Leather Honey Leather Conditioner – Video Product Review – Conditioning Leather Shoes & Boots

Leather Honey Leather Conditioner – VideoProduct Review – Conditioning Leather Shoes & Boots Hi, I'm Antonio Sentinel, the founder of RealMen Real Style, and today I'm going to be doing a product review of leather honey leatherconditioner.

And I'm going to share with you my story ofwhy I think it’s the best leather conditioner out there in the market.

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Okay so let me tell you a little story abouta boot and this was my favorite pair of Chelsea boots, I picked up in London back in 2007when I first started my company at tailored suit.

And they served me well for a couple of yearsuntil I decided to wear them a lot here in Wisconsin and Wisconsin has horrible weatherin the winter.

I mean it has snow but it also has sleet andrain and all that other stuff that you can’t control and this – it just tore up my bootsbecause I did not condition them and so that’s what you’re probably asking, why do I needto condition my leather shoes? Well leather – and it’s not just shoesby the way but any type of leather is skin and its skin that’s no longer replenishingitself and if you think about it, I mean the skin on your body has the oils and stuff thatyour body naturally secretes.

Now the leather that you use on briefcases, on your belts, on your shoes, that if – when I was down in Austin, Texas I didn’t haveto worry about it too much because the weather wasn’t too bad.

And leather shoes won’t last probably adecade and you don’t even have to really treat them too much.

Once you start getting exposing them or youexpose them to harsh weather though.

Let’s say you take a trip over to New York, you expose those things to water which I did to my shoes.

All of a sudden they’re going to lose thatmoisture very quickly when you dry them out and they’re going to start to crack unlessyou start to condition them.

So the one thing and why I think this is agreat investment, I spent – I got four years out of those boots and I paid probably $300for them and sadly it wasn’t – that’s just a bad, I could have gotten probably 30years out of those boots and I want to make sure that you understand this and that you’reusing a product like leather honey because you’ve probably got a lot of leather thatyou’ve spent a lot of money on.

Leather is a luxury clothing item; it’snot cheap especially real leather we’re talking about, not the cheap stuff that thefake stuff.

And you want to make sure and you can getdecades and decades of life out of leather if you treat it correctly.

So what is leather honey and where did itcome from? It was actually developed I think it comesout of the 1968, you had a family business and I think they were in West Virginia andit was Dan Magawen, his father I believe actually was started it.

And now while Sean Magawen is the grandsonof the gentleman that put this together and it started off as harness honey and it nowhas evolved into leather honey they wanted to brand out because what they discoveredis that wow, this really – it’s a step above and I got some other leather conditionersI’ve used in the past such as Cadillac and Matonian, these are fine leather conditionersbut they’re all water based.

And being water based, you have to put a lotof it on and you have to put it on frequently, usually at least once a week.

What I love about leather honey is its oilbased and therefore I only have to do it, probably on the four – maybe four timesa winter season so maybe once a month, maybe once every two weeks versus on having to applythe other ones four times as much.

So it makes it much easier and that was thefirst thing that drew me to leather honey.

There thing again is this, this small familyowned business on the East Coast and these guys are really making it happen.

You can go check them out on Amazon and goto their website and contact them and you’ll probably had Ariel, she’s one of the familymembers as well, Sean’s sister, and she will get in touch with you most likely andhelp you understand what this product is about.

So the purpose of the putting, right, okay, “Antonio what are you using leather honey on?” I’ve been using it on my $350 pair of Luccheseboots and I can tell you that they feel great and they’ve been okay in this Wisconsinwinter so far.

I’ve used them on my pair of Chainey boots– I'm sorry, Chainey dress shoes, these are a very nice pair of Chainey dress shoes, they put up at the same time.

I’ve picked up those other Chelsea bootsover in London.

I’ve used them on my saddleback leatherbriefcase, they’ll boom right here.

I’ve used them on my belts.

And everything I’ve shown you is brown leatherbut you can use them on black leather.

You can use them on any colored leather; theonly thing you don’t want to use it on is suede.

And so what would I say is the negative aboutthis when you need to be careful because it will darken, any type – they’re re-introducing… …moisture to the leather.

So this once living piece of tissue they’reactually re-moisturizing.

So it is going to darken and be prepared forthat, so test on a little bit.

The other thing is it’s a little bit pricierthan the other ones I mention but I feel this is not an issue.

We were talking a few dollars for an itemthat you may have paid $500 it or $700 for it.

And what’s the – if you’re sweatingover a few dollars for something like that, I really think you’re saving pennies andyou’re losing the dollars there.

So finally what can I say more about leatherhoney, things are great part of it.

For you, two thumbs up.

I highly recommend, you can get a small batchof it and test it and you got a hundred percent money back guarantee.

So what do you got to lose? Okay this is been Antonio Sentinel with RealMen Real Style, I’ll see you in the next video.