Styling Ankle Boots 5 Ways (Over 40, Over 50, With Dresses, Lookbook)

– Styling these superpopular booties today.

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There's been somethingthat's been on my mind and in my heart lately andI wanted to address it.

My goal is never to encourage you to spend more than you have, to covet more than you have.

My objective is and always has been to help you be the bestversion of yourself and also to enhance the beautiful woman that you already are.

The one that's already there with all of the things that you have right now.

So when I offer suggestions or outfit ideas, look in your closet, see what you have already, write down the concept, takea picture of the outfit, take a screenshot of the outfit, and recreate that concept.

You can go to a thrift store, you can go to a consignment store, you can find similar pieces or again pieces you have in your own closet to recreate the same concept.

So I know this is the time of year when we tend to spend a lot of money.

It's often a time of yearwhen we feel pressure to go into debt or spendmore than we actually should.

I just want to remind you that that's not why I'm here, that's never been my mission, I'm not here to sell you I'm here to provide guidance, I'm here to provide ideas, I'm here to empower youand to encourage you to be your most beautiful, most stylish self.

So I just wanted to say that.

But in this lookbook I wanted to show you a bunch of ways to stylethese exact booties.

They're by Vince Camuto, they're actually a very popular bootie.

A lot of fashion bloggershave featured them and they're really popularbecause they're really chic and cool but they'realso very accessible and neutral and versatile.

Sometimes this color bootiecan be tricky to wear because it is a lighter color, we tend to kinda gravitatetoward darker colored booties os I thought it would be interesting to share a lookbook wherewe only feature this bootie and then all the outfitsare built around the bootie.

These booties, just likeall Vince Camuto shoes, run true to size so order your normal size if you do order this exact pair.

And then what do you wearwith them in terms of socks? You can wear a Ped sock or a no-show sock, that will work beautifully.

Before I dive into the lookbook, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this video.

Now let's get started.

The first look is ideal for those of you who have short waists and I've talked about how todress if you have a short waist in a separate video and youshould definitely check that out I'll put a link to it below.

It also works well fora variety of body types and it's this really cool sweater.

I love this sweater by Lee.

It has a turtleneck at thetop that is very fitted and it doesn't gape or drapewhich I love with a turtleneck there's nothing that drives me more crazy than a turtleneck that'sflapping around in the breeze.

Also, I love how it'sroomy in the bust area, it has that dolman sleeve but then it's very fitted at the bottom.

And you can play with thehemline of this sweater you can cheat it up, you can cheat it down.

So this would work reallywell with leggings also so those of you are lookingfor tops for leggings, this could be a great option.

It's very soft and I alsoabsolutely love the color.

This would be a great layering top, it's very lightweight and thin and then it would also look fabulous with like a scarf over it.

And then I just wore a simple Baublebar pre-layered necklace with it.

The pre-layered necklaces are really great when you're in a hurry but you want that layered look and you don't have time to deal with creating the layers yourself.

And this one is very simpleand feels very classic, it doesn't feel like too crazy.

On my lower body, one ofmy favorite pairs of jeans.

These are by FRAME and they are le high and a cropped length.

So on me they fit like a regular length but if you are on the tall side they will fit like a cropped jean.

I just love the wash of these jeans, it's a dark wash, there's not fading, no whiskering and it's avery slimming color and wash.

And then of course the booties, I've got on my little Ped socks.

You know I could cuff these jeans one time but I felt like they stayedin the booties well enough I didn't need to cuff them.

If you're having adilemma about, you know, jeans and booties andhow to style your jeans with your ankle booties, I did just shoot a video about that and you can watch that video and I'll put a link to it below.

I wanted to turn up the glamourwith the second outfit idea.

And revolve the lookaround a gorgeous faux fur.

So the great thing about faux fur is that number one it's faux.

Number two faux fur usually is in an accessible price point so you don't have to spend a ton of money to get a faux fur thatlooks really luxurious and really expensive and really beautiful.

So here's a perfect example.

This one is by Topshopand what I love about this particular one by Topshop is that it is longer, you know, but not so long and then it also is this gorgeous brown tone.

So I love mixing brown tones.

You guys know I've been building up my wardrobe basics withbrown tones this season so here's another piece I can add in.

It's just a beautifulglamorous faux fur coat.

And then under the coat I'm just wearing a white turtleneck that's ribbed and it's very lightweight, it's by Veronica Beard.

This one's a few years old but there's a newerversion, same material, but the newer version is actually better because it doesn't have theruffles on the shoulders and while I love the ruffle details on this particular one, it's a little bit challenging when you want to layer it under things.

So I would recommend gettingthe newer version for sure.

But you could do anythingunder here that you want, like any kind of white blouse, any kind of white turtleneck, you just have to makesure that it's thin enough that it will layer underneathyour coats and jackets but then also presentableenough or cute enough to stand on its own for when you take the faux fur jacket off.

