How To Wear Men’s Boots 101 – 5 Best Boot Styles: Chukka, Chelsea, Jodhpur, Balmoral & Winter Boots

Welcome back to the Gentleman's Gazette! Today's video, we discuss how to wear men'sboots and what styles to buy.

In another video, we discussed the first twomen's boots every man should buy but today, we're going to dig deeper and figure out whoboots are for, who they're not for, and what you should look for.

Unfortunately, there's not one boot that worksfor everybody because we all have different needs and preferences.

First up, let's talk about the chukka bootor desert boot.

It got its name from the polo field whereone time slot is called chukka or chukker.

So, who's the chukka boot for? Ideally, it's a great boot for students becauseit pairs with a lot of outfits so if you don't have much money, you can invest in one pairof boots and it works with a lot of combinations.

It's also a fantastic boot for men who liketo wear denim or jeans because it pairs really well.

You can pin roll your jeans and to learn howto do that, please watch this video.

It's a boot that pairs well with corduroyswhen it's cold outside during fall/winter, or with khakis when it's warmer outside.

It's also great for men who like a soft bootbecause the leather is usually unlined and extremely comfortable.

Since these boots are much shorter than others, you can see your socks and it pays to have some interesting combinations to just upgradeyour outfit especially when you pin roll jeans.

For a selection of socks that look fantasticwith chukka boots, please click here.

Overall, it's a boot that can be dressed downwith all kinds of casual wear and even with a not so formal suit or combination, it looksstunning.

So what colors should you go for? If it's your very first boot, I suggest yougo with a dark brown, a choco brown, or a mid brown because it's most versatile.

If you already have boots in those colorsin your closet, suggest you go with something lighter which is sand because it underlinesthe casual character of the boot and it just gives you more versatility.

Who's this boot not for? If you wear a lot of suits, it's not the bootfor you because it's very suited to casual outfits.

Also, if you like formal wear, be it a strollersuit or a morning wear or tuxedos, not the right boot for you.

It's not great for the colder times of theyear because it's unlined and it doesn't insulate very well.

To learn more about chukka boots, please checkout our full-fledged guide here to get tips about what to buy, the history, and anythingelse you want to know about this wonderful boot.

Next up are Jodhpur boots.

Personally, I like them a lot because theyhave a very clean, elegant silhouette yet, they have some history.

The characteristic of Jodhpurs is the buckleand it goes around.

There are lots of variations of it.

Originally, it comes from horseback ridingand Indian heritage just like many other menswear garments and boots or shoes.

To learn more about that, please check outour full-fledged guide here.

So, who's the Jodhpur boot for? I think it works really well with casual suits, flannel suits, and sport coat combinations.

You can also pair it with a leather jacketor jeans, or chinos.

Because there's no broguing and it's a flatboot, you can also pair them with a regular suit.

It's great for men who like clean, classic, elegant lines and you don't just want to buy a boot anybody else has.

So what color should you go for with a Jodhpurboot? Ideally, a mid brown or something lighter, maybe tan, works best and it's most versatile.

So who is this boot not for? If you're in a hurry and you don't have thetime to buckle the boot every time and take it off, it's not a boot you should go for.

Otherwise, it's a great boot to have in yourcollection.

Next up are Chelsea boots.

Chelsea boots have become a timeless classicbecause they have that insert and it's easily recognizable especially if you have a coloredinsert just like here.

You guessed it, if you want to learn moreabout this boot, please check out our full-fledged guide here.

So who are the Chelsea boots for? They're perfect for men who look for a convenient, easy slip on version of the boot.

Even though they're quick to put on, theyare super elegant and classy and don't look sloppy at all.

They're also great for eccetnrics becauseyou can add green, red, or blue inserts that really give you a personal note.

They're also great for men who want theirvery first boot that is quite versatile that can be worn with suits or casually and youcan adapt it to your needs based on if you need a cap-toe or not, broguing or not, andso you can find exactly what you need.

In what color and what style should you geta Chelsea boot? Well, that depends a little bit on what youalready have.

If it's your very first boot, I suggest yougo with something darker, maybe dark brown, or chocolate brown.

You can have some broguing like a medallion, with a cap toe is good because it's not too casual and not too formal but can be pairedwith a lot of things.

If you like to wear suits int he evening, you may consider black Chelsea boots.

If you already have a few boots in your closet, you can consider getting a little more out there and having maybe a suede Chelsea bootin brown, tan, burgundy, or even blue.

So who are the Chelsea boos not for? Actually, I believe every man should haveat least one Chelsea boot in their wardrobe because they are so timeless, versatile, andeasy to use.

Next up is the balmoral boot.

It's a classic dress boot that works wellwith formal outfits and of course, we have an in-depth guide here.

So, who is the balmoral boot for? It's basically the choice of elegant gentlemenwho want something like an oxford shoe as a boot version.

It's a fantastic boot if you have lots offormal outfits in charcoal, navy, and grey.

It's also fantastic with three-piece suitsor you can wear it with a morning coat, or with a stroller suit.

If you live in a moderate climate, it's aperfect boot for winter because it's warm enough and always very elegant.

So, what colors should you go with? I suggest you start with black with blacksuede insert.

If you are more advanced, you can have a contrastinginsert in beige or buff or off-white and if you have that, you can move on to somethingin brown, burgundy, or other colors.

It's a great alternative for a button bootespecially if you're not quite sure about the whole buttoning process and it's a littlemore subdued.

So, who is it not for? It's not for people who like country outfits, who like to wear tweed, chinos, browns, and corduroys because it's just too formal forthose kinds of outfits.

Luckily, there are lots of other options.

Next up, let's talk about men's winter boots.

If you live in a climate where it gets closeto freezing outside, you need winter boots.

They may just look like regular boots butthey have a wonderful fur lining.

With fur, I usually mean sheepskin or lambskin.

It's quite plush and insulating and cozy warmespecially if you're outside a lot when it gets cold.

Of course, there's lots of ugly boots in polyesterbut as an elegant gentleman who wears a suit, those kind of boots would ruin your entireoutfit.

For added traction, those boots should alwayshave a rubber sole.

Obviously, they come in different styles.

If you are more of a casual guy, get themin tan, if you're more into suits, you should go with this version that's kind of a balmoral, it's just like an oxford but with the fur lining that keeps you warm.

Who is it for? It's for every man who likes warm feet anddoes not want to sacrifice style.

So who is it not for? Winter boots are a high budget item and theyare much harder to find so if you live in warmer climates or you're never outside forlonger than 5 minutes, you can skip them otherwise, I strongly suggest you invest in one of them.

To learn what boot we recommend specifically, please check out our in-depth guide here as well as the others I mentioned before.

No matter what boots you buy, one item thatyou should invest in is a shoe horn.

What you can see here is actually a real buffalohorn.

For boots, it's more important than for shoesbecause it's much taller.

So if you go in without a shoe horn, you'lldamage the shoe and it'll wear out much more quickly.

That being said, most boots would only comewith black or brown shoelaces.

While that works, it doesn't give you muchversatility.

That's why we offer more than a dozen differentboot laces in different colors because with investment of a few bucks, you can changethe entire look of your shoe and your outfit.

This comes particularly handy when you'rejust starting out and you have enough money for one boot.

if you invest in five or sixdifferent pairs of laces, it creates a different look and people may think you have a differentboot even though it's the same just with different shoelaces.

You can get our boot laces here and our shoehorns here.

We offer them in three sizes, long like thisone, medium, and travel size.

Now, these are just five basic men's bootsthat I think should be the first five every man should invest in.

Once you have those, there are a lot moreboots out there including button boots.

We'll cover all of those in another video.

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