How To Wear Chelsea Boots | 3 Key Styles

Chelsea boots should be a wardrobe staple for every guy but how do you wear them hi guys how are you I'm Robin welcome back to my youtube channel and welcome to this new video now for me Chelsea boots are a wardrobe staple they're literally my go-to for smart

fits more casual outfit like now they're versatile there's various styles colors and across all different budgets so this video is going to show you three different pairs in three different styles and how you can work them into your own personal style now as always the boots are linked

below these are all budget boots but if you're looking for different styles or different prices then I've done a full blog article so you can check that out but my first pair or I would say the best pair for anyone looking to buy their first pair of Chelsea

boots now these are from ASOS they've got a real brown leather upper hue pool tab an elasticated inserts really they are thus have archetypal style of chelsea boots super comfortable as you can see here you know this is a really sort of casual outfit with jeans a board

jacket shirt auto roll neck I am layering up and you can even wear these into something slightly smart it but the peer here are 40 pounds so not expensive at all but you head to that blog article then you will see most of designer pairs for more into

the hundred 200 even 300 pound mark so it really comes down to what you can afford and if you are looking for your first pair then really you can't go wrong with brown leather like these now my second pit or actually the cheapest ones I've got here they're

41 pounds from Pier 1 so they're really at the bottom of the budget but I wanted to show you how you can stow them in a certain smarter way now these are 50% suede on the upper and they've again got that elasticated insert for this I've styled with

a really thick and heavy wool suit this is actually a three piece but I want to take away the waist coat just go with the Blazer and the trousers with a black roll neck which again you can't go wrong with and a black belt and this arvo fit

is perfect for work wear or if you are going on a sort of NATO or a dinner really depends on your individual style but you can see guys you know you could take those black boots and wear them with black skinnies always sort of lighter denim like I

did in the first one my third look are the most expensive pair but again no expensive these are 55 pounds and 99 from bershka and these are probably the most sort of fashion style that I've got I've actually got up here and I had to send back actually

today Brooke from acne studios and they were really similar to this but they were a lot more expensive so when I saw these I thought I got to have them now they've got slim tall and a buckle fastening also you'll notice that these are slightly lower so they

kind of just stop at the ankle these are perfect for wearing with black skinny jeans to keep that silhouette really tapered and then guys as I've done here I've just gone with a really sort of simple knit but they would actually work with a black roll neck and

then my favorite at the moment this new look for shilling jacket which I love and again that was fairly cheap and looks a lot more expensive than it is but you can see guys you know across these three different looks these three different styles of chelsea boots there

is something that suits everyone the easiest to wear are definitely those brain ones at the start then the black ones and then if you want to feel a bit more P cocky and a bit more sort of stand out in terms of fashion then the third pair but

thank you very much for watching I really hope you've enjoyed this one do you check out that blog article it's got a full shopping gallery there so you can go wild saw out your own budget and sort out your own style but if you're new to my channel

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