StockX MKT Watch: Boosts Bounce Back, BAPE Plays Football, and Off-White 90s Arrive

we saw in him supreme boxers and we saw you you ain't slick cover up the nipples my grandma was watching the show and grandma can't be seeing your nipples breath it's a Sunday it's the Sabbath cover up nipples no nipples on Sabbath 20:19 is just getting started but

it's already shaping up to be the year of the comeback last week it was the Jordan one and this week we got an even crazier comeback candidate the adidas ultra boost over the past year so the ultra boost have been pretty much left for dead by most in

sneaker culture we've had 29 major ultra boost releases since the start of 2018 and of those 29 only four posted positive profits while the other 25 were certified bricks with premiums as low as 50% under retail but last week that long dark depressing sad ultra booze losing streak

came to a definitive in with the adidas bake collab but you remember when tyga fell off for a minute then came out of nowhere and dropped this well we just saw the sneaker equivalent with these new ultra boots and playing the part of all sets who adidas tiger

was none other than bane which came through with that legendary camo that made these boots drip now average price premiums of 50% each is the most profitable ultra pulse we've seen since 2017 meanwhile with all due respect to Tom Brady there was only one true goal in our

world and that's his Airness sir Michael Jeffrey Jordan now last week we got a shock drop of the much-anticipated infrared Jordan sinks and while we're still more than a week away from the wide release the new infrared six is already climbing the charts and is currently the fifth

best seller on our platform over the years the infrared has been one of the most popular and profitable colorways of the six silhouette and with the current price average of 250 dollars the 2019 infrared falls right in the middle of that historical range to the streets now we

saw a big deal with adidas on that ultra boost collab but the drip doesn't stop there we also got a street wear caps what I could have been used a cover of Adam Levine during last Sunday's outside so yes Adam we saw you we know you can afford

supreme boxers but we need you to cover up the nipples my grandma don't like your nipples the collection consisted of 10 items some of which could have actually been worn on the football field and hopefully produce more points to last Sunday – jerseys – shark hoodies a football

a pair of gloves a literal football helmet and arm sleeve and two pairs of tights all featuring the ABC Bay camo the collection went off this weekend with a 9 to the 10 items turning profits for resellers with the tights hoodie and gloves flipping for 40 to 90

percent over retail on average somebody get me the Vegas odds on Oh BJ wearing this next season that is if he something and if you can't get enough football gear Nike came together with herand precedent for a more affordable football team capsule also featuring the likes of

jerseys hoodies and even hand warmers premiums of a Nike gear have also been pretty positive but with lower retail prices the gear is a little more practical for those of you who follow rules saying finance on Twitter cash rules everything around me dolla dolla bills y'all to the

weekend the Box a lot too easy because Nike is finally releasing the new Air Max 90 off white and black and desert or this week a much-anticipated airmax 90s are set to drop on February 7th and since they're off white you know people will be looking to flip

plus Jordan is adding some new fuel to the same old heat with the Jordan 9 blue pearl in February 9th now remember this ceiling is the roof where it's a Michael Jordan I don't know what the you were talking about and if someone who's watching this knows please

let us know in the comments me and off is going crazy we also got Eddie Wong putting down the cooking utensils and cheffing up a new adidas ultra boost to celebrate Chinese New Year on February 7 so make sure you keep the credit cards and debit cards on

day and last but certainly not least and it's time to go Seco mode and talk watches as Seiko is teaming up with babe for the release of the very special mechanical divers watch these dripped out arm accessories would be a japan-exclusive available on February 9 so pop this

and Instagram your watch like man rich alert cinema minute yay also shout-out to the comment of the week winner it's the homie Jonas pokes tea hopefully I did mispronounce your name but thank you my man for letting me know how much of a tsunami these waves are causing

shouts my man blended by Darrell homie got the waves looking fairly fresh I might need to add ear pods for that next shot the look photo Superman and listen if you missed out on our Louie Vuitton prison bag giveaway don't miss the fire percent from that same collection

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this weekend let us know what in the comments below we'll be sure to show you some love Adam Levine when I play my nipples bro