StockX on Cheddar – Nike Mars Yard, Reebok Answer, Ultra Boost Parley – 6/12/2017

so make it I didn't think the warrants were ever going to lose a game where the Warriors led for series 3 games to 1 and joining us now from San Francisco it's Josh Luber CEO over at stock s also a big Cleveland Cavaliers and congratulations Josh on winning

one game Wow Wow we are right where we want to be everyone coming back to Oakland yes exactly ok Josh tell us what your expectations are going to be for tonight's game you think Cleveland has it in them to win another one this is exactly what happened before

we got no problems at all right we're going to it's going to be an unbelievable game all four I mean it's been unbelievable last two games in Cleveland have shown anything we know how to beat them so we're good to go okay all right I don't know with

that and I like sexy would you I think last time we talked you saying we might have code seven games you still believe that absolutely absolutely we will see you back here at the end of the week oh I can't wait for that okay so what are you

looking for in terms of speakers tonight well so what's really interesting is that you know we haven't seen very much change in what the players have been wearing there's not a lot of what we call Heat we don't have a lot of players on the team that are

wearing crazy expensive shoes to some of the more interesting things are actually what some of the celebrities on the sidelines are wearing we see you know last game Odell Beckham Joe Hayden we get a lot of celebrities at the side of these games you get a lot of

expensive shoes alright a lot of expensive shoes and a big big came I guess you guys are all going to be watching all that kind of stuff what are some of the other trends you're watching right now on varrock stock ex that was about the Nike crap Marshall

apparently that's out there yeah so this is one of the biggest releases from this past weekend Nike this is actually the second time they've collaborated with the artist Tom Saks and created what they call the Nike craft Mars guard shoe so the first one they released in 2012

and this was designed a NASA influence kind of what a NASA engineer astronaut might wear super limited release back in 2012 if you can even find those they're selling for three four thousand dollars but they re-released in version of it this past weekend you had to attend base

camp in New York on Governors Island over the weekend and if you attended Space Camp and got through it which was put on by Tom Saks and his team then you were able to buy one of these shoes a retail was only 200 or 250 dollars but they're

already selling for close to $2,000 because of how rare and just crazy they are I saw the photos of this event from over the weekend and everybody of course is wearing these shoes it's like in this abandoned warehouse in New York and it looked amazing and I seriously

want a pair of those shoes but another one I'm really interested in I think step-over shoes right well so now we tie back into the the NBA Finals right so 2001 NBA Finals Game one Allen Iverson was wearing the answer for so this was Allen Iverson sports shoe

it was in a black and white colorway and in Game one of that series is most notable for Iverson stepping over tyronn lue after he hit that quick key shot in the corner Tyrone Tyrone lieu of course the coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers and up until last year

when Lou became the coach of the Cavs probably what he was most known for was being stepped over by Iverson I think he's probably eliminated that after winning a title but these shoes which released exclusively in Philadelphia at historical lap stone and Hammer are selling for about $300

on stock X but the history and the taiented finals is just phenomenal funny name for a shoe or I talked with about the parley coral bleaching the ultra black I love the name of this yeah and that you know what the the cause reason better than the name

so adidas has done a few of these before parlay for the ocean being the organization so they're actually taking recycled plastic bottles and making sneakers out of it so this ultra boost the the partly ultra boots that just relieved it takes 11 plastic bottles to make one upper

of the shoe one that the top part of the shoe for this so you know this is just obviously a phenomenal you know program by adidas and by parle to recycle plastic and make sneakers Adams that's so cool dat that sheer an 11 plastic bottle I know I

know I I love these we have company gone all the time talking about paintable ways of clothes of the way that clothing is made and I like that a lot I would actually buy that shirt lovely – how much is the cost will the retail ones at two

hundred and they're reselling for as much as $300 on Sukkot and Adidas plans to release five million pairs of these next year is that right yes looking and the more that they can do this the more sustainable it can be and I think ultimately it becomes a just

a general release thing where you can always go to the store and buy shoes that are made out of recycled classical plastic this ties in with adidas is other initiatives they also have a shoe coming out towards the end of the year that's called the forty future Kraft

and this is you know 3d printed shoes so adidas has done a lot in this area alright I want to switch gears while they have just a little bit of time left with you Forbes of course released the list of the top earning shoe deal people that are

back club players all that stuff Michael Jordan no supplies of course is still number one on the list bringing in about a hundred and ten million dollars from Nike I'm interestingly enough LeBron is number two yep Curley all the way to number six yet so the the Forbes

list this is cash that the players earned over the last 12 months based on their shoe deal and obviously every player is going to have a slightly different contract with that with the brand some of it is going to be upfront money some of it is going to

be tied to royalties Jordan obviously at number one just you know destroys everyone he's got 32 years of Air Jordan shoes that he's making royalties on LeBron at number two is no surprise he's got 14 years of royalties he actually just signed a lifetime deal year or two

ago that suppose the FA to be worth a billion dollars number three is kV this also makes sense as you know he's in the finals and one of the top Nike athletes right now he signed a really big deal a few years ago when it was rumored that

he might go to adidas and then he stayed with Nike interesting on this list is number four Kobe Bryant who's now retired but you still have 11 years of Kobe with Nike and then they created with the Kobe ad so the shoes for Kobe after he retired and

then rounding out the list is James Harden at adidas and number five and Steph Curry it was Under Armour at number six and and look you know we don't know what the actual deal is on the returning staff and Under Armour it's actually been rumored that Steph has

stock in Under Armour and my guess is that not tied into the deal so he's probably being compensated a lot more than just the 12 million dollars but these are the numbers reported by Forbes and it's actually not surprising where the rankings are yeah and of course four

of the top five or mainly the top for all Nike shares the fifth of course adidas being James Harden I'm Josh Luber see over at stock X we'll have you back on if Cleveland wins tonight thank you thanks Josh okay every