Top 5 Men's Shoes and Boots For Fall 2019

(upbeat music) – Hey you, I'm CelebrityMenswear Stylist Ashley Weston joined by my partner and husband, Dorian.

– Hello, hello everybody.

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♪ Squarespace ♪(Laughing) – So today we are going to go over our top five shoes for fall.

It's time to pick these up! – Wonderful time of year, time to pull out or buy your fall shoes.

Hopefully you've got a couple of these and I wanna make this clearbefore we get into it.

These are the shoes forfall/winter specific.

That doesn't mean it's time to put away your year-round shoes.

So sneakers are gonna be okay, depending on where you live, you know, that type of stuff.

We always get comments in the video that be like, so I can'twear sneakers anymore? And it's like, uh no thoseare called year-round shoes.

These are fall specific shoesyou should definitely pick up and by the way I'm sorrybut I'm wearing my hat 'cause it's the post-season, go Dodgers.

– So first on our list forfall is definitely a pair of black or brown leather boots.

So these ones are by AllanEdmonds, they're dress boots, they're super sleek and sexy, I just love how clean the design is.

– I like the little subtle, subtle red on the back too.

– Yes the subtle tab detail right here, and these pair great withyour denim, your chinos, wool trousers and even your suits as well.

These are, you know, definitely a little bit on the pricier side soI made sure to include my other two favorite dress boots that are a little more budget conscious.

– So Ash I have aquestion for the audience that I know will come up.

– Yes.

– Do they need a dress bootor can you get a casual boot? Can you get a little more of a rugged boot depending on where you live? What is the recommendation specifically? – Well of course you guyscan get a casual boot and I do like casual boots as well but you know putting this list together this could've been waymore than five shoes, this could've been 10 shoes.

– How about this, how about this, why don't we just do a dedicatedboot video down the road? – Yes.

– Okay.

So that's what we'regonna do but right now Ash is recommending somereally nice dress boots but that also work well incasual environments, correct? – Yes.

– Okay, just wanted to establish that 'causeI had that question and I know you guys would too.

– Next up definitely have to pick up a pair of Wolverine hightop brown leather sneakers.

So these are gonna be yourgo to sneakers this fall.

They're just so easy and comfortable to wear with your existing casual clothes, yeah, looks great with jeans and chinos, again they're comfortableand you're not gonna always be wearing dressy clothes so you wanna have a good pair of sleek but still comfortable casual shoes.

– Yeah, these are my personal shoes and they come in avariety of colors as well so definitely check outlinks in the article in the description belowbecause they are awesome.

I found these myself andI'm so glad that I did.

– Okay so next up we're gonnago a little bit more formal because I had to includethese guys on the list.

That is a wing-tip dress shoe, these are by Allen Edmonds, it's their classic, classic wing-tips that are my absolute favorites, they have them year-round, years and years and years, you know they've had them on the website.

Usually they'll switchout their dress shoes but these have always been a standard that they've had for years now and what's great about these is that they have a Dianite Sole so in case you are in— Inclement weather.

– Yes, yeah definitely pick these guys up or you can even just getthe smooth leather as well.

– Not good for inclement weather.

– No just depending on where you live and how harsh the elements are.

– And Ash I'm assuming you have some color preferences as well? – Yes, so definitely blackand then a dark brown pair.

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Next up on the list is what Ash? – These brown Chukka bootsby Johnson and Murphy.

Okay so I actually havea couple of favorites, I was gonna say famous, favorites, for this category.

So these ones are, youknow, brown leather.

I also, there's a darkbrown suede that I love by another company and thena tan suede that I also love.

I like it more I think than black 'cause I just feel likea lot of the colors you're gonna be wearing for the fall.

Yes they're darker but they'remore dual-toned and brown just kind of, with your casual clothes, they just pair better with everything.

– Agreed, agreed.

– But you know the super sleek design each of my options that I've found for you guys I love because– – Battle tested on clients, husbands.

– Yeah construction forprice, like price ratio, like everything is awesomeabout it and these Chukka boots and the Chukka boots thatI've recommended to you guys are definitely an easy way to instantly kind of just upgrade your outfit and make it a little bit more formal but still feel comfortable and casual.

– Chuck on a pair of dark wash jeans with some brown Chukka bootsand you don't even have, you just like a sweater or something.

Somehow it looks a lot more polished than if you're just wearing, you know, high tops or sneakers or something like that, I agree.

So Ash, we're up to number five.

– Yes.

– But it's actually five and six, youactually kind of get a bit of a bonus on this one.

– It's like five A and five B.

(laughing)- Okay, fair enough.

Fair enough.

So Ash what is your top pick? We'll call it, eventhough this has no meaning as far as like the order inwhich we're revealing them.

What is your last shoe, or shoes, that every man should own this fall? – [Ashley] Some Chelsea boots.

Okay these ones are byKenneth Cole, they're black.

I also have these darkbrown suede by Vince Camuto, but there's a couple ofother recommendations that are budget friendly andalso a little bit more luxury, a little more expensive that I definitely wanted to include— We run the gambit.

– Yeah I wanted to include thoseones as well in the article but I just wanted to show you just for demonstration purposes black versus a dark brown suede.

I am a huge fan of black Chelsea boots.

I think that Chelsea boots bynature are just more formal.

You can certainly wear itwith black skinny jeans but for the most part it's gonna be with either your darker suitingor your darker wool pants and then even with the dark brown, normally I don't even like, I don't like a brown leather personally but a dark brown, yeah, a dark brown suede is you can use it kind of interchangeably with the black Chelsea boots.

I wouldn't necessarily wearthem with chinos, though, still black jeans I would do.

I would not do even dark wash jeans.

I just think that it startsto, just look a little off.

– It looks, yeah, you'reright, it does look off.

– For the most part, I mean, treat these as like a formal boot.

Big, big, big tip thoughwith wearing these guys is make sure your pantsare really tapered down.

You don't want extra fabricflopping around here.

That's the key.

If you are a stockierfella with bigger thighs, maybe a belly, especially short legs, it's just, it's not for you.

Because then you look like a carrot, yeah, like Humpty Dumpty, yeah.

Yeah it's like a carrot.

– Yeah, instead, we talked about this in another video as well.

What do you do instead ifyou can't wear Chelsea boots? – Definitely pick up apair of Chukka boots, or dress boots or some casual boots.

– Casual lace up boots, I think those are great.

All right guys.

That's it for this one.

Hope you enjoyed.

Leave your comments, questions, in the comment section below.

We're always participating.

We'll see you in the next one.

– [Both] Bye.