they're comfortable and they look cool but he started talking about adidas coming out with a new line of sneakers on the 22nd

of March and they were Game of Thrones theme and I dove in and I just checked out their website and I saw some amazing designs for Game of Thrones and I'm like oh my god I'm gonna buy every pair and then I saw they are a hundred and

eighty dollars $180 for a pair of tennis shoes and many of you are probably like Dave that's not that expensive but to me for tennis shoes one hundred and eighty dollars I mean I remember buying you know Sperrys or I can't even think of the fancy boss and

stuff like that dress shoes for like $180 but anyhow so I went to the website I dove in and I was like I'm gonna buy these I got alerted the minute I logged in I was away at a convention I logged in and I bought I wanted to

buy the targaryen I'm a Targaryen fanáticos of course I love denarian but regardless of that I loved her the Targaryen shoes they were red and then they had this other black and they're just gorgeous so I wanted them and I think how much they were so I went

in to buy them and within the first 10 minutes they were sold out every size was so actually I take that back size 8 was not sold out but I wear size 13 so that didn't help me at all so then I started going through the the Ice

King or the Ice King people or whatever they had their own kind of shoe which is like a white and a blue and I thought that's really cool so I went to buy that and that was sold out too and so before I could get you know be

taken out of the whole equation because everything was selling out I bought these and these are the Nights Watch a shoe which I would have to say our second place to the Targaryen stew me I don't know there's Targaryen I love the Starks and then the Nights Watch

so that's maybe how the order is I picked up these I want to unbox them I want to show you what I'm gonna be walking around with at the nab show feel free to come up and take pictures of my shoes I have no idea if they fit

if they look good whatever but let's take a look what's in this box so it's actually one of the most fanciest boxes of a tennis shoe I've ever bought in my life I believe I go this way ah and literally this is the first time I've opened this

so let's take a look is that as far as it goes is it like oh there we go okay so I'm probably going to keep this box forever because it's just it says Game of Thrones right there Game of Thrones so let's see what this looks like so

we'll Knight the paper says Game of Thrones gonna be very careful and oh my god so this is the Nights Watch shoe I actually like this a lot and it's got leather here so it's kind of like their armor or something Oh in the back here it says

Night's Watch Night's Watch and these are ultra boosts so that's the the model of these this kind of looks like rocks from the ice wall and this is their armor right of course I'm believing Oh what it says night gathers and now my watch begins that's it I'm

done I love these shoes already this is gonna this is gonna make me have the greatest in a be show ever on the bottom I mean look at this stuff great for climbing the walls interesting so it says plus minus I wonder what that means no idea but

it's ultimately cool these are unbelievable here's my little I'm I supposed to leave this hanging and so people think it's cool or whatever anyhow let's bring the other one out to whoa and that was that's it for my hundred and eighty dollars some really cool wrapping paper not

even a sign signature buy all the nights at the watch which would have been really cool but these are them right there let me move the box over so we can take a closer look these are the shoes that the nice watch we're in Game of Thrones they

actually wear these wait what's inside here oh my god so I don't know if you can see this but inside it says Game of Thrones can I pull this out look at this Game of Thrones insoles so now I'm in a dilemma I like – should I even

wear these this is high I want to just keep them in a box and hidden forever and then one day when I'm dead my son can sell these on eBay and pay off his mortgage of his house anyhow this is insane I love these shoes they're amazing I

wanted the whole I want all of them with the Targaryen ones I want all of them Oh God first it was video games and it was iPad stuff and Technology now I'm into shoes what is my what's my deal so that's my unboxing as you can see I'm

a fanatic I'll be rocking these at nab if you're there say hey weird video today right but I hope you enjoyed it hope it was entertaining leave a like below tell me what you think about these shoes would you buy these shoes for that much money oh wait

look at these black what does this say take the black take the black as I say something else no take the black take the black wow anyway I'm just kind of blown away of these shoes so that's our thing today tell me in the comments what you think

about them would you buy Game of Thrones shoes I'd love to know I wish I could give a pair away but there are none left maybe if I find some one day but I'm probably gonna keep them for myself you know a chance check them out the I'm

the adidas website I'll put a link below these are the Game of Thrones ultra boost line and this is the Nights Watch I hope you like them I of them thanks for watching and I'm Dave Basulto and I don't know what else to say but thanks for watching

and I'll see you the next video peace in my words and bear witness to my vow night gathers and now my watch begins