And then the bag with thislook is the Chloe Tess bag, it's in the medium sizewhich is the bigger of the two sizes, and it'sin a color called sepia but they have a range of colors now and they even have somebeautiful croc-embossed ones so for those of you that maybe considering a Tess bag, I would get thecroc-embossed in the small.

The third looks is the same, obviously the same booties, same jeans, and then I pair that with a beautiful angora sweater by FRAME.

It's a Fair Isle sweater.

I love Fair Isle sweaters for Colorado, I feel like during ski seasonand winter and holiday time it's just like the perfectquintessential ski town sweater.

So when I saw this one withthe beautiful brown tones and then felt the fabricand how soft it is, and snugly it is, I knew thatit was definitely a keeper and it is an investment pieces but I think it's one ofthose sweaters I'll have for years to come and really enjoy wearing and really have thatfeeling like it's really snugly and soft and feels good on my skin.

With the sweater, abeautiful hat by Rag & Bone and this is the in medium, size medium, so it does come in different sizes and that's a little bit trickywhen you're ordering online but I just kind ofguessed and thought medium and it was right on.

I have it in a slightlydifferent color combination but I love it so muchthat I wanted to get it in the lighter beige as well.

It's just a really beautiful hat and again it feels like so Colorado to me.

I love this hat by Rag & Bone if you, you know, live inkind of a cooler climate you may enjoy this.

The next outfit I wanted to share with you is the same booties with a dress.

And one of the beautifulthings about these booties is that they are, for me, they are really skin color.

Look you can see they reallydo match my skin tone.

And then this V on the side really does frame an ankle bone so it really looks like even though it's a chunky kind of everyday bootie that's not super dressyit really does look quite elegant andsophisticated with dresses.

And that's one of the reasons why I think this is so popular 'cause it can kind of pull double duty there.

I paired it with this dress by Sam Edelman in a rust floral print.

Do you guys remember this dress from the Nordstrom sale this summer? You know I haven't hada ton of opportunities to wear it but I still love it and I think it's just sucha fresh, lovely dress.

And I'm not usually into floral print but this floral print really, to me, looks very sophisticated and elevated I think because of the color story and also the scale of the print.

Sometimes when you go full on floral and they're big ol' flowersit just doesn't look as lux and elegant as maybe some of the smaller scale prints.

So just be really carefulwith floral print.

This floral print, Ithink, is really elegant.

And what I also love about this dress is that you've got a littlebuildup on the shoulder and then you got that waist definition to really create moreof an hourglass shape which is almost essential when you have this all over print.

And then the handkerchiefhem, really cool, and the dress is linedwhich is really nice so you don't have to worryabout a slip or anything for underneath this dress.

You could always throw a cardigan over this dress too ifyou wanted an extra layer or if you just wanted to make it look and feel more casual likemaybe you're wearing it on a Saturday or a Sunday and you want it to feellike daytime appropriate like you're not pushing itor dressing up too much, that cardigan will make itdefinitely feel less dressy and so will the bootiesbecause the booties definitely make it feelmore casual as well.

Next, I wanted to show you another dress that I absolutely love and you guys will remember this from my neutral colors lookbook.

If you missed that one, I'll put a link to it below.

I featured this dress in that lookbook and I wanted to show it to you again paired with different shoes.

So in this case I'm pairingit with these same booties.

And again, you've got ehleg lengthening color, you've got the cutouts on the sides to frame the ankle bone and the leg so it looks quite elegant, it looks quitesophisticated and beautiful.

This dress is really warm, it's really comfortable.

I don't have anyshapewear on underneath it in this video but if I were wearing it out on the town I forsure would do shapewear just to make sure thatthe tummy was smoothed out because it is quitefitted in the tummy area.

And you could try a belt, you could not wear a belt, you could wear a scarf with it, you could do a moto jacket over it, you could wear a cardigan over it.

You have options here with this dress, it is one of those thatwill layer beautifully so that's just something to think about.

I love the length of the dress, I love the fact that it has sleeves.

It's like the perfect40 plus sweater dress as long as you have theshapewear to kind of keep the tummy smoothedout then it's perfect.

Okay, so let's take one last look at those five outfit ideas for these very neutral Vince Camuto booties, these heavy hitters, very popular, bestselling bootiesamong fashion bloggers.

I think you'll really enjoy these booties.

They come in a zillion colors by the way so if you don't like this color there may be anothercolor that you do like.

There is no side zip but theydo have a zip in the back to make them easy to get on and off and then of course the chunky heel also makes them easier to walk in.

I just want you all to know that I am incredibly grateful for your support and for you watching my channel.

It really means a lot to me.

So thank you.

And thank you again toNordstrom for sponsoring this and I will see you guys next time.


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