Stuart Weitzman 5050 Boots vs. Lowland Boots Review | English Subs | SW靴子对比评测

Hi everyone! I'm Sophie.

Today, I'm gonna be doing a review of over-the-knee boots: Stuart Weitzman 5050 boots vs.

Lowland boots.

Over-the-knee boots are the essentials for fall and winter.

I'm 5'4''.

Both 5050 boots and Lowland boots are over-the-knee boots for me.

Let's start with 5050 boots.

The reason why they are called 5050 is that half of the boots, the front panel, is made of smooth leather, suede, patent leather or fabric, and the other half, the back panel, is made of strechy fabric.

They have a round-toe silhouette.

1'' heel.

The lining is real leather.

The insole is real leather too.

Very breathable to wear.

The outsole is anti-skid textured rubber.

There is no zipper.

A special method is required to get them on and off.

You have to pull the boot shaft inside out, and then put you feet in there like wearing long socks.

I have thin calves.

So I just wear them like pull over boots.

I've worn the boots for the last winter.

And I wore them pretty frequently.

The strechy fabric is almost like new.

I guess that I can wear them for at least 3 or 4 years.

They are over-the-knee boots for my 5'4'' frame.

The front panel is slightly above my knee bone.

They are so comfortable to wear.

The back panel is below my back of the knee.

So they are comfortable to walk in.

I feel like that I'm wearing socks.

They are like my second skin.

Extremely comfortable.

The size for these boots is a bit large.

I normally wear US 7 for boots.

But I chose size 6.

5 for these boots.

Let's talk about color and leather.

I have two pairs of 5050 boots.

This pair is my favorite.

The front panel is made of navy snake-like patent leather.

I was concerned that the patent leather wound't pair well.

But they turn out to be very pretty in person.

Make the legs look straighter.

And they are very easy to take care of.

I've worn them in rainy or even snowy days without any problem.

You just have to wipe them clean with a dry clean tower afterwards.

After being worn for the last winter, they look pretty new except some creases on the front.

I tried a pair of smooth leather 5050 boots.

I only tried once or twice, and there were so many creases on the front panel.

So I guess that smooth leather 5050 boots will wear out very fast.

My second pair is made of gold glitter-looking fabric.

The fabric is very unique.

These boots definitely stand out if you wear all black or go to a party.

Let's talk about Lowland boots.

Lowland boots are over-the-knee boots.

I'm 5'4''.

The shaft almost hits my middle thigh.

Very high shaft.

No zipper.

Pull over style.

There is a black leather lace on top to secure the boot opening.

The front toe area is more pointed than that of the 5050 boots.

An almond-toe silhouette.

1'' heel.

Let's compare.

More pointed-toe for Lowland.

Almost the same heel height.

Lowland's shaft is 3'' higher than that of 5050.

About the material.

Many choices.

Smooth leather, suede, and the trendy velvet.

Mine is made of black suede.

Very basic.

The comfort is not as great as that of 5050 boots.

The front part is narrower.

The more pointed silhouette makes my pinky toes a little bit squeezed.

I chose 6.

5 for 5050 boots.

I had to choose 7 for Lowland boots.

Lengthwise, they are definitely longer than my feet.

But widthwise, 7 is more comfortable than 6.


If you have wider feet like me, you may choose half size larger than the 5050 boots.

You may wear the Lowland exactly like wearing 5050 boots.

I feel that the shaft is slightly more forgiving than that of the 5050 boots.

But as they are made of non strechy material, so if you have wider calves or thighs, you may not feel comfortable wearing these boots.

So I highly suggest that you try them on before purchasing.

The leather is quite soft.

The lining is satin fabric.

So they feel soft and comfortable to wear.

Let's talk about pros and cons, and comparison.

Pros for the 5050 boots.

First, very comfortable.

The wide round-toe silhouette is perfect for slightly wider feet.

Strechy fabric makes it extremely comfortable to wear.

Second, they pair with almost anything.

Dress, jeans, or leggings, you name it.

Third, very easy to take care of if you choose patent leather.

I can't think of a con.

Someone with wider calves may find them too tight and uncomfortable.

I highly suggest that you try them on before purchasing.

Let's talk about Lowland.


First, very high boot shaft.

If you are looking for super long boots, they are perfect.

Second, the more pointed-toe silhouette makes the legs look longer.


First, they are a bit narrow and not super comfortable for wide feet.

Second, you have to tie the lace constantly.

Third, no strechy fabric.

Someone with wide calves may find them uncomfortable.

Fourth, there are limitations in terms of matching the outfits.

I think that they go perfectly with skirts or shorts.

They are not so great in pairing with jeans or leggings.

It will look chunky! Overall, if you are looking for more comfortable boots for all the occasions, I highly recommend 5050 boots.

If you are looking for high shaft boots with a bit more feminine touch, I recommend Lowland boots.

Lowland boots are $150 more expensive than 5050 boots.

So if I had to choose only one pair of boots, I would definitely choose 5050 boots.

Let's talk about price.

The retail prices for those boots are pricy! Lowland boots for almost $800.

5050 boots for about $650.

I bought mine on sale.

Especially for 5050.

I bought my 5050 boots during the sample sale of Lane Crawford in Hong Kong.

About $300 a pair.

Great deal! I bought my Lowland boots on sale in US.

About $600 a pair.

I highly recommend those boots.

Especially great to get them on sale.

Well, that's my review for 5050 and Lowland boots.

I hope that you enjoyed it.

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