Styling Winter Pieces 2020 ( Petite Guide feat. Everlane Glove Boots)

[Music] hello everyone welcome back to my channel so for today's video I'd like to share with you guys how I'd style some key winter pieces now this includes the Blazer the coats the sweater and all that jazz so hope you guys enjoy and if you did please don't

forget to subscribe to my channel and hit that bell so you can get notified of more videos like this now let's get on with the video so first up is the Blazer in here I am wearing my ever lean terracotta houndstooth blazer which is one of my favorite

at the moment now I got this blazer because I find the color is unique and not one that you can see often in a houndstooth design which you know is usually black and white this is also oversized hence the boxy fit so just make sure to get the

right size for you especially if you're petite like me I paired this blazer over a light-colored outfit to emphasize the neutral colors and of course from ever link love boots which I will be wearing all throughout the styling the top is also from Everly which is a pink

ballerina cashmere worn over my Portman jeans winter is something without accessories so I decided to add this cute neutral beret and this purple checkered meat scarf just to accentuate things further I'll put all the descriptions of my outfits down below so make sure to check out the description

box for reference so next winter piece item is the coat my first example for it is this gorgeous burgundy coat from forever new I was inspired by its rich jewel tone here that I decided to pair it with a bold green color top which reminds me of three

things actually the emerald ruby gemstones and believe it or not an eggplant but you know eggplant or not I am loving the color combinations of all these three that goes to show that style inspirations can be taken from literally anywhere even those you can see in your kitchen

anyhow kidding aside I used a black pants to tone things down a bit giving up my top coat and shoes are bright and bold colors as it is but also I decided to use a black leather pants just add texture to the entire outfit for accessories I decided

to keep it fairly simple with gold jewelry for my earrings and my necklace another example of the coat is the classic trench I love wearing a trench coat especially if you would expect some rain in a very cold weather this coat right here is something that I have

drifted a few years back and is now a very much staple in my winter wardrobe I paired this with another everything ballerina cashmere top over a black leggings another thrifted item which by the way I'm amazed how these leggings has kept up with me for like six years

now yeah the quality is really amazing this brand of leggings is called V gorilla and it is an Australian brand I will link their site into the description box down below again for accessories I decided to use a beanie on this outfit coupled with this purple knit scarf

which I think adds an extra oomph to this entire look next winter piece item is the puffer jacket this is a definite must-have for the season because it gives the best warmth out of all outerwear however it's something I find tricky to wear for us petits especially due

to the bulkiness of it which can overpower our already short frame so my tip for wearing puffer jackets is to wear layers underneath if you have a good quality cashmere or wool sometimes a single layer would be enough but of course this would be dependent on where you

live and what type of winter you have in your location so just keep this in mind I on the other and usually wear skinny jeans or leggings with puffer jackets because I find that it streamlines the entire look and it complements the volume and the bulk that the

puffer jacket brings this dark green puffer here is a sample sale I got from a Giordano outlet store and I like how it has a hoodie on it as well again I paired it with these V karela leggings and my Evelyn glove boots which adds a cute pop

of color to an otherwise monochromatic style for my scarf I chose this white neat scarf just as an added element of warm for this winter look [Music] another puffer jacket I wanted to show you guys is this ever Lane purple puffer which is absolutely light and is not

as bulky as a lot of puffers out there this caught my eye because of its lovely lilac color which is easy to style with and I was curious as well on however Lane buffers would compare with other brands such as Uniqlo and Kathmandu I must say I'm not

disappointed like I said it's light provides good warmth on winter days and more importantly it's easy to pack because it's not bulky I used my every Lane mock neck cashmere as my top again over with my vigor Ella leggings and these ever lean glove boots which complements the

sweater that I am wearing to keep the outfit more interesting though I thought to add this bright red beret which gives a subtle pop of color to this muted neutral outfit and this white knit scarf from a previous example just to tie everything into one stylized look [Music]

last winter piece item is the sweater depending on how cold it is a good old big sweater is something I prefer because it's easier to wear layers underneath and it makes me feel cozy especially if it's a chunkier material like this texture cotton sweater from every Lane which

by the way is currently on half-price at the time of posting this video so check it out I will link the site on the description box below so again this sweater you guys is really comfortable it's a chunky knit combination of cotton and nylon perfect with something like

a cashmere or a wool underneath I have worn this over another eberlein favorite which is the straight leg crop hats I got this on an ankle length which suits really well for my short height for this outfit I also used my trusty brown leather belt which i think

is crucial in elevating this style over my Evelyn glove boots because of its brown color and also if you know me I've been banging on how important it is to tuck your tops sweaters included if you can to make your height look visually taller which is something I

have shared on my previous video if you haven't watched it yet I will link that video on the description box as well last but not the least I chose this pink and gray snoot which I got as a gift from my friend and I absolutely adore it the

design and color is cozy from the get-go and it adds such beautiful detail on a simple outfit now this post wouldn't be complete without the star of this style guide the ever lane glove boots Renate in the color toffee this is as gorgeous as you see it in

person and the color loving the color very much that you can see how easy it is to style it with all the outfit looks on this video plus just the design of it alone is so elegant with that squared pointed toe and texturize material it's one of those

unique boots that I haven't seen elsewhere at the moment also these boots are made out of recycled plastic bottles yes 9 plastic bottles for every pair to the exact according to their website and you wouldn't believe how such beautiful quality Footwear can come out of plastic bottles you

can just wear these straight out of the box because it is that comfortable too and that's it you guys thank you so much for watching this video and hope that each style guide was helpful one way or the other in your day to day outfit inspiration if you

enjoyed this video please don't forget to subscribe and hit that notification bell so you get updated on more petite styling and fashion how to's again this is Vanessa from all more things and hope to see you back on the next upload bye