The #AskAW Show Episode 02 – Suede Chukka Boots, Wingtips, Watches, Warm Weather Clothes

hi I'm Ashley Weston of a celebrity months for stylists this video is part of my ask aww series which is where I answer all of your guys's questions on style grooming etiquette dating honestly whatever you have questions on I will answer so let's get started first up is

a question from Henry and he asked I want some fancy suede boots like the ones in this picture I've found lots of options but the problem is I have big feet really big feet size 15 to be exact can you help me find a boot that will fit

my feet well actually you are in luck so allen edmonds makes a boot called the dundee suede boot that looks pretty damn identical to the one that you have in the picture the one that we just saw in the picture however they do not offer a tan color

instead they offer a medium and dark brown option which is actually a better than tan than at your light tan because it looks and will stay cleaner longer with a light tan color dirt scoffs like every little dirty mark will show up it's like a white car you

can never keep it clean so instead go with medium to darker Brown it's actually easier to wear as well with your outfits and in terms of matching and and they have it in a size 15 allen edmonds the biggest size they make is a size 15 so you

are in luck my friend the quality is incredible so look no further this is your brand next up is a question from Adam and he asked I recently got a pair of blue suede wingtips on clearance from Jane rooo I already love them but I am having trouble

coming up with ways to wear them especially without the outfit looking loud blue suede wingtips you want to wear them with either a tan or navy chino or a dark wash jean with it cuffed at the bottom and the reason being is one the nice the cuff at

the bottom actually that's just a nice touch to the entire outfit as well as it puts the spotlight on your blue suede shoes it frames it nicely and I when I think of blue suede wingtips I think of more of a spring summer outfit so it's just you're

showing a little bit of ankle you're letting the shoe also make a nice little statement so that's how I would wear your blue suede wingtips so next up we've got Mohamed and he asked how would one go about dressing nicely in really warm weather since layering is not

going to work well actually it's very simple so you want to stick with items that allow you to breathe obviously so the way to still look sharp but not have all these layers and jackets on is first you can start off with a polo shirt a nice pima

cotton polo shirt it could be a silk blend but you want it to be you know just a nice material not the pique cotton that looks like golf shirts they never look good but stick with navy or black or heather gray those are great colors and indoor then

you also want to go with a linen button-up shirt either in white navy light blue those all look really great with a nice Chino pant which is made out of cotton so it's breathable so you could go with either navy or tan in that as well and throw

on a dress shoe or a nice loafer or a suede shoe and really it'll always look sharp just if you're gonna wear a linen button-up shirt I would definitely roll up the sleeves you can tuck it in there on a nice belt as well and you'll look very

sharp but still appropriately dressed for your warm clients climates my clients climates when is nice and javagold warm I don't know why I was thinking of clients next up Connor asks I'm a tall guy but with skinny wrists it's hard for me to find a good watch that

doesn't seem to have too big of a face I have one from Armani Exchange with a gray band and the face is square not much wider than the band width I'd like to find a brown band watch with a more casual wear to it any recommendations well Connor

here's what I would recommend definitely I love Daniel Wellington watches as well as Timex weekender watches they have a nice slim profile the face of the watch isn't too big either and for the price range that you're looking for since you did have an Armani Exchange watch I

would definitely recommend these two brands to look into they make great simple classic clean designs that I absolutely love and especially with the brown like wanting a watch with a brown band I would go with them and the last question is from Roberts he says hi Ashley I

wonder what you think about the proportions I'm working with here I love the coat and boots and I wear them a bit too often funny enough I was actually just texting with a client regarding a similar outfit that he wanted to wear to an event and I was

just interviewed by fashion beens regarding this so with your coat it is a looser fit the way you wear a looser fitting coat is that you want to make sure the rest of your outfit has a nice tailored fit it should be a nice trim fit otherwise you're

gonna look so frumpy and you can't just look like you're homeless so in order to pull off a looser coat like what you have is keep the rest outfit nice and tailored trim whether it be you know a nice polo shirt or a button-up shirt or a dark

t-shirt with you know nice trim jeans dark wash jeans and with your boots as well it will look so great and so sharp I love your boots I absolutely love your boots so continue wearing them it's fine but if you're gonna wear this coat make sure the rest

of your outfit is nice and tailored thanks guys for all the great questions and thank you for watching my video hit up this link right here for all my product recommendations that I've discussed throughout this video and if you have a question leave it in the comment box

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want to know I want to know if you like this alright guys thanks again for watching and I'll see you in the next one