HOW TO STYLE OVER THE KNEE BOOTS // Fall Fashion Edit // Lauren Dumonceau

Hello everyone and welcome back today's video is all about how to style over the knee boots for the fall season honestly over the knee boots are an essential and they are definitely one of my favorite fall inspired items that I have in my wardrobe I find myself reaching for them all the time And there's so many different fun ways that you can style them up now before we get started make sure you hit that red subscribe button below and Let's just get straight into the video not only do over the knee boots very in a color but they also vary in style and of course in their price so you can find over the knee boots as inexpensive probably around at the $20 price point all the way up to about $800 so it's really about personal preference what quality you're looking for and how much honestly you are willing to spend or invest I have three different pairs of over the knee boots in my collection that I'll be styling five different ways in this video the first pair in my collection I have to share with you guys are These black faux suede over the knee boots These ones are from the brand Steve Madden and I picked them up from Nordstrom during their anniversary sale These ones are under a hundred and thirty US dollars and they also come in a taupe color I will link them below for you.


These ones are slightly unique to the other two I have to share with you because they have a pointed toe my other two are more of an almond or round toe Which is typically what you see on a pair of over the knee boots They also have quite a low block heel But it does give you enough of a boost and I find them very comfortable to wear.

I really like that They've brought the faux suede all the way down on it to the heel These ones just have a black is zip closure inside and they come up just a couple of inches Over top of my knee and they are very elasticated the next pair in my collection Are these gorgeous kind of rusty caramel color over the knee boots These ones are from Zara and they are from a few seasons ago However, this color is very much in style and on trend for the fall 2018 season So I'll link a few similar pairs down below these ones differ from my black ones in that They are more of an almond or rounded shaped toe and they have a very contrasted heel it's kind of like a wooden effect heel which just adds a little bit of Interest to the boot these ones also have a gold zip closure.

I'll be honest with you.

It's not my favorite I do think it kind of takes away from the overall attention to the boot I really want people to more notice the heel and the color opposed to the gold zipper and the third pair of faux suede over the knee boots that I've added to my collection are these dark chocolate brown ones from the brand River Island I actually ordered these ones off of ASOS and they are available on the ASOS and the river island website These ones are more of a thigh high boot on me So they do come up quite a bit higher about mid thigh on me Opposed to the other two that are just a few inches above the knee these ones have a little bit higher of a block heel Than the Steve Madden and the Zara ones I actually really like that just because I am so petite and they are quite substantial and again I really love the brown faux suede They also have a bow tie detail at the back and then at the top they have a tie Detail so you can tie it in a bow and you can adjust it according to the width of your thigh They also have more of a rounded or almond shaped toe, which I do admit I think that is my personal preference and these ones retail for 119 US dollars on the ASOS website.

So for this first look I really wanted to keep things casual This is very much an outfit that all of us have in our wardrobe So I started things off with a pair of dark denim High-waisted jeans, so these ones are from Zara They have a nice contrast stitch and they are very form-fitting and just really help to elongate the body I paired it with this gorgeous beige long sleeve top It has a really nice kind of soft fluffy feel to it And this one is also from Zara and for this otherwise basic Look, I wanted to dress it up with my black faux suede Steve Madden over the knee boots And I added a statement belt to tie the whole look together.

So what is otherwise quite a casual laid-back Look now looks a lot more chic.

You can take this look from day to night Look number two is centered around faux leather leggings Faux leather leggings are a very big style trying to for the fall season And they're honestly a staple to have in your fall wardrobe I paired it with this oversized beige turtleneck style sweater.

This is a lightweight sweater from H&M I really like the oversize fit of it It covers your bum, which I think is actually really important when you're wearing faux leather leggings And I really like the turtleneck for an added touch of warmth And for this look I paired it with my caramelly rust color Zara boots with the contrast heel I think they really work very well with this outfit and to finish the look off I added my leopard print black leather Rebecca Minkoff handbag and what I really like about it Is that it has gold hardware on it, which actually pairs really nicely with the zipper So if people are gonna have their eye on the zipper, the whole look just really ties in and works quite well together look number three is centered around a neutral color palette and this is my Personal preference and I just really love how all of these colors and shades tie in together So I started the look off with my white denim skirt from Zara.

I picked this one up late spring early summer White is definitely a color that you can wear all year round and it looks especially nice with camel color tones So the top I've chosen for this look is from Zara and it is a camel colored oversized sweatshirt style top I have cuffed the sleeves just to give it more of a laid-back look and I paired it with my brown faux suede thigh high boots Since I do have a little bit of leg exposed for this look I think the thigh high boots work really well They just give you a little bit more coverage on the leg to keep you that much of warmer And I really love the color palette that this look has created from the camel and the white and the dark brown It just complements each other really nicely.

Look number four is honestly the easiest outfit to style for the fall season It is centered around the sweater dress, which is definitely a staple and an essential that you need to have in your fall wardrobe Just because it is so easy and so comfortable and stylish to wear.

So this sweater dress is from ASOS It's more of a beige heavy kind of wool knit material.

It's quite flowy and Oversized and I just really love the fit and feel to it I paired it with again the rust color faux suede over the knee boots from Zara I just think that this colour palette looks nice together and I like the contrast heel But to add a pop of color and to bring a little bit more fall into the look I paired it with this plaid scarf.

This one is from a retailer called Jane.

com it's the brand funky monkey It's a boutique that they carry on their website, but I'll link a lot of similar options below I really like the orange tones in it and it just really gives a nice kind of fun fall look Perfect for going to the pumpkin patch or doing any fun fall activities Look number 5 is the perfect outfit for a night out So whether it's date night or any festive evenings that you have planned over the upcoming months so this look is really centered around a Classic little black dress and the one I've chosen is this velvet long sleeve style wrap dress This one is from Zara that I actually picked up on a sale kind of towards the end of the winter season But I love black velvet it is so luxurious And this look honestly looks just so sexy and stylish with the faux suede black over the new boots from Steve Madden To make this look a little bit more festive I paired it with my small love crossbody bag from Rebecca Minkoff in this gorgeous silver metallic color with a Gunmetal Hardware detail and this look is really composed of just three different pieces So it's a really easy look to put together But you're still gonna look so stylish and elegant and it's gonna look like you put so much Effort and thought into the outfit.

So those are my five ways to style over-the-knee boots for the fall season I really hope that you guys have enjoyed this video and you have some better ideas on how you can style your over-the-knee boots for the fall and winter season If you liked the video, make sure you give it a thumbs up that means so much to me and don't forget to subscribe to my Channel, so you don't miss out on any future content because I'd really love to have you guys here with me Thank you so much for watching.

You guys, it honestly means the world to me I can't wait to see you all again here in my next video.