HOW TO STYLE: BIKE SHORTS! 5 OUTFITS! Boots, crop tops, jackets!

hello you guys! welcome back to mychannel you're new here it's nice to meet you my name is Liz for today'svideo we're styling bike shorts okay the only pants I wear ever I'm pretty surealso I know my roots are really growing in I need to dye my hair I

can't stopstaring at it look I've actually had this request fora while now and then specifically I do you could a you coupe but recently I hada youtube comment from Nessa I've been asked if I could do this videoso I thought you know what hell yeah I can do

this video and literally wearbike shorts all the time they're probably my favorite things to wearespecially right now when it's too hot to put and jeans on and everythingsticky these are just easy and I love them so I'm gonna tell you guys about myfavorite bike shorts how I style

them all of that yeahI hope you enjoy ace you just picked on I love that so yes I hope you guys enjoythis video let's get into the Athens hello you guys so for this first outfitfirst of all my biker shorts are actually forever 21 leggings that I cutinto

biker shorts and I did that because I found like I found like I love when Ican speak English I found that no biker shorts that Itried on that were specifically biker shorts fit the way that I wanted them toaka they never came up high enough and these leggings

from forever – and have athick band around the top which I really loveso I usually pair my biker shorts with some sort of crop top this little blacktop is from fashion Nova from I don't know maybe two years ago now my bootsare from boohoo and then I just

have a thrifted denim jacket on I really lovethis look this is me to a tee this makes me feel my best I probably wear this outI would wear it to you know girls night girl's brunch also me pulling it downthat's I just needed you to know that um

any time I sit down in these shorts I dohave to then pull them back down this is an outfit I wear probably daily I alwaysthrow on my Air Force One some sort of sneakers super easy I'll wear this toanything literally absolutely anything I'm obsessed I love itthe only

thing about these shorts and me having a house key is that I literallylint roll my shorts 24/7 they are lint attractors so if you wantsomething that's not like cotton fabric and something a little nicer I wouldsuggest looking for an actual bike short but if you don't care thatand

here you go do it this way okay this next look is my favorite I love thisthis is super sporty this is something I will wear as the temperature starts todrop but it's 105 so you know I gotta wait till end of September for that butI love this little

crop top this makes it super it's like sporty it get cuteyet you're a little more covered up if you want to be I don't really care aboutstuff like that oh yes and then I just Peter with thebackpack this is I literally feel like I this is what I

look like every singleday it's cute it's comfortable the red matches I'm down with thatyou can go anywhere with this look on its cozy I'm happy I'm dancingapparently I'm sorry you had to see that but you know what's gonna do what agirl's gotta do this next look oh my

gosh you guys this might be my favoriteI thought so hot in this I've never really dressed up bike shorts before butI was like I see girls do this all the time so I wanted to for this video andthis is a vibe this is you could switch up the

color with this you can do like ahot pink one with hot pink boots on some heels anything oh my gosh literally whyhaven't I learned this out before this is me – what 40 I don't know what thatwas but I'm obsessed with this I want to wear this for

the rest of my life Idon't want to take it off I need this in every color if you want to dress up andstill be a little sassy with it go with this look I'm telling you hot girlsummer I keep saying that phrase because I see people say it

and to be honest Idon't really even know what it means now of course pairing it with a graphic teeis super easy we see this one online all the time so I went ahead and tucked itin the front of these shorts paired it with some white booties I want

to saythese are from boohoo as well as the graphic tee and the yellow bag I love itand then I pick up some sunglasses you know got to get a vibe going here heythis is honestly so comfortable and so cute you're basically in pajamas butcute pajamas who doesn't want

to wear that it's like the sweat pant trendthat's still happening I mean sweatpants and boots easy I loveit I'm living for this cozy lifestyle did you guys enjoy this video I hope youdid thank you so much for watching let me know how you styled buying shorts doyou wear

them what I know some people absolutely don't likethem I'm on some people are like me and that's all you want to wear every daythey're so comfortable it's like wearing its basically short leggings I love thatwhen I was a little girl all I ever wore were leggings but I

called them stickypants so these are just make sure it's sticky pants and I still love them somethings never change like wearing your sticky pants forever I'll be 80 in mysticky pants hopefully that's so cute anyways you guys I hope you enjoyed thisvideo if you would like to see

any other style videos my hair is its owncharacter today my goodness but yes if you would like to see any of I can'tanyway you guys if you would like to see any other style videos make sure to letme know in the comments below because I really like to

film these videos and youguys seem to really like themselves also if you want to see more bye short stylesI can do that too because there's a thousand ways that I want to do it but Ijust wanted to see well you guys like to put it out there see

what you think soif you want to part to let me know I love you guys so much and I will see thenext video I'm not bye guys