StockX MKT Watch: Ultra Boost Takes the Throne, Supreme Calls Action, and Air Max Out

– Mr.

Wotherspoon, definitely the old dude like, “Get off my grass!” He grill ya, that aint nothin MisterWotherspoon, don't bother him.

Let's go, let's go (bleep)with Mr Wotherspoon Day.

(hip hop music) Our lead story this week, the Adidas Ultra BoostGame of Thrones collab has shocked the Seven Sneakerhead Kingdoms and ascended to the Iron Throne of our weekly best sellers list.

It's an Ultra Boost comeback story for the ages.

Many winters passed before the Midwestern's reign of KingYeezy of the three stripes, and Maester Virgil of theoff-white Ultra Boost technology was King of the North.

All bent their knee forthese cozy and comfy kicks.

In the Year of our Lord 2012, the roaches triumphed at theTourney of the Mid-Soles.

In 2015, Lord Yeezus of Calabasas, raised the triple-white banner in the Battle of the Billboard Awards.

But since 2018, the House ofBoost has been reduced to ruin.

Consider the data, in 2016, Ultra Boost salesmade up as much as 12% of the StockX sneaker market.

By the end of 2018 ithad fallen to just 3%.

Price premiums have fallen even farther.

Back in 2016 the average Ultra Boost was routinely flipping fordouble retail on Stock X.

By the end of 2018, the average Boost wasselling for less than retail.

It was a Red Wedding massacreof market share and profit.

But now, it seems thelong winter is ending, and the OG Boost is comingback like a White Walker.

The reason is simple: collaborations.

Look first we got a collabwith BAPE last month.

Which produced two of the best selling Ultra Boost colorways in years.

And last week, we got this Ice and Fire Game of Thrones collab which continued the restorationof the Ultra Boost crown.

If you look at the release week data, these two collabs haveproduced four of the top five best selling Ultra Boostsof the past two years, with all four releasingin the last two months.

So you best send a raven, because the King has returned.

(hip hop music) Now our market mover thisweek is none other than Sean Wotherspoon's Air Max 197.

Wotherspoon recently announced that he was cutting ties with Nike, and the result has been a massive price spike for the Air Max.

Since the start of this year, the average resale pricehas risen from $700 to more than $1000.

A nearly 50% increasein just three months.

In this case, round twois better than round one.

To the streets! (hip hop music) Lights, camera, sit yo ass in that chair.

The Supreme Director's Chair absolutely dominated the streetwear market this week.

More than 1, 200 of the redand more than 600 of the black have sold on StockX since Thursday.

And price premiums have resellers falling off their chairs! With the two colorways flippingfor 70 and 80% above retail.

Imagining all the directorsin this new Supreme chair has us amped for the future of Hollywood.

I mean just think about how much more lit your favorite directors wouldbe if they were hypebeasts.

Think about it, Usual Suspects with all box logos? The Sandlot with the catcher's mask? The Shining with the ax? He Got Game with the shooting sleeve! We also have major salesfrom Gilbert and George, which is impressive, since literally nobody has everheard of Gilbert or George.

And finally, get ready to cop some new Louis Vuitton and Supreme apparel straight from StockX, aswe are excited to announce that we finally added thesehighly coveted threads to our marketplace.

So get the bids in ASAP.

To the week ahead! (hip hop music) Now Nike might not have releasedanything for Air Max Day.

But this week, Steel has more drops than Eric Ebron in a Lions jersey.

First, Edison Chen andClout take their talent to the Air Max 97, as theHaven hybrid is set to drop in three different colors on March 29th.

Next up the Jordan 3 pays itsown homage to the Air Max 1, with the retro tinker white university red dropping on March 30th.

Meanwhile, the three stripes couldn'tcare less about Air Max Day, as they're getting busywith their own drops, releasing the Adidas CrazyBYW Pharrell Alternate White on March 29th, and finally, dropping the Yeezy Boost 350 Clay right after, on March 30th.

In Streetwear news, Supreme is dropping another highly anticipatedcollab with The North Face.

Which includes fire Arclogo fleece hoodies, parkas, Horizon Breezehats, and so much more.

And Palace will also bereleasing new Tri-Ferg items to help bring in thespring vibes properly.

So save your pennies, Dup your Zo2s like Lonzo, And grab all that gear on Friday.

Now before we close out, we gotta give some love to the Market WatchComment of the Week winner.

Shout out to Neev, for calling out the font onmy Supreme wool fleece jacket.

Look stop actin likeyou were never excited for your grandmas e-vitesto the family reunion.

You probably was the first one there eating all the butterscotch candy.

I know your type.

Look that's all for this week.

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(hip hop music) Butterscotch, butterscotch.