What's inside Adidas Boost Ball?

oh look at all this adidas boost all of our floor all over this table right here this is all adidas boost and Lincoln this is messing with it so awesome we got this crate directly from adidas and it's a collaboration that they did with the ISS National Labs

which is the Space Station we just did a Twitter livestream where we unboxed this and took apart the shoes that were in it check this out this is one of the coolest things that we've received from a company they sent us these shoes are so cool ultra boost

twenties yeah it's so cool when you move the shoe it changes colors from ultim to blue but they had to send it in this over-the-top awesome crate because they're actually sending boost up to space in 2020 I've seen a couple of these on the internet where people are

like look up boost ball but I'm pretty sure you can only get these from adidas and so because we got a bunch of them today some white ones and then mostly these galaxies looking blue ones it's really cool it says boost on the actual ball footages we figured

let's do what's inside and anita's boost ball [Music] what interesting is my brother-in-law I sent him a picture of this and these boost balls and this boost and he responded to me and said it's for me I know what boost is it's been around for a long time

it's something that's been inside that the tech of shoes since I think 2013 if do you just put it in their shoes it's the stuff that's inside of Yeezys and when I first did the easy video I didn't really like the look of the easies but they were

so comfortable that I've been wearing them for years ever since you had the video always and it's because of the boost technology and it's the foam that's inside of the shoe so these are little pieces of the boost that are right here but then what they do is

they compress them and they make the actual sole of the shoe out of the boots you can see the actual little boost pieces before they compress they say on here goodbye gravity because they're sending those to space but I've heard a lot of people make the comparison for

adidas boosting it's like you're walking on air it is super comfortable I love this colorway I'm pretty sure these are like $180 which is comparable to a lot of the shoes like even like the look nike joy rides are $180 so that's like a premium shoe right now

that you could wear is like lifestyle or running this one's a little bit more fitted toward a runner based off or being active than some of the other ones that you might just see adidas boost in there where it's just comfortable like the lifestyle just wearing into school

stuff but I think it's best of both worlds they sent us these shoes for free we did the Twitter livestream and we're like you know what we need to show you guys what's inside of these boots balls [Applause] [Music] so here we are Akitas boost balls what's inside

of them first thing this is the blue one right here and if you squeeze it listen here that ASMR it's terrible it's terrible he is so I'm pretty sure that's just from the paint that's on it but what's inside of the boost ball probably more boost oh we

wouldn't know this we cut it open okay we gotta find out so here we go [Music] I love that they made it blue they made this box I think I'm gonna save this even though I don't know for sure I think they made this what's inside colors just

for us yeah I think they did how about this let's close the space box and then if I stab it on here then if it goes through it won't look through my hand to go through I think it's pretty close it went through here we go here the

boobs Lincoln don't eat the boost he's over here trying to eat the boost okay so I start the knife all the way through it looks cool this is a very sharp knife as we learned all right it was just like it was crazy and so I'm a little

afraid of getting through it all the way oh my goodness oh here we go watch this if I hold it this way and turn it away from my body hey that's good I know you guys are nervous right now yeah I know I'm nervous oh I need a

cutting noise okay we're just gonna have to tear it at this point sharp knife sit there cool I thought you were gonna hit the tables to get in they'll take right through it oh no I should be very happy with us inside man that's just like the shoe

it was there's boost inside I feel like we need like some fake confetti flying out right there like wow it is compressed usually compressed it's like it's smashed together now I guess all pellets yeah it's just like the actual shoe you can't see in this that it is

also just like that it smells like sharpies oh it does smell like sharpies and that boosts surprise I think this is probably the more unique thing like who gets pellets that are not compressed and warmed all together for shooters like rocket that we have them and we made

a giant mess with them Lincoln don't do too many these to pick up every single one a vacuum is not going to that was awesome oh my move it after we throw it you got to be quiet so that we can hear them while falling three two [Music]

that's smart are we gonna clean all this up so yeah adidas International Space Station NASA SpaceX boost in space in microgravity this is already the coolest collaboration and sneakers for 2020 I'll call her right now it's so comfortable and squishy and there it is ultra boost if you

haven't worn an Adidas shoes with ultra boost inside of it Raviv in Oh make the decade of 2020 the decade where you actually give your feet some comfort yeah for this video thanks for watching everybody and unless some other shoes wants to cut open open your eyes and

open your mouth ha ha ha you went to the back of a trailer wha