Guessing Cheap vs Expensive BOOTS! (Cheap vs Steep)

they fart when I walk I must look the other foot he wouldn't do that what's up you guys and welcome back to clever style we are so excited because this week we are bringing you guys another episode of cheap verse deep how cute is that last time we did this we ranked sweaters from what we thought was least expensive to most expensive yeah but we failed miserably it was really bad we suck really hard yeah this week we are doing boots and we are gonna be ranking three different brands ASOS Steve Madden and Stuart Weitzman and we are going to be trying them on and pairing them to what we think is the least expensive to the most expensive who is door wisemen you may be rich pissed driver 21 sell them no okay the prices of these boots range from forty six to seven hundred and ninety five dollars what I just to wear that on your feet I'm ready can I just look at it do you really want me to put my foot in it like what if I get sweat all over them you didn't bring socks yes I did she didn't bring socks don't put her in the sewer way Bridget but you guys don't worry we're not gonna change just like last time they covered up all the labels so we won't know which shoe is which and they're also gonna like kind of blindfold us and do like a little Cinderella Tryon situation see it going on you know confidence I feel like we can do it we're gonna be better this time I want us to get it right this time well then we definitely should I say we're so excited though because this time we have a special little shoe camp so you guys can play at home so comment below what you guys think if you guys think we're so wrong when we think they're expensive and if we're right when they're cheap we don't know let us know who's gonna cut to this you cam because I'm definitely shooing away over here these are Amazon I think they look fancier than that anyway I cut my toes alright guys should we go try on the first pair of shoes let's do it let's do a little snap magic ready okay one two three shoes on okay you guys is our first round we're doing your standard two black booty they're trying to feel how it feels I almost need to like dance a little but I don't know what I would compare that to you know I only wear things are under $100 well here's the thing so it might feel a little stiff I can't tell if that's a sign of expensive or cheap I mean if I'm just going off looks yours look cheap they're too shiny I don't know also I feel like it's hard to look can I sit down okay so eight okay I just need to inspect to me yours look the cutest like I just feel like mine feel what a so see I'm trying to look at the stitching because that's also a dead giveaway that's expensive or no oh yeah you know it's real leather if it has stitching because there's only so many parts of a cow they can stitch together i preschool for sure there's something about like leather couches have like a lot of seams rust back me up right here no I'm wrong okay great fine feel a little stiff on this part right here wait feel a little stiff right here it's like harder to move around if it were cheap leather it would be super flexible there were fake leather cheese other colors and you know you start to convince me other ways and I'm just gonna go with my gut here can I smell your foot yes I don't know mine smell more I think yours are expensive mine yeah it's just so stressful every time I always think one thing and then you guys make me feel what were you what do you think about yours I just feel like a USO's I don't know but I also feel like the furniture torque us no no no I'm like Mel mine give me a shoe smell mine okay nice and soft mr.

Musker wait now I'm confused right because it smells like money these could be expensive now Oh see I'm on the opposite it smells like an expensive shoeless door smells like Nordstrom we need to try this because last time we did everything Drew and I thought and we were wrong I could see this one weirdly being expensive though this one's Trevor – it's coming that's forever 21 I can just I think let's give Madeline this round Natalie put us in order okay oh dear I really don't think I'm sir wise but I'm just gonna I just don't like me I want to be wrong again I love you as Stuart Weitzman but what if I'm wrong I think you're Steve Madden okay again and you're a really intense game for us but we think I think we think maybe I am ASOS I'm apparently Steve Madden maybe they're not committing I have no idea but I guess we're gonna go with Stuart Wiseman I still don't know who he is yeah all three wrong Madeleine you are ASOS and those were $46 drew you are Stuart Weitzman those are three hundred and thirty dollars and Lauren you are Steve Madden and those were $90 these aren't even to be fair like that would have been hard cuz they both had this suede kind of vibe so roll the clip where I was like leather has a lot of stitching no it's real leather if it has stitching Drew's shoes has the most Inge ditching 46 of these they're not comfy they look like 46 on shoes dude they're so shiny really annoyed all right listen stakes are high we're off to a bad start we have to get one round right let's do this for Dumars I'll get three two one hey all right wow those Nate so cute okay so this round we're doing snakeskin which is really on trend faux snakeskin oh those are so cute that has to be the expensive pair haha feel me I do feel like mine feel the most expensive look the most expensive the most expensive have you worn ours how can you say that oh these are the wooden heel does add like a nice flare a lot of itching a lot of stealing like oh my god let me put the other foot I don't know how I'm confused look at this what this doesn't look that expensive oh shoot I'm Sam this has like six different types of snake this is definitely my favorite pair hopefully no snakes died for this show okay because only shed their skin fine feel amazing really yeah like they feel secure I feel structured in your last pair really go good too what a heel the heel look so cheap but I like the shape of it but the heel does look cheap you're right and then what about the seams also it's obviously fake yellow how do yours feel terrible really oh these are the worst they're like socks and a boot was there any zipper on them at all no sorry this is what concerns me the sock thing feels like what rich people do in the bottom line fiag ins aren't those just big old sock like so okay I think mine are the cheapest think yours are a so Sears they're probably Steve Madden those need to be Stuart Weitzman yeah but I don't know those feel like Steve Madden I mean they look like they look like Steve Madden they look like something that like he would do to try to be trendy I just have a weird feeling I think those are ASOS I think those are Steve Madden and I think these are Stuart Weitzman do you want to decide I'm praying for us I feel like I'm