How To Style Skirts With Boots| Modest Fashion

hey it's me Marida with another video soI wanted to come by because you know when you go to youtube you put searchesin there are certain searches that you can find where people are looking forcertain things so there's one certain search that was saying like how to styleboots with

skirts and so I'm like oh you need to know how to stuff some bootswith some skirts because that's all I wear a skirt so I can easily you knowaccommodate you with that information so I have a house of style boots withskirts video here and so I just want

to jump in I don't want to take this likemake this a super long chatty video because I like I'll watch the videos Imight be like okay can we get to the outfit please it's gonna go okay solet's go but first a lot before we go there I want

to say if you're notsubscribed for my channel please take this time to subscribe hit that Bellbutton so that you're notified every time I upload a new video and enjoy thevideo girl okay so the first outfit I am wearing a pencil skirt that I think Igot from Dee Dee's

or somewhere like thatJudy's discount a pencil skirt and I am styling it with that mustard shirt Idon't have to start with me but I'm just showing this skirt and I'm styling itwith these faux leather they're kind of like a platform thing here just like aplatform I actually bought

these boots at the third store for like five dollarsso the small things that imperfections that they have which like the zipper andnotic um stuff is like minor compared to how she's there because 6 bucks youcan't you can't really um pass these cute boots up for that so this

skirt andthese boots are what I'm styling in this clip so these babies these babiesI received around the time of my birth day back in April and I was I think Igot them from a shoe carnival for almost like maybe ten dollars they were supercheap but they're like a

faux faux soft leatheryeah they are yeah they are fault um but I just thought that was so cute and Iwas like I don't own anything you know I'm 40 so I just feel like I have to youknow just has to be you know in my life you know

so I really like these I likethe hill I like everything about it because they're so comfortablethe hill is perfect nice and chunky and I styled these boots with this but Iknow if this is houndstooth I don't know what the name of this material thisdesign is but it's a

navy and white or Navy and whatever probably you willthat's the cream or light I think screamer white I don't know but um yeahso I just pair this together and this is how that looks I also pair these boots with this dirtand I just thought oh this looks so

cute it's like a really neutral look you knowif you want to just have a very kind of muted look this was really cute togetherso I'm gonna show you how that looks together now my sister these are like me okay soyou like how do you see I'm a discard

cuz you know most nipple is people wearwith like little bitty skirts or you know skinny jeans and stuff like thatbut you can still wear your super tall boots you know if you really like howthey look and that's another thing for warmth like you want to wear it was

amodest skirt you don't have to wear tights or whatever you just have theseon be nice and warm so these can still go with the longer skirt they don't haveto be it doesn't have to be a miniskirt so these are my cute little knee bootsand I paired these with

this skirt so I paired these together and thereason why i pair that these with this card is because this dirt has like thatlittle faux suede on the designs and it's kind of the same kind of feel ofthis the booth it's like a faux suede so that's kind of

why I pair those theykind of to me they kind of meshed and material so matchy-matchy cute cute cowboy country girl look and this latestor other play this card is from the third store and this one is – I lovepleated skirts but I paired it with this with a

Jing shirt and that was supercute and that's how this looks this to me this car is just likeeverything to me it has like so many different fabrics all mixed together andI just by putting it with this poof it's just I don't know it just it just allcomes together

with all the different materials and fabrics with this fauxleather or a real leather wouldn't be that nice with this it just gives it amore sleek look but I just love this skirt with this lot you know even thoughit's a long skirt long skirts can go in Boots as

well and sometimes you knowwith a long skirt you may want to do an ankle boot or whatever but it's holy cango to tall boot and still look super cute and this is not a super super longskirt I still show some of the boots but it's like I'm kind

of a miniskirt on mefirst on people it probably would be extra long I don't know if this is apetite or not yeah it's a petite so I mean it's a little MIDI but I'm somebodyit'll be kind of a shorter person to be kind of long but I want

they hear theseboots of that so that's how this I was going to do some dresses but yeahI opted out because Troy was woke and I need this to get it done so I did it sixskirts with boots and I hope that you enjoyed it if you did please

give me athumbs up and just just in case just in case in case there is a person that saysyou know I came to this channel because I thought it was a natural hair channelbut I'm noticing it's a lot of fashion and midis facts on this channel what'sgoing on

so if you look in my About section on my channel it does say thatI'm all about natural hair mommy life fashion lifestyle now life style to meis a part of my dressing I dress I'm a modest dressing person and that is apart of my lifestyle that's what I

do on a regular basis I wear skirts everydayand so that's my lifestyle and if you look on if you get on YouTube and younotice like all your videos and you try to see okay what gets the most views Inoticed that my fashion videos or my – fashion videos

get kind of a lot ofviews so I just want to accommodate my viewers for people that want to seethose kind of things I want to put that out there and right now my hair is in aprotective stuff so I'm I'm not doing a lot of natural hair videos

right now sothat's that but not saying that I'm not you know this that's what this channelis all about I'm always going to do natural hair stuff I'm like it's gonnado reviews once I start you know getting more products or whatever but yeah so Ihope you enjoyed the video

if you haven't liked it make sure you like itmake sure you subscribe if you're not already and I will see youin another video thanks for watching bye