How To Wear Black Chelsea Boots | 5 Mens Black Suede Chelsea Boots Outfits

Of everybody George here from GP lifestyle in today's video guys I'll be showing you five different ways and how to style a black pair of chelsea boots and as always gentlemen There is a video summary with timestamps linked in the description if you'd like to review certain outfits on this list Delay, let's get started number one of those we're going with an all-black aesthetic I am pairing my chelsea boots with a simple black short sleeve pima cotton t-shirt a light distressed pair of black jeans just Distressed at these they are a slim fit and tapered at the bottom and I'm wearing a 22 24 inch Cuban link necklace with a silver medallion and I'm pairing it with an everyday minimal watch from today's video sponsor Ethan Elliot Ethan Elliot makes high quality men's and women's watching a timeless classic design So if you need a watch for dressing up or wearing everyday They have a style out there for you that's going to mesh with every outfit in your wardrobe coming to 38 or 40 millimeter casing for guys and they come all on a Genuine leather band that is easy to replace and trial with new different with new bands that they have on their site with this easy-to-use Latch all their watches come with a Japanese quartz movement in a scratch resistant case you don't have to worry about messing up your watch and they are a fraction of the price of what big brand would charge the Watch that I'm wearing is their rose gold and black Hampton in 38 millimeter guys You'll see the amount of amazing outfits that you can get with this watch in this Video as well as I'll leave a link to this watch it down in the description as well as a coupon code to help you Save 15% off your first purchase and I'll get a little bit of a kickback to help me create better videos Moving on outfit number two on this list We're just building on the first outfit by layering it with a biker jacket and this may seem a little plain basic and simple But the attention to detail here is what makes this outfit stand out we are gonna match the Silver accents such as the buttons and zippers on this biker jacket with our accessories in this case I'm replacing my watch with a silver sake I'm throwing on a silver band as well as keeping that same silver necklace I'm making here is black and silver the matching point on my outfit and I'm making sure that the accent pieces like the buttons like the zippers are matching with my accessories to really bring everything to Now you can throw on basically any black pair of boots here But the Chelsea boots here make it everything a little bit more minimal a little bit more fine and the attention is on the accent pieces and then really adds a little bit more detail and structure into a very basic outfit by Paying attention.

So the smaller details which ultimately make it a little bit more fashionable in my opinion.

Okay number three on this things We're saying goodbye to the all-black aesthetic and we're mixing it up with a pair of gray checkered trousers now These are just a little bit more kattiline traditional suit trousers And I personally think they're gonna go excellent with a pair of chelsea boots and of course We're gonna pair this with a black crewneck sweater the same 24 inch necklace that I am wearing And of course my Ethan Eliot watch just to have it a little bit more of that Versatile everyday style now, I'm not really cuffing them here sort of say because they're already cropped at the bottom I personally think this is an excellent Look at walking super neutral and minimal colors that work great together And it's excellently to make boots stand out and also compliment the trousers nicely because of the black checker It's a nice a subtle touch.

They really like and the necklace here obviously adds a little bit more attention to the upper body So it doesn't look super plain with just the connect sweater outfit number four on this list.

We're getting a little bit more exciting We're adding in a little bit of color blocking now.

We're starting out with again the black suede Chelsea was a pair of dark wash navy blue jeans non distress I'm going to wear them cuff a white pima cotton t-shirt and a brown suede biker jacket and here again I'm going with the same accessories as before that silver seco my silver band and of course the same swill tour 24 inch because I personally think this is an Excellent.

I'll fit if you really want a color-block black and white match beautifully That Brown and that shade of navy blue also complement each other and everything here works harmoniously The silver here is gonna match my skin tone If you're have a lighter skin tone definitely silver and lighter shades of gold is definitely way to go mode for me This is an excellent way if you want a color-block, black this off it would be better with a brown pair of Chelsea boot But I didn't have them in time for this video But next time we'll be sure but black just works as well and it's a little bit more of a mature fit at the fifth And final outfit on this let's bring in and combine elements for almost every single obvious We're starting off with black chelsea boots once again, cuz that's what we're working with this video We're gonna go with the grey checkered trousers were gonna with you white tear and a black bomber jacket I'm going with a black white and gray aesthetic.

This is basically three neutral colors that work excellent with everything and each other so I just wanted to show you guys that this if you want to get a little more color out of it and really make Black Chelsea boots be the focal point.

Yes I know something like this is an excellent option to go with because everything matches your accessories are gonna match Everything is neutral coordinated fitted and not super, you know trendy.

This is very classy very formal and again If you want to add a little bit more to this you can tuck in The teacher in this case where you show off that black belt you weren't because you'd want it to match But you don't have to this is just a great simple basic minimal fit They probably you should try out if you really want a good starting point with pairing black Chelsea boot there You guys have it? Those are five ways on how to style a pair of Chelsea because if you guys enjoys me – be sure to drop a like And consider subscribing to the channel because on this kind of IgG from Best Original iris I'll be teaching you how to dress better how to look better and ultimately how to be better Thank you guys so much for watching and I hope to see you in the next video.