not in the right place I thought I was supposed to be over here and now you want to put me there not a picture god I don't know I hate those the most so I would say put those there the zipper does feel hella cheap I think we're okay okay let's just leave it alone I'm ASOS I am probably wrong Steve Madden I think I'm Stuart Weitzman you are a so okay Lauren you are you are Steve Madden at 136 dollars nothing and this is the whitest girl shoe I know I love girls 575 a firt when I want it also the hail chief and they're ugly AF high-five and y'all I was right we could have had a round least we got this right but I'm thinking of the sweaters I don't even think we got one right we didn't get a round right we got a sweater correct I want to get a right all right all right next round right okay snap away boring here we go three two one okay I have no clue what we're gonna do okay you guys this is our combat boot round which I hope to bujji's this we get right because I love me some combat boots I don't think I've ever worn combat boots so I'm gonna have to go with what you guys think here I just don't know I'm just I feel like I have the weight on my shoulders of the world I'm like I want to be optimistic but I'm just like so this is really hard on us right look none of these look expensive to me or cheap I disagree mine feel like a Denali which look expensive just say son look right now based on look I think my nerd offensive mind feel a little yeah you're still stiff Madeline might feel a little stiff here's what I'm gonna say the only thing I can tell by look is that these look like something Steve Madden would make I agree sure I know those maybe are a little weird which feels kind of a so see those do look nice and they have a zipper on the side as well as the laces mine just have the laces you like drew you're the combat Queen it don't call me the combat Queen I don't think I am I just really like combat worn a lot of combat boots I feel like you've got the upper hand here are they comfortable they're really comfortable and they're really well made I feel like I'm not gonna look at the bottom it's gonna to inspect the top what do we think about these laces versus like you and I both have the shoelace kind of laces those are the most expensive laces are the things these look these are like plastic yeah you're so oh so maybe yours are ASOS I think yours too I do too I think yours are Stewart but what am i I don't think Steve Madden would make a shoe like that this is the thing I just don't think they would call me crazy I think yours are Stewart because those are fugly and they look like something Stewart what makes no offense oh no but these are really freaking to you and they're well made I think these are Steve Madden and I think those are ASOS I don't think Stuart Weitzman's clientele would buy these shoes you do I feel like I feel like only but look at these lazy these laces are kind of like your dad's gym shoe vibe is that rich or not rich you know I feel like it's I've never I don't really buy shoes without are skinny so I feel like they're expensive all right listen we've gone with what drew on it we've gone with what Madeline wanted your turn what do you want Lauren here's what I think yes you think I'm okay you think I'm Steve Steve wouldn't do that that's what I think you might be right we're gonna go according to if anything maybe Steve Madden is are definitely not Steve Madden I just don't think he would make a design like that okay I think only ASOS would do something that weird Steve would never uh M ASOS I am Steve Madden and I am Stewart Weisman [Music] Madeline you are Stuart Weitzman at $695 just disgust me you disgust me do it ugly Lauren you are ASOS at $600 and through your Steve Madden at $140 guys can we just talk about fact that this shoes on my feet are 695 dollars they were stiff to get into and the laces are slow whatever and they hurt your eyes I look like I'm about to walk on the moon maybe that's why they're rich people shoes these are cheap but I was just like I didn't think Steve Madden would do those okay we have one more round to get this right three two one okay guys we are back with our final round we are going for something I feel good we're gonna do some of thigh high boots because we all feel pretty confident that like we wear these along yeah can we talk about mine mine are some very confusing look here's the thing we couldn't get them past my like heel there is such an expensive brand thing to do this does feel like a Stuart Weitzman like rich shoe it's a weird design I've never seen it doesn't even fit you you put on your head and get really flattered these 100% look like some Steve Madden boots these are 1, 000% Steve Madden it took three people to get them on you're there come here than any of the other shoes I've worn so duos these are ASOS either I mean I love them like their Jeep does not mean head broke the zipper does look a little cheap they're super huge and they're not like tight you know guys is this the first round we might I think we're done let's do you from out in the games okay better view if we're wrong there is a new rate yeah I like shaza we're not wrong you're wrong there are ways wrong I am pesos I'm Steve modern and I'm mad about it and I am Schwartzman [Music] you re so at $87 Wow orange you are Steve Madden at $300 Madeleine's went Beverly Weitzman at seven hundred and ninety five dollars I can't even get this on look half wearing $800 shoes that's wild this is literally my rent right as I was coming everywhere it's more India first expensive one that I thought was cute though shoe shoe cam these are the most expensive shoes ever guards they really work on zipped I don't know hop shop geofencing in them oh okay guys we actually did it kind of once at a boy take one out of four any day I mean unfortunately like we're probably gonna do this again and get like a couple rounds round know what I think sweaters because we got one right so what else should we do that could get more right with like purses maybe purses jeans jeans would be hard really hard cuz I have no clue what store should we do what like cuz I feel like we knew Steve Madden when we saw it so that was super helpful if you guys liked any of these shoes we're gonna put all the links for them in the description so go check those out and if you have eight hundred dollars to spend on these shoes then we should be friends get them plot-twists don't do it but you can't have Lauren's leg cuz I'm taking that one home can somebody saw me out of these guys if you liked this video like subscribe hit the bell please and we're gonna take these home bro bye bye taking all of worn home sorry Sean I'll take the left leg guys that was fun so fine so much fun if you wanted to eat more videos like that click over here next to Madeline and subscribe down here by our sparkly fear feet Laura still has her loom on not for long.